Book 13, Chapter 33

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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 33, An Implacable Rage

“Digest a divine spark?” The bald man and the white-robed man, two full Gods, descended from the air. The bald man, Burgess, stared with eyes as round as an ox’s towards Bebe. “Divine sparks are known to be indestructibly tough, and are ten thousand times tougher than even divine artifacts!”

In the Gebados Planar Prison, when experts engaged in battle, no matter what level the battle was at, divine sparks were never destroyed. In terms of toughness, most likely even Linley’s Bloodviolet couldn’t compare to a divine spark.

“In theory, divine sparks should be utterly indestructible.” The white-robed man nodded as well.

“Yeah, divine sparks really are tough. Even though my teeth are really sharp, I’m still not able to chew through and grind them up.” Bebe rubbed his nose in resignation.

“You want to grind them up?” Even Linley, upon hearing these words, wanted to curse at Bebe. However, Bebe’s gaze held a hint of slyness within them, causing Linley to not know whether to laugh or to cry. “Bebe, you little rascal, you are growing more and more sly. I wonder where you are learning this from.”

Bebe intentionally let out a long sigh. “I’m not able to chew and grind them up with my teeth, so, all I can do is just swallow them into my tummy and digest them.”

“Digest it.” Burgess and the other two all felt this was too inconceivable.

“Why not? I’m a divine beast, you know.” Bebe intentionally raised his head high. “In the countless planes of the universe, I’m only the second Godeater Rat to ever exist. There’s quite a few ‘Ba-Serpents’ and ‘Heaven Devouring Beasts’ in the other countless planes of the universe, you know. They aren’t nearly as rare and precious as we Godeater Rats.”

Linley laughed in his heart, “Bebe most likely heard from Lord Beirut that other planes have ‘Ba-Serpents’ and ‘Heaven Devouring Beasts’.”

The Suanni Lion [Heaven Devouring Beast] and the Ba-Serpent, these two types of divine beasts, were the only ones of their kind in the Yulan Plane.

But there were far too many material planes. Dylin and Tarosse, however, had never gone to other planes. Naturally, they didn’t know anything about how many divine beasts the other planes possessed.

“Linley, Bebe, let’s go. Go to our place for a while. Third Brother is waiting for you.” The white-robed man smiled.

“Mr. Leylin?”

Since that mysterious Mr. Leylin had invited him, Linley and Bebe wouldn’t decline, of course. They immediately followed Burgess and the white-robed man and flew back to the earth elemental manor.

In the gorge where Linley had been training.

That rock in the corner of the gorge suddenly disappeared, transforming into Leylin, dressed in a dark red robe. Leylin looked towards the east, his eyes seeming to pierce through the walls of reality, a smile at the corner of his lips. “Hmph. It seems that Highgod hasn’t gone crazy yet. He didn’t immediately come to get revenge.”

“But Linley’s rate of improvement has still exceeded my expectations.” Leylin let out a praising sigh. “That violet longsword of his should be a Highgod artifact. The baleful aura it contains is so strong. Who knows how many experts have died beneath that sword.”

“However, it’s still best to not be overconfident.”

Leylin frowned. “If that Highgod were to suddenly attack…the difference between Linley and a Highgod is simply too great. Even if I wanted to rescue him, I wouldn’t have the time to. It’s best to make preparations early!”

Leylin was capable of easily detecting Anras’ arrival to Mount Copper Gong.

But if it was Sadista, especially if Sadista hid his aura, unless Leylin were to actively utilize his divine sense to search, or to search using some other abilities, he wouldn’t be able to quickly detect Sadista’s presence.

“It seems we need to be careful for a while.” Leylin chuckled, and then, as the earth elemental essence around him shuddered slightly, Leylin disappeared into thin air.

As Linley and the others flew towards this manor which was completely formed from earth elemental essence, Leylin had already arrived within it.

By the time Linley and the others landed in the manor, they saw Leylin seated while leisurely sipping wine.

“Third Brother, Linley and Bebe have come. What do you need them for?” The bald man, Burgess, said loudly.

Leylin put down his cup of wine, smiling as he looked at Linley and Bebe. “The two of you, sit.”

Linley’s heart was filled with questions. “What does Leylin want with us?”

