Book 13, Chapter 34

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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 34, Darkness and Flame

Danny, seeing Sadista snort without saying anything, intentionally asked in a mystified manner, “Uncle, there’s something I don’t understand. You told us that Anras failed in his attempt to kill Linley and died. But how did Anras die? I refuse to believe that Linley was able to kill Anras.”

Sadista started slightly.

Who killed Anras?

Sadista himself wasn’t certain. After all, Sadista couldn’t constantly be checking with his divine sense and watching everything. He had only found out about Anras’ failure when Anras notified him using his Demigod-level divine clone. Sadista didn’t know the details of Anras’ death when he was with Linley.

“Anras had two bodies. The wind-style Demigod body was killed by that Godeater Rat.” Sadista said. He was very certain about this. “As for his divine God clone…”

“Could it be that Linley killed him?” Danny asked.

“Of course not.” Sadista snorted as he spoke. “Although Linley managed to reach the Deity level in the earth-style recently, he is still just a Demigod. Even if his two divine clones joined forces and were able to greatly reduce the binding effect of the Godrealm, you, Danny, should know that Anras was a powerful God!”

Danny nodded. “Even I can’t take Anras’ spiritual attack.”

“Of the six profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of Fire, the profound mysteries involving spiritual attacks are amongst the most powerful.” Sadista said solemnly. “Once Anras utilized his spiritual attack, Linley would definitely die.”

However, no matter how formidable Sadista was, there was no way he could have suspected…

That Linley would actually be in possession of a damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.

“Thus, it should have been those two Gods in that manor who acted.” Sadista, although not certain of the exact circumstances, was certain about this determination. “This is the only explanation for why Linley didn’t die.”


Danny said in a puzzled manner. “Did any of those two Deities in the mountain range die?” As Danny saw it, given Anras’ spiritual attack power, even if those two Gods attacked him in unison, Anras should have been able to take one of them with him in death!

“Not a single one died.” Sadista laughed coldly. “Those two Gods should be very powerful. My divine sense located a manor formed from earth elemental essence within that mountain. Just from looking at the manor, I can tell that this God should have fused two types of profound mysteries together.”

Even after reaching the level of complete mastery in the Profound Mysteries of the Essence of the Earth, it was impossible to create an eternal manor like this one.

“No wonder they were able to kill Anras without either of them dying.” Danny sighed.

But then, Danny had a thought and he said to Sadista, “Uncle, I know that you are in a bad mood. Since that’s the case, why don’t you go kill those two Gods? You’ll be able to get revenge for Anras, but more importantly, you’ll be able to vent your anger.”


Sadista was intrigued.

The repressed anger in his heart did indeed need to be vented.

“But that Linley and Bebe are both there.” Sadista frowned.

“Uncle, what are you worried about? As long as you don’t act against Linley, then you have nothing to worry about! Uncle, since you aren’t acting against Linley, I trust Lord Beirut won’t blame you either. There would be no excuse for him to cause trouble for you.” Danny explained.

“Not act against Linley?” Sadista frowned. Deep in his heart, he truly wanted to kill Linley.

Danny laughed, “Uncle, I also am aware that once Linley returns to the ‘Indigo Prefecture’ in the Infernal Realm, he will most likely become a great threat to our clan. But Uncle, we don’t necessarily have to kill Linley in the Yulan Plane! Once Linley reaches the Infernal Realm, we can make our move then. The Infernal Realm is so vast and enormous, while Linley is completely unfamiliar with that area. Wouldn’t it be extremely simple for us to deal with him then?”

“Ha, haha…” Sadista began to laugh.

Sadista laughed as he looked at Danny. “Danny, I was pushing myself into a corner just now. Right. The Infernal Realm is limitless and vast. Linley won’t find it so easy to make his way to the Indigo Prefecture. We are completely capable of acting against him in the Infernal Realm.” Staring towards the west, Sadista felt a surge of joy.

“Let’s go kill those two Gods!” Sadista deeply detested those two Gods.

“Uncle, when you see Linley, you can even greet him in a warm, friendly manner.” Danny laughed. “After all, you aren’t going to kill him here in the Yulan Plane, so what have you to fear? As for killing him in the Infernal Realm, how could that Beirut know about everything which is happening in the Infernal Realm? Not even a Sovereign could do that!”

