Book 13, Chapter 2

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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 2, Departure

Beirut continued, “In the Gebados Planar Prison, 99% of experts will die from either the environment or be killed by others. But despite that, the number of experts in the Gebados Planar Prison is still astonishing. All of these experts share a common desire!”

“To leave the Planar Prison!”

“In the material planes, upon reaching the Saint level, one is qualified to leave the material plane and head to the Divine Planes and Higher Planes. However, in the Planar Prisons, even if one becomes a Highgod, one isn’t qualified to leave.” Beirut sighed.

Linley, Desri, and Olivier thought back once more to that scene when the Great Botha Levee had been broken open.


“We are back!!!”

Those crazed, overjoyed calls still reverberated in their ears. From those voices, Linley could completely sense the excitement and joy of those experts who had just fled from the Planar Prison.

“So if one is imprisoned, one will never be able to leave, ever?” Linley asked.

“Of course not.” Beirut shook his head. “After being imprisoned into the Gebados Planar Prison, there are three methods by which one can escape. In addition, according to the rules, once one has escaped, even the Planar Overseer isn’t qualified to imprison them into it again.”

“Three methods?” Linley was rather surprised.

So it was not only possible to escape, there were three methods for doing so!

“The first method is to reach the level of Highgod, and then chop a dimensional hole in the Planar Prison, then enter the realm of chaotic space between planes. It is a matter of luck. Highgods can remain alive for a fairly long period of time within the chaotic space. If they are lucky, they might be able to flee to another plane. If they are unlucky, they will die within the chaotic space.

Linley’s heart shook.

After training to the Highgod level, one could go try their luck in chaotic space?

Chaotic space was the most dangerous place of all. Going there was nothing short of throwing one’s life away.

“But of course, although this method is the simplest, there aren’t many who dare to try it.” Beirut continued. “The second method. Because the Yulan Plane and the Planar Prison are two sides of the same whole, aside from the dimensional gates that link them up, there are quite a few places where the two planes touch.”

“The places where these two planes touch are known as areas where the walls of reality are thin!”

Beirut chuckled. “Much like two pieces of paper that are folded between each other. If an expert is in the Planar Prison and is able to tear a hole, he’ll be able to escape through that temporary hole. They’ll instantly charge through that hole, which will instantly repair itself afterwards.”

“That Dylin, Beaumont, and those other experts who came to the Yulan Plane a few years ago all used this method to come to the Yulan Plane.”

Linley now understood.

“Actually, every single area where the planar walls are weak has been sealed off. They won’t be easily broken through.” Beirut sighed. “The Gebados Planar Prison and our Yulan Plane have, in total, nine places where the planar walls are weak. All nine of those places had been sealed. But Linley…”

Beirut looked at Linley. “When you were young and entered the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, didn’t you draw out a sword?”

Linley immediately thought back to the scene of his trip to the Foggy Valley. In that place, he had awoken the Dragonblood in his veins, and also had discovered Bloodviolet. At that time, when Grandpa Doehring had seen the enormous magical formation which Bloodviolet had been stuck into, he had been shocked as well.

That formation was even more powerful than Saint-level magic formations.

“Lord Beirut, are you saying…?” Linley, utterly shocked, stared with round eyes.

Beirut nodded. “Right. When you drew that sword out, the magical formation which surrounded Bloodviolet naturally was damaged. There are many people in the Planar Prison, and naturally there were people in the area near the weak planar walls. Dylin was there as well. He was the only Deity located close to it. Naturally, he was the first to discover it, and thus he arrived in the Yulan continent.

“It was me. It was actually me!!!”

Linley’s mind was in a state of utter chaos.

So the reason for the Apocalypse Day has been his pulling out of Bloodviolet. The descent of so many outsider experts also had to do with him as well.

He now began to understand why it was that Dylin’s three children, the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, had thanked him.

“These areas with thin planar walls are very hard to find. Thus, only later on, people slowly began to flee into the Yulan Plane.” Beirut sighed. “At that time, I was in no hurry to close it off. I felt that those people who had been imprisoned in the Gebados Planar Prison were quite pitiable. It was fine if a few of them could occasionally escape.”

