Book 11, Chapter 8

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Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 8: Three Corridors

“Thank me?” Linley was startled.

This was the first time he had ever met these Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions. Why did this Ni-Lion immediately thank him upon seeing him?

What was the reason?

“Unfortunately, you were born just a little too late. If you had been born three thousand years earlier, then Fourth Brother and Fifth Brother wouldn’t have had to die.” The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion murmured these two additional words, and the two Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions next to him also glanced at Linley. And then, the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions flew to the other side, along with the other six Saint-level magical beasts.

Desri laughed towards Linley. “Linley, you have a relationship with these three brothers?”

“No relationship at all.” Linley said.

Desri didn’t say anything, but from the look on his face, it was clear that Desri didn’t believe him.

“In the past, there were very few magical beasts who would enter the Necropolis of the Gods. Only a few of the powerful Saint-level magical beasts of the Forest of Darkness would enter. Now that Dylin has appeared, even the magical beasts of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts are able to enter the Necropolis of the Gods.” Desri sighed.

Linley glanced at the group.

Those six Saint level magical beasts which had come alongside the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions were no ordinary beasts.

“It seems as though four of them were amongst the number of Saint-level magical beasts that had attacked Fenlai City. Or perhaps they are of the same race only.” Linley could immediately recognize four of them; the Bloody-eyed Maned Lion, the Tyrant Wyrm, the Savage Worldbear, and the Violet-Eyed Goldfur Ape.

It was the Violet-Eyed Goldfur Ape who had squashed Kalan to death with one foot.

Only, he couldn’t be sure if the Violet-Eyed Goldfur Ape in front of him was the same Violet-Eyed Goldfur Ape which had attacked Fenlai City.

So many experts had gathered here. Human experts, and magical beasts as well. All of the powerful experts hidden away in the Yulan continent had come out today, and everyone present, humans and beasts alike, were chatting in quiet voices to each other. At this moment, humans and magical beasts were two races that were equal to each other.

“Swish!” A black shadow flew out from the metallic castle. It was Bebe.

All the humans and magical beasts present turned to stare at Bebe. In the past, aside from those three children of Lord Beirut as well as those Deities, not a single Saint-level expert had been qualified to enter this metallic castle.

“Boss, it’s all taken care of.” Bebe’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind. “Let Barker come.”

Linley laughed. In front of that mysterious Beirut, it seemed Bebe’s words were quite effective.

“Haeru, go inform Barker and bring Barker here.” Linley immediately spiritually communicated with his Blackcloud Panther, Haeru, and Haeru’s voice sounded out in Linley’s mind as well. “Yes, Master.”

After roughly an hour.

Barker, under Haeru’s guidance, flew here.

“So many people.” Barker looked at the experts present, and he couldn’t help but be shocked. All combined, humans and magical beasts, there were over eighty Saints here today. These experts all possessed astonishing strength. If he didn’t transform…Barker would be the weakest of them.

But of course, after transforming, Barker would be above average.

In this group, the highest tier belonged to the Desri, Fain, the other Five Prime Saints, and Linley.

The sun rose to the zenith of the sky. The Saints clustered in the empty space around the metallic castle were quite patient, and they all waited quietly. Suddenly, four shadows flew out from within the living castle. There was the War God with his absolutely dominating aura, the graceful High Priest, the devilish Dylin, and the lazy Cesar.

The four mighty Deities landed in front of the castle.

Everyone, humans and magical beasts alike, listened respectfully for their orders.

The High Priest, face covered by that green mask and long hair flowing gracefully, was the first to speak. “In this group, there are those of you who have gone to the Necropolis of the Gods before, and those who have not. But this trip is not like the previous trips, which is why we must remind you of a few things.”

The High Priest’s voice was very gentle, yet very neutral. From the sound of it alone, it was hard to determine whether the voice belonged to a man or a woman.

“Different from the past?” Linley smiled calmly. He had never gone there a single time before, so no matter what the past had been like, it didn’t affect him at all.

All the humans and magical beasts present listened carefully to the High Priest’s reminders.

“Those who have gone to the Necropolis of the Gods know that there are, in total, three tunnels that lead to the Necropolis of the Gods. One is here at the Forest of Darkness. One is on an island in the North Seas. And the third is in the watery depths of the South Sea.” The voice of the High Priest remained very gentle.

The faces of the more experienced people, like Desri and Fain, began to change.

“Three thousand years ago, the entrance to the Necropolis of the Gods was from the South Seas entrance. Two thousand years ago, the entrance was from the Forest of Darkness. One thousand years ago, it was from the island in the North Sea. Every three thousand years a cycle. This time, you will be entering the Necropolis of the Gods from the South Sea.” The High Priest’s voice entered the ears of every man and magical beast.

