Book 13, Chapter 15

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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 15, Unwilling to Admit Defeat

The exploding sound, along with Dylin’s roar, shook Dragonblood Castle.

“What’s going on?” The War God, High Priest, Cesar, Delia, Wharton, Gates, and the others all hastened over. They saw Dylin, Ojwin, and Hanbritt facing off. Instantly, they all moved carefully to stand near Linley.

Delia warmly gripped Linley’s hand, saying in a soft voice, “Linley, that Ojwin came again?” Delia was a little worried.

Last time, when Ojwin had attacked, Linley had ordered Delia, Wharton, and the others to hide in the pocket dimension. Thus, Delia and the others had never seen Ojwin. But, as Delia viewed it, the attacking Gods had to be from Ojwin’s side.

“It is him. He brought a helper as well. However, Lord Dylin and Lord Tarosse are more than enough to deal with them.” Linley comforted softly.

Delia nodded.

The two raised their heads to watch.

“Haha…” Tarosse flew over, laughing loudly. “Ojwin, I didn’t expect you’d have the courage to come yet again. It seems you didn’t take the words I said to you last time in the imperial capital to heart.”

That green whip appeared in Tarosse’s hands.

“Crackle crackle.” That whip emanated a freezing aura.

Ojwin’s two divine clones, along with Hanbritt, both felt terror in their hearts.

“Ojwin!!!” Hanbritt roared furiously through his divine sense. Hanbritt was truly angered now. This situation had developed in a way that was completely different from Ojwin’s predictions.

Ojwin also had a bad feeling.

The two of them were just barely able to resist Dylin’s devouring power. Only by joining forces, along with Ojwin using both his divine clones, were the two able to just barely resist. They were completely unable to move right now. If this situation continued…if Tarosse were to attack, the two of them would be sitting targets!

“Haha, eat a few hundred whip strikes first.” Tarosse laughed loudly as he began to whirl his whip.

A few hundred whips?

The faces of Ojwin and Hanbritt, who were working hard to resist the devouring power, changed dramatically. How could they possibly be able to take the attack of this God head on?


The long green whip danced out like a massive serpent, transforming into brilliant green shadows. The temperature of the nearby area lowered to the freezing point, and a layer of frost appeared on the ground. The long green whip danced like a serpent’s tail, striking viciously towards Ojwin and Hanbritt.


Ojwin and Hanbritt simultaneously gritted their teeth, exploding forth the energy within their bodies, risking injury to themselves as they forcibly broke through from the area of Dylin’s devouring force.

“Boom!” An explosion occurred in mid-air, and a sudden tempest arose out of nowhere. Even some of the decorative plants and trees of Dragonblood Castle were destroyed. Ojwin’s two divine clones, along with Hanbritt, stood there in the air above Dragonblood Castle, their faces ashen.

Dylin let out a soft curse. “Hrmph. If it wasn’t for the fact that my divine power isn’t pure and powerful enough yet, how could the two of you have escaped?”

In the air above Dragonblood Castle. Ojwin’s two clones and Hanbritt hovered in mid-air.

“The two of you better f*ck off and stay the hell away. Otherwise, I won’t show any mercy this time.” Tarosse continued to chortle as he raised his head to stare at those two sorry figures in mid-air.

Hanbritt looked back at Ojwin. He transmitted with his divine sense, “Ojwin, that Dylin, is the ‘weakling’ you spoke of? Hmph. I think we better go.” Hanbritt, having accepted a divine artifact from Ojwin, didn’t feel comfortable just leaving by himself.

Ojwin stared coldly down below, his heart filled with raging fury.

As he stared down at Olivier, who stood next to Linley, Ojwin’s rage caused his entire body to shake. With his divine sense, he said, “Hanbritt, this was my mistake. I didn’t clearly investigate the opponent’s strength. But…I absolutely must kill this Olivier. If I don’t, even in death, I won’t be satisfied.”

“Have you gone mad?” Hanbritt stared towards Ojwin rather unhappily.

Ojwin’s gaze was still fixed towards the ground below. He replied through his divine sense, “Hanbritt, don’t worry…that Dylin’s devouring force can only be aimed in one direction. How about this. The two of us will simultaneously attack from different directions. This time, I’ll tie up Dylin and Tarosse, while you go kill Olivier. Hanbritt, I’m begging you.”

