Book 13, Chapter 20

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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 20, The Invincible Highgods

“Victory might be possible?” Linley was stirred.

After speaking, Beirut just sat there, looking at Linley with a hint of a smile tugging at his lips. When Linley noticed the expression on Beirut’s face, Linley suddenly understood. He laughed self-mockingly, “Lord Beirut, are you trying to tell me that I should try to avoid battling Deities of a higher level than myself?”

Beirut stroked his beard, starting to laugh. “Right.”

Linley felt a sense of resignation.

Was he an outstanding Demigod? Linley didn’t feel confident in saying that.

Was his opponent a weak God? That was also hard to determine.

Thus, although in theory, a Demigod was capable of killing a God, in reality, the chance of success was very low. Unless that God was already badly injured and on the brink of death, a God in normal circumstances would virtually never be beaten by a Demigod.

Beirut stood up, walking to the door of the study.

“Creaaak!” The study door opened by itself, allowing the night wind to blow in, rustling against Beirut’s black robes.

Beirut hesitated a moment, then turned to look at Linley. “Linley, there are some things that I originally wanted to tell you after you grew more powerful. However, it is hard to say if you and Bebe will remain on the Yulan continent or not in the future. Thus, I’ll tell you it all today. Although this might come as discouraging to you, at least this way, you won’t go on any wrong paths.”

Linley immediately stood up.

Discouraging? Go on any wrong paths? He had never been afraid of taking difficult paths. Ever since he was an ordinary youth, up til this very day, since when had he feared any discouragement?

“Beirut, please speak.” Linley said respectfully.

Beirut smiled and nodded. “You should know the requirements for becoming a Highgod.”

“Yes. Gain insights into all of the profound mysteries of a Law.” Linley nodded while responding.

Beirut sighed, “Yes, when you gain full insights into all of the profound mysteries, you will become a Highgod. However, each Elemental Law is a complete whole, much like how your ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ mysteries can fuse into one. If an Elemental Law has nine profound mysteries in it, then…”

Beirut’s eyes began to shine as he stared at Linley. “Any two of those nine profound mysteries can fuse together. Any three can fuse together…and in fact, all nine of the profound mysteries can be fused into one!”

Linley was flabbergasted.

All of them could be fused?

“It is very hard for one to be able to simply gain insights into all nine profound mysteries. To fuse any two or any three of them into one becomes even harder.”

Beirut sighed. “Linley, the true path of training isn’t necessarily ‘the more the better’ when it comes to gaining insights into the Laws. It is ‘fusing the more profound mysteries the better’. For example, the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ mysteries are all low-level mysteries, but when the two are fused into the ‘Profound Truths of Velocity’, it is comparable with high level mysteries. If you were able to fuse three low level mysteries into one, the power would far surpass that of high level mysteries.”

Linley’s eyes were shining.

“If you are able to fuse all nine profound mysteries into one, that would represent that you have truly understood an Elemental Law! That is the highest level of attainment for a Highgod!” When saying this, Beirut’s entire attitude was different.

In his heart, Linley sighed unceasingly.

Gain insights into nine profound mysteries and become a Highgod? That accomplishment was far from the actual peak. To merge all nine mysteries into a whole; that was a true peak.

“Nine types of profound mysteries into one?” Linley’s voice couldn’t help but turn into a whisper. “Lord Beirut, how many experts of this level do the planes of the universe have?”

“How many?”

Beirut laughed as he looked at Linley.

“In ten trillion Deities, only one will become a Highgod! But the invincible Highgods who are capable of fusing all of the profound mysteries in an Elemental Law into one…even I don’t know how many Highgods would be needed to be produce a single such Paragon.” It was hard for even Beirut to say. “All I can tell you is that even in the infinite universe, the number of experts on this level can be counted by hand!”

“Counted by hand?”

Linley’s heart shook.

The universe had existed for an extremely long period of time, resulting in the number of Deities each material plane produced to be an astonishingly high figure. In the countless planes and especially in the Higher Planes, it was hard to calculate how many Deities there were. But even in the Higher Planes, the number of truly peak, perfect Highgods was actually countable by hand!

