Book 14, Chapter 13

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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 13, Planning to Commit Violence?

After Linley purchased ten amethysts, he left the sales counter, heading towards a distant sales counter. This sales counter was very large, and it had all sorts of items on display. The viewers of the sales counter were quite numerous as well. Many were spending money to buy things.

This place was where defensive artifacts were being sold.

“Linley, you want to buy a defensive artifact?” Delia looked at Linley, puzzled.

“I don’t need it.” Linley laughed as he looked at Delia. “Delia, your defensive armor is only Demigod level. It is too weak. Let’s buy a God-level armor.” Since they were preparing to join the Fiend examination, they had to increase everyone’s strength.

Strength, aside from personal power, also included their divine artifacts.

If they were to participate in the Fiend examination, Linley was worried most about Delia. As for Bebe…when they had left the Yulan Plane, Lord Beirut had given Bebe quite a few treasures. As for himself, he already had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, albeit slightly damaged.

“Alright.” Delia didn’t refuse. She understood that when she grew stronger, Linley wouldn’t be as worried about her, and she would be able to help him more.

“The prices of these defensive artifacts truly do exceed the prices of offensive artifacts.” Linley chuckled, then sighed.

God-level offensive artifacts were just roughly a thousand inkstones, while God-level defensive artifacts were generally five or six thousand inkstones. To Linley’s team, this wasn’t much at all.

People continually entered and left the main gates of Redbud Castle, but there was one person who stayed right there by the sides of the steps, always watching the main gate.

“Those three really are slow. Isn’t it just shopping?” The God cursed softly. “They’ve never come to Royalwing City. They’ll most likely wander about for a long time. They are enjoying themselves inside, while I’m slowly waiting here.”

Indeed, Linley’s team was very curious.

This Redbud City had many items that expanded Linley’s horizons. Naturally, they had to have a good stroll and gain some experience.

The God suddenly saw a human figure. He immediately headed over and said respectfully, “Lord Edmond.”

Edmond nodded slightly, then said calmly, “The three still haven’t come out?”

“Right. Not yet.” The God nodded.

Edmond frowned, then turned to look at the gate. “They’ve already sold what they came to sell. I imagine they should be coming out from this front main gate.” Edmond was in no hurry. He just waited quietly outside.

“It is Lord Edmond.”

The other members of the Black Dragon Tribe, when departing Redbud Castle, saw Edmond standing there. Many of them assembled up behind Edmond.

“Mm, here they are.” Edmond’s eyes lit up.

“That metallic lifeform really is expensive.” Delia was sighing.

Linley nodded as well. “Ordinary metallic lifeforms cost millions already, but high level, powerful ones cost tens of millions…those large ones actually cost over a hundred million inkstones. Bebe, your grandpa really is powerful.” Linley sighed in praise as he looked towards the nearby Bebe.

“Naturally!” Bebe puffed his chest out proudly.

Lord Beirut’s metallic castle was a high level metallic lifeform. The price of such a creature in Redbud Castle was more than a hundred million inkstones.

As they spoke, the three of them walked out of the first main hall, following the tide of people outwards.

“Linley.” Suddenly, someone called out at the gateway.

Linley turned to look. It was Daebra.

“Daebra.” Linley laughed as he spoke out. “Oh, you sold your things?” Linley said. He noticed that next to Daebra was a large group of people, all of whom belonged to the Black Dragon Tribe.

Daebra laughed. “I was just selling a single God artifact. I heard you went to the third floor. You really are amazing.” Daebra’s words caused the nearby members of the Black Dragon Tribe to stare jealously at Linley.

In the Infernal Realm, making a fortune was simply too hard.

“Oh?” Linley laughed calmly, carefully inspecting the looks on the faces of the Black Dragon Tribe’s members.

Actually, when he went to the third floor to sell items, Linley had already anticipated that he wouldn’t be able to avoid the attention of all the members of the Black Dragon Tribe. It was possible that he would be discovered…but so what if he was? After all, he didn’t have any plans to return to the Black Dragon Tribe.

“Alright, let’s head out.” Edmond, standing in front, spoke out as he led his subordinates away.