It was lonely at the top.

In a place like the Yulan Plane, who could possibly be a match for him? After discovering that Linley had accidentally damaged that great sealing formation, Beirut had actually treated it as watching an amusing game. He wanted to see how many could escape.

“The first method is throwing one’s life away. The second method is luck.” Linley and the others felt sad on behalf of those people locked into the Planar Prison.

“The third method?” Linley asked.

Beirut glanced at Olivier. “The third method is, when the population of the Planar Prison has reached too high of a level, then sometimes, the sealing magic formation will be temporarily disrupted, opening the dimensional gateway for a brief moment and allowing a few people out before sealing the dimensional gateway once again, then repairing the sealing magic formation, like what I did just now. But something like this happens only once every hundreds of millions of years.”

Linley, Olivier, and Desri all felt relaxed.

Since the high level people would also occasionally open the dimensional gateway, it seemed that Olivier hadn’t committed too grave a sin.

This was just a premature opening, right?

“Those people who fled need to thank you.” Beirut sneered as he looked at Olivier.

Olivier remained silent.

“If I had voluntarily opened the gateway, I would have surrounded that gateway. At least I would have known the details of every single person who came out, and none of them would have been able to escape.” Beirut glanced at Olivier. “Demigods and Gods aren’t an issue. I can find them with my divine sense. That isn’t a problem. But if there are some astonishingly powerful Highgods who lie in hiding, preventing me from finding them with my divine sense, then things will become problematic.”

Beirut didn’t worry about Demigods and Gods making trouble.

What he worried about was Highgods causing trouble!

“In such a short period of time, perhaps there didn’t happen to be any Highgods present at that dimensional gateway. It shouldn’t be that coincidental, right?” Linley said.

“Whatever. I can’t be bothered about it.” Beirut sneered coldly. “When O’Brien, Catherine, and the others return, I’ll see how they deal with this mess. The three of you, you better listen up. You are only Demigods. These days, in the continent, there are now quite a few people capable of killing you!”

Linley and the others could do nothing but listen.

“Go back.” Beirut’s body flickered, then disappeared.

Only Linley, Desri, and Olivier were left, standing there in mid-air.

“Olivier, that sword blow of yours really was powerful. You released so many experts in an instant with it.” Desri pursed his lips in a smile. He didn’t feel too much pressure. He was hidden away within a small mountain village. As long as he didn’t offend others, he probably would be fine.

Olivier’s face was very gloomy. “Linley. Sorry.”

Linley laughed bitterly.

Of the three of them, he was the worst off. Olivier had released so many Deities, some of whom most likely would want to enjoy worldly power. How many problems would his enormous Baruch Empire face?

Linley didn’t even dare to think about it.

“All I can do is deal with it one step at a time.” Linley said. “Gentlemen, I’m returning to Dragonblood Castle.”

“I’ll go as well.” Olivier said. “I caused this problem. If anything happens in the Baruch Empire, I can’t just pretend it has nothing to do with me.”

“If the three of us are together, we’ll pose a bit more of a threat to others.” Desri said with a laugh.

Linley didn’t decline. Currently, in the Yulan continent, the three of them were now just a small force. There were many people more powerful than them. Only if they stayed together as a group would they be able to have a bit of a footing. The three flew directly towards Dragonblood Castle.


Dragonblood Castle. A group of people were there, Delia included, all of them worrying. Delia was blaming herself as well. “I’ve been fusing with this divine spark for over ten years, but I still haven’t succeeded. Whenever something like this happens, it’s always Linley who has to go deal with it by himself.”

Delia wanted to help Linley as well!

“I hope Linley is fine.” Delia prayed.

“Lord Linley is back.” Gates was the first to shout out. Delia’s eyes instantly lit up. Wharton, Taylor, and the others all went to welcome him. Linley, Desri, and Olivier landed in the castle.

“Linley, you succeeded?” Delia immediately called out, and the people all fell silent.

