Book 13, Chapter 22

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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 22, Intimidation

As Barnas and the others retreated, the clouds parted and the sun once more shone down on Dragonblood Castle.

The group of people in Dragonblood Castle all stared disbelievingly at these two youths. Just then, that Barnas who had held down Tarosse and wanted to kill everyone, instead instantly had one of his clones destroyed by those two youths. What was most astonishing was…

The two youths in front of them were the two Violet-Gold Rat Kings!

“Hart, Harvey?” Linley said rather hesitatingly.

“Haha..” Loud laughter could be heard. It came from the nearby Tarosse, who laughed while walking over. “I’ve never understood how the three sons of someone as almighty as Lord Beirut, who were no younger than me and have lived for millions of years, could be at the Saint level the entire time. I’ve always suspected that you three brothers were hiding your true power. Now it seems that is indeed the case!

Hart and Harvey, the two brothers, both chuckled.

Linley, upon hearing this, instantly understood. In the past, he didn’t know how long Hart and Harvey had been alive for.

Now, from the sound of it, they had actually been living for millions of years. With such a long life, and with their father being Beirut, a Highgod and a Sovereign’s Emissary…if Harry, Hart, and Harvey truly had remained at the Saint level, that would indeed be bizarre.

“I truly feel envious.” Dylin sighed. “Hart, the two divine clones of you two brothers are both in possession of Highgod artifacts.”

“Yep.” The violet-robed Hart nodded.

“Our Lord Father gifted these two to us when we brothers originally became Deities.” A gold-robed Harvey said.

Tarosse, Dylin, the War God, High Priest, Cesar, and the others all sighed and thought the same thing; there was just no way to compare with them!

To them, getting a Highgod artifact was like a dream.

But Hart and Harvey not only had Highgod artifacts, they had Highgod artifacts for each of their two clones.

“Custodial theft!” Linley suddenly thought of this phrase.

As Linley saw it, Lord Beirut definitely had used his authority to procure Highgod artifacts for his children. It made sense; Lord Beirut was the manager of the Necropolis of the Gods. It wouldn’t be too hard to procure a few Highgod artifacts on behalf of his children.

“No wonder my Bloodviolet was used to help set up that magic sealing formation.” Linley understood now.

To Lord Beirut, a Highgod artifact was no big deal.

No wonder, on the day of his wedding, Beirut had gifted them with a divine spark.

Delia laughed, “Everyone, don’t just stand there like a fool. Since Hart and Harvey have joined forces, they’ve already intimidate the enemy and scared them off. As I see it, from today onwards, Dragonblood Castle will be able to enjoy a peaceful period. This is a wonderful affair. We need to have a good celebration!”

Housekeeper Hiri chortled, “I’ll immediately give the orders for a feast to be prepared!”

Everyone in Dragonblood Castle was in an excellent mood. Everyone understood that for the sake of protecting Bebe, Lord Beirut definitely wouldn’t let anything threaten Dragonblood Castle. This time, just through Hart and Harvey making their moves…

The opponent’s forces had been intimidated!

There was no question about this at all.

Barnas’ side had heroically come, broadcasting their aura everywhere as they attacked Dragonblood Castle, attracting many experts along the way. Those experts even used their divine sense to summon their friends, so that when the battle occurred, there were many Deities and Saints hidden far away from Dragonblood Castle, watching the battle.

Naturally, these experts clearly saw what happened during this battle.

The manner in which Hanbritt’s attack had caused the world itself to change colors caused the many experts to exhale in shock.

Tarosse’s easy blocking of Hanbritt’s attack also made them secretly say to themselves that this God’s power truly was formidable.

In particular, when Barnas attacked, all of the experts were shocked. Even the two Gods who had hidden themselves nearby were utterly amazed. Their hearts were shaken by the power of the Highgod artifact in Barnas’ hands. Only…who would have imagined that Hart and Harvey suddenly would attack?

