Book 14, Chapter 16

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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 16, The Full God Level!

Linley’s group of three left the Fiend Castle, returning to their own residence.

“Hmph!” Bebe threw his grass hat onto the table, furiously saying, “I really have to hold my temper here in the Infernal Realm. That foul baldy doesn’t dare to offend powerful people, so he comes to mock us instead. If we were outside the city, even if it cost me my life, I’d take him on.”

Delia pursed her lips with a laugh. “Take him on? Bebe, that baldy is a Highgod. Will you be able to take him on?”

“So what if he’s a Highgod?” Bebe raised his head, but then he lowered his head again. “Oh, um, a Highgod…”

Seeing Bebe act this way, Linley and Delia both began to laugh.

“Grandpa…ugh. He has Highgod sparks, but he forbade me from using them. He wants me to break through on my own. Otherwise, I would’ve become a Highgod long ago.” Bebe looked towards Linley. “Enough about this. Boss, when we will take the Fiend trials? A few decades in the future?”

Linley nodded.

“I’m not confident right now in my ability to pass the Fiend trials. No rush. In a few decades, I will definitely be able to reach the God level in the Laws of the Earth. By then, our chances of success will be significant.” Linley couldn’t help but think of his Elemental Laws of the Wind.

Linley had never dared to slack off in his training of the Elemental Laws of the Wind.

However, up till now, Linley still had only a partial understanding of the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ profound mysteries.

“I’ve mastered the Throbbing Pulse of the World long ago, and the Essence of the Earth is one of the simplest profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth. Naturally, the speed of fusing them is rather fast. But the Profound Truths of Velocity requires me to simultaneously gain insights into these two different profound mysteries while fusing them. The speed is much slower.”

Linley sighed to himself.

If he himself was able to reach the God level in both the Laws of the Wind and the Laws of the Earth, his power would naturally increase greatly.

“Just a few decades. No rush.” Bebe chortled. “There’s no danger in Royalwing City anyhow, and it is so huge. I have plenty of places to stroll about now. Oh, right. Boss. In the Black Dragon Tribe, I often heard people praise the delicacies of Royalwing City. Shall we go for a taste tomorrow?”

With regards to delicacies, Linley was somewhat eager as well.

The delicacies of the Infernal Realm were made using extremely precious ingredients and by genuine maestros. The quality naturally was high.

“Fine. We’ll go for a taste tomorrow.”

An occasional splurge was necessary.

Royalwing City. At the doorway to a restaurant.

“This place is pretty good.” Linley’s group looked at the exterior decorations of this restaurant. Satisfied, they pushed the door open and went in. When Linley’s group entered, immediately the waiters of the hotel came in. Bebe glanced at the waiter, then used his divine sense to speak to Linley. “Boss, this waiter is a God.”

In his heart, Linley felt this was ridiculous.

A God, waiting on him?

But in Royalwing City, Gods were indeed commonly seen. It wasn’t too absurd for a waiter to be a God.

“Our three guests, please follow me.” The waiter had a smile on his face as he led Linley’s group forward.

“Drip, drip.”

The restaurant had a miniature artificial mountain and spring waters. The spring water gurgled forward, its flows separating the restaurant into multiple areas.

Linley’s group was taken to one part of the restaurant, where they sat down. With a flip of his hand, the waiter retrieved a menu containing a list of delicacies. Smiling, he put it on the table. “After you have ordered your dishes, please just call for me.”

After speaking, the waiter retreated to another corner.

“I’ve never seen the prices of dishes in the Infernal Realm before.” Bebe excitedly flipped open the menu.

Linley was somewhat curious as well.

“Wow, it really is expensive.” Bebe continuously flipped through the pages of the menu. “Boss, the cheapest dish I’ve found still costs twenty inkstones.” As he spoke, Bebe stared with wide eyes, still reading the menu. “The introductions to each dish are quite detailed. It clearly explains the uniqueness of every single dish. Oh, this dish actually costs seven hundred inkstones. So expensive.”