“Lord Beirut, within the Gebados Planar Prison, are there any experts who have fused all of the profound mysteries of a Law?” Linley said with curiosity. “I heard that there are five powerful Kings there.”

Beirut snorted. “There are not. Definitely not! Even the five Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison have fused only a few profound mysteries of the laws. To fuse all of the laws and become a Paragon? Who can calculate how low the chance is of a material plane to produce one?”

“Lord Beirut, you are that certain?” Linley was somewhat surprised.

Not even the five Kings had reached the state of perfection. Linley wasn’t surprised about that. What he was surprised about was how certain Beirut was. Could it be that Beirut could investigate the strength of others?

“Of course I’m sure.” Beirut nodded and laughed. “This is because, upon a Highgod capable of fusing all of the profound mysteries in an Elemental Law appears, even the Sovereigns…will fight over the chance to invite that sort of genius to work for them.” Beirut sighed in praise.

“After all, only people like them are at the peak of Deityhood…only they are the true peak Highgods! Experts like them, even if a hundred or a thousand Highgods come to fight against them, those Highgods would all die.”

Linley’s heart was somewhat shaking.

Standing at the very stop of the pyramid of Highgods. Invincible presences!

“Invited by Sovereigns?” Linley said in surprise. “Why would Sovereigns invite them? Can it be that their strength is capable of threatening even Sovereigns?”

Beirut laughed, “Linley, you don’t understand. Sovereigns are indeed powerful, far beyond Highgods in power. However…Linley, you must understand, in the boundless universe, the vast majority of planes are material ones. For example, our Yulan continent is in a material plane.”

Linley nodded.

Material planes were the foundation of the universe.

“Sovereigns, on the other hand, cannot casually enter a material plane. Sovereigns possess an enormous divine presence, enough to cause a material plane to collapse!” Beirut said solemnly.

Linley’s heart shook. Sovereigns were indeed far too powerful.

“Linley, the material planes were created by the Laws of the universe. They are not permitted to be destroyed.” Beirut said solemnly. “The Four Overgods have issued a strict order. If any causes a material plane to collapse, then the culprit, even if a Sovereign, would be turned into ash!”

Linley was secretly astonished.

“Thus, Sovereigns do not dare to enter material planes, nor can they enter material planes!” Beirut said.

Linley nodded.

“Thus…these Highgods who have fused all of the profound mysteries in a Law can be described as invincible against anyone below the Sovereign level! If they were to flee to a material plane, even the Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to do anything to them. If a Sovereign was to recruit them, they would be able to accomplish many things for Sovereigns, things which the Sovereigns couldn’t do for themselves.”

Linley nodded, beginning to understand.

Highgods could enter material planes, but Sovereigns could not!

“But of course, that’s extremely far off in the future for you.” Beirut laughed.

Linley laughed as well.

“I’m telling you this because I hope that you, Linley, when training, will begin to sense the similarities and capacity for fusion of any two profound mysteries. After fusing two of them, fuse the third…only by training in such a manner will you have hope. Otherwise, if you were to completely finish gaining insights into all of the profound mysteries, then try to merge all nine into one at once, it will be far too difficult.” Beirut said seriously.

To boil a frog alive, all you had to do was slowly increase the temperature.

Linley nodded, sighing in his heart in praise. “Just the ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ mysteries fusing into the Profound Truths of Velocity required me to be able to sense that they had similarities early on. It was so hard to fuse even two profound mysteries. To fuse three or four…” Linley’s heart shook just thinking about it.

Fuse all of the mysteries in an Elemental Law?

Indeed, this was harder than rising to heaven.

“Genius figures such as this are quite attractive to Sovereigns.” Beirut sighed. “Only, these figures are simply too rare, while Sovereigns…there are seven of every type. There are 49 in the Seven Elemental Laws. For the sake of acquiring the services of a Highgod Paragon, they have even struggled against each other.”

Beirut, as a Sovereign’s Emissary, naturally knew many secrets.