All of the experts present had been flabbergasted!

In the blink of an eye, Barnas’ side had been badly wounded, while Barnas lost one of his divine clones!

Hart and Harvey’s power caused everyone present to be astonished.

In particular, those words that they uttered; “Dragonblood Castle is a place under Lord Beirut’s protection. Go tell Adkins that he had best not permit people to come here in the future. Otherwise, next time, it won’t be as simple a punishment as destroying one of your clones.”

At that time, the violet-robed youth, Hart, had intentionally spread his voice to an exceedingly great distance.

Those experts instantly understood that Dragonblood Castle was now under Lord Beirut’s protection, and Lord Beirut clearly didn’t even care about someone as powerful as the Highgod, Adkins. How then would those ordinary Demigods and Gods possibly dare to antagonize Dragonblood Castle?

These experts all spread this news widely.

Many of the experts hidden within the Yulan continent quickly learned that Dragonblood Castle not only had many Gods protecting it, it was also under guardianship of Lord Beirut. Without question…no one below the rank of Highgod would dare to irritate Lord Beirut!

Dragonblood Castle’s reputation, as well as information regarding its master, Linley, quickly became known to many experts.

O’Brien Empire. The imperial palace.

A cold wind howled, fluttering past the long robes of Barnas and the others.

Barnas, Gatenby, Ojwin, and Hanbritt were all standing together in a line respectfully to one side of Adkins. Adkins’ face was gloomy. Right his right hand, he was holding a goblet of blood-red wine. He swept the four with a knife-like gaze.

“Barnas, your clone was destroyed?” Adkins could instantly tell that Barnas was badly injured.

“Yes.” Barnas nodded slightly.

“Bastard!” Adkins let out a furious howl, smashing the goblet in his hand to the ground. “WHAP!” The wine goblet shattered. That crystalline sound seemed to have struck Barnas, Ojwin, and the others on their heart. The handsome, suave Adkins now looked like a fierce, enraged panther.

“Come with me!”

Adkins’ face was ferocious and fierce. “We are immediately heading to Dragonblood Castle. We will destroy them all!!!”

Barnas, Ojwin, Gatenby, and Hanbritt were greatly shocked. Only Ojwin had a hint of surprise and delight in his eyes. If Adkins personally attacked, then he would have a chance to avenge his son.

“Lord Adkins!” Barnas hurriedly said. “Lord Adkins, you cannot!”

Adkins angrily spun around to stare at him, saying furiously, “Grandpa Barnas, your clone was destroyed. That means you lost a life. How can we not avenge this enmity?”

The nearby Hanbritt and Ojwin were both stunned.

Grandpa Barnas?

The nearby Gatenby, however, wasn’t surprised at all. He had followed Lord Adkins for a fairly long period of time. He knew the relationship between Barnas and Adkins.

Before Adkins and Barnas had reached the Deity-level, the relationship between the two had been that of a young master and his housekeeper.

Barnas had always looked after Adkins. In fact, to be precise, Barnas had been the first to reach the Deity-level, and after having done so, he had always looked after Adkins. Adkins had a rather violent temper. Although he was extremely talented in training, because he had caused trouble and angered the Planar Overseer of the Yulan Plane of his era, Barnas and Adkins had both been locked into the Gebados Planar Prison.

In the Gebados Planar Prison, Barnas had taken care of Adkins the entire time. In the end, Adkins’ power had overtaken that of Barnas and he had reached the Highgod level.

However, in his heart, Barnas was still the closest, most trusted person Adkins knew.

Barnas had a bitter look on his face. “Adkins, don’t be hotheaded!”

Hotheaded? If anyone else had said this to Adkins, Adkins would have killed him by now. But the person who said the words was Barnas.

“Lord Adkins, you didn’t let me finish. My clone was indeed destroyed, but it was destroyed by the forces of Beirut. Dragonblood Castle is under Beirut’s protection. If we go over there, that means we are openly becoming enemies of Beirut.”