After speaking, Ojwin looked seriously at Hanbritt.

Hanbritt hesitated a moment, and then let out a sigh.

“Fine. I’ll agree.” Hanbritt continued, “But if I encounter any danger, I will be the first to flee. Don’t blame me then.”

“Of course I won’t blame you.” Ojwin looked gratefully at Hanbritt. “Thank you.”

“Get ready.” Hanbritt said.

Ojwin’s divine light clone and divine fire clone simultaneously demonstrated their might. A brilliant holy light swept down, shooting towards Linley’s general area. This sort of holy light was actually a purifying light. Generally speaking, even any Saints hit by this light would be injured.

This was the same technique which Ojwin had used to destroy the imperial palace of the Baruch Empire.

This attack had caused virtually all the people in the palace to die, leaving behind only Ankh and Cena as the lucky survivors, with Cena being badly wounded.

“Not good.” Seeing this, Linley didn’t hesitate at all. He immediately smashed his fists into the ground, and a strange energy force suddenly spread appeared in the air above the dozens of people present. It was like a translucent barrier, immediately covering Linley, Wharton, and the others in its protective embrace.

Forbidden-level earth-style magic – Pulsating Guard!

The Pulsating Guard spell was a large-scale protective magic spell. It generally could be used to protect an entire city. For example, if the opponent used ‘Heavenly Meteor’s Descent’ to create countless boulders to smash down towards a city, one could use the ‘Pulsating Guard’ to protect against it.

Upon reaching the Deity-level, forbidden-level magic spells could be cast in an instant.

And in terms of power, these spells were now much more powerful than the ones Saints could cast. Linley’s ‘Pulsating Guard’ defense was controlled within just a few dozen meters. The holy light was thus successfully defended against by the ‘Pulsating Guard’.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!” One white, one red. Two rays of light streaked downwards. Ojwin had never planned on using that holy light to kill anyone; that was just something he was using to create chaos. His two divine clones shot down at what seemed like the speed of light…

And at the same time, Hanbritt moved in an angular way, charging towards Linley’s direction.

“I’ll go block him! Tarosse, I’ll let you handle Ojwin’s two divine clones. Don’t let him get through.” Dylin immediately used his divine sense to speak to Tarosse.

“No worries.” Tarosse continued to laugh gaily.

Dylin raised his speed to the limit, transforming into a blur as he went to stop Hanbritt. At the same time, a ray of red light, carrying a destructive aura, wildly attacked Dylin, and the lance Ojwin was wielding also shot out like a devouring fire dragon.

Dylin instantly was greatly shocked. “Has Ojwin gone crazy?”

Dylin could tell that this divine fire clone of Ojwin’s was using his divine power wildly, without any care at all. It must be understood…a Deity’s divine power accumulated very slowly. Generally speaking, in battle, they wouldn’t be willing to so wildly utilize it like this. If they did so, they wouldn’t be able to maintain the expenditure for long before their divine power was all used up, at which point, the enemy would be able to easily devastate them.

“Swish!” Dylin’s third eye instantly shot out an invisible ripple.

Ojwin’s divine fire clone, in terms of power, was inferior to his divine light clone. Upon being struck by that invisible ripple, Ojwin’s divine fire clone immediately came to a halt. Dylin then immediately formed his two hands into claws. Those divine artifact gloves atop his hands, he clawed straight towards Ojwin’s head.


Dylin and the divine fire clone collided viciously.

Dylin was tied up by the divine fire clone, and so that Hanbritt naturally charged towards Olivier. Olivier didn’t have any chance to flee. His speed was far inferior to Hanbritt’s.

“Haha…” Hanbritt’s eyes had a hint of excitement flash through them as he flew down.

“Too early to be so happy.” A lazy voice rang out in Hanbritt’s mind, and suddenly, a black-robed man appeared in front of Hanbritt. This black-robed man was wielding a long, thin, blood-red saber, and directly chopped towards him.

Wherever that long saber passed by, space disintegrated.