Linley stared, speechless.

Even Sovereigns would struggle and compete for the sake of such geniuses.

“If one could reach such a level, one could truly feel proud of one’s self.” Linley felt some envy of those experts. Only they were truly peak level experts.

“Beginning to sense the fusibility from the beginning. Only then will your future accomplishments be great.” Beirut laughed self-mockingly. “For example, myself. In the past, I didn’t know these things. By the time I reached the Highgod level and wanted to fuse them, it was too late. Fuse several mysteries of the Laws into one at the same time? It is too hard.”

Linley couldn’t help but feel grateful towards Beirut.

Although Beirut had only given him slight guidance, to him, this was as good as pointing out a brand new path for him.

Two paths. If one embarked on the wrong path from the beginning, at the end, the difference between the two paths would be immeasurably great.

Most likely, after reaching the Highgod level, he would become like Beirut, completely unable to fuse anything.

“Enough. I’m leaving now. Your future path, you’ll have to walk yourself.” Beirut laughed.

“Thank you, Lord Beirut.” Linley bowed gratefully.

Watching Beirut leave, Linley’s heart began to blaze. It was much like how, when he was young, the War God was the peak, invincible figure in Linley’s mind. But now…the peak in Linley’s heart had become those invincible Highgods who had completely fused the mysteries in an Elemental Law into one!

This was Linley’s new goal!

Time passed quickly and stealthily. In the blink of an eye, year 10046 of the Yulan calendar arrived.

This year was a very fulfilling year for Linley. Having a new goal, he began to train in earnest. The entire Dragonblood Castle was in a constant state of energy, with the various Deities constantly gathering together. Lord Beirut had returned to the Forest of Darkness long ago.

The elder of the three Violet-Gold Rat Kings, Harry, had returned to the Forest of Darkness as well. As for the second and third brothers, Hart and Harvey, they remained at Dragonblood Castle.

According to what Hart and Harry had said, they liked noisy, active places. Linley thus naturally had warmly welcomed the two brothers.

Late autumn in year 10046 of the Yulan calendar.

The O’Brien Empire’s imperial palace took up an extremely spacious area. Aside from Adkins’ palace, even his four Gods had residences within the imperial palace. But of course, Ojwin and the others had their own private estates as well.

The number one God under Adkins command, Barnas, was extremely powerful and also had Adkins’ trust.

Within the imperial palace. Barnas’ residence. Barnas was currently painting atop a long sheet of paper, while Ojwin, Hanbritt, and a golden-haired man were standing by his side, their attitudes quite meek.

After all, Barnas was simply too powerful, and Barnas had a Highgod-level divine artifact! Adkins had personally bequeathed it unto Barnas. Most likely, even when joining forces, Ojwin and the other two wouldn’t be able to beat Barnas.

“Speak. What is it?” Barnas continued to paint, not glancing at the other three men at all.

Hanbritt and Ojwin didn’t dare to make a sound. It was the golden-haired man who spoke instead. “Mr. Barnas, Ojwin dearly loved his son, who was killed. In addition, Ojwin’s divine clone was destroyed by enemies as well. It is hard for Ojwin to accept this sort of humiliation. Only, he didn’t want to make trouble for Lord Adkins, which is why he has never dared to mention it to Lord Adkins. During the past period of time, I’ve come to the decision that brother Ojwin is a friend worth making. Tomorrow, I will make a trip with him to help him gain revenge.”

“Gatenby…” Barnas put down his brush, glancing at the golden-haired man and sighing.

Barnas actually somewhat valued Gatenby. As for Hanbritt, he looked down upon him. As for Ojwin…Barnas felt that Ojwin was too scheming, and thus had never liked him.

“Ojwin.” Barnas looked at Ojwin.

“Mr. Barnas.” Ojwin’s attitude was extremely humble. For the sake of Gatenby’s assistance, during the past two years, he had spent quite a bit of effort before finally getting Gatenby to agree to help.