Edmond didn’t even look at Linley.

The group walked a few dozen meters towards the direction of the pillars, moving in a direction that would bring them back out of Royalwing City. But Linley’s team took a curved route, heading towards a different direction.

“Linley, where are you going?” Daebra said with surprise.

At the same time, Edmond and many others halted, turning to look.

“Oh, I’m not going back to the Black Dragon Tribe.” Linley laughed as he said.

“Not returning to the Black Dragon Tribe?” A gentle voice rang out. Edmond led his subordinates and walked over.

Linley, seeing that it was Edmond who had come, couldn’t help but sneer coldly in his heart. “This old fellow. I’m not going to the Black Dragon Tribe, so he, the chief steward of Stirton and a Highgod, immediately came over? Does he think I don’t know what he is scheming?”

The distance from here to the front main gate of Redbud Castle was less than a hundred meters. There were many people here. Linley’s group, standing there, wasn’t noticeable at all.

“Lord Edmond.” Linley smiled as he spoke.

“Your name is Linley, right?” Edmond laughed calmly. “Your two friends are both Gods. In our Black Dragon Tribe, they can be considered elite members. It is truly a pity that you are planning to leave the Black Dragon Tribe. Right. I actually have taken a liking to you. I recently lack for subordinates. Would you be willing to follow me?”

Linley remained very modest and courteous. “Thank you, Lord Edmond, for your kindness. Only, it truly isn’t necessary. Myself, my wife, and my brother here came to the Black Dragon Tribe only because we had just arrived in the Infernal Realm. However, I still feel gratitude for the care the Black Dragon Tribe has shown me in this period of time.”

Edmond couldn’t help but be startled.

But seeing the meek smile on Linley’s face, he felt a stirring of anger in his heart. “This guy!”

He knew that Linley was carrying a fortune on himself. Even he, Edmond, wouldn’t find it so easy to accumulate such wealth. After all, he, Edmond, had fused with a divine spark to become a Highgod. This was why he had always followed Stirton. Stirton made most of the money, while he only made do with leftovers.

“We’re leaving now.” Linley said with a smile, then turned.


Very suddenly, six Gods appeared in front of Linley.

“You want to leave?” One of the Gods said coldly.

Linley was startled, and then his gaze turned icy.

“F*ck, what, you want to fight?” Bebe’s voice suddenly raised in pitch and volume, spreading in every direction. Many of the nearby people who had been moving about turned to look in their direction. Bebe jumped up and shouted out, “Milords of the Redbud Army, these people want to beat us, they want to fight!”

The distance from here to Redbud Castle’s gates was less than a hundred meters.

At such a close distance, those bored Redbud Army soldiers milling about at the gates to Redbud Castle naturally could hear Bebe’s shout. Although they were sent here to maintain order, normally who would dare cause trouble here? Naturally, they were always very bored. Now, hearing someone call out for them, they actually grew excited.

“Hey, something’s happening?” A black-cloaked, muscular man called out hurriedly. “I’ll go take a look.”

“Brothers, let’s all go check it out.”

Ten or so Redbud Army soldiers all walked over curiously.

Seeing the Redbud Army soldiers come over, Edmond’s face instantly grew ugly to behold.

He was a Highgod, true! But he had only become one through fusing with a divine spark. In the Infernal Realm…there were far too many people that were more powerful than him. The steward of a tribe could perhaps show off his power and authority in that tribe…but in Royalwing City, he wasn’t even worth a fart!

“What’s going on?” The ten-plus Redbud Army soldiers walked over, their leader shouting, “I heard someone say that someone wants to fight? This is Royalwing City. Who dares to fight!”

The shouts of the oncoming Redbud Army soldiers caused the men of Edmond, who had been so wild and arrogant just moments ago, to instantly no longer dare to act brashly.

“Milords of the Redbud Army, these people belong to my tribe, while I am the leader of this expedition of my tribe to the city. I was just lecturing them. There’s nothing else.” Edmond explained, while the violet-robed warrior frowned and said, “Oh, all one tribe?”

“Right. They belong to our Black Dragon Tribe.” Someone near Edmond hurriedly said.