After reading it all, Bebe handed it over to Linley and Delia, a mocking smile on his face.

Linley and Delia began to read the menu together and the dishes within.

“Hey, Linley, look. This dish is made from the liver of a Hellfire Phoenix. It costs thirty inkstones. The price isn’t too extravagant.” Delia pointed at a dish.

Linley flipped through the menu as well, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

“As long as you have money, you can eat any sort of Saint-level magical beast or even Deity-level magical beasts, even those from other planes.” Linley, seeing the detailed descriptions of each dish, couldn’t help but sigh. “Delia, you and Bebe pick. I’ll eat whatever.”

They ended up ordering six dishes.

“Bebe, you only picked the expensive ones.” Linley began to laugh.

The six dishes came to a total price of 215 inkstones. It must be understood that in the Infernal Realm, a Demigod artifact was worth less than ten inkstones, while a Demigod spark was less than a hundred inkstones. But these six dishes alone cost a total of 215 inkstones.

Fortunately, the total networth of the three of them was in excess of several million, so they naturally wouldn’t care too much about this sum.

“These two dishes will definitely take a bit longer, especially this one. The slow roasting alone will take six hours.” The waiter smiled as he explained.

“Understood.” Linley nodded.

When ordering food, there were explanations beneath each of the dishes. After all, Linley’s group wasn’t in a rush. They could sit there and wait an entire day if necessary.

“Boss, life for people with money in the Infernal Realm is pretty good.” Bebe sighed. “When we were back in our homeland, how could we possibly eat food like this?” Bebe currently felt that he was in a state of bliss. He loved to eat.

Linley looked outside the window.

The metallic window of the restaurant was translucent. One could see everything going on outside.

“These cities are the only safe zones in the entire Infernal Realm.” Linley said to himself. “In Royalwing City, we can relax and sit here quietly while enjoying fine food. But if we were outside the city, every moment would be dangerous, and perhaps we might lose our lives.”

The enormous Nightblaze Prefecture stretched to a circumference of a billion kilometers.

But there were only ten cities.

One could tell from this that in the Infernal Zone, almost all the experts lived a life of near-constant danger. Only an extremely small number were able to live lives of comfort.

“Even if you want to live a comfortable life, you still need an enormous sum of money to accomplish it.” Linley understood that while Royalwing City was very comfortable, the amount of money they were spending was astonishing as well.

The dishes came, and Linley’s group began to enjoy these wondrous delicacies.

“Mm!” As Bebe ate, his eyes began to grow lidded in enjoyment.

Delia and Linley also had the feeling that eating these delicacies was indeed a sort of absolute enjoyment.

“Whew.” Bebe said with a sour look on his face, “Boss, after eating this food, in the future, I won’t be able to swallow the food of our homeland. Man, this is simply too delicious. This is absolutely one of the best ways one can enjoy one’s self.” Bebe continued to eat as he spoke, while praising the food nonstop.

Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

“Linley.” Delia nudged Linley gently

“Huh?” Puzzled, Linley looked over. Delia said softly, “Linley, look outside the window.”

Linley immediately looked outside the window. He saw many people clustered outside on the streets, amongst which included some who were looking into the restaurant with a hint of envy in their eyes.

“This is very normal. There are many people there who just entered Royalwing City.” Linley said softly. “Delia, this is much like how, when we first arrived at Royalwing City and saw these places for the first time, we also looked everywhere with curiosity and anticipation, right?”

The Infernal Realm was a very brutal place.

If you had money, you could enjoy all sorts of delicacies.

But in the Infernal Realm, most people were struggling to survive.

But of course, the worst off were the Saints. Many Saints had come from material planes to the Infernal Realm, but only after they arrived did they discover that they were the lowest rungs in this place. Their lives could be taken from them at any moment…what they wanted was to acquire a Demigod spark.

But a Demigod spark wasn’t even as costly as the table of food in front of Linley.