Sadista’s smile became even more brilliant.

“Haha, well spoken.” Sadista slapped Danny on the shoulders. “In the Yulan Plane, I can even make friends with Linley. After all, I can wait until we are in the Infernal Realm before making my move!”

“I’ve been suppressing my anger for over a month now.” Sadista stared towards the west. “Hmph. I’m going to go kill those two detestable fellows right now. On the way, I’ll go make friends with Linley.” As he spoke, Sadista immediately flew into the air.

“I’m going to go make friends with Linley and Bebe.” Sadista felt unspeakably amused.

Sadista’s body transformed into emptiness, and his body completely disappeared from the area.

“Supposedly, Uncle has already fused three profound mysteries of the Laws of Darkness. I wonder how long it will be before I reach that stage.” Standing there in the garden, Danny let out a long sigh. It was hard to fuse even two profound mysteries of a Law.

As for fusing three, the difficulty was dozens of times greater.

There were very few Highgods who were at that stage.

The mountain range of Mount Copper Gong. Within the elemental manor.

“Linley, although the aura of your Bloodviolet sword can affect an opponent, there’s no need for you to force yourself to use it for soul attacks.” Leylin explained to Linley. “A truly powerful attack brings forth the profound mysteries of the Laws through the divine artifacts being wielded.”

“You are completely capable of utilizing the Profound Truths of Velocity, the Profound Mysteries of Music, and the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves through your Bloodviolet.” Leylin laughed. “Although these are physical attacks, there isn’t much of a difference between physical attacks and soul attacks. When your sword physically chops down through the opponent’s skull, it will still slam onto their divine spark and kill them, right?”

Linley nodded as though he had gained some insight.

“Remember. Use the profound mysteries that you have learned as the basis for your attacks. That’s all you need to do. There’s no need to be influenced too much by your choice of weapons!” Leylin said. “Look. Although your adamantine heavy sword is just a low-level divine artifact, the power of your ‘Voidwave Sword’ was far greater than that of Bloodviolet’s.”

Linley laughed.

“Leylin…” Just as Linley was about to speak, he saw that Leylin was frowning. “I didn’t expect he would actually come.”

Leylin’s body moved, disappearing from within the Elemental Manner.

“What just happened?” Linley didn’t understand.

Actually, ever since Anras had launched his sneak attack, Leylin had covered the entire Mount Copper Gong area with a spiderweb-like web of ‘Gravitational Space’. ‘Gravitational Space’ was also one of the extremely miraculous profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, and was a very high level one as well.

Within his ‘Gravitational Space’, Leylin could instantly increase the strength of the local gravity by ten thousand times.

But Leylin didn’t do this. All he had done was to cover the entire Mount Copper Gong with his ‘Gravitational Space’, not actually changing the strength of the gravity. Because the boundless earth contained gravity to begin with, although Leylin set up his Gravitational Space, Sadista didn’t notice it when flying over, thinking that the gravity here was just the natural gravity of the earth.

But as soon as Sadista entered the range of Mount Copper Gong, Leylin naturally discovered his presence.

Right now, halfway up the quiet mountainside of Mount Copper Gong, the white-robed man was currently sparring with Bebe. Their two shadows flashed continuously, striking against each other, each time creating a metallic ‘clang’ sound as they did.

The bald man, Burgess, watched and laughed from the side. “Second Brother, you are a full God, and yet you actually have spent this much time without being able to defeat Bebe. You really are making yourself look bad, you know.”

“I’m only using a single profound mystery, ‘Lightspeed’. If I were to use two profound mysteries, I would have won long ago. In addition, that dagger of Bebe’s really is quite bizarre. Not even my body dares to take it head on.” The white-robed man cried out in protest at Burgess’ words during the sparring match, but Bebe was indeed very powerful.

Especially that dagger-shaped weapon of his.

“You are a full God. Stop looking for excuses.” Burgess laughed loudly.

“Bang!” Bebe was sent flying.

“Again,” Bebe said, gritting his teeth and saying in an insubordinate manner. But then, Bebe’s face suddenly changed slightly, and the smiles on the faces of Burgess and his friend changed as well.

