Book 13, Chapter 37

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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 37, For the Clan

The death of Highgod Sadista didn’t cause much of a stir in the Yulan Plane. The ordinary people continued living their quiet lives. Only the Deities who stood at the top of the plane had learned something from that terrifying energy wave which had come from the west….

Something major was happening within the Yulan continent.

Anras died. Sadista headed towards the west and didn’t return either.

Within the Rohault Empire, Sadista’s group of Deities now naturally became led by Sadista’s nephew Danny, as well as the other God, ‘Nieff’ [Ne’fu]. Danny and Nieff, however, couldn’t be completely certain of Sadista’s death.

Today, they felt very frantic.

Within the Rohault Empire. That quiet, secluded manor. The blazing summer sun shone down upon the entire manor. Within Danny’s residence, a man with short silver hair, a sunken, skinny body, and a short-sleeved black shirt strode forward. “Danny, come out!”

The door swung open and Danny walked out. “Nieff, what is it?”

“How can you be in a mood to rest?” Nieff was somewhat angry.

“Tell me, what can I do?” Danny was extremely frustrated as well. It was he who had advised Sadista to go kill those two Gods to go vent his anger. After all, if Sadista spent all his time brooding, Danny would have felt miserable and stifled as well.

But who would have imagined that his uncle, Sadista, would leave and never return.

“Three days ago, there was that astonishing energy wave from the west. You sensed it as well.” Nieff said seriously.

Danny nodded. “Yes. I sensed it. That was indeed Uncle’s aura. But Nieff, what can that prove?”

“What can that prove?” Nieff laughed. “Danny, quit dreaming. The situation is clear. That powerful energy wave is something which I trust Lord Sadista would not have released for no reason. He must have engaged in a major battle.”

Nieff continued, “That day, you told me that Lord Sadista went to the west to kill those two Gods. Are those two Gods dead yet?”

Danny started. Hesitating a moment, he said, “I, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? It’s simple. Spread out your divine aura to cover that mountain range. I trust you will easily be able to judge for yourself if those two Gods are dead or not.” Nieff said coldly. “Danny. Stop playing the role of a fool.”

Danny’s face changed.

“I’ve checked with my divine sense.” Nieff took a deep breath. “Those two Gods didn’t die. Danny. Lord Sadista went to kill those two Gods. Such a major event occurred over there, but those two Gods didn’t die. Lord Sadista has been gone for three days without coming back. Can it be that the result isn’t clear?”

“Perhaps…Uncle had some important business to attend to so he had to go somewhere.” Danny said in an pained manner.

Danny didn’t want to believe that his uncle had died.

Their clan was an enormous one which existed for ten trillion years. Naturally, it was divided into the main clan and the branch clans. In Danny’s branch, Sadista was the pillar and foundation of the entire branch clan. If Sadista truly had died, Danny could imagine what dire straits his clan would be in.

Nieff understood what Danny was thinking as well.

“Danny, no matter what, we have to face reality.” Nieff said seriously. “This is the Yulan continent, not the Infernal Realm. In the Yulan continent, even if Lord Sadista met with something important and can’t spare any attention to anything else, he would have contacted us with his divine sense. A divine sense communication only takes an instant, after all.”

“However, he hasn’t. We haven’t received any communication from Lord Sadista.”

Nieff’s face was grave. “I don’t want to admit it, but I have to say this. The plans of the clan have failed. The Necropolis of the Gods…at least our group has no hope for it. Without the power of a Highgod, we simply won’t be able to obtain the treasures which the clan needs.”

Danny nodded as well.

How could he not understand this point?

“Uncle…perhaps truly has died.” Danny nodded bitterly, but then he stared at Nieff. “But Nieff, so what if Uncle has died? Can it be that you…”


Nieff’s aura grew fierce. “Danny, the status which the clan has is a result of countless elders who risked their lives over the past ten trillion years. You and I are not very talented. Why is it then that we were able to receive divine sparks and easily reach the rank of Gods as descendants of the clan? It was the clan who gave us everything!”

Danny was silent.

“The Indigo Prefecture is our greatest foe! They are too powerful. The Four Divine Beast clans of the Indigo Prefecture are extremely powerful. That Linley…you should know as well that in less than a century, he has trained to the level of having two divine clones!”

Nieff laughed coldly. “I have never heard of such a talented genius amongst the Four Divine Beast clans, who could reach this sort of level without engaging in their baptism. And Danny, that Linley trains in earth and wind, not water! Do you understand what that means?”

Danny nodded.

