Book 13, Chapter 45

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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 45, Indigo Prefecture

The nearby Cesar drained the wine in his cup at one gulp, then said, “Go to the Infernal Realm? Adkins and his Gods are all dead, while Lord Beirut is only permitting Lord Bluefire to enter the Necropolis of the Gods. Then, I’ll go with you as well.”

The War God and the High Priest didn’t say anything, but everyone knew that the War God would follow Tarosse.

“Linley, how about you?” Cesar looked at Linley. “Come along with us. In the Yulan continent, there’s nothing interesting left.”

“Me?” Linley glanced at the nearby Delia, then laughed towards Cesar, “I’m in no rush. All of you have trained for thousands of years, while I haven’t trained for even a hundred years. In addition, Bebe is still in the Forest of Darkness.”

“What a pity.” Cesar let out a sigh.

Tarosse, Dylin, the War God, and Cesar began to chat with each other about the affairs of the Infernal Realm.

Watching them, Linley had to admit that in his heart, he envied them.

“The Infernal Realm…”

Linley was filled with all sorts of imaginings regarding the Infernal Realm.

Tonight, the third day after the banquet, Tarosse and the others left the Yulan Plane. A large group of people congregated at Dragonblood Castle, with Fain and Dixie amongst them. All of them had come to send off their teachers.

“Dylin, you are even taking your two sons with you?” Cesar laughed as he spoke.

Dylin nodded, as though this was only natural. “Of course!” Dylin’s two children were Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions. Before entering the Necropolis of the Gods, Dylin had asked for a Demigod spark for one of his sons. Afterwards, when Dylin had left the Necropolis of the Gods, he had already become a God.

When those Deities of the Gebados Planar Prison had descended, Dylin had killed a Demigod and seized a divine spark for his son.

“Teacher.” Dixie and the others were somewhat reluctant to part from the High Priest, Catherine.

“Train well.” The High Priest said gently. “You are already Saints now. Once you reach the Deity level, if you don’t want to stay in the Yulan Plane any longer, go to the Higher Planes. That is the place where Deities should truly stay.”

“Teacher, where are you going?” Dixie asked hurriedly.

“I…I’m different from them. I am planning to go to the Life Realm.” The High Priest said calmly.

“Alright, let’s all head out.” Tarosse glanced around and said.

And then, under the gazes of Linley and the others, this group of experts flew out of Dragonblood Castle at high speed towards the Arctic Icecap, quickly disappearing beyond the horizon.

“Cesar and Dylin have left as well.” Linley said softly. Delia, by his side, glanced at him.

The news that Bluefire was going by himself into the Necropolis of the Gods quickly spread across the entire Yulan continent. Spreading this news through Linley was the intention of Beirut. In addition, Adkins and his four Gods had all died. This had a major impact on the Gods of the Yulan continent.

Aside from a few Deities, the vast majority of Deities all chose to leave the Necropolis of the Gods and head towards the Higher Planes.

Roughly sixteen years after Adkins’ death, Wharton finally finished fusing with his Demigod spark. He was now a Demigod as well. As for Delia, nineteen years after Adkins’ death, she finally completely fused the God-level wind-style spark and became a God.

Yulan calendar, year 10092. Late autumn. Sallow yellow leaves were slowly falling.

“Rumble…” The entire world seemed to tremble gently, and a unique ripple spread out. Linley was very familiar with this rippling sensation.

Standing beneath the tree, Linley suddenly turned to stare towards the north. Frowning, he said, “Hrm? Yet another person became a Deity on their own power?” That was the ripple created by the descent of the natural Laws. Only when a person became a Deity on their own would the natural Laws descend.

“Linley, come to my place.” Beirut’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley was puzzled, but he immediately flew out of Dragonblood Castle towards the Forest of Darkness.

Just as Linley entered the metallic castle, he heard a voice ring out. “Boss!” Bebe’s voice was very loud. Linley raised his head to look, and he couldn’t help but feel some shock. “Bebe, you…” He found out, to his amazement, that he couldn’t sense Bebe’s aura at all.

Thinking about the descent of the Laws and the ripples just now, Linley instantly understood. “Bebe, was that you, just now?”

“Right.” Bebe delightedly bowed. “Boss, I spent twenty years and finally mastered the Profound Mysteries of the ‘Essence of Darkness’. I have already mastered two types of profound mysteries, and so I have become a God.”

“Oh, that’s rather impressive.” Linley snickered.

