Book 14, Chapter 15

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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 15, Royalwing Fiend

“Stop right there!” An explosive shout.

But Linley’s group completely ignored him, continuing to move forward.

“There are overbearing jerks everywhere. It’s best not to get involved with this sort of person.” Delia used her divine sense to speak to Linley.

“I understand.” Linley didn’t want to keep getting involved with this Crompton either. He wanted to leave the Fiend Castle immediately.

He wanted to leave, but the man wouldn’t let him.


Crompton’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Linley, blocking Linley’s path.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe all had unpleasant looks on their faces, especially Bebe. If it hadn’t been for the fact that Linley had used their spiritual link to yell at him, Bebe would have exploded already.

“Crompton, they just called you trash. How come you aren’t doing anything about it?” The people nearby delighted in causing some chaos. While some spoke and laughed on one side, others mocked and satirized on the other, causing Crompton’s face to become even uglier.

“These guys!” Behind the counter, Yuna felt a hint of worry.

The nearby Fiends were either toying with their wineglasses or snickering to each other. They were all watching this like it was great sport…Crompton, within their circle of friends, actually had a rather low status. This was because Crompton had become a Highgod through fusing with a divine spark.

Although he was a Highgod, as he had fused with a divine spark, he hadn’t fused any of the profound mysteries, and so was the weakest type of Highgod possible.

After all these years, he remained a mere Three Star Fiend.

Generally speaking, Highgods were capable of becoming Four Star Fiends. He was a Three Star Fiend…and this alone made him a target of mockery. Crompton was weak in power; naturally he didn’t dare to be arrogant in front of his friends. Thus, his long-suppressed anger would naturally occasionally be let loose and vented on some people weaker than him.

Mocking the weak was something Crompton often did.

“You called me trash!”

Crompton stared at Linley, his eyes faintly red. His breathing was harsh and ragged, as though he was an explosively angry bull.

His own friends mocking him was one thing, but just because he said a few words, this Demigod, this Demigod actually trash-talked him back! Of course Crompton was furious!

“You, a Demigod, a despicable little fellow, dare to insult me.” Crompton was so furious, he wanted to attack, but as he thought of the prohibitions of Royalwing City, he remembered how terrifying those penalties were…if he were to attack, the repercussions would be beyond his ability to tolerate.


Suddenly, the long silver-haired Fiend who had been seated in the distance said calmly, “Crompton, forget it. You acted incorrectly as well. Stop obsessing over this matter.”

“Me, incorrectly?!” Crompton stared, pointing at Linley, then at the black-haired youth. “Look at the two of them. One is just a Demigod, while the other…he failed the Fiend trials twice, but was lucky enough to survive. This sort of spineless wimp still wants to try to take the Fiend trial. You tell me, why can’t I say a few things about them?”

The black-haired youth, Anji, had been suppressing his anger this entire time.

He had thought that Crompton would just say a word or two then stop. Who would have imagined that Crompton would continue nonstop, and even pointed at him while calling him a ‘spineless wimp’?

“This is Royalwing City. What have I to fear?” The black-haired youth ground his teeth.

“Spineless wimp?” The black-haired youth raised his head, staring at Crompton. “You called me a spineless wimp?”

“If you aren’t a spineless wimp, who is?” Crompton didn’t give a damn about Anji, his eyes filled with disdain.

The black-haired youth, Anji, growled in a voice that was somewhat shaking, “You call me a spineless wimp? Then I would like to ask you, if you failed the Fiend trials twice and nearly died twice, would you have the courage to participate in a third Fiend trial? Would you dare?”

Crompton was stunned.

Would he dare?

He wouldn’t dare!

“That isn’t courage, that’s idiocy.” Crompton was very unhappy with the way this black-haired youth was looking at him. “And this fellow, this idiot. He’s a Demigod, but he wants to take part in the Fiend trials.” Crompton turned to look at Linley again.

“Bebe, Delia, let’s go.”

Linley frowned, but he didn’t want to continue wasting time with this sort of person. He knew…that right now, Crompton had a belly full of anger, yet couldn’t attack. All he could do was vent through his words.

“My friends, just watch. I am willing to bet that if this guy takes part in the Fiend trials, he will definitely die.” Crompton continued to talk, while the friends next to him snorted, “Why bet? If a Demigod takes part in the Fiend trials, of course he will die. Everyone knows this.”

