Book 12, Chapter 35

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Book 12, The Descent of the Gods – Chapter 35, Claws and Fangs

As they flew in midair, Linley directly began to search using his divine sense.

“Southeast.” Linley quickly discovered the nearest Saint. “This Saint’s aura is very unique, and his appearance is also strange. He isn’t human.”

“Let’s find him then.” A cold, fierce look flashed through Desri’s eyes. “Hrmph. There is a better than 90% chance that these Saints from other planes obey the commands of that hidden Deity. If they didn’t engage in slaughter, there is no way they would be able to live so comfortably in the Rohault Empire.”

Linley nodded slightly.

If this person wasn’t willing to be in cahoots with that Deity, he most likely would have fled long ago. How could he still be staying in the Rohault Empire?

Linley and Desri flew straight towards that foreign Saint at high speed.

A skinny, black-skinned man with a turban around his head was currently lying comfortably upon a reclining chair. Next to him were beautiful maids who were respectfully holding platters of fruit out to him. The skinny man had a hint of a smile on his face, but these maids were extremely nervous.

They all knew that their master’s temper was very bizarre. Although he was laughing very merrily right now, sometimes he would brutally begin to whip and abuse them.

“This sort of life is wonderful.” The black-skinned man let out a sigh of content.

He had arrived in the Yulan continent plane four years ago. His life in the Yulan continent was thousands of times more enjoyable than it had been in the Gebados Planar Prison. In that place, he was a low level person, but here in the Yulan continent, he easily controlled the lives and deaths of others.

“I came a bit later. Many of those fellows arrived six years ago.” The skinny man actually felt a bit dissatisfied.

In the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, that fog shrouded valley was a place where reality was unstable. Generally speaking, Demigods were capable of ripping through space and arriving at the Yulan continent. Even just Saints by themselves were capable of ripping open that tear and arriving in the Yulan continent, if eight of them joined forces.

“Um, you, come over.” The skinny man’s gaze swept towards a nearby serving maid.

That serving maid instantly knelt down respectfully, raising the fruit platter up high. Only now did that skinny man happily take a piece of fruit, gnawing it contentedly. In his heart, he said to himself, “Who would’ve thought that I, Bloom [Bu’long], would also be able to enjoy these things. In the Gebados Planar Prison, fruits were things which only Deities could enjoy.”

Only when there was a contrast would one know how lucky one was.

Only after one had lost something did one know how to treasure it!

Bloom, in his original plane, had been a major figure as well, but when he had power, he didn’t care too much about it.

After having been trapped in Gebados for so long though, he had learned how to enjoy power.

“Huh?” Bloom’s eyes suddenly realized that two people had appeared within the main hall. Bloom was instantly terrified. He was a Prime Saint, but these two had appeared in his main hall out of nowhere. He stared at them, only to find…

Bloom suddenly rose to his feet.

“Milords, who are you?” Bloom’s attitude was extremely respectful.

Bloom had a strange feeling, as though he had once more returned to Gebados. This was the feeling he got when facing a Deity; that he had to be extremely subservient. The people in front of Bloom were Linley and Desri.

“What is Master…” The serving maids were shocked. They had personally witnessed how powerful their master was.

“Let them leave.” Desri spoke.

Bloom immediately looked at those serving maids, urging them to leave with his gaze. The maids nervously, carefully left. While leaving, all of them secretly glanced at Linley and Desri with curiosity and fear.

What sort of a person could cause their master to be so terrified?

“We are from the Yulan plane.” Linley spoke.

Bloom was stunned.

But in the next instant, he realized what this man wearing a sky-blue robe meant. Clearly, they already knew where he was from.

“You should know what our trip here is regarding, yes?” Linley and Desri’s expressions were cold.

Bloom’s heart shook. Could it be….?

Bloom forced out a smile. “Milords, I don’t know why…”

“Hrmph.” Linley let out a cold, angry snort. “Don’t tell me you don’t know what has been happening during this period of time in the Rohault Empire. Speak. Which Deity directed the deaths of those hundred million people from behind the scene?”

