Book 13, Chapter 28

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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 28, Mount Copper Gong

Within that restaurant in Hess City, everyone was in a state of shock.

The mighty Lord ‘Reger’, in front of that youngster with the straw hat, had seemed like an infant, unable to resist at all. He had been killed directly. And, from the looks of it, the youngster with the straw hat listened to the orders of the seated young man. That meant the seated young man’s power was even greater!

“They?” Belita drew near to her father, staring at Linley and Bebe in astonishment.

Linley was frowning.

“Milord, you called?” The silver-haired man was in a completely nervous state right now.

He understood that if Linley and Bebe wanted to kill him, he would definitely die.

“My Boss told you to get over here.” Bebe stared at him while barking. The silver-haired man’s body trembled slightly, and then he immediately walked over to the table, respectfully awaiting Linley’s words.

“My name is Sati [Sa’di]!” The silver-haired man honestly offered his name.

“You come from the Gebados Planar Prison?” Linley said calmly. While asking, Linley utilized his Godrealm, causing the ordinary people in the restaurant to be unable to hear their words.

“Yes, milord.” Sati was quite obedient.

After all, Reger’s body lay there on the ground. Sati understood that if either of these two fiends in front of him were unhappy, they could kill him at any moment. Right now, all he could do was to meekly accede to whatever they wanted and make them satisfied. Only in such a way would he be able to preserve his life.

Linley’s eyes grew sharp. He stared at Sati, growling, “I ask you, who is this Lord of Mount Copper Gong?”

The Lord of Mount Copper Gong!

This was someone who made Linley feel concern. Just then, before dying, Reger had said that his teacher was the Lord of Mount Copper Gong. Someone capable of being the teacher of a Prime Saint should be an extraordinary figure. Since they killed Reger, Linley had to get a clear understanding of who this Lord of Mount Copper Gong was.

“Teacher?” Sati was slightly astonished.

Linley nodded slightly.

“We don’t know Teacher’s name either. Because he lives at Mount Copper Gong, we all call him as the Lord of Mount Copper Gong.” When mentioning the ‘Lord of Mount Copper Gong’, his eyes were filled with worship. “Teacher is the most powerful expert we have ever seen.”

“Oh?” Linley’s eyes narrowed into slits.

Sati continued, “Although only twenty years have passed since we fled from the Gebados Planar Prison back to the Yulan continent, in this period of time, two of the Prime Saints whom Teacher instructed were able to break through and become Deities on their own.” Sati’s eyes were filled with respect. “Someone who can help us break through our bottlenecks…how can we not venerate a mighty expert such as him?”


No matter how calm he was, Linley’s face couldn’t help but change.

Even the nearby Bebe couldn’t believe it. “Did you just say that those two people who recently became Deities did so due to having received instruction from your Teacher?”

Bottlenecks, being bottlenecks, were hard to break through.

Even someone as powerful as Lord Beirut, knowing that Desri and the others were at a bottleneck, only told them to have more faith in themselves. He didn’t say anything else…someone capable of instructing a Prime Saint in how to break through a bottleneck was definitely an expert who had a terrifying mastery of the Laws.

“What level expert is this Lord of Mount Copper Gong?” Linley immediately asked.

“I don’t know.” Sati shook his head. “However, Teacher’s two brothers should be Gods.”

Linley and Bebe exchanged glances.

His brothers were Gods? Then the Lord of Mount Copper Gong should at least be a God as well.

“I’ve created trouble.” Bebe hung his head as he looked at Linley.

He had killed the disciple of such a powerful expert. No matter how brash Bebe could be, he understood the magnitude of the trouble he had caused.

Linley laughed consolingly. “Bebe, it seems our journey will have to be cut short.” After having offended such a powerful foe, they had to hurry back to Dragonblood Castle.

“Right.” Bebe nodded.

“Milord, no need to worry.” Hearing Linley and Bebe’s words, Sati understood what Bebe was thinking. He hurriedly said, “Milords, please don’t worry. You killed Reger, but nobody will come make trouble for you.”