Quite bizarrely, the sunlight here at the halfway point up the mountain had suddenly disappeared. Other areas still had sunlight, but in the area Bebe was in, the entire area was cast into a bizarre darkness.

A violet form suddenly appeared from within the darkness. It was Sadista.

“Who are you?” Burgess barked.

Sadista’s gaze rested on Bebe’s body. Smiling, he said, “Oh, it’s Bebe. Bebe, I have a bit of a relationship with your Grandpa Beirut, but I have a bit of a grudge against these two. You can stand off to one side for now.” Sadista’s attitude was quite pleasant.

Bebe couldn’t help but be stunned. “Who is this guy?” Bebe didn’t know Sadista at all.

Sadista turned to stare at Burgess and his friend. Laughing coldly, he said, “The two of you, prepare to die.” As he spoke, Sadista raised up a single hand….

“You want to kill my brothers? You really are quite bold.” A clear, cold voice rang out, and Leylin, dressed in a dark red robe, walked out, a hint of anger evident in his eyes, beneath those crimson eyebrows.

Seeing this person, Sadista couldn’t help but feel greatly shocked. “How could there be someone else here?” Based on what his divine sense had told him, Mount Copper Gong only had four people present; Linley, Bebe, and these two Gods. This person in front of him shouldn’t be here.

Leylin looked coldly at Sadista.

“Step back for now.” Leylin said calmly.

Bebe and the other two immediately flew to one side. At this time, Linley flew over here from afar as well, staring in surprise at the scene. He only was able to see Leylin and Sadista. Every other place was a sea of dark nothingness.

“Who is this person?” Linley asked, puzzled.

“No idea.” Burgess said. “Only, he wants to kill us. He also said that he has a bit of a relationship with Lord Beirut.”

Linley looked towards Bebe, who shook his head. “I don’t recognize this person.”

From halfway up the mountain came Leylin’s angry laugh. “Haha, you want to leave after just saying, ‘perhaps this was a case of mistaken identity’? How laughable. If I hadn’t arrived just now, wouldn’t my brothers have been killed by you? Nobody who wants to kill my brothers has ever survived!”

Sadista’s angry voice rang out as well. “I gave you face, but you are still so arrogant. Haha…fine. Since that’s the case, then today, I’m not only going to kill your brothers, I’m going to kill you as well. Let’s see what you are going to do about that!”

“Boom!” With Sadista at the center, the nearby space began to distort, with the distortions expanding in each direction. The entire nearby mountain peak actually was transformed into fine powder, with the surrounding trees, grass, and even the sunlight being devoured by the distorted space surrounding Sadista. Because the light was being devoured, this distorted space appeared to be completely black.

The space was rapidly expanding.

Sadista stood there at the center of this distorted space.

Linley felt astonished. “What power is this?” Burgess and the white-robed man were similarly astonished.

“You are asking to be killed.” Sadista stared coldly at Leylin.

Leylin let out a cold chuckle. “I didn’t expect you to have some skill after all.”

“Hrmph!” Sadista let out a cold snort. That ‘black distorted space’ that was already hundreds of meters wide suddenly condensed at high speed, transforming into an enormous black wolf that was seven or eight meters tall which completely surrounded Sadista’s body.

“Groooooooowl.” Sadista’s body suddenly disappeared, merging into one with that black wolf.

The black wolf, bellowing, instantly reached Leylin. It opened its maw wide, as though wanting to devour Leylin within it. In the space in front of this bloody maw, space was constantly collapsing then reforming.

“Crackle…” Suddenly, a terrifying heat arose out of nowhere. Leylin disintegrated, transforming into a ray of flaming light. This ray of flaming light ‘swished’ straight through the body of the black wolf, and then once more reformed into a human shape with Leylin’s appearance.

As for the black wolf, its entire body began to shake with ripples…


The wolf’s body broke apart, transforming into two bodies. Sadista’s two bodies both fell down from mid-air.

“Darkness and wind. What am I supposed to do with these two Highgod sparks?” Leylin glanced at the two Highgod sparks in his hands. In but an instant, Leylin had destroyed both of Sadista’s divine clones. Their power simply wasn’t even close to being on the same level.

Linley and Bebe both stared in astonishment, slack-jawed.

“That guy…died?” Linley could hardly believe it. That powerful Highgod had instantly been destroyed?

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