“Bang!” Hanbritt’s right hand, flashing with blue light, slammed against the edge of that saber. Instantly, he was knocked flying away. Hanbritt’s hand was also covered by a divine artifact. He, too, used his hands as his weapons.

Hanbritt was greatly shocked. “This Tarosse also has a Destruction-style divine clone!”

Currently, the green-robed Tarosse wielding the whip was still busy with Ojwin. However, this Tarosse with the long, narrow blade was able to force Hanbritt to retreat in one blow.

“Ojwin, let’s go, quick!” Hanbritt let out a nervous divine sense message to Ojwin, and then immediately fled towards the northern skies, no longer doing battle.


Ojwin’s divine light clone and divine fire clone both had fierce looks on their faces. They both let out howls of anger and unwillingness to accept this result. They truly weren’t willing to admit defeat. Ojwin had his divine fire clone go deal with Dylin, and had already accepted that he might lose one of his divine clones.

Even at the price of losing one of his divine clones, he still wanted to kill Olivier! This was because…he wished to avenge his son’s death!

But this Tarosse had divine clones as well. And in terms of power…the situation was different from Ojwin’s. The divine Destruction clone which Tarosse had hidden, in terms of power, was actually not one whit inferior to Tarosse’s divine water clone.

Letting out a furious howl of unwillingness, Ojwin’s two divine clones transformed into two rays of red and white light, simultaneously fleeing into the northern horizons.

“It’s finally over.” The vast majority of people in Dragonblood Castle let out sighs of relief.

The guards and maids, who had been hiding, were terrified by this battle. Battles on this level…ordinary people like themselves could be killed just as collateral damage, and even their souls would be destroyed.

“Tarosse, why do you keep hiding your real power? At a time like this, you didn’t at least force one of them to stay behind?” Dylin said somewhat unhappily. “Don’t tell me that you don’t have that ability. You definitely have more abilities that I am unaware of!”

Dylin and Tarosse had lived together on the Yulan continent ten thousand years ago. They were once good friends.

Dylin’s innate abilities. Tarosse’s innate abilities. They each knew about the other’s.

“Haha, don’t blame me.” Tarosse’s two divine clones combined into one again, and he laughed as he looked at Dylin. “Dylin, why did you only use your ‘Devour’ power a single time? If you used ‘Devour’ a second time, you probably would have devoured Ojwin’s divine fire clone.”

Dylin glanced at Tarosse. “Use it again? Easy for you to say. If I used it again, my divine power would be completely exhausted! What a motherf*cking shame. Just then, when I used it the first time, I didn’t succeed. I was originally hoping to kill both of them at the same time just then.”

This innate ability was simply too terrifying and monstrous.

At the same time, though, the amount of energy it consumed was simply astonishing. The number of times it could be used didn’t have too much of a correlation to how powerful one was.

For even the weak, it could be used two or three times. Only, each time, the power would be fairly weak as well. For the strong, it still could only be used two or three times, but each time, the power would be astonishing.

“You are always so greedy. If it weren’t for the fact that five thousand years ago, you got greedy and used your Devour ability to try and get some Demigod-level divine sparks for your children…you wouldn’t have angered Lord Beirut, resulting in him throwing you into the Planar Prison.” Tarosse said with a laugh.

Dylin snorted coldly, no longer saying anything else.

He naturally felt uncomfortable when thinking back to five thousand years ago.

As Dylin and Tarosse chatted, they walked towards Linley and the others. Linley, the War God, and the others, from this battle, had an even greater appreciation for the difference in power between them and Gods. Given their current level of power, if they were to face any Gods by themselves, they would be doomed.

“Lord Tarosse, Lord Dylin, thank you!” Olivier walked forward and said solemnly.

“It’s fine. But you little rascal, in the future, stop causing so many problems.” Tarosse said with a calm laugh.

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            i can assure you rain is fun and the drawings are very good.

            well, PL is an eroge that were made into anime. not much special to say, except sylvia van hossen is my fav char of the series.

            i’m sorry if tldr offended you in any way. really not my intention there sis. just what came to mind seeing your hard-to-remember nick.

            edit : okay, now i understand. careless of me there. sorry again.

    2. well, at least wharton will be a strong deity when he makes it if he relies on himself solely. they need strong deities more than ever now to safeguard their holding on the land.

