Book 14, Chapter 4

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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 4, Royalwing City

Every single black dragon had a rider on its back, the vast majority of which were men.

“Men still make up the vast majority of those who reached the Deity-level.” Linley said to himself. Actually, in both the Yulan continent’s experts as well as in the Redbud Army of the Infernal Realm, or currently here in the Black Dragon Tribe, the male to female ratio showed a simple truth.

Few women. Many men.

“Linley, don’t just stand there like an idiot. Hurry up and follow me.” That Buffett flew deeper into the mountains, and Linley, Delia, and Bebe followed him. The meandering, winding mountains grew deeper and deeper. Everywhere in the mountains, residences could be seen now, all of which appeared so marvelous.

To Deities, building a residence was a very simple task.

After flying for a while, Buffett led Linley’s group to land halfway up a high mountain. The area here was very large, at least a hundred meters across, more than enough for one to build a fairly large residence at.

“In the future, you can stay here. As for the residence, you don’t need me to help you build it, right?” Buffett laughed.

“Haha…” Linley laughed as well, and then suddenly stomped on the ground.

The floor of the mountain trembled, and a strange vibration spread out. One enormous boulder after another began to float into the air, and in accordance with a set rhythm, connected with each other.  Light from the dimly glowing yellow earth elemental essences shot out in every direction. Buffett stared in great surprise at this scene.

Soon, a two-story building with a simple courtyard was finished.

“The stones of the Infernal Realm really are heavy.” Linley let out a sigh.

These stones were all similar to adamantite. In addition, the gravity here in the Higher Plane of the Infernal Realm was a hundred times that of the Yulan continent, causing each boulder to weigh as much as a small mountain peak in the Yulan continent.

“So easily accomplished and so harmoniously done. Linley, can it be that you’ve already reached the level of mastery in the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth?” Buffett said with great surprise.

“Not yet.” Linley shook his head.

Buffett said unhappily, “Linley, don’t try to hide it. To be able to lift something so heavy with such ease and use these boulders of the Infernal Realm to create a manor, especially when making those boulders move in such a fluid, harmonious way…although I don’t train in the Laws of the Earth, I’ve seen quite a few people who train in the Laws of the Earth.”

Linley chuckled and didn’t say anything further.

Actually, Linley truly hadn’t yet reached the level of mastery in the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth. Only, because he had fused it with the Throbbing Pulse of the World, when utilizing it, it contained the Profound Truths of the Throbbing Pulse of the World. Naturally, he made it look easy.

“You can live without fear here in my Black Dragon Tribe. I won’t disturb you any further. If you need anything, in the future, you can ask me or ask anyone else.” Buffett said.

“Thank you, Mr. Buffett.” Linley smiled.

After Buffett left, Linley, Delia, and Bebe entered their own residence.

“It seems we’ll have to make our own tables and chairs as well.” Linley and the other two immediately began to take action. Linley controlled a boulder, making it fly over, and then used his palm to chop down using the principles of the Dimensional Decapitator. The boulder was immediately chopped into an extremely slick, smooth surface.

A black dagger appeared in Bebe’s hands as well. It was extremely fierce.

In front of Bebe, a stone table quickly took form. As the three worked together, the stone table and three stone chairs quickly were completed.

“Whew. Fortunately in the habit, I habitually store wine and some other things in my interspatial ring. Otherwise, in this place, we wouldn’t have anything to drink.” With a flip of his hand, Linley withdrew a flask of fine wine, and Bebe immediately called out in jubilation, “Boss, you brought this as well?”

“The Infernal Realm. A strange new place.” Drinking the wine, Linley let out a sigh. As soon as they had entered the Infernal Realm, the vast majority of people they had encountered were all Deities. The weakest member of that Redbud Army was a God; that went without saying. But even here in the Black Dragon Tribe, everyone was a Deity.

This was a world of Deities!

“Boss. The distance between us and that Bloodridge Continent is way too far. What we going to do?” Bebe was somewhat worried. “That Buffett even said that if we run around wildly, we probably won’t live for more than three days.”

Delia frowned as well. “Let’s not be hasty. Let’s first find our footing here in the Infernal Realm.”

Linley nodded as well. “The Infernal Realm isn’t the Yulan continent. Experts are as common as the clouds. We can’t just go wherever we want to go. Everything else aside, we don’t even know the general, basic geography of the Infernal Realm.”