“As soon as he undergoes the Ancestral Baptism of the Four Divine Beasts, I believe that ten thousand years later, the Indigo Prefecture will definitely have yet another Highgod of unsurpassed power. When that happens, I don’t even dare imagine how many members of our clan will die by his hands.” Nieff’s gaze was sharp. “But right now, he is only a Demigod who has yet to undergo the Ancestral Baptism of the Four Divine Beasts!”

“If we don’t kill him now, when will we kill him?”

Nieff’s gaze was cold and fierce. “I know that in the Yulan continent, Linley has some supporters and connections, but so what if he does? I would rather let myself die if it means killing him.” Nieff had relied on using a divine spark to become a God. He knew…

Although he was currently more powerful than Linley, in terms of potential, he was far inferior to Linley.

“Nieff!” Danny took a deep breath, shaking his head. “I recommend you not go and attempt to kill Linley right now.”

“What did you say?!” Nieff exploded with rage.

Danny sighed and said, “Don’t be hasty. There really is no need for us to kill him here in the Yulan Plane. Once he goes to the Infernal Realm, we can kill him then.”

“What a joke!” Nieff said. “First of all, when will Linley go to the Infernal Realm? What if he stays in the Yulan Plane until he reaches the level of Highgod, and then acquires a Sovereign artifact in the Necropolis of the Gods, and only then goes to the Infernal Realm. If we want to kill him then, would we be able to?”

Danny was stunned.

“Also. Once Linley reaches the Infernal Realm, there’s no way for us to be certain which transit location he will be sent to. Our clan is only influential in that area where we have power over. Do you really believe…we can pursue him across the entire Infernal Realm? Do you know how vast the Infernal Realm is?” Nieff stared at Danny.

There was nothing Danny could say.

Previously, Sadista’s primary goal was the Necropolis of the Gods, which was why he temporarily put aside killing Linley. In truth, killing Linley in the Infernal Realm wasn’t very practical. As one of the Higher Planes, the Infernal Realm’s size vastly outstretched the Yulan Plane by countless times.

Within the Infernal Realm, there also quite a few forces which were more powerful than both their clan as well as the Indigo Prefecture!

“Danny, can it be that you have forgotten those countless major battles we have had against the Indigo Prefecture? The figures of those elders who died, one after the other?” Nieff stared at Danny. “Enough. I’m immediately heading off for the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. I know that this time even if I am able to kill Linley, I might be killed by his supporters in revenge.”

“But if I can kill Linley, I will die content. Danny, I leave everything here in your hands. I’m leaving.” Nieff turned and left.

Since they couldn’t acquire the treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods, if they could at least kill Linley, this trip would not have been completely in vain.

“Nieff…” Danny didn’t want to watch Nieff go die. If he killed Linley…Nieff would be killed in revenge by those forces who supported Linley.

“For Reinales [Lei’nei’er’si]!” Nieff sent back with his mental message, and then Nieff himself flew into midair, streaking towards the western horizons, transforming into a black dot.

Danny was stunned, but then his gaze grew hard and resolved. In a soft voice, he said, “For Reinales!”

“Attend me!” Danny shouted towards the outside, and soon, a Demigod came over. Danny gave him a long list of instructions, and then said, “Remember, you must provide this information to Lord Hodan. You can go now.”

“Yes, milord.”

The Demigod immediately flew out of this residence, heading directly towards the Arctic Icecap.”

Within the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, in a half-shattered canyon where wild grass grew abundantly and where spring water flowed, the figures of Thunderwing Pegasi, magical beasts of the seventh rank, could be seen everywhere. The Thunderwing Pegasi all displayed leisurely elegance, occasionally flying into the air and then landing by the side of the springs, lowering their heads to drink water.

Suddenly, a human figure appeared here, causing the many Thunderwing Pegasi to be so terrified, they didn’t dare to move.

“Time to do what must be done.”

The short silver haired Nieff looked around, then sent his divine sense into the minds of every Thunderwing Pegasus before he then sat down in the meditative stance. At the same time, he spread out his divine sense. Nieff restrained the area of his divine sense to just the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

The height of his divine sense was limited to just ten or so kilometers.

This sort of scale represented less than 0.1% of the Yulan continent’s total size. The amount of spiritual energy it consumed to keep a divine sense active in this region, to a God like Nieff, was completely sustainable. At the very least, he was able to replenish whatever he used up.

“Linley is still there. If he returns to Dragonblood Castle, he will have to fly through the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. Once he does, I will discover him.” Nieff didn’t think any longer, and just waited here for the hare to step into the trap.

