Book 14, Chapter 30

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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 30, Inventory Checking

In the main hall of the first floor of the Fiend Castle, quite a few people were gathered, amongst which were Linley’s team.

“Miss Yuna!” Bebe stood in front of the counter, laughing as he greeted that female employee, Yuna.

Yuna looked towards Bebe with some surprise and pleasure, as well as towards Linley and Delia who were behind him. “Linley, I was just sighing about how few people survived in your group. I didn’t expect that the three of you all survived and made it back. Congratulations, truly.”

“We were fairly lucky.” Whenever Linley thought about what had happened outside of Royalwing City, he still felt a sense of fear.

When he had been facing Wyrnessin, Linley discovered that he didn’t have any ability to resist at all. Their difference in power was simply too great.

“Miss Yuna, we’ve been here for a long time now. When will we have the chance to turn in the proof that we accomplished the trials?” Bebe said rather frantically. Linley’s group had been waiting quite some time here on the first floor. Yuna laughed as she said, “Don’t be impatient. You are already Fiends now. It isn’t as simple as just giving you a Fiend medallion. There’s a process for this.”

A while later…

“The people who succeeded in the Fiend trials in Moon Lake Castle, up to the second floor!” Suddenly, a muscular man with short golden hair came down the stairway from the second floor of the Fiend Castle.

“Hurry on up.” Yuna said with a laugh.

“Miss Yuna, we’ll head up now, then.” Bebe chortled.

Immediately, Linley’s group of twenty-plus people all stepped onto the stairway leading towards the second level of the Fiend Castle. The main hall of this second level was much smaller than the main hall of the first floor, and there were many rooms here as well. Linley’s group was led by that muscular man with short golden hair to a black room.

Within the black room, there were three people seated.

“All of you, step forward one at a time and turn in the moon rings, as well as the Fiend seal.” One of them, a black-robed middle-aged man said clearly.

Immediately, one after another stepped forward to turn in the moon rings and begin the process of becoming Fiends. But very clearly…the procedures were quite complicated. Fortunately, the black-robed man was fairly fast, and he was able to process each person in just a few minutes.

“Next!” The black-robed man said.

It was Linley’s turn.

Linley immediately handed his ‘moon ring’ as well as the ‘Fiend seal’ over.

“Name.” The black-robed man said.

“Linley.” Linley said.

And then, Linley felt his entire body tremble. So the black-robed man had actually summoned his Godrealm, using it to hold Linley down while shutting out the outsiders.

“I have to get an imprint of your soul’s aura.” The black-robed man withdrew a green, fingernail-sized bead with a flip of his hand, then put the green bead next to Linley. At a visible rate, the green bead quickly began to transform to a gray color.

Moments later, the entire bead had turned gray.

“Soul aura? What is this?” Linley asked curiously.

The black-robed elder glanced at him, then said calmly, “This is known as a ‘soul reflecting stone’. It is capable of absorbing an imprint of a soul’s aura. All experts have different soul auras. As long as we have this ‘soul reflecting stone’ with your soul aura, we will be able to verify your identity.”

Linley couldn’t help but feel astonished.

So there was an item such as this in the world.

However, it made sense. When he was in the Yulan continent, some alchemists were capable of creating items that astonished Linley. In the Infernal Realm, it only made sense that many complicated items existed.

“This is your Fiend medallion, while this is your secondary Fiend medallion. Bind them both with blood.” The black-robed man instructed.

Seeing the Fiend medallion, Linley’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. This was the proof that he was now a Fiend.

“Secondary Fiend medallion?” Linley was somewhat surprised. This so-called ‘secondary’ Fiend medallion was actually a blue medallion, but this blue medallion was something which Linley had never seen Fiends wear before.

The black-robed man laughed calmly, “The secondary Fiend medallion is kept at our Fiend Castle. Once your secondary Fiend medallion becomes an object with no owner, we will know that you are dead.”

Linley now understood.

This was only a toy used to judge if someone was still alive or not.

He immediately bound them with blood, then retrieved the Fiend medallion, pinning it to his chest in accordance with requirements. Linley directly fused this ‘Fiend medallion’ with his ‘Pulseguard Armor’. After all, his clothes were nothing more than a variant of his Pulseguard Armor.

Outside the Fiend Castle.

“Linley, in the future, will you remain at Royalwing City?” Regina said to Linley. “I owe you two hundred thousand inkstones. In a while, I’ll pay you back.” Regina didn’t like owing others money.