“Knock!” “Knock!” ….. Suddenly, the sound of knocking on the door could be heard.

“I’ll get the door.” Bebe leapt over, then easily pulled open the extremely heavy stone door. Behind the stone door, there was a delicate-looking, golden-haired youngster, who laughed as he greeted them. “Hey there. I’m Krate [Kui’te]. I live very close to you.”

“My name is Linley. Please, come in!” Linley rose and spoke.

Linley could immediately tell that this Krate was a Demigod.

“My big brother and I live together to your north, also halfway up the mountain. I heard you just arrived in the Infernal Realm.” Krate was very warm and friendly.

“Please take a seat. This is some fine wine from my homeland. Have a taste.” Linley said.

“Wine?” Krate’s eyes lit up, and he immediately sat down at the seat which Bebe had been sitting on. He hurriedly drank a cup, half-closing his eyes in satisfaction. “This wine really is excellent. Although it can’t compare to the fine wine sold in Royalwing City, it’s quite good to be able to drink any wine at all.”

“Royalwing City?” Linley was somewhat puzzled.

Suddenly understanding, Krate said, “Oh, right, you just arrived in the Infernal Realm. There’s many things you don’t know…in our Nightblaze Prefecture, there are a total of ten cities that are scattered throughout Nightblaze Prefecture. The city closest to us is Royalwing City, roughly ten million kilometers away or so.”

Linley and the others were shocked.

Ten million kilometers, and that was the nearest one?

“However, to enter Royalwing City, you have to pay a fee of an inkstone.” Krate cursed softly. “They really are greedy!”

Krate let out a sigh. “Only, if you actually want to buy some things, or sell off your dragon saliva, or a divine artifact, it’s still better to do the trade within Royalwing City.”

“Trade can only be done in Royalwing City?” Delia didn’t quite believe it. “It makes sense for large transactions to be made within Royalwing City. But what about smaller transactions?” As Delia saw it, this was the sort of logic of the stores of the Yulan Plane.

Cities had larger stores, while smaller towns also had some small shops.

“Generally speaking, smaller transactions can be carried out at the chief’s place within the tribe. However, generally speaking, a Demigod artifact can be sold for seven inkstones in Royalwing City, while the chief will only give you five inkstones for it.” Krate was somewhat unhappy about this.

Linley and the others understood. After all, Royalwing City was over ten million kilometers away from here.

“Wait. I heard Buffett say that a divine artifact was worth around ten inkstones.” Bebe said, and Linley suddenly remembered as well.

Krate said disdainfully, “When he said ten inkstones, he was referring to the selling price in Royalwing City, the retail price. When we sell them, we naturally are only able to get seven inkstones.”

“Krate, I want to ask you, if I wanted to go to another continent, how should I go?” Linley asked.

Krate stared. “Another continent? Good heavens. Redbud Continent is already enormous. In the entire Infernal Realm, there are a total of 108 prefectures. Our Redbud Continent seems to have nearly twenty prefectures, each one of which covers an extremely vast area…going to another continent is too hard.”

Linley had a thought. “A continent only has nearly twenty prefectures. It seems each Lord Prefect has an extremely high status as well!”

In the Infernal Realm, the status of the Lord Prefects was second only to the Seven Rulers.

“Whew, this wine really is nice.” Krate drank another cup of wine, then stood up. Laughing, he said, “You just arrived, so I won’t disturb you any further. In the future, if there’s anything you need, you can come look for me. Right. Linley, that beauty next to you…be careful. The Infernal Realm has too few women. I expect that some people will come to try and pursue and woo that beauty you have there.”

Linley and Delia were both astonished.

“Who dares?! I’ll off him with my knife!” Bebe growled angrily.

“Haha, I’m just saying. Anyhow, I’ll leave now.” Krate chuckled twice, then left.

Linley and Delia glanced at each other, then began to laugh. Delia said softly, “Linley, in the future, if someone is pursuing your wife, what will you do?”

“What will I do? I’ll clobber any who comes.” With a flip of his hand, Linley retrieved the adamantine heavy sword and gave it two twirls.

Chasing after someone else’s women really did happen quite frequently. With Linley’s group in the Black Dragon Tribe, there really were people who came to get into Delia’s good graces. However, Delia herself shouted at them, while Linley in particular transformed into three clones and began to trample on them as Bebe would add a few flying kicks.