Nieff didn’t dare to directly attack Mount Copper Gong. After all, Anras and Sadista had both failed. He waited here in ambush, and would thus have a much higher chance.

Linley quietly trained at Mount Copper Gong. Receiving guidance from one of the five Kings, ‘Bluefire’ Leylin, was a rare opportunity. In addition, Linley also knew…that ‘Bluefire’ Leylin wouldn’t stay too long here at Mount Copper Gong. He would eventually leave.

“Linley, the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth is a simple type of mystery. If you focus on training in it, you will succeed within one or two years.” Leylin laughed calmly. “But, if you wait until completely mastering the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth before attempting to fuse it with the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, you will most likely spent thousands or ten thousand years without being successful.”

“Fusing is far more difficult than simply understanding a profound mystery.” Leylin said solemnly.

Linley nodded slightly.

“Thus, the best method is…to begin attempting to fuse your insights regarding the ‘Essence of the Earth’ right away into your other insights. Don’t try to completely master the entire ‘Essence of the Earth’ as soon as possible. What matters more is the degree to which you are able to fuse it, and to make the degree of your insights match with your degree of fusion.”

Leylin laughed, “Perhaps in such a way, it will takes decades or a century for you to master the ‘Essence of the Earth’. But by doing so, as soon as you achieve mastery in the ‘Essence of the Earth’, you will also have completed your fusion of the ‘Essence of the Earth’ and the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’.”

“I understand this principle.”

Linley had, after all, the prior experience of fusing the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ aspects of the Elemental Laws of the Wind. To fuse while gaining insights was actually much simpler.

But if one had reached mastery in both profound mysteries and then attempt to fuse them, it would be very hard.

If he waited until all of his profound mysteries had become mastered before attempting to fuse them, the insights he had gained into the various profound mysteries would clash with each other, causing the fusion difficulty to be even greater.

Linley’s training in Mount Copper Gong lasted for another three years. Within these three years, although his level of attainment in the ‘Essence of the Earth’ remained at the level he had reached three years ago, Linley had finally started the first step towards fusing the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ and the ‘Essence of the Earth’.

Many people weren’t even capable of taking the first step towards fusing these two profound mysteries. The first step was the key, the most important part.

With a beginning, there would be chance for success.

“The power level after fusing truly is formidable.”

Although Linley had only fused just a little bit, he discovered that his Voidwave Sword had increased in power by 50% despite only using the same amount of spiritual energy as before. “And this is just the beginning. I can’t imagine how much more powerful my Voidwave Sword will become after I completely master these two profound mysteries.”

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          Within this pocket dimension, Linley could sense nature with greater clarity than he ever had before. Right now, he could also sense with a hundred times his previous clarity the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, and the unique tempos possessed by the wind. He could also clearly sense the path he should take next.

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      So clearly he at least knows it’s now or never.

  7. Thanks for the chapter btw.

    thoughts I had that about last chapter that just realized.
    Beirut said to become a God, one must master 3 different truths/mysteries or 2 truths/mysteries and a fusion. Yes, he was using wind as example, but I think the same applies to other elements as well. Such as Mastering 2 truths/mysteries and a fusion would make it so one becomes a God.

    Reason I bring this up is that I don’t think Linley will be training on the 3rd element any time soon, rather focus on earth first.
    1) If the above is true, then Mastering Essences of Earth and the Fusion becomes a law
    2) Estimated a few decades to master both Essences of Earth and the Fusion.
    3) Unknown amount of time required to master Fire/Destruction/Water
    4) becoming a demigod in 3rd element does not increase overall attack power other then more divine power
    5) Becoming a God increase divine power much more then having a 3rd demigod body (1 God godsrealm > 2 demigods godsrealm)
    5) No weapon for 3rd element yet.
    6) Should better for mastering Earth by having clone focus on Essences of Earth, and original body focus on Fusion.

    What do you guys think the this new fusion truth/mystery will be called?

    1. Well, next one in line is Profound Mysteries of Sound, as it’s fused version of 2 lower-level Mysteries that Linley can ultize for now with regards to Wind element 🙂

      1. I say that is after earth fusion.
        Cause he has a general idea for earth, even an estimated mastery date.
        Winds should take more time considering he needs to back to basics there.

        1. I know his post is long, but at least read it -.- We both consider what he will train AFTER he masters current 2 mysteries earth fusion from current chapters 😛

          1. Whoops, I misunderstood your post. Derp. (thought you were saying what he’ll train is in sound instead of after earth).