Linley and Bebe were somewhat startled.

“Oh?” Linley looked at him, waiting for him to explain.

Bebe also said, “Sati, can it be that your Teacher won’t show his face for his disciples?”

Sati hurriedly said, “Milords, what sort of status does the Lord of Mount Copper Gong have? Reger and I are only Prime Saints. How can we become his disciples?”

“But you refer to him as Teacher?” Bebe was puzzled.

Sati laughed self-mockingly, “Milords, although we refer to the Lord of Mount Copper Gong as ‘Teacher’, that’s just how we address him. The Lord of Copper Mountain has never acknowledged us as his disciples.”

Linley frowned. “Explain in detail.”

Sati explained, “Milords, we all fled from the Planar Prison. And then, we came to live here. Only, afterwards, we heard that an ultimate expert lived in Mount Copper Gong who would occasionally give guidance to those trainees who came to him for advice. There are many experts who go pay their respects to the Lord of Mount Copper Gong. Reger and I are just two of the many. Only, because we received some tutelage from the Lord of Mount Copper Gong, we respectfully address him as Teacher. Only, the Lord of Mount Copper Gong himself has never acknowledged us as his disciples.”

“If we truly had a Teacher such as him, in the Planar Prison, we wouldn’t have been in such bad straits.”

Linley and Bebe instantly understood.

“You really are shameless.” Bebe snickered.

Sati laughed awkwardly.

“This Lord of Mount Copper Gong really is a miraculous figure.” Linley sighed in praise. An expert like this would actually give tutelage to those who came to him for instruction. At the very least, he wasn’t the selfish, self-centered type.

“Just now, you said that those two who had become Deities on their own recently did so thanks to the tutelage of the Lord of Mount Copper Gong?” Linley still felt that this was unbelievable.

“Right.” Sati sighed. “This is absolutely certain. One of them is someone I know.”

“How can we possibly not pay a visit to a miracle worker like this? Bebe, what do you think?” Linley looked at Bebe, who nodded in agreement. At the same time he turned to look at Sati. “Hey, where is Mount Copper Gong?”

“Mount Copper Gong is in the southern regions of the Holy Union. It is an area which has been taken over by many magical beasts. Teacher lives within a large mountain there.” Sati explained. “The distance from here is roughly two thousand kilometers. Milords, if you want to go, I can guide you there. It isn’t just Prime Saints who beg Teacher for guidance. There are Deities as well.”

Linley felt all the more amazed in his heart.

This Lord of Mount Copper Gong definitely was an extraordinary figure. Linley all the more wanted to see him now.

“Only, if milords go, milords need to be mentally prepared. Teacher only provides guidance if he feels like it.” Sati explained. “On our trip to Mount Copper Gong, we might have to wait a long time before being lucky enough to see Teacher.”

“If we can meet him, we shall. If we can’t, then it’ll just be an excursion.” Linley laughed calmly.

“Let’s go. Let’s go now.” Bebe was somewhat impatient.

Sati said meekly, “It is my honor to be able to lead the way for you two, milords.” Immediately, Sati led the way out of the restaurant, while Linley and Bebe followed. Linley released the Godrealm which had prevented others in the restaurant from hearing their conversation.

“The two of you…” Belita hurriedly chased afterwards, wanting to express things, but she was blocked by Linley’s Godrealm.


Three shadows blurred through the air, quickly disappearing into the southern horizons.

“Who were those three experts? Even a Prime Saint like Lord Reger was killed in one blow.” Only now did the people in the restaurant dare to speak, while at the same time, they raised their head, staring skywards in a vain attempt to catch a vestigial glimpse of Linley and the others.”

“That youngster was too powerful. He was able to seize a Saint’s blade with his two fingers.”

“I think that young man was even more powerful…”

Everyone in the bar began to excitedly chat, while Belita stared towards the horizon, towards where Linley’s group had vanished. She, Belita, could do nothing but remember this kindness in her heart.