“No need. We’ll be leaving Royalwing City soon.” Linley said directly.

“Leaving? Where are you going?” Regina said hurriedly. “Far away?”

Linley, Delia, and Bebe exchanged glances, then Bebe chortled towards Regina, “Regina, the three of us want to roam the Redbud Continent, and then float across the Starmist Sea and roam this boundless Infernal Realm. You tell me, will we be going far away?”

Regina was utterly shocked.

Even many Highgods in the Infernal Realm had never visited other continents.

After all, each of the five continents of the Infernal Realm were extremely large, more than enough for them to carve out their own little world. Without a special reason, generally speaking, people wouldn’t risk heading to other continents.

“Then I…but I…” Regina didn’t know how she was supposed to repay the two hundred thousand inkstones.

“Heh heh, no rush. When we meet again, you can pay us back.” Bebe laughed as he spoke.

“Alright. Thank you for your help this time, truly.” Regina looked at the Fiend medallion on her chest. She couldn’t help feel all the more grateful. She had become a Fiend…this was something she had dreamed about for many years.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe made their farewells to Regina, and then went to a restaurant to first enjoy a celebratory victory feast, then returned to their residence. The room fees which Linley’s group had paid had been calculated by the year.

Within the courtyard of Linley’s residence, the three were seated around a stone table.

“Right now, we need to have a good reckoning of our exact amount of wealth.” Bebe said excitedly. With a wave of his hand, seven interspatial rings fell to the table, emitting a clear, crisp sound as they did. These seven interspatial rings, under the light of the blood-red sun, gleamed with reflected light.

“I have some also.” Delia laughed as two more interspatial rings fell onto the stone table.

Seeing this, Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

On this trip to Moon Lake Castle, at first, under the commands of the Fiends, Linley’s group had served as cannon fodder and suffered two attacks from Godslayer Arrows. Bebe had thus collected four God corpses, while Delia had collected two. Afterwards, they had engaged in multiple battles…

And not long ago, outside Royalwing City, after receiving the declaration from Wyrnessin, everyone had begun battling each other.

The nearly hundred remaining Gods had battled to the death, with only roughly thirty remaining. Linley’s group alone had killed more than ten. Naturally, they had collected these corpses as well.

“Boss, you have the most.” Bebe said.

With a flip of his Linley’s hand, eleven interspatial rings fell to the stone table. Of these eleven interspatial rings, three of them had been acquired inside Moon Lake Castle, while the other eight had been acquired in the chaotic battle. But the most valuable of the eleven rings was…the black moon ring!

“This black moon ring’s wealth is most likely greater than the others combined!” Linley sighed.

This was the moon ring of the deceased black-robed guard.

The black-robed guards were all Highgods. In addition, they were fairly elite ones. Naturally, their wealth would be significant as well.

“We’ve already investigated the wealth within this black moon ring. The amount of inkstones and azurites alone are worth ninety million. There are also some Golden Soul-Pearls and other usable items which have a total value of over a hundred million inkstones.” Bebe said excitedly. “Right now, let’s investigate the other interspatial rings.”

They had investigated the ring of the black-robed guard early on.

But the other rings, aside from just two or three of them, had yet to be investigated.

“Let’s begin to count our inventory.” Linley and Delia were a bit eager as well.

On the table, there was a pile of interspatial rings. Linley’s group divided them into three piles and began to bind them with blood, investigating the contents within. They withdrew large amounts of inkstones as well as some other consumables.

“Good man! Whew, which God was the original owner of this interspatial ring? He has so much money!” Bebe called out in surprise.

Linley and Delia immediately raised their heads to look over.

“How much?” Linley said eagerly.

“Boss, this God’s wealth is over ten million.” Bebe immediately said. “And his interspatial ring has quite a few God sparks inside.”

Although the Gods who took part in the Fiend trials were generally all fairly powerful Gods, most of them had at most a few hundred thousand inkstones. Only a few had more than a million. As for those who had more than ten million, they were extremely rare. Linley himself had investigated four interspatial rings, but the most wealth he had discovered was just 200,000 inkstones.

“Bebe, stop counting. Keep taking inventory for the next interspatial ring.” Linley laughed.

Right at this moment, Delia let out a cry of surprise.

“What is it?” Linley and Bebe both looked over.

Delia’s face was all smiles. “Linley, guess how much the items in this interspatial ring are worth, all together?”

