Book 13, Chapter 36

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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 36, Secret

Linley’s heart shook as he remembered what Muba had originally told him…

“Linley, the Lord of Bluefire City is one of the five Kings, Lord Bluefire! Lord Bluefire is very secretive. Not only is he extremely powerful, he almost never shows himself. It’s uncertain as to whether or not he is even residing within Bluefire City. Within Bluefire City, the person whose fame and authority is only second to Lord Bluefire would be Lord Adkins.”

Linley looked towards the nearby Leylin.

“He…he is actually one of the five Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison, Bluefire?”

It was hard to say exactly how long the Gebados Planar Prison had existed for. Within it, the number of Deities was absolutely numberless. However, there were five people who stood at its peak and were acclaimed respectfully as its ‘Kings’. To be titled a ‘King’ in a planar prison…anyone with a hint of common sense would understand how powerful such a person must be.

“Adkins, rise. We have both left Gebados, and I am no longer the Lord of Bluefire City. There’s no need for you to refer to me as Lord of the City anymore.” Leylin said with a calm laugh.

Adkins rose respectfully, and said, “Yes, but the respect which Adkins feels for you, Lord Bluefire, will never change.” Meanwhile, Barnas just stood off to one side respectfully. The fame of ‘Bluefire’ was simply too astonishing and overawing.

The five Kings were invincible individuals!

“You…you are Bluefire?” Bebe looked at Leylin in astonishment.

“What, do I not look the part?” Leylin’s crimson eyebrows lifted up, and he laughed towards Bebe.

Bebe muttered, “That’s not it. Only, I heard the Boss say that Bluefire is one of the five Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison. Since he’s so powerful, I figured his subordinates should be Highgods. Also…I thought that Bluefire was his name.”


Leylin began to laugh heartily. “Why would I, Bluefire, necessarily have to have Highgods for my subordinates? Is that the only way I would be able to demonstrate my status?”

Adkins, off to the side, laughed as well and said respectfully, “Why would Lord Bluefire need any subordinates? Even if a group of Highgods came, in front of Lord Bluefire, they wouldn’t be much.” This was no joking matter. All five of the Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison had won that title through proving their strength in slaughter.

Amongst the five Kings, Lord Bluefire had actually trained for the shortest period of time.

He was also the most dazzling, eye-catching figure!

Bluefire, also known as ‘Zacharias Leylin’, rose to sudden prominence within the Planar Prison, winning every battle he fought. Even powerful Highgods, before Bluefire, had to bow and submit themselves. To this day, there has been no one capable of withstanding Lord Bluefire’s attack.

“Bluefire is nothing more than a nickname.” Leylin laughed calmly.

But Adkins said, “The name ‘Bluefire’ is a name which, due to the countless slaughters his lordship engaged in, the countless experts of the entire Gebados Planar Prison acknowledge and submit to. Who in Gebados hasn’t heard of that battle by the Blue River?”

Leylin simply chuckled.

No matter how arrogant Adkins was, in the face of Leylin, he had to abase himself. This was nothing more than reality! Adkins, facing Leylin, didn’t have even the slightest thought of ‘struggling’ against him. Because Adkins knew that he couldn’t take so much as a single blow from Bluefire!

The battle at the Blue River was what gave rise to the name, ‘Bluefire’.

It also scared countless people silly. Many people even came to believe that Bluefire was the most powerful of the five Kings. But of course, this was never proven because Gebados was simply too vast, and the five Kings were all separated in their own regions. In addition, they intentionally avoided making enemies out of each other. After all, there were no treasures in Gebados worth them fighting each other over.

“This is a true, ultimate expert!” Linley’s heart was filled with even greater veneration for this ‘Leylin’, while at the same time, a surge of heat filled his heart.

Even Adkins was so apprehensive and respectful in front of Leylin, who had been able to reach the top tier of Gebados.

“Adkins, stop standing there. Come, sit down. You can sit right next to Linley.” Leylin pointed as he spoke.

Naturally, Adkins wouldn’t dare to disobey Leylin’s orders. He immediately bowed respectfully. “Thank you, Lord Bluefire.” And then, he sat down next to Linley, while even offering Linley a friendly smile.