Mount Copper Gong was actually not too far away from Linley’s hometown of Wushan Township. It was also considered within the domain of the magical beasts.

Only, with the experts present in this location, the magical beasts did not dare to draw near.

“This is Mount Copper Gong!” In mid-air, his robes fluttering in the wind, Sati pointed down towards a mountain.

Next to him was Linley and Bebe.

“It seems there isn’t that many people present?” Linley was rather surprised. Logically speaking, based on what he understood, if many experts came to pay visits to the Lord of Mount Copper Gong, there should be many people here. However, Linley, staring down into the manor, didn’t see many people at all.

Sati explained, “Teacher’s two brothers have informed us that after receiving tutelage from Teacher, we cannot come disturb Teacher again for the next ten years.”

“Oh.” Linley understood.

After all, there were only so many experts in the Yulan continent. Not too many knew of the existence of the Lord of Mount Copper Gong. Given they weren’t to disturb him again for ten years after being given tutelage, no wonder there weren’t many people here.

“Let’s head down.” Linley was the first to fly down.

The residence of the Lord of Mount Copper Gong was a secluded, quiet manor. Linley and the others, upon arriving in front of the manor, couldn’t help but sigh in amazement.

“This residence…” Linley sensed that this residence emanated a powerful earth elemental essence aura.

Sati revealed a hint of worship in his eyes as well. “This residence was created from earth elemental essence, formed into a solid hole. If you look at the walls, you won’t see a single crack or seam. To be able to easily control earth elemental essence to create such a manor is truly incredible.”

“You don’t understand.” Linley’s face was very solemn.

“Oh?” Sati stared towards Linley in astonishment.

Linley stared solemnly at the residence in front of him. Sati was only a Prime Saint, and he didn’t train in the Laws of the Earth. Naturally, he didn’t understand how truly incredible this residence formed from earth elemental essence was. Linley, however, did.

“Be it the Sacred Earthguard Armor or the forbidden-level spell which uses earth elemental essence to create the ‘World Protector’, there is a limit to how long the creations will last for.” Linley could hardly believe it.

He believed that since someone had created this manor, they couldn’t possibly go to the trouble of recreating it every hour.

“In addition, the color of the material the earth elemental essence has formed into…” Linley stared at the ancient-looking, plain black material of the residence. “It is the color of adamantine!” Linley knew that upon reaching the Deity-level, once a person used the Sacred Earthguard Armor, it would be at the ‘adamantine’ level.

An adamantine-level Sacred Earthguard Armor couldn’t be maintained for too long.

And yet, this person used it to create an entire manor?

“Someone came again?” The gate to the manor creaked open, and a bald, muscular man glanced outwards.

That Sati immediately bowed respectfully. “I pay my respects to Lord Burgess [Bo’ji’se].”

“You again?” The bald man frowned. “Oh, that’s right. Last time was ten years ago.” After finishing, the bald man looked at Linley and Bebe, his eyes carrying a hint of curiosity as he weighed Linley and Bebe for a long while.

Linley and Bebe both bowed modestly as well.

“My third brother is inviting you two in. As for you, go rest somewhere else.” The bald man said.

“Congratulations to the two of you.” Sati wasn’t angry at all. Instead, he congratulated Linley and Bebe.

Not just anyone who came to visit the Lord of Mount Copper Gong would be received. Sati immediately bowed, then left by himself.

“Mr. Burgess?” Linley spoke.

“I really don’t know what’s going on, but my third brother wishes to meet you two. Your luck is excellent.” The bald man pursed his lips while bringing Linley and Bebe into the manor. “Listen up. When you see my third brother, you need to be a bit more respectful.”

Linley and Bebe exchanged a glance, then laughed as they glanced around at their surroundings.

This manor, completely formed from earth elemental essence, gave a very comfortable to live in aura. In addition, in the inner courtyard of this manor, there were two seemingly mild-mannered middle-aged men engaging in chatter and laughter.

“I wonder which one of the two is the Lord of Mount Copper Gong?” Linley’s gaze rested upon these two people.

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