      1. Yeah, Wharton will probably be left here in Yulan Realm when (if?) Linley leaves to higher realms, as it will probably take him few dozen of thousands of years to break through on his own 😛

        1. someone needs to be the clan guardian after all and who better than a natural full-blooded dragonblood warrior of which there were so few. he should be the 2nd strongest DB warrior in the clan for the next countless centuries, and only because Linley is too gifted xD

          1. Yeah, Profound Truths of The Sound should also be one of very top-level mysteries of the Wind, just like Truths of Velocity. Well, IET likes to exchange focus points (Warrior > Magus > Warrior > Magus ), and he does the same with elments, so my guess will be that Linley will soon find out some nice things about Earth element and grow in power yet again 🙂

          2. well apparently deities can now insta-cast forbidden level spells… soo what’s the next rank of spell? xD

            and how does one develop new spells? will Linley manage to turn his understanding of the earth’s vibrational pulse into a spell, like how the spell (albeit weaker) version of his dimensional decapitator exists, sounds like a spell requiring insight in velocity if you ask me.

            giving any earth magus descendants of his a chance at turning their enemies to powder 😛

          3. Well, we already seen God level Annihilating Tempest, so in most cases it’s just changing power of spell and it’s range. Just like Rosarie did with her Absolute Zero spell at Prime Saint level 🙂

          4. yeah, but remember she controlled its output to focus on a smaller area than it is normally intended for.

            prime saint power + smaller area of effect = super bad-ass version making an appearance xD

            seeing her cast it at demigod level after she forms her own spark and using against a single target is sure to make for a scary situation xD

            the more insights into the element she acquires the more effective and efficient the spell should become too xD

  2. Thanks for the chapter 🙂 Sadly I feel this series is going in the direction of dragon ball. Always more power lvl, always more stronger opponents, no intelligence in the fights because power lvl determines the winner. Sadly, I don’t think I will keep reading this series. I can predict 200 chapters from here:

    Linley, Super 9000x Godmode. Finds someone else Super 10,000x Godmode. Needs to train more.

    edited some spelling

    1. There are bound to be power up’s in series that focuses on battles most of the time. Still, it’s a great novel and sticking to it won’t hurt 🙂 If you want to chill a bit and read something that so far seems to concentrate on characters more, you might want to read BTTH, as it’s steadily being translated on this site 🙂

      1. im just waiting for linley to get the earth divine clone, make his earth divine weapon, then stay out of this series for a week and then read all thats been translated.

        1. Hah, well, i hope you will be pleasantly surprised after your week-long reading hiatus 😛 If you actually manage to not read it for a whole week xD 😛

          1. i already tried it, managed to stay out of CD for like 3 days and when i came back the site was down T-T

        2. his clone won’t take too long, and it will be quite a strong soul too, but the weapon will take extensive amounts of time, likely not to see that happening for like 20-30(?) more chapters xD

          1. It depends on the actions our two old foggies currently flying over the yulan continent will take. If they decide to wait we’ll obviously see a time skip and an earth clone >.>

    2. Do you read Douluo Dalu? If not, you should, it’s the best :3

      I still love this series though, and the fights are still interesting. I mean, Linley is able to defeat stronger opponents than him through technique, so the fights aren’t really unintelligent.

      1. About CD: Yeah, Linley at the start of this series is fantastic. He learns, he gets stronger. The journey from lvl 1 to Diety level was what got me hooked on the series. Now, realistically, no matter how ‘smart’ he fights, he simply cannot beat a Highgod. Until he powers up. Even in the necropolis of the gods, he didn’t really fight smarter… he just gained some magic insights, powered up, and then won.

        Douluo Dalu – Yeah, I am currently reading this and I really like it. Any other recommendations? Here is a list of a few I’ve read.