“In the upcoming period of time, it’s best for you to live within this manor. If you need to train, Linley, then you can train within the courtyard.” Leylin bluntly proclaimed his intentions.

Linley and Bebe couldn’t help but feel somewhat astonished.

“Mr. Leylin, live at your place?” Linley was somewhat puzzled.

Leylin laughed loudly. “What? Can it be that there’s something wrong with my place? Or is it that you are afraid that you will damage my residence? Don’t worry. The walls of my residence aren’t that flimsy. Even if you cause some damage to it, I can easily repair it.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Linley hurriedly said. “But since you have asked us to stay, Mr. Leylin, then Bebe and I will bother you with our presence for a time.”

Towards this Lord of Mount Copper Gong, Leylin, Linley and Bebe both felt some reverence. First of all, the person was powerful. Second of all, he truly had treated the two of them quite well.

After all, based on what that Sati said, normally, whenever Leylin gave someone advice, they wouldn’t give that person advice a second time within ten years.

“Linley, I watched quite clearly as you did battle with that God just now. For you to be able to develop a spiritual attack with the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ in such a short period of time truly is quite impressive.” Leylin said in praise.

“Actually, I haven’t fully mastered this attack yet.” Linley felt he was very lucky as well. “At that dangerous moment, I was out of options, and thus I simultaneously used Bloodviolet and the adamantine heavy sword. Luckily for me, the attack of my adamantine heavy sword succeeded. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to kill that God.”

Leylin nodded, and then said seriously, “Linley, there is something I must warn you about.”

“Mr. Leylin, pray tell.” Linley immediately focused.

Leylin nodded. “Linley, to be honest, when you use Bloodviolet in a spiritual attack, the power is too low. All you are doing is applying spiritual energy in a simple manner, passing it through Bloodviolet and using it to attack the opponent’s soul. The only good aspect to this attack is that you included the Profound Mysteries of Music into it.”

“I urge you, at a critical moment when dealing with a powerful foe, don’t use this sort of attack. In terms of spiritual attack power, this attack is far inferior to you using that attack of the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’. The difference is too great.”

“The strength is rather low.” Linley knew this very well.

The Hymn of the Wind, although a spiritual attack, was in truth not connected to any deep understanding of any Laws. It just filled Bloodviolet with spiritual energy and utilized Bloodviolet to release that attack.

That was it.

When the ‘Hymn of the Wind’ technique struck the ‘Soul Destroyer’ technique, the illusory Bloodviolet shadows created by the ‘Hymn of the Wind’ were instantly eradicated. Its strength was far inferior.

When Linley had developed the Throbbing Pulse of the World – Voidwave Sword, he discovered that a spiritual attack which contained profound mysteries within it could reach an astonishingly terrifying height.

It can be said that the ‘Hymn of the Wind’ was nothing but a ‘hammer’ created from spiritual energy that pierced through the opponent’s soul.

However, the Throbbing Pulse of the World – Voidwave Sword caused his spiritual energy to pass through the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ principles and instantly release millions of surges of spiritual ripples. The countless spiritual ripples miraculously then formed in an organized manner into a comprehensive whole, that illusory sword shadow! The illusory sword shadow, upon striking the soul, would release those countless surges of sword ripples. Reinforcing each other, the power of those countless sword ripples would suddenly layer atop each other, reaching an extreme!

It was much like ordinary white paper. Even you folded it up into a stick, if you used a lot of force, you would still break it. However, if you were to chop the paper into hundreds of strips, and then braid those strips into a cohesive whole, then its endurance would be a hundred times greater and would be able to sustain a weight of even hundreds of kilograms.

The effectiveness of the ‘braiding’ of the Profound Mysteries of the Throbbing Pulse of the World was hundreds of times greater than simple braiding.

“The Hymn of the Wind spiritual attack is a rather low level one. Only after fusing with the profound mysteries of the Laws will one’s attack power increase.” Linley understood this.

Leylin laughed, “If you had used your adamantine heavy sword to strike that God’s spear, then your spiritual attacks would most likely have cancelled out! His spiritual attack’s power is on par with yours.”

Leylin, given his experience and judgement, was easily able to make this determination.

“Oh?” Linley thought back to that faint red spear shadow as well. That spear shadow was indeed quite powerful. “If I didn’t have that damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, I most likely wouldn’t have been able to take a soul attack on that level.”