“Big brother, congratulations on becoming a Fiend. Today, the two of us have to have a good celebration.” From behind Linley, a voice rang out. Upon hearing the word ‘Fiend’, Linley’s couldn’t help but listen carefully.

“Haha, this time it was really dangerous. Fortunately, I’m skilled in the Elemental Laws of the Wind.” The thick, deep voice rang out. “Only, several of my dear friends failed. Alas…before this, we were saying that we would all succeed and all celebrate together.” As the man spoke, his voice lowered.

Upon hearing this, the mood at Linley’s table dropped as well.

The Fiend trials were very brutal.

“Delia, in the next few decades, you need to focus on training in the Elemental Laws of the Wind. When the time comes, if anything dangerous appears, at least you’ll have a better chance of staying alive.” Linley was worried about Delia. Once he became a God, the weakest of the three would be Delia.

“Right.” Delia nodded gently.

As for Bebe’s power, Linley actually felt rather confident in his heart.

“Fortunately, Delia has learned the profound mysteries involving the ‘doppelgangers’.” Nieff, who had tried to assassinate Linley, utilized the doppelganger technique.

Time flowed on. Linley, Delia, and Bebe lived a quiet life in Royalwing City. In the blink of an eye, thirty-two years passed. Linley’s training had reached the final step long ago, and he was about to break through and reach mastery at any moment.

Within the inner courtyard.

Bebe was wearing his straw hat, a sour look on his face as he mumbled, “Boss said he reached a bottleneck two years ago, and he’s been in closed-door training ever since, not coming out. It has been two years…didn’t he say that the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth is the simplest profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth? But he hasn’t broken through after spending two years.”

It actually wasn’t too hard to gain insights into the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth.

But what Linley was doing was simultaneously gaining insights into the Essence of the Earth while fusing it with another profound mystery.

“Boss being in training is one thing, but Delia is by his side training as well. I’m bored to death.” Bebe once again let out a long sigh. With a flip of his hand, Bebe retrieved a God spark, then tossed it into his mouth and swallowed it.

“As for Grandpa Beirut, ugh. He gave me a whole sack full of divine sparks and told me to eat them all. But digesting these divine sparks is so slow.”

Bebe let out another sigh.

“So many divine sparks. How many years will it take me to eat them all? Right, once Boss is out of money, I’ll sell some of them off,” Bebe mumbled to himself.

But suddenly…


A surge of unique energy ripples appeared, as the natural Laws descended upon the room where Linley was living in. This happened very commonly in the Infernal Realm, so nobody paid any attention. But this…was a huge source of joy for Bebe.

“Boss finally broke through?”

Bebe rejoiced as he charged towards Linley’s room.

“Creak!” Bebe pushed the door open.

Delia, within the room, saw Bebe and immediately used her eyes to tell Bebe not to make any sound. Bebe hurriedly nodded. Holding his breath, he raised his head to look at Linley, who was enfolded by the unique natural Laws and hovering in mid-air already.

Linley’s eyes were shut. Suddenly…

Linley’s earth-type Demigod spark seemed to have become immaterial. It came out from Linley’s forehead, then floated about Linley’s head. A large amount of earth elemental essence swirled around that divine spark. Under the control of the natural Laws, Linley’s divine spark slowly began to transform…

Transform from a Demigod spark to a God spark!

The earth elemental essences disappeared, and that divine spark which emanated an earthen light clearly had a much more powerful aura now.


The earthen yellow divine spark slowly revolved, then re-entered Linley’s body.

Moments later…

“The natural Laws have vanished. Why hasn’t the Boss opened his eyes yet? What’s he doing?” Bebe was somewhat unable to wait any longer. He couldn’t help but speak. Delia just stared at him, then said through her divine sense, “Bebe, don’t make any sound.”

Linley, hearing Bebe’s words, opened his eyes and laughed as he looked at Bebe. “I just reached the God level, so I wanted to sense what about myself has changed, that’s all.”

At this moment, Linley had already completely fused the Throbbing Pulse of the World and the Essence of the Earth, entering the full God level!

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