Bloom’s heart lurched. He wanted to speak, but he didn’t dare to. He knew exactly how terrifying that Deity was.

“Milords, I’m only a Prime Saint. How would I…”


A palm slapped directly on Bloom’s face, who was knocked flying away like a ripped sandbag, spewing blood everywhere. Even several of his teeth fell out. His body spun in midair several times before collapsing to the ground.

“So fast.” Bloom was secretly amazed. He didn’t even see the move being made.

Linley glanced at Bloom coldly, then said calmly, “If you don’t tell us, you will die right now. If you do tell us…that Deity might not necessarily kill you.”

“Milords, I’ll tell, I’ll tell.” In front of Linley and Desri, Bloom didn’t dare to put on any airs at all. He immediately said, “This affair of killing many humans and collecting their souls was done completely at the direction of Lord Beaumont.”

“Beaumont?” Linley and Desri exchanged a glance.

Yet another foreign name.

Yet another Deity!

Desri said coldly, “Beaumont. I imagine that this Beaumont wouldn’t personally go kill the humans, right?”

Bloom hesitated slightly, but upon hearing Linley’s cold snort, he hurriedly said, “Of course Lord Beaumont wouldn’t personally act. He ordered many Saints to go act on his behalf. Everyone who helped Lord Beaumont would receive some benefits.” Bloom now somewhat realized that these men in front of him most likely were looking to make trouble for Beaumont.

“Many Saints. I imagine you were amongst them.” Desri sneered.

“No, not, not me.” Bloom hurriedly said. Bloom was terrified that these people would instantly kill him in fury. How would he dare admit to participating?

Linley let out a cold laugh. Actually, this topic was entirely pointless. After all, they hadn’t been present.

“Fine. I’ll ask you. Where is Beaumont?” Linley barked.

Bloom shook his head, lost.

“Hm?” Linley’s face changed, and he stared at Bloom coldly. “It seems you really are quite loyal to Beaumont.”

Bloom’s face changed dramatically. He hurriedly said, “I really don’t know. Milords, I’m telling the truth. I only know one thing. Lord Beaumont usually doesn’t live at the Yulan continent. He lives in the boundless seas.”

Linley and Desri glanced at each other, both feeling that the situation just grew tricky.

The seas?

Although Linley had absorbed twenty million soul essences and his divine sense was powerful, Linley’s divine sense still only encapsulated an area of ten thousand kilometers. In the Yulan continent, that was fairly large. But in the endless seas, it was nothing at all. In addition, who knew if Beaumont was on the surface of the ocean, or in the bottom?

“How do you usually communicate?” Desri snapped.

“We don’t communicate…” Bloom said hurriedly.

“Enough bullshit.” Linley said coldly. “You are able to stay in the Rohault Empire. How could you have no connection to Beaumont at all? If you keep on lying to us, you know what the consequences will be.” Linley was already furious. He could tell that this Bloom wasn’t telling the complete truth.

The best way to lie was to mix in truth amongst the lies.

Bloom was terrified. Instantly, he replied honestly, “Milords, Lord Beaumont is extremely cautious. He usually just reaches out to us through his divine sense, one at a time, to arrange us to work for him. He has promised us that after the Gold Soul-Peas have been refined, we will get part of the benefits.”

Gold Soul-Pea?

Linley began to understand. Refining soul essences didn’t necessarily require a specific amount of souls.

For example, twenty million soul essences could be refined into a two or three centimeter thick Gold Soul-Pearl, but a million soul essences could also be refined into smaller Gold Soul-Pea.

“This Beaumont is also capable of refining souls?” Linley finally asked the question he wanted to ask.

There should only be very few Demigods who trained in the Edicts of Death.