Barnas laughed calmly. “I’m quite aware of your affairs. If all three of you go and yet still lose, you will have lost face for Lord Adkins. How about this. I’ll go alongside you, and we’ll tear out Dragonblood Castle by its roots.”

Ojwin instantly was wildly overjoyed.

Barnas’ power was definitely incomparably great. Even though Ojwin had gotten a taste of Tarosse’s power, he felt certain that Barnas was not any weaker than Tarosse. After all, Barnas had a Highgod artifact.

Barnas said calmly, “I, too, want to test for myself how powerful that God named Tarosse is.”

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          as for edict sovereigns, nothing has been said thus nothing has been implied, we mus wait to be told since they are different than the elements, there may be 10 there may be 1, maybe none at all.

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        it’s like a dumb-ish person that is training clones in different elements xD they make it to deity in many different elemental laws, but never manage to reach high god with any of them hahaha

          1. don’t think I have.

            but I tend to favor FFX, FFX-2, FFXIII, FFXIII-2, FFXIV.

            not done any of the other’s 😛

          2. ffXIII , XIII-2, and not lightning’s return? the way XIII-2 ended should make you so curious…

          3. try looking for “Dead Fantasy” on YT then. one of the best choreographed fight scene i’ve ever seen. it was made by the late Monty Oum. it shows the FF girls tag-team against Dead or Alive’s.

            p.s: i still have the video 1-3 which were dated 2007 🙂 crappy divx

          4. i haven’t finished either of them yet. had no time to finish them off.

            the 1st because of weapon customizing the 2nd because of getting to boss fight, i’m still powering up some before i feel confident

    1. Vs Gods as they are now, in direct confrontation? Not really… Maybe Linley will skyrocket soon to God level after fusing multiple aspects of laws of Wind and/or Earth? ~~

    2. I imagined a close match so that even Linley and Oliver can contribute with their 1% , shuu just realied they shouldn’t kill those guys except maybe Ojwin coz they would make an enemy out of Adkins, so I think this is how it will go.. Ojwin dies maybe that weak H..something god too and the rest flee

      1. so far, IET likes hinting. Beirut comes telling that demigods can kill gods probably a prelude. just like bebe telling linley to focus on word ‘god eater’. and then he will just use “it must be understood” as always

          1. hope so, or he will have to rely on being given some gold soul pearls from Linley to practise fast enough to keep up.

            IET seems to hate having the MC’s pet companions being left behind

      2. or the rest agree to a ceasefire and no grudges held after ojwin dies, because it was his personal vendetta, he joined adkins to make use of him, hanbritt already got a weapon out of the deal and barnas just wants to see how strong tarosse is.

        personally I see no reason for hostilities once ojwin dies.

        1. i would wish at least one of the adkins team to die, and forces his hand to move, just to be c**kblocked by beirut. afterall, he still needs beirut to open the NotG. that way, the power on his side would reduce a bit more.

  10. “In his heart, Linley sighed unceasingly.”

    Well they’re in trouble now… I’m guessing Linley will kill Ojwin’s light clone, and Tarosse and Dylin will somehow deal with the other two. Perhaps Bebe will kill one, and show us his God Eating ability 😀

    1. Though you have to admit IET has to rare talent. How is it he/she got away from variety word choice while still being popular.

      Ex. laugh or cry

      Ex. sigh

  11. error
    “According to what Hart and Harry (Harvey) had said, they liked noisy, active places”

    looks like my guess last chapter about the fusion of mysteries was correct. i wonder though what if someone in the far far far future was able to completely master all 7 laws. what would happen then?

    thanks for the chap

  12. Is it REN or RWX? Anyways, not sure if you still keep track of comments this far back, but I noticed a weird “maybe error”.

    “Although this might come as discouraging to you, at least this way, you won’t go on any wrong paths.”
    followed by:
    “Mental blow? Go on any wrong paths?”

    It seems weird to have used the phrase mental blow there since Beruit is phrased as “discouraging.” Seems like it might read better changed to “Might come as a mental blow to you,”

    Anyways, Thanks for the sweet sweet translations. Binge reading the hell out of this right now.

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