“Shit, when we joined the tribe, it was said that we can leave whenever we want. What right do you have to forcibly make us go back with you?” Bebe shouted.

“Edmond!” Linley looked straight at him. “I was respectful to you just now, and even addressed you as Lord Edmond. You should have known your place, though. This is Royalwing City, not the Black Dragon Tribe. I’m telling you right now, the three of us are formally withdrawing from your Black Dragon Tribe.”

Edmond’s face was exceedingly ugly right now.

But with the Redbud Army soldiers nearby, he didn’t dare to be arrogant.

“Oh, how interesting.” A very handsome, silver-haired, violet-cloaked youth with a single horn laughed. “In the Infernal Realm, although slaughter and warfare is common, everyone has their own freedom. Your tribe can’t force someone else to do something, right?”

Edmond’s group didn’t dare to make a sound.

Bebe bowed deeply towards the Redbud Army soldiers, chortling, “Thank you, milords. Otherwise, this old guy was preparing to use force.”

“Don’t worry.” The violet-robed, silver-haired youth laughed as he spoke. “This is Royalwing City. Royalwing City has Royalwing City’s rules. No matter if you are a Demigod or a Highgod, you are not permitted to commit violence. Whoever dares to commit violence…haha, we brothers have been quite bored.”

The Redbud Army soldiers looked towards Edmond and the others.

Cold sweat was beading on Edmond’s forehead. How could a small tribe like theirs dare to offend the terrifying Redbud Army!

“Milords of the Redbud Army, that isn’t the case. Just now, I simply was unwilling to part from them, so I said a few words to them. I wasn’t planning to stop them. If they want to leave, I’ll naturally accept that. Everyone knows this. Nobody will stop them from leaving.” Edmond said hurriedly.

Hearing this, Linley had to admit; this Edmond really was thick-skinned and shameless!

“Oh, so that’s the case. Good. You can all leave, then.” The silver-haired, violet-robed youth said with a calm laugh.

Edmond and the others let out secret sighs of relief. After bowing, they left after glancing at Linley.

“Threatening me?” Linley glanced sideways at Edmond as well.

This was Royalwing City. Linley had never been concerned about Edmond.

“That old guy. When I think of how terrified that old guy looked just now when the Redbud Army came, I want to laugh. Haha…” Bebe was clearly very self-delighted. Linley and Delia, seeing how Bebe was acting, couldn’t help but begin to laugh as well.

“Let’s go find a residence first.” Linley said.

Delia frowned. “Linley, do you remember? Daebra said that each stay in Royalwing City cost hundreds of inkstones.”

“Let’s go take a look first.” Linley felt very puzzled as well. If a single night was so expensive, then the situation really was a bit too terrifying.

Linley’s group first came to the waiting room of a seemingly luxurious hotel that was fairly close to Redbud Castle. The hotel’s waiting room had some decorations which forced even Linley to sigh in praise. The quality of the sculptures here weren’t lower than his at all.

“How are the living costs here calculated?” Bebe chattered.

The violet-robed, long-haired, sharp-eared beauty laughed, “Here, each stay costs eight hundred inkstones.”

Linley, Delia, and Bebe were shocked upon hearing this.

“As long as you stay here for a year or less, no matter how long you stay, the price for the stay is the same. If, however, you were to stay for a year and a day, you would need to pay 1600 inkstones.” The violet-robed, long-haired beauty said with a laugh.

Linley’s group let out sighs of relief.

This place was different from the Yulan continent. Hotel fees weren’t calculated by the day, they were calculated by the year.

It made sense…

When Deities were training and meditating, they would spend months in seclusion each time.

“Despite that being the case, if the cost for a year is eight hundred inkstones, then ten thousand years would mean they would earn eight million inkstones? And that’s just for a single room. This hotel has many rooms in it.” Linley was secretly shocked. “The hotel business here really is profitable.”

The ‘rooms’ in every hotel in Royalwing City consisted of a stand-alone residence and courtyard. After all, Deities preferred quiet when training.

“Do the three of you plan to take up residence?” The violet-haired woman said, looking expectantly at Linley’s group.

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