Linley could only smile back as well.

“Hmph.” Bebe, next to Linley, let out a cold sneer.

Adkins’ eyebrows instantly rose up. He glanced at Bebe, and then immediately laughed. “This must be Bebe.” Bebe just grunted in reply, but Adkins wasn’t angry. Laughing, he said, “Bebe, I know you are a bit unhappy. What happened in the past was the fault of my people.”

Linley and Bebe glanced at Adkins, somewhat surprised.

“What happened, Adkins?” Leylin spoke out.

Adkins smiled and said, “Lord Bluefire, this is actually just a minor issue. My subordinate, a God named Ojwin, had a bit of a small grudge against my friend Linley over here. Afterwards, Ojwin invited several of the Gods under my command go to Linley’s residence to get revenge. However, in the end, it was my side that suffered losses.”

“Oh?” Hearing this, Leylin was mildly intrigued as well.

Linley and Bebe glanced at each other.

“Boss, it seems this Adkins wants to apologize?” Bebe said mentally to Linley.

“I’m not sure either.” Linley was also puzzled.

Adkins was a Highgod after all. Was he about to apologize?

“Barnas, come over here.” Adkins said. “Although you lost a divine body during that battle, it was, after all, you and your people who picked that fight. If we think about it, it was your group’s fault. Go ahead and offer Linley and Bebe an apology.”

Linley and Bebe started.

Barnas actually came over. Filled with an apologetic air, he said, “Mr. Linley, Mr. Bebe, I truly am sorry for what happened that year.”

“Mr. Barnas, no need to be like this. This matter was primarily instigated by that Ojwin.” Linley spoke out. “Mr. Barnas, I imagine that you were just deceived by him.” Since he had been given face, Linley would of course give face back as well.

Adkins nodded. “Linley, don’t worry. From today onwards, I guarantee to you that Ojwin will definitely not make any more trouble for you in the future.”

Linley couldn’t help but laugh in his heart.

It seemed as though Olivier wouldn’t have to hide within that pocket dimension any longer.

When Adkins had brought Barnas to pay a visit to Mount Copper Gong to meet with ‘Bluefire’ Leylin, Ojwin was still back in the distant O’Brien Empire. Him, Hanbritt, and Gatenby were all together drinking wine and chatting. Over the past twenty years, the relationship between the three of them had become quite good.

Barnas had a special status, after all, and he was thus rather distant from them.

“That astonishing energy wave from the west most likely was produced by a Highgod.” Gatenby rumbled.

“Right. But it doesn’t have anything to do with us.” Ojwin laughed. “Since it involves Highgods, let’s just peaceably drink our wine here.”

Hanbritt shook his head. “Highgods? They are very powerful. If one day, I were to obtain a divine Highgod spark, wouldn’t I also become a Highgod? Only, it is unfortunate that I don’t know how long it will be before the day I acquire a divine Highgod spark.”

“A divine Highgod spark is something I dream about.” Ojwin let out a sigh as well.

Hanbritt suddenly put down his wine cup. Slightly tipsy, he grinned at Ojwin. “Ojwin, I’m going to tell you a secret!”

“I know what you are going to say!” That Gatenby laughed loudly as well. “Secret my ass. Barnas and I both know it.”

Hanbritt rolled his eyes, then said, “You know, I know, but…Ojwin doesn’t know.” These words caused Ojwin’s heart to be filled with a hint of curiosity, and he hurriedly looked towards Hanbritt.

Hanbritt grinned merrily, “Ojwin, I’ll tell you something, Lord Adkins, in his interspatial ring, has a divine Highgod spark!”

“What?!” Ojwin’s heart shook.

A divine Highgod spark?!

Ojwin dreamed about one day acquiring a Highgod spark, but currently, Ojwin only had his divine light clone.

Who knew if that divine Highgod spark was light-style?

Gatenby nodded and said, “He does have a divine Highgod spark, only, we aren’t sure what element it belongs to. But I am certain that it is neither lightning-style nor earth-style.”

“Why are you so certain?” Ojwin hurriedly asked.