“Boss, one day, I will make that damn baldy pay.” Bebe said mentally.

“Don’t pay him any mind.” Linley said calmly. Suddenly, Linley stared in shock towards the outside of the Fiend Castle. From the distant horizon, he saw several blurs flash through the sky towards the gates of the Fiend Castle, at a speed that was so fast that people would be astonished to even hear of it. The most important thing was…

They dared to fly!

“Flying in Royalwing City? How is it that they dare to do this?” Linley was stunned.

After having been in Royalwing City for some time, they had seen many people in Royalwing City and many Highgods as well. However, no one dared to fly. Everyone walked on the ground. They might use some techniques to allow themselves to walk faster, but…everyone still walked on the ground.

The four figures who flew down to the gates of the castle entered the main hall of the Fiend Castle, one person walking in front, three people coming from behind.

The leader had slightly curly, long golden hair. He wore a long, golden cloak. The strange thing was, his eyebrows were white, while his pupils were golden.

White eyebrows, golden pupils!

Just by standing there, he gave off a sort of fierce aura. After striding into the main hall of the Fiend Castle, the golden-haired middle-aged man swept everyone with his gaze. Everyone who his gaze fell across felt their souls shudder. An absolute expert!

Crompton was facing Linley and Anji, so he naturally didn’t notice the newcomer. He was still self-delightedly chattering, “Not just this brown-haired boy; that Anji as well. If they participate in the Fiend trials, they will definitely die.”

Many people in the Fiend Castle, however, had noticed the newcomers. Immediately, ten of them, Yuna included, immediately bowed and said respectfully, “Lord Governor!”

Lord Governor?

Hearing this, Linley and the other two were shocked as well.

The laughing Crompton, hearing these words, was greatly shocked. He immediately turned. Seeing that white-eyebrowed, golden-pupiled man, he had no idea who this person was. But he had heard others call out ‘Lord Governor’.

“My respects to the Lord Governor.” Everyone who had understood immediately bowed.

“My respects to the Lord Governor.” Only now did Crompton understand as well, and he hurriedly bowed.

At the same time, the eyes of these Fiends were shining. They snuck glances out of the corner of their eyes at this middle-aged man with white eyebrows and golden pupils. Was this person the legendary Governor of Royalwing City?

The pride of the entire Royalwing City, the Seven Star Fiend, Lord Royalwing?

Fiends were divided into seven levels. The highest level ‘Seven Star Fiends’ were, without question, amongst the most powerful experts in all of the Infernal Realm. Every single Seven Star Fiend had their own unique moniker. This one was the Royalwing Fiend; his moniker was ‘Royalwing’.

The fame of the Fiend known as ‘Royalwing’ had long ago spread across the entire Infernal Realm. Perhaps he wasn’t as famous as the likes of ‘Bloodviolet’ and ‘Silvermoon’, who had become famous through slaughter, but in terms of power, as Seven Star Fiends, there wasn’t a big difference between them.

“Seven Star Fiend!”

Anji looked excitedly at this person in front of him. He dreamed of one day also becoming an exalted Seven Star Fiend.

“How terrifying. Definitely not any weaker than Bluefire.” When Linley saw Royalwing, in his heart, for some reason, he had a feeling that he never had before…that a person could, just with a glance, cause his soul to shudder. Such power was utterly breathtaking.

The white-eyebrowed, golden-pupiled Royalwing glanced sideways at Crompton. “You said just now that others who participate in the Fiend trials would definitely die?”

Crompton’s entire body was trembling.

None of the surrounding Fiends dared to make a sound. Crompton, terrified, hurriedly said, “Lord Governor, I, I was just saying that this brown-haired kid and that black-haired kid at the counter, if they participate, they will definitely die.” As he said this, Crompton didn’t have any conviction in his voice.

“Oh? Why do you say that?” Royalwing seemed to be intrigued.

“This, this brown-haired kid is just a Demigod. If a Demigod takes part in the Fiend trials, he will definitely die.” Crompton had no idea that Seven Star Fiends were so terrifying. Royalwing’s gaze alone was causing his heart to quaver.

They were both Highgods, but the difference between them was enormous.