        -Battle Through The Heavens: I enjoy it, I read some of the manga but the novel has given it quite a bit more depth.
        -Arifureta: Started out great, now it is pretty much a lousy romcom. I’m not dissing romcoms, I’m just saying it fails as a story.
        -Law of the Devil: Fun read, hope more comes.
        -Zhan Long: Started out fun, but my god the MC is retarded as hell in regards to gaming mechanics. I also don’t get why the characters act so one dimensional either. Not a fan of it.
        -Ark/LMS: I really like both of these.
        -Mother of Learning: Interesting, there is a lot of power ups, but a lot of intelligence used too so far. A good mix.
        -Tate no Yuusha/Konjiki no Wordmaster: I enjoyed TnY, but I am finding it super boring now. I really lost interest in what happens to these characters. Perhaps there were too many cliches inserted as a gag filler. I’m reading more KnW.
        -Mashuko Tensei: Started out great, now it is almost done so I’ll finish it but the second half of the series definitely fell off for me.

        1. as for TnY, I dropped it for a while because of the retarded heroes segment in daily life, but things are starting to get more serious again. things like the Philorials are explained a bit more with connections to past heroes and he implements his own addition to the world which manages to save them in a crisis. but that Witch just refuses to die.

          Mushoku got drawn out quite a bit with filler like content but it seems to be heading in the final conflicts at last and may end decently (though it’s insane beginning did hurt the series for ages)

          Konjiki is fun be the MC seems to keep getting dragged into stuff he really wants no part in 🙁

          Arifureta is neither here nor there, but if you think you can write a decent story it makes a good base for an alternate universe fanfiction 😛

          But from IET if you want something newer then try Desolate Era, it has a different scale from the start, but you have to remember that IET writes stories in a genre where “there is always someone better than you” is 100% fact and not a figure of speech 😛

        2. -BTTH I enjoy quite a bit as well
          -I gotta agree with you on Arifureta, it’s terrible…
          -Law of the Devil may be in my top three LN’s right now, too bad it’s slowly and painfully released.
          -Zhan Long isn’t that great, but it’s better than Arifureta and at least it’s released regularly, so I read it to pass the time.
          -I keep on meaning to start Ark but haven’t yet.
          -I love LMS, wish it would return 🙁
          -Haven’t even heard about Mother of Learning before, I’ll check it out
          -TnY: I got to chapter ~250 and I’m just getting pretty bored of it
          -KnW: I enjoy this one a lot
          -Mushoku Tensei: the LN that got me reading LNs. Love that shit. Even though the second half fell off, I still like it.

          For recommendations, I may say (don’t hate me here) Re:Monster. It’s mostly mindless powerups and army-building, but it’s a really fun read. My icon is the main character of that series. It’s basically all written in “journal entry” format, with the main character saying what happened this day after the fact. Though it is basically just about powerups, it’s written in a way to keep it interesting. Check out the Re:Translations page or read it on the Re:Monster wiki.

          Another one similar to Re:Monster is Overlord, the MC is basically pure malevolent evil.

          Hope you get this 😉

          1. I should mention, if you read Re:Monster on their homepage on the google drive folder, there is less of it translated. It is better quality though.

            The Re:Monster wiki has it “translated” up to ~day 120, but past day 70 or so, it’s just all cleanups of translation software, not real human translations. Still perfectly readable though.

      2. Indeed about Douluo Dalo.

        One of the things i fancy in IETs stories is that they can actually tell us how the characters interact, fight and describe the thought process from linley so it doesnt get all messed up. xD

      3. i had a bit of mixed feeling of douluo dalu. the reason is : arena fighting/tournament. it feels like watching dbz, flame of recca, and the types all over again. not that i mind tournament, but repetitive use of it and then spans a whole arc for each, is…. somewhat showing authors lack of plan for the series 🙁 . just my opinion though. same feeling i got from arifureta lately

    3. at least in these stories we know how the ranks work. CD especially since we know the top possible ranks and how many can exist at a time, plus it requires intelligence and knowledge over just making your muscles bulge out more or quicker 😛

      it has magic spells and demonic like magical beasts, and magical god items and stuffs xD

  3. Yeah Olivier! No more ripping holes between dimensions and releasing thousands of Deities, got it? You little scoundrel!
    Btw I totally guessed that Tarosse had a clone. I don’t know why he didn’t kill those two Gods after he even warned them to leave and they ignored him though… looks like he’s leaving it to Linley haha.