Quickly, nobody in the Black Dragon Tribe dared to have any further designs on Delia.

They had already been in the Black Dragon Tribe for two months. Linley and the other two had slowly grown accustomed to this place.

“Two fighting over a single woman. The two men are both Demigods. Neither of them know how to use spiritual attacks. All they can do is use material attacks.” Linley raised his head up to stare in the air above the Black Dragon Tribe. Two muscular figures were engaging in a battle.

Not just Linley and Bebe were watching. There were thousands of people present, watching this battle, nearly a quarter of the total population of the Black Dragon Tribe.

“What’s going on with those two? Why do they have to fight? Can’t they just ask what that girl named Catelyn [Ka’te’lin’] wants?” Delia was somewhat puzzled. At this time, a figure wearing a grass hat flew over at high speed. Bebe laughed repeatedly, “Boss, I already know the inside details on their battle.”

“Tell.” Linley said with curiosity.

“That golden-haired man is named Kendita [Kan’di’ta]. Kendita and that Catelyn come from the same material plane. Their relationship is quite good. But of course, they haven’t reached the stage of sleeping on the same bed yet.” Bebe rubbed his nose, raising his head as he spoke. “That black-haired man is Kimpton [Jin’pu’dun]. He used to be a Gerrard Black Dragon!”

Linley was somewhat surprised. “Did you just say that Kimpton was one of the Gerrard Black Dragons they raised?” The Black Dragon Tribe raised Gerrard Black Dragons to earn inkstone. Linley’s group knew this.

The Black Dragon Tribe had a rule. If a Gerrard Black Dragon was able to reach the Deity level and transform into human form, then they could join the Black Dragon Tribe. Because of this rule, the Gerrard Black Dragons all had a hint of a hope for the future.

“Right.” Bebe nodded hurriedly. “That Kimpton was originally a Gerrard Black Dragon that had been raised here. After a long period of time, the Gerrard Black Dragon actually reached the Deity level. That’s Kimpton.”

Linley grew curious.

“Perhaps because of how long she had been raising him for, Catelyn treated Kimpton very well. When Kimpton transformed into human form, he actually began to pursue Catelyn. This Black Dragon has fallen for Catelyn.” Bebe began to snicker. “Naturally, this makes Kendita unhappy. How can he allow the woman he likes to be together with a Black Dragon, even if the Black Dragon is now in human form? Thus, the two began to fight. Only, they are just Demigods, and they only have insights into very basic mysteries. Their attacks are essentially nonlethal, which is why their battle has gone on for so long. This isn’t the first or second time this has happened.”

Linley couldn’t help but feel speechless.

But right at this moment.

From afar, a black robed shadow flew over in the air above the mountain ranges. The two battling Demigods, upon seeing the newcomer, were immediately frightened and flew down at high speed. Upon seeing the medallion this black-robed man wore on his chest, a sharper-eyed onlooker was shocked as well and cried out in alarm, “Ah, a Fiend!”

The other onlookers of the Black Dragon Tribe who had been watching the battle all raised their head, and their faces instantly changed from fear. They immediately scattered in every direction.

“Fiend?” Linley raised his head in confusion.

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          3. As I recall, when Linley first entered the pocket dimension, it stated that his Fire affinity inside the dimension was functionally equivalent to his Wind and Earth affinity outside of the pocket. From what it said near the beginning of the series when they first explained elemental affinities, that can be understood to mean that it multiplied his fire affinity by 10, as they said that his exceptional wind affinity would make him able to gather as much mageforce in 1 hour as it would take average mages 10 hours to gather. From how IET has been using understanding and insight as a measure of a persons strength, a greater ability to sense essence would definitely be the most important thing to be able to train faster.

            As for it being in the Yulan plane…Its not, It is it’s own mini-plane that a super-expert made at one point or another-probably millions of years ago and therefore it doesn’t really follow those rules.

            Remember, while Linley’s primary goal is training, he also gets bored and wants to fight. Plus a huge reason for him going to the Infernal Plane was to meet with the Four Beasts clan and undergo the ancestral baptism thing-a-majig which would make him much more sensitive to elemental essence from what I’ve gathered.