Bebe immediately guessed, “Ten million?”

Delia smiled and shook her head.

“Is ten million too low or too high?” Linley hurriedly asked.

“Of course it is too low. It isn’t just ten million.” Delia said. Linley couldn’t help but be shocked. “How much is there inside?”

Delia smiled. “The inkstones and azurites in here, all combined, are worth eight hundred thousand.”

“Eight hundred thousand?” Bebe stared. “And you said it was more than ten million?”

Delia laughed. “I’m not done. Although the inkstones and azurites are only worth that much, however, this interspatial ring has…” Delia laughed and flipped her hand, revealing two black gems…divine sparks!

They could sense the aura from these divine sparks.

“Highgod sparks, and two of them?” Linley breathed in amazement.

Delia laughed and nodded. “Right. One is wind-type, while the other is darkness-type.”

Linley couldn’t help but be overjoyed, but then he was astonished. “Two Highgod sparks. How did a God get them?”

Delia couldn’t help but tease him, “Linley, forget about him; don’t we ourselves have a Highgod spark? And we’ve just arrived in the Infernal Realm recently, but we’ve already acquired the Highgod spark of that black-robed guard. So why can’t others acquire them?”

“Makes sense.” Linley had to accept it.

What he could do, others could also do. Only…this was a huge benefit to Linley’s team.

A while later, Linley and the other two finally completed a rough inventory estimate of all of the interspatial rings. But of course, they didn’t carefully look at some of the other toys. Linley’s group only did a general accounting of the more easily calculated inkstones, azurites, divine sparks, and other items.

“We roughly have a total worth of 120 million inkstones! But of course, that doesn’t include the four Highgod sparks we have.” Linley said.

The four Highgod sparks were the one from the Yulan continent, the black-robed guard’s, and the two from the interspatial ring.

“Delia.” Linley looked at Delia. “I originally wanted to go buy a wind-type Highgod spark for you, but I didn’t expect that we would acquire one for ourselves. You had best hurry up and fuse this one.” Linley directly gave the wind-type Highgod spark to Delia.

Since Delia had embarked on a path of fusing with divine sparks, Linley would naturally let her reach the Highgod level as soon as possible.

As for Linley and Bebe, they relied on gaining insights, which wasn’t something that could be achieved in a day.

“Alright.” Delia nodded slightly.

The nearby Bebe flipped through some things he hadn’t paid close attention to earlier. After all, when taking inventory, they didn’t carefully go through everything. For example…Linley and the other two hadn’t closely reviewed any of the books.

“Boss, take a look and see what this is.” Bebe suddenly was rather surprised and pleased.

Puzzled, Linley turned to look. He saw Bebe holding a thick book in his hands, and on the cover of the book was the words, ‘A Brief Summary of the Profound Mysteries of the Seven Elemental Laws’.

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          2. Delia doesn’t have Crompton’s less-than-friend companion problem, she have overprotective companion instead.
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    2. Basically it much easier to do as you go along because if Linley learns Profound Truths in 1% blocks (magic numbers) whenever he learns another 1% block of a PT he can then compare this block to his current collection of fused laws and find all the points of commonality between the new block and all the previous ones.

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      Basically, think of the last time you made a jigsaw puzzle. The first thing everyone does is start assembling the corners and sides. This is because it lowers the complexity of the problem by only focusing on a small part of it. The same principal is being used with Linley’s method of fusing his Earth PT’s.

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    Of course, not like Linley is using any of the knowledge he *does* have – he knows about Spacial Gravity/Geomagnetism and has used the supergravity spell a lot during muscle training; but never thought of exploring that mystery even after Beirut mentioned its one of the more complex/stronger ones besides the Pulse of the World mystery within Laws of the Earth.

    Japanese MCs are blockheads about relationships, Wuxia MCs are blockhead about their training 😛

    1. Both Leylin and Beirut said they couldn’t really describe the laws to someone else (Beirut said he wasn’t even sure how many mysteries Wind had to begin with). It had to be learned for yourself. They did understand the importance of fusing truths/mysteries – and they readily shared that with Linley.

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        1. I think it could be like ‘close door training’ in that everyone wants to hide their breakthroughs/knowledge/methods because just say you discovered a great way to train, that would give you an advantage and thus increase the odds of you living..

          Reversely, if you sold your knowledge or gave it away freely, then you would ‘even the playing field’ which would increase the odds of your death.