“Linley, there’s something I’m mystified about.”

Leylin frowned as he looked at Linley. “That dying blow spiritual attack the God released…the soul of even most Gods wouldn’t have been able to take it, much less yours. How is it that you seem to be completely unaffected?”

This question had stumped Leylin for quite a while.

“This…” Linley didn’t know what to say.

Could it be that he would tell Leylin that he had a damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact? A Sovereign artifact, even a damaged one, was more than enough to cause a Highgod to become red-eyed with desire.

“Haha, I’m being rude.” Leylin laughed loudly. “I shouldn’t ask a question like this. Linley, just live nearby for now. If you have any training questions, you can ask me.”

“Alright.” Linley nodded.

“You need to master the spiritual attack aspects of the Throbbing Pulse of the World as soon as possible,” Leylin laughed.

Linley and Bebe thus began living within the manor and quietly training within. Occasionally, when puzzled, Leylin would use some examples to help explain to Linley. Sometimes, Linley would suddenly understand. If he didn’t understand, then Leylin would have Linley to slowly think about it on his own.

All Leylin could do with regards to training was occasionally give some guidance.

Linley’s training days were very happy and peaceful, but in the Rohault Empire, that Highgod, Sadista, had been in a terrible mood in recent days.

Within the courtyard, Sadista was currently dining with his two Gods. Only, Sadista’s face was very gloomy, and the two Gods didn’t dare to make any sound.


Sadista slammed the crystal wineglass onto the table, then rose and walked out of the living room. Because Sadista had used a little too much force, the crystal wineglass actually shattered.

The two Gods glanced at each other.

“Danny [Dan’ni], ever since Anras died, during this past month, Lord Sadista has been in a terrible mood. How should we resolve this?” The middle-aged man with short silver hair said.

They were frustrated as well.

If Sadista was always in such a gloomy, dark mood, their lives wouldn’t be comfortable either. They would be in the Yulan Plane for nearly a thousand years, after all. If they had to spend a thousand years in nervousness, that would indeed be quite miserable.

“Right. This has to be resolved. I’ll go discuss this matter with Uncle.” That youngster, Danny, said. Danny was Sadista’s nephew. Thus, it fell upon him to deal with this.

Sadista was wearing a noble, lavish violet robe. Standing in the beautiful flower gardens, he was in a very bad mood, despite how beautiful the flowers were.

“This Linley is a mere Demigod. In order to kill him, Anras died! And right now, I still can’t go act against him!” Sadista’s heart was filled with repressed anger.

He was indeed capable of killing Linley, and perhaps Beirut wouldn’t find out.

But if Beirut did find out, then he, Sadista, wouldn’t be able to enter the Necropolis of the Gods.

“The Necropolis of the Gods matters more!” Sadista kept on reminding himself. For the sake of the Necropolis of the Gods, he had to choose to remain in hiding and not go deal with Linley. But he still felt angry and resentful. After all, Linley was only a Demigod. How could Sadista not vent this anger in his heart?

Smoldering rage!

“Uncle.” A sound rang out.

Sadista glanced over. Calmly, he said, “Oh, Danny. What is it?”

“Uncle, in the past month, I’ve seen that you are always in a bad mood. Anras is dead and gone. In addition, he was only a God. There’s no need to care so much about it.” Danny said.

Sadista snorted but didn’t say anything.

He didn’t care about a God. What made him miserable was that he had suffered a setback, but could only endure instead of venting his anger. If he had been angered by an expert, that was one thing. But in this case, he had been angered by a Demigod.

How could he calm down?

He wanted to go kill him, but what if Beirut found out? What then?

Smoldering, suppressed rage!

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          so far all the enemies we see are of the powerful caste, they survived so long in Gebados after all, but there are countless planes, and it is infinitely easier for people to fuse with a spark then make their own.

          all the strong people we see so far tend to not have a main body, thus can’t layer, and are also clearly stronger and would have no need to layer it. in 1v1, a gods god realm will pretty much spell certain death for demigods.

          plus deity fights when ignoring godrealm is usually a contest of applied insights which heavily favours the god ver demigod also.

          the prerequisite for layering fields would be to still possess a main body which I assume a lot of the weaker people in gebados no longer have.

          didn’t Adkins take over the O’Brien empire with a force of like 100 deities or so? yet we only know of the top4 (then5 with ojwin) members. so we have a very skewed worldview and must be careful to still consider what we haven’t seen.