Amongst the Deities, the Elemental Laws of the Wind had nine profound mysteries, and so one had to master three of them before becoming a God. Or perhaps by mastering the fusion of two profound mysteries, one could also become a God. Earth, fire, water, and darkness only had six types of profound mysteries. If one mastered two of them, one would become a God.

“Linley, come in.” A voice rang out from the nearby living room.

Linley and Bebe immediately entered the living room. Stroking his beard, Beirut laughed as he looked at Bebe. “I gave you so many advantages and superior conditions, and I even had you only learn the most basic ‘Essence of Darkness’, but you still took twenty years. If I had done the same for Linley, most likely just a single year would have been enough. And you are proud about it?”

“He’s my Boss. Of course my Boss has to be more powerful than me.” Bebe didn’t mind at all.

Beirut could only shake his head and laugh, then looked towards Linley. “Linley, take a seat first.” Linley sat down to one side as commanded.

Beirut let out a breath. “Linley, how is your training proceeding? When will you become a God?”

“I’m not certain either. However, I am halfway through the fusion of two profound mysteries, the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ and the ‘Essence of the Earth’. Most likely, in a few more decades, I should be able to completely fuse these types of profound mysteries.” Linley didn’t try to hide anything.

Beirut couldn’t help but sigh in praise. “Gaining insights while fusing? You are quite intelligent, to not blindly and greedily advance rashly.”

“I am doing this at the guidance of Mr. Leylin.” Linley said.

“Right.” Beirut let out a long sigh. “It is now time for me to tell you a few things. Linley, in the past, weren’t you puzzled about why the Four Supreme Warrior clans disappeared all of a sudden?”

Linley’s eyes lit up.

“The answer is simple. The Four Supreme Warrior clans were taken by the experts of the Infernal Realm into the Infernal Realm.” Beirut said with a laugh. “More precisely speaking, your Four Supreme Warrior clans should belong to the Four Divine Beast clans of the Infernal Realm.”

Linley’s heart shook. He said in astonishment, “Four Divine Beast clans?”

“The Four Divine Beast clans is the root of your Four Supreme Warrior clans!” Beirut sighed. “Every single disciple, if they want to be purified and transformed, needs to return to the Four Divine Beast clans and undergo the Ancestral Baptism.”

“Purified and transformed? Ancestral Baptism?” Linley was even more puzzled now.

Beirut nodded. “Linley, haven’t you discovered that generally speaking, you descendants of the Four Supreme Warrior clans have a very low level of attunement to the Laws? For example, your ancestors were barely able to even sense the Laws. When they did gain some insights, they would progress very slowly.”

Linley nodded hurriedly.

His own little brother Wharton was very slow in gaining insights.

“The rate of attuning to the Laws is so low that it is even inferior to many powerful humans. How, then, could your clansmen be acclaimed as the Four Divine Beast clans? The reason for slow training is because these people have never undergone the Ancestral Baptism.” Beirut sighed. “The Ancestral Baptism of the Four Divine Beast clans is very mysterious. It isn’t as simple as I once thought it was. The Ancestral Baptism of the Four Divine Beast clans is extremely famous in the Infernal Realm.”

Beirut glanced at Linley. As Beirut saw it…

Linley already had such astonishing training speed. Once he underwent the Ancestral Baptism, then he would definitely become a terrifying talent!

“Linley, do you want to return to the Four Divine Beast clans and meet with the ancestors of your clan?” A hint of amusement was in Beirut’s eyes.

Linley hesitated, not knowing what to say.

After all, if he were to leave the Yulan Plane, it would be very hard for him to return. In addition, Linley wanted to respect Delia’s opinion.

“Men shouldn’t be so indecisive.” Beirut barked. “What’s more, this is just a Yulan continent. How can a talent like you stay within a single material plane? That boundless Infernal Realm where experts are as common as clouds is the place which truly suits you!”

Linley’s heart shook.

“Boss, the Infernal Realm is really interesting. For example, Grandpa’s metallic castle was purchased in the Infernal Realm.” Bebe said hurriedly. Bebe, ever-curious, was very eager to visit the Higher Plane of the Infernal Realm as well.

“The Four Divine Beast clans resides within the Indigo Prefecture of the Bloodridge Continent of the Infernal Realm.” Beirut said. “Whether you go or not is up to you.”

Linley immediately bowed. “Yes, Lord Beirut.”