“Lord Beaumont isn’t capable of refining souls.” Bloom said with certainty. “We all know this. We have heard that amongst the Demigods, only the Grand Warlock is able to refine souls, but I heard that the Grand Warlock died three years ago.” Bloom had stayed in the Gebados Prison for a long time, and he knew many things.

Linley instantly understood that this ‘Grand Warlock’ was the person he had killed.

“If he isn’t capable of refining it, why is he collecting souls?” Desri asked directly.

“I don’t know the answer to that either.” Bloom replied.

“How often does that Beaumont reach out to you people?” Linley asked coldly.

Bloom said hurriedly, “Generally speaking, every four to five days.” He didn’t dare to tell the complete truth; the reason it was every four to five days was because Beaumont would order them to hand over the now-filled soul crystals, while handing over empty ones.

“How is Beaumont’s power, compared to the Grand Warlock?” Linley asked.

Bloom laughed bitterly. “They are all Deities. To the likes of us, they are all so far above us. I’m not certain, but I have heard that Lord Beaumont is somewhat more powerful.”

Linley and Desri exchanged glances, communicating to each other.

“Fine.” Linley said to Bloom. “Remember. The next time Beaumont contacts you, inform him to come meet me at Dragonblood Castle. I imagine…he can guess who is looking for him.” Linley didn’t try to hide his identity.

After all…

All of the Deities present knew that right now, the only human Deities in the Yulan continent were Linley and Desri. There was no need to spell it out.

“Yes. I will definitely remember to do so.” Bloom lowered his head in terror and respect.

But by the time he lifted his head, Linley and Desri had already disappeared from within the main hall. Only now did Bloom dare to let out a long sigh. “My life is saved, for now.”

Beaumont was actually hiding in the boundless seas? It truly would be difficult to locate him. Linley and Desri were forced to temporarily choose to go back. On the way back, Linley and Desri both felt vexed by the question of how to deal with Beaumont.

“Linley, you say we should kill him?” Desri looked at Linley. “First of all, that Beaumont is stronger than that so-called ‘Grand Warlock’. But we are Deities who have just reached the Demigod stage; how can we compare to him? If we are to act against him, our chances of success are not high.”

Linley continued to listen.

Desri said seriously, “That’s the first problem. The second problem is, even if we are able to kill Beaumont, I imagine we will still be badly injured. In addition, we don’t know how many Deities are currently in the Yulan continent. If we are able to kill Beaumont, that will be a good thing. If we are instead killed by him, then…there won’t be a single person capable of posing a threat to those Deities from other planes.”

Linley nodded.

This was indeed a problem.

Actually, the Yulan continent had another person present. Beirut. But Beirut was a magical beast Deity! To magical beasts, there wasn’t much of a difference between humans and other races. When Dylin had exploded forth from the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts on the Apocalypse Day, how many humans had died?

What’s more…

Beirut had already said that his requirement was that no one was to cause trouble in the Eighteen Northern Duchies or in the Forest of Darkness. He never said that those foreign experts were forbidden from massacring humans.

“The most important issue is still that we are not strong enough, and that there are too few Deities present.” Desri frowned as he spoke. “Unless all else fails, it is best if we don’t fight Beaumont to the death.” Although this conclusion was rather hard to swallow, the truth was the enemy was simply too strong.

If they weren’t able to kill the enemy and were instead killed, wouldn’t the humans of the entire Yulan continent be doomed?

“Even if we don’t kill him, we have to demand that he leave the Yulan continent, and also hand over all of the soul essences he took. Otherwise…I want to see if I’m able to kill him or not.” Linley wasn’t like Desri; he was far more powerful than he had been three years ago.

Desri looked at Linley, wanting to say something.

But suddenly…

Both Linley and Desri turned to stare towards the north.

“Yet another person has become a Deity?” Linley and Desri’s eyes were filled with shock. The descent of those natural Laws once again enveloped the Yulan continent. Even at a great distance, the descent would cause some ripples, which Linley and Desri were naturally capable of sensing.

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