“Hmph, a young fellow who has only trained a few million years!” Adkins’ eyes emitted a cold light. “So what if he is a Sovereign’s Emissary? I refuse to believe I cannot kill him!”

Adkins could be considered a genius. Even in the Gebados Planar Prison, where experts were as common as the clouds, the only ones who could truly make him submit were those five Kings. As for this Beirut, just based on the fact that Beirut had only trained for a few million years, Adkins felt disdainful towards him.

Only Beirut’s status as a Sovereign’s Emissary made Adkins hesitate slightly.

Barnas urged solemnly, “Lord Adkins, do you know what those four figures wielded as their weapons?”

“What?” Adkins laughed coldly.

“All of them were Highgod artifacts!” Barnas said solemnly.

Adkins couldn’t help but start. Highgod artifacts. That was something which a Highgod created only after whole-heartedly cultivating an artifact for countless years. Generally speaking, experts who had only recently reached the Highgod level didn’t have Highgod artifacts.

Although he, Adkins, was very powerful, despite the passage of many years, he only had three Highgod artifacts in total, one of which he had given Barnas. He himself kept two.

But these four people had a total of four Highgod artifacts!

“Hmph. Nothing more than gifts from the Sovereign.” Adkins sneered.

Barnas bitterly urged, “Lord Adkins, that isn’t Beirut himself, just his subordinates. Those four figures were actually two people, each of which had two clones. Even those two people each have two Highgod artifacts. Lord Adkins, think about it. What about Beirut himself, then?”

Adkins, in his heart, began to hesitate now.

“All he can do is rely on the Sovereign behind him.” Adkins’ heart was filled with inconsolable fury.

What he feared was…

Beirut might be in possession of many precious Highgod artifacts, perhaps even soul-protecting Highgod artifacts. Or, if Beirut were to be in possession of a Sovereign artifact…even an ordinary Highgod who possessed a true Sovereign artifact would have terrifyingly powerful force when using it.

“Since Lord Beirut dares to act in such a way, clearly he has complete confidence in himself.” Barnas looked at him. “Lord Adkins, I’ve only lost a single clone. I’m not dead, after all. Lord Adkins, what really matter is you being able to acquire the treasures within the Necropolis of the Gods. That’s what matters. Right now, it’s best not to make an enemy out of Beirut.”

Adkins was silent for a moment.

“Fine. I will endure for this thousand years.” Adkins ground his teeth. “After I acquire what I need from the Necropolis of the Gods…at that time, I will make Beirut regret the ignorance and arrogance he put on display today!”

Barnas let out a relieved sigh in his heart.

He knew that Adkins was too arrogant and incapable of enduring. However, Adkins would still listen to Barnas’ advice.

Thus, Adkins did not go to Dragonblood Castle to seek revenge. He maintained his silence. Adkins’ silence caused many of the thousands of experts who had come to the Yulan continent from the Gebados Planar Prison to believe…

Adkins feared Beirut!

The Forest of Darkness. The metallic castle.

“This Adkins actually managed to resist and endure.” Lying on a recliner, drinking a cup of tea, Beirut had a hint of a smile on his face. “It seems the Yulan Plane is going to be quiet for a period of time. Only…Hodan in the north doesn’t want to be lonely.”

Beirut turned his head, staring northwards.

His gaze seemed to pierce through the veil of reality, seeing the Planar Overseer, Hodan, in the Arctic Icecap.

“Can it be that those experts all think that the Necropolis of the Gods is a treasure room where they can acquire divine Highgod sparks, Highgod artifacts, and even Sovereign artifacts as they please? Haha…what a pity, the guardian of the Necropolis of the Gods is myself!”

Beirut was grinning like a fox, but his eyes held a hint of anticipation.

After all, having been in the Yulan Plane for so long, Beirut would also feel bored.

To occasionally be entertained was a good thing.

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