“Bebe, let’s go.” Linley looked at Bebe.

“Oh.” Bebe nodded.

Looking at Bebe’s expression, Linley let out a secret sigh. Bebe had grown up with him. The two shared the same ardent blood and love for challenges and danger. Linley knew that Bebe deeply desired to go to the Infernal Realm. But if Linley was to go to the Infernal Realm, he had to persuade Delia!

Within Dragonblood Castle.

Delia glanced at the nearby Linley. She knew what Linley was thinking. In the past three days in particular, Linley would occasionally reveal a hint of desire and a hint of confusion in his eyes.

“Linley.” Delia suddenly gritted her teeth and made her decision.

“Huh?” Linley glanced at Delia by his side, puzzled.

Delia looked at him and intentionally let out a low sigh. “Linley, don’t you feel as though life in the Yulan continent is no longer exciting?”

“Right.” Linley’s eyes instantly lit up. “Delia, I have that feeling also. Do you think we should…” Halfway through his words, Linley came to a halt. He saw the hint of laughter appear on Delia’s face. “Delia, thank you.”

Linley already understood what Delia meant.

Delia was about to give him what he wanted!

“Actually, I’m already very satisfied with the twenty years of quiet life that we’ve had.” Delia said softly.

Delia said with a sigh, “Linley, the ‘Linley’ that I know is a person who constantly struggles and is filled with willpower. I like this you. In the Yulan continent, where nothing is a challenge to you, your willpower will slowly be ground flat. In addition, deep in my heart, I also want to live a slightly more exciting life as well.”

“Also, I’ve already become a God.” Delia looked at Linley. “At the very least, I have excellent fleeing abilities. I won’t become a burden to you!”

Linley laughed as he pulled Delia into his embrace. “Delia, then let’s roam the Infernal Realm together.”

“Roam the Infernal Realm together!” Delia also said softly.

“And me! I’m going with you!” Bebe immediately hurried over and shouted loudly, “I’m going to the Infernal Realm too, I’m going too!!!”

Linley and Delia exchanged a glance, then both began to laugh.

Three days later, one freezing, cold early morning in late autumn. Many people of Dragonblood Castle were gathered here in this training area. They had come to send Linley, Delia, and Bebe off.

Linley looked at the people in front of him. They included Uncle Hillman, who had guided him since he was young, as well as his family members such as Wharton, Taylor, Sasha, Arnold…the five Barker brothers who had fought by his side, Zassler, Jenne, Rebecca and Leena, and his magical beast ‘Haeru’…as well as his friend Desri.

Everyone was gathered here.

“Big bro!” Wharton’s eyes were filled with an unwillingness to part from him.

“Wharton, I entrust everything here to you.” Linley slapped Wharton on the shoulders. “I trust that you can do it. If you encounter any problems, you can go to the Forest of Darkness and beg Lord Beirut for help. He will help you.”

“I know.” Wharton hurriedly nodded.

Linley had also given that earth-style Demigod spark to Wharton. In the future, it would be up to Wharton to decide who to give the divine spark to. At the same time, Linley had also given the earth-style God spark to Barker, who was already an earth-style Demigod. After Hanbritt’s death, Linley had acquired a wind-style God spark, which he gave to Haeru.

“Master.” Haeru looked longingly at Linley. He was filled with gratitude towards Linley.

It was Linley who had allowed him to become a Demigod. And now, Linley was giving him a wind-style divine God spark.

“Father!” Taylor and Sasha both looked at Linley as well.

Linley lovingly rubbed the heads of his son and daughter.

“Haha, perhaps one year in the future, I will return.” Linley forced out a smile, then turned. “Let’s go.” Linley, Delia, and Bebe flew out, disappearing into the northern skies.

Wharton, Haeru, Barker, and the others all couldn’t help but reveal a hint of tears in their eyes.

With this departure of Linley’s from the Yulan continent, how long would it be before he would be able to return?

“Big bro!” Wharton felt grateful towards his big brother from the bottom of his heart. It was Linley who had singlehandedly raised the Dragonblood Warrior clan to a flourishing level again. And now, Linley was leaving while allowing Wharton, Haeru, and Barker to become full Gods, and asking Beirut to take care of them as well. The Baruch family’s foundation was now unshakably firm.

Yulan calendar, year 10092. Late autumn. Linley led his wife, Delia, as well as Bebe out of the Yulan continent. They were headed to a Higher Plane: The Infernal Realm.

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