Gatenby laughed, “Lord Adkins himself doesn’t need it, of course. You know what the relationship between Lord Adkins and Barnas is like. If Barnas was able to use it, Lord Adkins definitely would give it to Barnas. Barnas originally had two bodies. At Dragonblood Castle, it was his divine earth clone which was destroyed. Right now, his body is a lightning clone. Since Barnas isn’t able to use it, then it definitely isn’t earth element, nor is it lightning element.”

“Right.” Ojwin nodded slightly.

“Can it be that the two of you, my friends, also aren’t able to use that divine Highgod spark?” Ojwin asked.

Hanbritt let out a sneer, “In the heart of his lordship, the three of us are far inferior to Barnas. We’re just his henchmen. How could his lordship be willing to waste a divine Highgod spark on us?”

“Whenever I think of it, I feel uncomfortable. Come, let’s drink.” Gatenby said hurriedly.

“Drink, drink.” Ojwin hurriedly raised his cup, only in his heart, Ojwin began to scheme…

The wild wind howled. A silver-haired elder flew respectfully behind a handsome youth as they flew through the air.

When he was at Mount Copper Gong, Adkins had been all smiles. In front of ‘Bluefire’ Leylin, Adkins had been exceedingly polite, and he had also been very warm and friendly to Linley and Bebe. But now that they had flown out of Mount Copper Gong, Adkins couldn’t help but frown, his heart filled with frustration.

“Lord Bluefire has hidden himself within the Yulan continent as well. Nine out of ten, he is doing it for the treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods as well.”

Adkins’ mind was in a state of chaos when he thought of this.

He truly wanted to acquire the treasures within the Necropolis of the Gods. “Me, compete against Lord Bluefire?”

As soon as he thought of this, Adkins felt a surge of helplessness. He knew very well that in front of Bluefire, he didn’t even have the ability to fight back.

The awesome fame of the King ‘Bluefire’ didn’t just come from public acclaim; it was won by Leylin through repeated slaughters and countless rivers of blood. There was no need to harbor any suspicions about the amount of power which ‘Bluefire’ Leylin possessed!

“Milord? Are you preparing to give up?” Barnas asked through his divine sense.

Adkins took a deep breath, then sent a response back with his own divine sense. “Give up? Impossible!”

Barnas was startled.

Adkins said to himself, “At worst, I die. But if I succeed, I’ll hopefully be able to suppress Bluefire in power. I can’t possibly fight Bluefire head on. For now, I have only a single path forward…” Adkins made up his mind, and his gaze sharpened and firmed.

“We reached the imperial capital.”

Barnas and Adkins immediately charged downwards, flying directly into the imperial palace.

Returning to the imperial palace, the first thing which Adkins did was to summon Ojwin into the palace. Ojwin, who was currently drinking and chatting with Hanbritt and Gatenby, immediately entered the palace upon receiving the order, ignoring everything else.

“Milord.” Ojwin knelt down respectfully on one knee.

Adkins turned and stared at him coldly. “Ojwin, there is something I must warn you about. I know that your son was killed. But remember this…starting forward, forget about getting revenge. No matter what, do not cause any trouble for a single person of Dragonblood Castle!”

Ojwin started.

Forget about revenge?

Although in the past twenty years, Ojwin had calmed down, that didn’t mean he had given up his desire for revenge. The goal of vengeance for the death of his son had been engraved into Ojwin’s heart.

“Hmph!” Adkins let out a cold snort. “What, didn’t you hear me?”

The nearby Barnas said seriously as well, “Ojwin, this has to do with an important affair of his lordship. If because of your small affairs, his lordship’s major affairs are ruined, then…even death wouldn’t expiate your crimes.”

Ojwin immediately prostrated himself and said hurriedly, “Lord Adkins, don’t worry. From today onwards, I, Ojwin, definitely won’t go make trouble for anyone in Dragonblood Castle. This affair of getting revenge, I, Ojwin, will definitely never consider again!” But in his heart, Ojwin was howling with fury, “Revenge? No, even if I die, I won’t give it up. All I will do is temporarily restrain myself. After…after I get that divine Highgod spark…”

Ojwin greatly desired to acquire that Highgod spark!

“You can leave now.” Adkins said calmly.

“Yes.” Ojwin bowed, then left.

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