“Oh, a Demigod is going to participate in the Fiend trials?” Royalwing nodded slightly. “And the other one?”

“The black-haired kid has already tried twice, twice in a row to take the Fiend trials, but failed both times. He was lucky enough to preserve his life, but he wants to participate in the Fiend trials again…” Crompton said, then no longer dared to make a sound.

But Royalwing only gave the black-haired kid, ‘Anji’, an approving glance.

And then, he turned his gaze to Crompton. “What is your name?”

“Crompton.” Crompton stuttered.

“You are a Highgod, but you became one through fusing with a divine spark.” Royalwing laughed calmly.

“Yes.” Crompton hurriedly nodded.

Royalwing continued, “If my senses are correct, you should only be a Three Star Fiend!” From the surface, the medallions of all Fiends, be they one star or seven star, were identical and generally couldn’t be distinguished from one another. One could only tell the difference through using certain special appraisal methods.

Royalwing could tell at a single glance. This was indeed astonishing.

“Yes, yes I’m a Three Star Fiend.” Crompton nodded.

“A Highgod who is only a Three Star Fiend. Low ranked.” Royalwing said calmly.

Crompton felt incredibly ashamed. It was indeed very embarrassing for a Highgod to be a Three Star Fiend. How could he not be ashamed, with Lord Royalwing pointing it out?

“This black-haired kid has failed twice, but still doesn’t give up. Although he’s a bit rash, his spirit and vigor is quite admirable…if you were able to learn to have that sort of mindset, you would have reached the four star level long ago.” Royalwing said calmly. Crompton could only make a sound of acknowledgment.

Even if Lord Royalwing was to curse him out, all he would be able to do was accept it.

Royalwing then turned and walked towards Linley. Laughing calmly, he said, “You plan to participate in the Fiend trials?”

Linley hadn’t expected that this Royalwing could come speak to him. The man was a Seven Star Fiend, the governor of Royalwing City!

“I just came to take a look today. I plan to participate in the Fiend trials a few decades from now.” Linley replied respectfully.

“A few decades?” Royalwing laughed calmly, then said, “Young fellow, it isn’t a shameful thing for a Demigod to want to participate in the Fiend trials. In the past, when I was a Demigod, I participated in the Fiend trials myself.”

Many of the nearby Fiends immediately perked up and began to listen carefully. They had never heard that Lord Royalwing had done such a thing.

However…Royalwing City had been built countless years ago. One could imagine how long Royalwing had been training for.

Surprised, Linley raised his head to glance towards Royalwing.

“But of course, I failed. Fortunately, I was able to stay alive, and then after I reached the God level, I tried the Fiend trials again.” Royalwing said with a calm laugh. “Young fellow, it’s best if you wait to reach the God level first before taking part in the Fiend trials. The Fiend trials are at the difficulty of a one star mission. Generally speaking, even full Gods have to expend a tremendous amount of effort to complete such missions. A Demigod…the chances of completing such a mission is too low, too low!”

Linley felt gratitude in his heart for this Lord Royalwing who stood in front of him.

At least he was giving him advice.

Lord Royalwing, despite possessing a noble, lofty status, was smiling and gently remonstrating with him. How could Linley not feel grateful?

Royalwing then took a long look at Linley, before turning and leading his three subordinates towards the stairs. After Lord Royalwing left, the entire main hall of the Fiend Castle exploded into a hubbub of noise. All of the Fiends were incredibly excited.

“That was Lord Royalwing! The expert I worship!”

Many Fiends were extremely excited as they discussed Lord Royalwing. They no longer discussed Linley and Anji. After all, Linley and Anji were small matters to begin with.

At the top of the Fiend Castle.

“Today was truly intriguing. That brown-haired kid actually had a hint of the aura of the Four Divine Beast clans about him.” Royalwing sighed.

“The Four Divine Beast clans? Milord, don’t they come from the Indigo Prefecture of the Bloodridge Continent? How is it that they have appeared in our place?” One of Royalwing’s three subordinates said.

Royalwing laughed calmly, “The Four Divine Beast clans are a very widespread clan. Their descendants are extremely numerous. It isn’t a big deal for one of their members to appear here.” Royalwing only felt somewhat intrigued. After all, a mere descendant of the Four Divine Beast clans wasn’t worthy of his actual concern.

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