          1. O GOD you said Adkins, stupid me! Geeeez. Yeah, he has many many many Dieties. Guuuuh, lag. Lag! I blame lag! Brain lag! xD

          2. Lately Ren posts chapters at later times at weekends -.- I F5 but i think that we will get it only in 2-3 hours ~~ Unless something strange will happen 😛

    2. 1)overconfident.
      3)most of the time they chose weaker opponent to bully instead of the own ‘size’
      4)plain stupid
      5)undefined reason (iet forgot)
      6)all of the above

      1. Or other simple reason. You can only layer god-realms if all of sparks are your own, created from your insights -,^ How come noone thought about it yet? 😛

        1. but godrealm doesn’t care about insights, it’s kinda just there for each rank. it makes a good amount of sense if we think the person needs to channel it through a main body because each divine clones power stop them from using another at the same time, with the main body being able to use any power at its disposal.

          if it were just spark creation based how would the restriction/allowance work to decide whether you can layer or not?

          1. My main point is that spark is ceated for this one specific soul, insights are just means of achieving it, not main focus point.

            How could it work? In the simpliest way, maybe? 😉

            You can’t be affected by multiple Godrealms unless they come from One Person’s own insights. (sparks created as result of this person’s insights)

            You can’t ultize 2 Godrealms from one body unless you have your own divine sparks from your insights (sparks created as result of this person’s insights)

            If multiple Godrealms are used on one person, and none of Divine Sparks creating them come from one person’s insights, then only the strongest one affects target, when others are only being in it’s way, actually lowering it’s power because of incompatibility. Trying to create ‘combo’ with no proper Sparks would result in failure. That’s probably why 10 Demigods can’t really gang up on God to freeze him by their Godrealms and kill him. 😉

          2. I think you can’t use this trick for offense, only for neutralizing the influence of the opponent’s godrealm on your body to some extent. Anras couldn’t have used his demigod spark to further restrain Linley because a demigod spark can’t influence Linley at all. If he had two god sparks, then that would be another story. Ojwin was trying to interfere as little as possible back then. I don’t think we have another good example, do we? godrealm only restrains those with lower ranks than the user.

          3. And why would that be? If you can use such a technique for defense, you should totally be able to use it for offense, too. Duh, we can only wait for IET to tell us 🙂 Until then i will stick to my theory ^.^

          4. my thoughts were mixed there. basically, the question of restraining power is only valid if it is a higher ranked vs a lower ranked god, and we have only a couple examples of that. more to the point, a higher ranked spark vs a lower ranked spark. I assume foreign spark vs personal spark is unimportant for godrealm.

          5. We were told that O’Berien and Catherine were using their godrealms when fighting 5000 years ago. Yet so far none of same-level combatants used it in fights.

            Maybe because it’s truly ineffective vs people of same rank.

            But then, both higher level sparks and “working tohether sparks” should be usable to restrain in the same way.

          6. Hm, I can’t recall the thing about War God and High Priest. Anyway, I don’t think 3 demigod sparks with 3 godrealms layered on top of each other could influence a single full god spark, but those three could defend well enough against one full god spark.

    3. Pretty sure using a godrealm requires divine power, so most would probably not want to use it unnecessarily since divine power requires time (and I think faith?) to recover.

      1. I can’t remember if it needs divine power or not, but yes they recover their divine power extremely slowly. which is why it is dangerous for deities to take too much physical damage in a short time span even if destroying their body is not enough to kill them.

        but the main reason is because godrealms only work on the lower ranks, 2 gods are able to shrug off each others godrealms as if it weren’t there. usually, deities don’t care about those beneath them as the power gap is quite normally insurmountable.

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    Facing some issue while only accessing the wuxia world though mobile , i get directed some site called always.

    I have got my mobile scanned several times .
    so you have any idea what the issue seems to be ?

  12. Title on next chapter: “Darkness and Flame”

    So Linley kills Darkness style God and in few chapters gives spark to Cesar? 😀 Told ya, sparks for everyone! xD

  13. Even you folded it up into a stick, if you used a lot of force, you would still break it.

    Even if you folded it up into a stick, if you used a lot of force, you would still break it.

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