      1. Well to be honest i am in no hurry to see him getting more clones, unless it will be Destruction type. Not long ago Leylin even reminded us that he can train in this way, too.

      2. well, by 5th point, i was referring to countering full gods godsrealm since a lot of gods want to kill him.
        He can deal with Demigods fine and high gods shouldn’t bother him.

        Fire doesn’t seem to be a buffing element…..

      3. A weapon is just a weapon but a weapon is a conduit to increase attack power. A sword without swordsmanship is inferior to a sword with swordsmanship but a sword without swordsmanship is still superior to no weapon at all.

        (in most cases so don’t get all “what about bare hand specialists etc” on me. I’m making a point.)

    2. You do realize he can train more than one element at once right? His clones can train their own elements while his main body can do whatever. So he can train fire/destruction/water with main body and let his clones do whatever they wanna do. And yes using his main body to train Earth/Wind will make his progress a bit faster but I don’t think it will make that much of a difference .

      Also, 2 demigod Godrealms are roughly equal to (though still less than) a full God Godrealm. but 3 might even be more. Getting one more demigod clone should take substancially less time than getting a God clone because to get a demigod clone he needs to master one profound tm but for a God he needs to master 3 tms (or master 2 and fuse them but I think its roughly the same time)

      Lastly, Starting a petition to call Truths/Mysteries :TMs

      1. I know his main body can train in any element, but I was implying both main body and earth clone focus on earht.
        1 of the bodies focus on Essences of earth
        the other focus on fusion.
        With learning 2 TMs at once, he can crossreference, similar to what he was doing when he was learning Sound Wave and Music.

        Disagree on your point on less time to make a fire demigod then a becoming a earth god.
        I pointed out on this that it was predicted that he’ll master Essences of Earth and the Fusion in a few decades.
        There nothing started yet for Fire/Water/Destruction, so who knows how long it’ll take. Remember for most prime saints, it takes thousands of years to break though. It’ll take more then half a Century for Linley to break though in fire since he isn’t exceptional and only average.

        1. One reason I don’t think it will take Linley half a century to become a demigod in A. the pocket dimesion and B. Leylin. With just a little coaxing from Leylin, he has already made huge jumps in Earth (outside of pocket dimension) so I don’t see why that can’t happen for fire inside pocket dimension where his fire aptitude is the same as his Earth on the outside.

    3. If he is looking for long-term growth, it would actually probably be smarter for him to grind out demi-god in Destruction and then Fire now while leaving his Earth Clone the job of combining his Profound Truths. That way he can get 2 more clones and he will get centuries of free training in them while he grinds to High-God in Earth or Wind.

      It would probably even be worthwhile grinding Darkness, Light and Water to Demigod even if that takes a century or two (which in High God terms is probably similar to a year). He’d likely manage to combine several or all of the laws in Earth and Wind and hit God level in both in that time as training both of those elements would still happen at half speed.

      Then he’d have 8 auto-trainers and could focus on becoming a High-God / Paragon while constantly auto-leveling.

      1. I sense half-baked gamer! xD You keep forgetting that creating new clone splits his soul, what in result splits his ‘training speed’ among his original body and the clone. So just having more clones does not mean that he will be training faster at all 🙂

        PS: And of course, welcome! xD

        1. Thanks, been lurking for a while – figured it was past time I chimed in.

          Cal, his spirit apparently grows faster than other people (from memory due to his Dragonblood heritage), and he has god-mode spirit defense hacks with his Dragonblood Warrior and Sovereign artifact so weakening his soul is far less risky than for other people and he will likely recover much faster.

          Short term it would weaken him but long-term it would greatly increase his power to have at least Destruction and Fire.

          I’m not actually sure what Water does (beside from make female users skin look smoother) as I don’t think we’ve had a single powerful user of the element appear in the story to date so maybe he could put that on the back-burner unless he wants to split his soul to prevent dandruff.

    4. Given his huge potential, I personally think the thing he should be working on is getting as many Demi-God clones as possible.

      While the power upgrade will be low, his current Earth and Wind training will still progress at half speed due to his current clones but as soon as he unlocks another clone he can then auto-train another discipline.

      He should go Destruction then Fire and I even think getting a Water Demi-clone would beneficial long-term. I’m not sure if he can get Light or Darkness clones – but this would also be a good idea.

    1. I think it has to be completely mastered because otherwise he would also be a full God in Wind because he fused Fast and Slow (never mastered btw) but only became a demigod.

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