Linley nodded with a smile.

“Haha, I knew Father would definitely succeed.” Taylor shouted excitedly.

“But…” Linley’s voice rang out again.

“Father, you have more good news?” Taylor’s face was covered in smiles, but Linley said solemnly, “On this trip, although we killed Beaumont, shortly afterwards…many experts descended upon the Yulan continent. Amongst them are many Deities who could probably kill Beaumont with a single finger.”

Utter silence!

Taylor, Delia, and the others had a look of shock on their faces. No matter how ‘weak’ Beaumont was, he was still a Deity. Kill Beaumont with a single finger?

“For now, it’s best if no one goes out. Everyone stay here, within the castle.” Linley instructed.


The people of Dragonblood Castle now also sensed that the current Yulan continent had just sank into a tempest of wind and rain. It would be very hard for them to just be able to protect themselves.


The Arctic Icecap.

A white-haired old man dressed in a sky-blue robe was hovering at the peak of an iceberg. It was the Planar Overseer, Hodan.

“Haha, so many experts came at once?” Hodan’s face was covered in smiles.

“Saints and Deities, I am Hodan, the Planar Overseer. Everyone who wishes to depart for the Four Higher Planes or the Seven Divine Planes, quickly come to the Arctic Icecap!” Hodan’s voice rang out in the minds of every single Saint and Deity in the Yulan continent.

Many of those who had fled to the Yulan Plane from the Gebados Planar Prison wanted to head to the Higher Planes.

They had been trapped in that detestable prison for far, far too long.


“Second brother, you really are going to leave?” Two golden-haired experts were hovering in mid-air. The slightly thinner one was a little bit frantic. “Second brother, although we were trapped in that Planar Prison for a hundred million years and you want to go to other planes, haven’t you heard? Ten thousand years ago, a major event occurred in our homeland. That Necropolis of the Gods holds many treasures within it, including divine artifacts, and even divine sparks! If we go to another plane, we’ll have no connections, and even if there are treasures there, we won’t have a chance to get them.”

The muscular, golden-haired expert shook his head. “Third brother, we are very lucky to have escaped Gebados. And you want to go to the Necropolis of the Gods? Its treasures aren’t so easily acquired. Enough, third brother. I am preparing to go to the Infernal Realm. Whenever you are done with your matters, if you want to look for me, come find me in the Infernal Realm.”

The gold haired expert said nothing else. He directly flew towards the north.

The skinnier golden haired man watched his second brother leave. He murmured, “Second brother, just wait and see. By the next time we meet, I will definitely be a Highgod.”


One figure after another flew in the air above the North Sea. They included full Gods and Demigods, but most of course were Saints.

“How are there so many?” Amongst the crowd of experts, there was a golden-haired, middle-aged man with a solemn face and a long robe. From his appearance, he clearly came from a noble lineage. He had actually only trained for a hundred years, and had just reached the Saint-level not long ago.

“Our Yulan continent has this many experts?” This middle-aged man’s heart was quivering.

The number of experts he had personally seen had already been over two hundred. In the distance, even more figures could be seen. In addition, the auras emanating from those experts that flew past him in the blink of an eye made his heart shake.

“This speed…” The middle-aged man was stunned.

Many experts flashed past him, disappearing into the northern horizons, almost all of them more than ten times faster than him, if not more. Many of them were Deities. The middle-aged man was only able to hazily sense their forms pass by.

“Haha, it’s been a million years. I finally am going to the Higher Planes.”

“How many years has it been? Haha, I’m finally achieving my heart’s desire.”


The skies were occasionally filled with excited voices and conversations.

“A million years?” This middle-aged man who had only trained for a hundred years and had just become a Saint swallowed. Staring at those figures that were over ten times faster than him, he thought, “I…I…I’d best stay here at the Yulan continent and continue training. The Four Higher Planes and the Divine Planes are simply too terrifying.”

This middle-aged man was so frightened, he immediately turned back and flew towards his homeland.

Not too long ago, this middle-aged man had just bid his family and friends farewell, and instructed his successors to work hard.

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