          4. no shit ^^”

            look when I said it is in the yulan plane I am not technically wrong. it is a mini-dimensional created personally by a deity to train in, however it has 1 entrance and that is in the yulan plane. by the fact it is it’s own dimension it clearly isn’t “in” the yulan plane but for all intended purposes it should be treated as such.

            now if it’s entrance was was in one of the higher planes then it would clearly still be ideal. but there hasn’t been an in story comparison between the pocket dimension and the infernal realms training speeds.

            gravity alone in the infernal realm is supposedly 100x the yulan plane so it is not weird to assume the elemental essence has a higher density and that the laws may be more observable.

            didn’t hodan even try to sell this to Linley as a reason to leave the yulan plane back when he became a saint?

            this whole topic is pretty much dead until the story makes an active comparison when Linley starts practicing again.

            the mini-dimension may have been made by a super-expert to speed up practise, however, the infernal plane was made by an overgod, and I seriously doubt that he could make a dimension no matter how small, that is a more ideal place to train.

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            As for comparisons, they seem to have made indirect ones when they referred to training speeds of the higher planes and Linley’s musing that even Beirut would be jealous of the pocket dimension if he knew about it.

          6. well Beirut does kinda live in the yulan plane most of the time by the looks of it. the magic formations truly are amazing and could open up a lot of potential fun and craziness later in the future, but as formations it’s to be expected that they are kinda fragile too :S though I would hazard a guess that normally it would take a high god to damage it or something.

            if he could break open a door into that pocket dimension from his new house he would have free reign to visit his family too xD

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            If I’m not mistaken, his original body is the only one that has the strengthened dragonblood warrior form. I think Destruction + Augmented Dragonblood warrior form would be beastly, so I hope that he’ll save destruction for his last law/edict to train in.

          3. His original body by the laws of IET MC Mechanics shall never be permitted to be restricted to a single element or edict as it is the junction at which all his power and his existence will be channeled into pure awesomeness xD

            you must remember that fusing to his original body runs the risk of him being unable to properly make ideal use of his dragonblood heritage (which is possible with all the elements layered on his body for various purposes). Ironically none of his clones can dragonform to date, though I don’t think he risks losing that as a result of bonding the spark inside his body since wharton was way too willing in that case.

            He should have a completely separate clone for destruction at this rate.

          4. Are we sure they are completely unable to dragonform, or are they just unable to use the special CD ring extra-strength dragon form?

          5. by the fact his clones were formed purely out of divine power and hold no actual blood ties to his main body only soul. and that they have not dragonformed the whole time since they were made despite the dangerous situations.

            I think it’s safe to assume they cannot dragonform at all and that only the main body can.

            also the ring doesn’t make him “summon” a different dragonform, he has only the 1, the ring just released something that fused with him to strengthen it. even if he were to lose the ring now he won’t suddenly turn back to backblue scales

          6. Right, but I thought his original body, once it becomes a deity, would technically also be made out of divine energy as well.

            Plus I thought his dragonform was based primarily of his dragonblood battle qi, though I could be remembering that incorrectly, and it would be extremely silly if a divine clone was unable to use the battle qi of the original body.

  3. while Linley in particular transformed into three divine clones

    but he only has 2 clones, the earth and wind ones.

    I understand the image, he used both his two divine clones and his original body to beat people up, but still.

    1. If you aiming to kill certainly. Makes for a nice distraction I guess xD

      but when you can insta-cast forbidden rank spells, they only have a use if they get stronger as you gain the related insights in the relative laws. that or if you can add spiritual attacks into the spells.

      But using an AOE Absolute Zero spell focused down to a single target works wonders for stealing away the ability to move however briefly. especially if you quickly follow it with a spiritual attack.

    2. I guess that most of Dieties orginate from Warrior Classes… They find spells hard to ultize properly. And even the ones coming from Magus Saints, will probably use spells only versus ones weaker than them and/or groups that outnumber them.

    3. To me, it seems like when they train in the law of the essence of their particular law, spells become useless and/or redundant. If I wasn’t mistaken when reading, using the laws of the essence of the earth is far more efficient than using earth spells. I’m actually thinking that spells may have just been a simplification of using the laws of the essence of whatever particular element, granting the capability for mages to use it without actually understanding the laws. Just a thought, though, probably won’t be confirmed as it’s not really integral to know things such as the origin of magic at this point in the story.

      1. You did read wrong xD Actually using spells with knowledge into Essense of element and possibly fusion of it with other Mysteries will result in spells being both more energy-efficient and more powerful overall 🙂

      2. i agree with you. for example, linley replicates the dimensional edge with the dimensional decapitator right? so, if you can have the same effect without any incantation, why should you use a spell?