    1. I expect tarosse to have a 3rd clone still in hiding 😛

      he will guard Linley but unless personally annoyed I don;t think he will kill for his sake either.

      as for Olivier you would think everyone would know who let them in and be a little grateful 😛 although Ojwin needs to get over himself xD

      1. Well, he is smart. He expects that if they kill any of those while letting any run away, it might anger Highgod. While when they did not kill any, it’s very unlikely for Adkins to act 🙂

        (Well, considering he knows that this second expert is from their camp)

        1. Smart, didn’t think that Tarosse might be worried about the Highgod reacting. though judging by the nature of those Highgods, he might not even move if all four of his subordinate Gods died.

  4. I got a question to our usual lurkers around comment section… Does anyone have acces/ability to some nice art 200×300 with Fantasy world/Water Magic theme? I am looking for such and can’t really find anything good (yeah, cover for RR fic i am trying to write 😛 )

      1. Haha, i will post first chapter soon enough. Also, i am hater of short introductions for stories. You can never express it well enough in those few words 🙂

        1. true, but without knowing even a little about the story it’s impossible to find an appropriate image, which is also nigh impossible without custom ordering one to be made. :s

          all i found that i like is a kinda cute girl under water and 2 hands holding a teardrop shaped ball of waterthat kinda looks like it’s flaming at the top

          1. When i go looking for new books to read, i go through first 20-40 pages to know if i will like story or not. I never go to the cover to check out short synopsis. Some times it’s HUGE-A*S spoiler that covers first half of book, and other times, if i relied only on it, i would miss a lot of good books. Well 😛

            Edit: XD for cover i am rather looking for something that has no life forms on it xD

          2. a lot of books I read either have none at all but good reviews and I have read one of their books before or know someone who has or out of those that do have something, it’s either a cut-out of a situation and conversation that doesn’t happen until late into the book, doesn’t really spoil anything but has enough happening to pique your curiosity, or it’s a general description of how it starts and it’s setting which you find out quick enough anyways, and is what a person uses to decide whether the book is right for them or not.

            although I admit that I don’t much pay heed to any fixed rules of deciding what to read, I just walk along the shelves in the creative fiction area and grab whatever my gut tells me to look at (slightly influenced by the cover and name but not frequently enough to break the rule of gut over brain).

            (somehow my grammar software is telling me I have only made a single advanced grammar error in all the above text xD cool or what lol, I’m progressively learning. 😛 )

          3. Well, i will consider (and probably do it) adding something like you suggested as introduction to story 🙂 Thanks!

        1. Nope, you’re correct. They specified that when he became a deity.

          As for an answer to frodfy, we can assume, that because the bodies are still connected to each other, they can use the others power. At least the original can use divine power so we are safe to assume the opposite is possible as well.

          1. The weird thing is if he’s drawing power from the original body the power drawn should have the force of prime saint, shouldn’t it?
            And yes, as Ruby said he can only train on wind.

          2. Don’t forget that the original body is between deity and prime saint… He’s strengthened his soul and has done so generally for his body as well. So while I don’t think his earth laws are stronger while used through his wind clone, at the very least his power was increased since he was just a prime saint…

      1. When Linley’s main body fuses with the divine clone, he can utilize the divine power of the clone, which affects his overall ability despite the clone being a wind clone. Or at least that’s how I think it works.

      2. his clone loses the ability to accurately sense and perceive elements other than his own. so I would assume it should treated to single element magus in that it can only use things applying to its elemental laws since to use a law is to train in it. (my own understanding of it anyways)

        1. Like you said supposedly the clone loses the ability to accurately sense and perceive other elements, but for casting magic you need to have elemental affinity, don’t you?

          1. yup, magic wise the clone loses all affinity with other elements and a strengthen one to their own, so an earth divine clone is incapable of casting wind element spells. I figured this convo was geared towards the warrior techniques and stuff as a result.

            the perceiving and sensing of an element are tied in with the affinity one has with it.

  5. Am I the only one wondering here that Linley just cast a forbidden earth style with a level of Deity? Since when did Linley reach the the demigod level in the Elemental laws of Earth?

  6. Damn, for a second i thought that Wargod would finally get to Full god rank… with the divine spark they would have gotten from killing that fire divine clone… Oh well I guess better luck next time^^

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