          I could be wrong about this, but I think since highgods value their lives above all else, they would also value the mysteries/truths they have come to understand (maybe only sharing them with their closest inner circles).

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      Even if others are willing to tell them, they don’t have a full understanding of the laws, so more times than not Linley will probably get the wrong information and get led astray resulting in longer times to master the laws.

      I really doubt these books would be less than 1 inkstone since the only ones who would bother compiling this would be highgods. Sure they can do it for the hell of it but who would bother spending time helping strangers for chump change when they can spend the same amount of time making big moneys

      1. Such book could only come from powerful clans’ compilations to help their youngsters. Nobody else would be interested to help their juniors.

      2. They won’t be cheap due to the lack of good guides, I agree – just wondering, why people don’t make them more often 🙁

        After all, the Profound Truths that a demigod learns is the same as what a highgod knows, just a difference in number known and degree of completion. Ask enough demigods about which mysteries they’re pursuing, and once you disambiguate same thing called by different names (e.g. Geomagnetism / spacial gravity) then you get a list of mysteries in each law.

        Sure, maybe only 0.01% of demigods are willing to chat about such info; but given the scale of people in the Infernal realm that just makes the project take a bit more time at best (as I said, sit on a corner in some city and question the passersby). This is when the person collating info is a demigod – if its a god or HG, then all DGs will be very eager to volunteer the info asap 😛

        1. Because if you are a Highgod, you need some ‘goodies’ that you can give to your subordinates. If you sell everything off all the time, then no one will want to follow you 🙂

    1. The elemental law of translation takes time, hence breaking through the bottleneck will not be as easily as the first to second to last chapter XD

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        1. I think this can be both his flaw and good aspect at the same time. This is story about battles, he leaves a lot of side-stories for us to ‘imagine’ about, instead of writing about them what would probably make CD 3000+ chapters instead of 800+… 😛 Being able to stick to genre he choose is good, too.

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            I am sure we would all be complaining about too much side stories if IET were to implement them, and about action/plot progressing too slow 😉 😛

        2. Although its a bit irritating at times, I also agree with Caladbolg that it can be a good thing too – as he said, we get to imagine ‘side stories’ due to all the extra characters in the world, whether they happen or not. Just look at all the comments shipping Bebe x Regina recently 😛

          Also, unlike other authors, we can’t just see an introduced character and immediately consider them as an important plot point, due to lots of red herrings. That’s good because this way, I can be surprised by minor things like Royalwing making a 2nd appearance to save the small fries etc. (I’d written him off as someone like O’Brien when Linley first visited his empire, super powerful dude who won’t show up again for a few books).

          IET can take it too far, with forgetting even to mention Linley’s kids much when everyone was leaving for Infernal realm … but interestingly, this way there is a world with decent population of characters (with names, not just ‘muscular short haired guy’ etc.) but doesn’t need audience to remember a huge cast of names.

          1. That probably happened because of how maniacal Linley is about his training, he never sent enough time with his kids for it to be worth mentioning 😛

      1. That’s what I’m saying just spent all his wealth on amethyst and be able to fuse/ train in laws 1000x faster and have a super-duper-strong-invincible soul defence

        Than again might as well end the entire series for to OP characters

  6. A while later, Linley and the other two finally completely a rough inventory estimate of all of the interspatial rings.


    A while later, Linley and the other two finally completed a rough inventory estimate of all of the interspatial rings.

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    1. Hopefully, it was mentioned seweral times that he can train in Edicts of Destruction 🙂 Though this Overgod did not leave any hints on how to train in them, so it needs to be written by some expert of those Edicts 😛

      1. Well, Linley can always learn some spells from three edicts such as Necromantic spells to help understanding those edicts. I actually suspect that spells as ready-to-use applications of the Laws & Edicts were also created to help spell users understanding the principle behind those spell which leads to the Laws & Edicts itself.
        It’s only a matter to find some teachers, but this where Experts are as many as clouds, especially when it requires only Saint Level or below experts.

        1. Necromancy is from Edicts of Death, not Destruction, though 😉 😉

          Also, if he were to ‘learn’ from Saint levels, he might be guided in wrong way and thus destry his training route… 😉

          1. Three Edicts – four Edicts minus Destruction.

            It has been mentioned you learned Destruction by, well destroying things (living or non living things).

            And not learning from others but analysing spells. Remember when Linley learns to fly by analysing 6th level spell and turns it into 7th level spell?

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