          1. but you could develop an attack based on the laws that is long range and multi target right?

          2. Not really, without some mastery in the Elemental Essences and those attacks would lack your other mystery insights until you manage to fuse it.

            Insights on weapons are a melee range solution, while Insights in spells are area control solutions at various ranges and applicable to a wide degree of situations.

            For example a normal flame spell suddenly summons blue fire because your insights have strengthened its ability to consume more oxygen and burn much hotter. Now imagine that happening for a Long-range AOE Spell designed to turn an entire city into a raging inferno. God’s will start running at the sight of you approaching xD

          3. Also, don’t forget that for spells you gather elemental essence from outside by using your Mageforce 🙂 99% of spellpower comes from outside resources 🙂

          4. oh, that’s true… but then it leaves the original question. if spells can do all that, why don’t they use them?
            also, you said most deities are warriors, not really. the ratio should the same as for saints, 2:1

          5. It was 4:1 or 5:1 apart from Magus-Dominated Yulan Empire of Catherine 😉

            Also, gathering elemental essence for a spell probably takes too much time, so in most fights, unless you are doing some surprise attack, it’s just more effective to use only small-scale defensive and support type spells 🙂

          6. the ratio is greater than 2:1 because it is much easier to train your body as a warrior than it is to train as a magus.

            as for the same ratios as at saints, that also wouldn’t exist because for the yulan plane alone there were so few deities in Linley’s lifetime.

            the foremost reason I can think of is that there are a lot of deities who end up fighting in the short range zone, which is not ideal for spells. the speed these deities move and fight at is so insane that it would be extremely inconvenient trying to gain enough distance to effectively cast a spell.

            we saw them get used against the holy isle en mass. since spells excel at multiple target, wide range-long range.

            At the deity rank even magus would start to strengthen their close quarters combat with a prefered weapon.

            edit: Cabbage beat me cause I took so long thinking this up 🙁

          7. but caladbolg made a little error… if you read the chapter where linley spars with desri’s friend, it was said that the ratio was 4:1 in the o’brien empire, 1:1 in the yulan empire, 2:1 in other places.
            on another note, ok now i understand. it’s true the speed is a problem

    4. Actually, from my understanding, spells are just a way of utilizing the natural laws, without having the insights. Rather than people not using spells anymore, most of the time they would just use their insights into the natural laws instead.

      For example, when Linley became a Saint Magus and started using Dimensional Decapitator, he quickly figured out how it worked, had a breakthrough, and now he uses Dimensional Decapitator all the time without actually casting the spell.

      1. he coats his blade in it while just swinging it normally. that doesn’t mean he fires off a dimensional blade with each swing despite not casting a spell, The spell is called dimensional edge and is long range. 2 paths lead to being a deity, once you hit deity the only difference is in the range of combat one fights.

        he only picked it up quickly because of his understanding both fast and slow aspects, not just anyone could have done what he did and managed to fuse them into the mysteries of velocity in such a situation. the dimensional decapitator came after the fusion as I recall not before it.

        spells have effects you cannot get my imbuing a weapon with just insights that were weaponized in a tailored way for that weapon. plus it said that magus have much better practise times in the elements they hold affinities for since it is easier for them to sense and understand the elemental laws. There are less of them because their path is harder but the makes them quite powerful compared to warriors who reach the deity status who have to start on their insight training from scratch with terrible affinities. plus magus deities have a greater collective spiritual power upon ascending.

        1. Actually, doesn’t that mean that there should be a greater ratio of Mage to Warrior Deities than Mage to Warrior Saints?

          Since Deities are decided solely on their understanding of the Laws/Edicts, and mages have the advantage of elemental affinity over warriors when it comes to attuning with nature, they should naturally have an easier time training to the Deity level.

          As for the Dimensional Decapitator, from what I’ve understood of Linley’s insights (I assume everyone else’s as well), He can use attacks developed through his understanding of the laws with anything, though they will be stronger with specific weapons (Eg Dimensional Decapitator can be used with his legs and arms/hands as well as his sword).

          This seems logical to me as well if you give it a slightly simpler parallel. For example, doing a chop with your hand compared to a chop with a sword. Obviously one is more effective than the other in what it is meant to do.

          1. nope. you conveniently forgot 1 plot device that IET threw into the mix.

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