Linley was surprised.

“This Necropolis of the Gods actually has three tunnels?” Linley began to wonder. “But these three tunnels are extremely far apart from each other. North Sea, Forest of Darkness, South Sea…they are tens of thousands of kilometers apart. What’s going on?”

Although he was puzzled, Linley knew that this wasn’t the time to ask. He could only continue to listen patiently.

The High Priest’s voice seemed to contain a hint of laughter in it. “So you should know which tunnel will be used now. Those ten of you with previous experience should also know how dangerous this trip will be. Alright. Desri, come explain to everyone.”

“Remember. Anyone who wants to give up can do so. But tonight, the remainder of us will head out together.” The High Priest’s voice remained soft.

Dylin’s cold laughter rang out. “If you are afraid, then don’t go. There’s nothing embarrassing about it. It isn’t too late to give up now. If you give up later, after arriving there, and decide to flee at that point, that would be really shameful.” The four Deities walked to one side, waiting for midnight to come.

Desri walked to the front of the group.

Desri’s face looked extremely dark and downcast. Linley had never seen the suave Desri have such an ugly look on his face before.

“Those of you who experienced the opening of the Necropolis of the Gods two thousand years ago or a thousand years ago, listen carefully.” Desri’s voice was very cold. “There isn’t just one Necropolis of the Gods, nor is there just two. There are three. The three different tunnels lead to three different Necropolises!”

“Three?” Many people were shocked.

Even Linley felt shocked, and he focused his energy on listening to what Desri had to say.

“Although the Necropolises of the Gods which are reached through the tunnels in the Forest of Darkness and the North Sea’s island are dangerous, the danger isn’t that great. Generally speaking, as long as you are cautious and prudent, you won’t be in any risk. But the Necropolis of the Gods which is reached through the South Sea is extremely, extremely dangerous.” Desri said in a low voice, “In fact, I even believe that of the eighty or so experts present, even if we are extremely careful, we would be lucky to have a third of us survive.”

“A third?” Many of the Saints let out startled calls.

Many of them had gone to the Necropolis of the Gods before, but on the past two visits to the Necropolis of the Gods, only a quarter of them or so had died. But from what Desri was saying…it seemed two thirds of them were likely to die on this trip.

“And that assumes you are being extremely careful. If you get greedy…I expect that perhaps we might be lucky to see ten survivors out of our eighty people present.” Desri looked at the people in front of him. “Remember this. If you die, that’s no big deal. But don’t drag down others with you.”

After finishing speaking, Desri returned to stand next to Hayward and Higginson.

The atmosphere was extremely depressed.

“What is there to be afraid of? The more dangerous it is, the greater a chance of finding a divine spark or a divine artifact.” A voice rang out from the group.

“Make it out alive first.” Fain’s cold voice rang out.

Fain’s face was also exceedingly ugly to behold right now.

Desri, Higginson, and Hayward were all silent.

Linley walked towards them, then asked softly, “Desri, what’s wrong? This trip to the Necropolis of the Gods will be very special?”

Desri looked at Linley, then sighed and said, “Linley, do you remember your first trip to our village? At that time, when Hayward was sparring with you, you asked why he, a Grand Magus Saint, didn’t have a magical beast companion.”

“I remember.” Linley nodded.

When Hayward had been sparring with him, Linley had been under the impression that a Grand Magus Saint who sparred with him without a magical beast companion would definitely be defeated. But then, Hayward had shown him the error of his ways by demonstrating how a Grand Magus Saint fought.

“At that time, you said that his magical beast had died in order to save him. That was more than two thousand years ago. In addition, a good friend of yours had died as well.” Linley responded.

“Right.” Desri nodded. “And the event I spoke of us was our journey into the Necropolis of the Gods three thousand years ago.”

Linley nodded.

“Hayward’s magical beast was an Electrobolt Panther, very useful for staying alive in the Necropolis of the Gods. I begged Lord Beirut for another slot in order to let that magical beast come as well. However, on that trip…on just the outer perimeter of the sixth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods, our third brother and that magical beast both died. As for the three of us, we were on the fifth layer and didn’t dare to enter the sixth layer. Just like that…we stayed there in the fifth layer for five years, waiting until the exit tunnel appeared.” Desri’s face was very bitter.

Linley’s mind was stirred.

The fifth layer? Sixth layer?

Although he didn’t know anything about the Necropolis of the Gods, from the sound of it, it was divided into many layers. And this ‘sixth floor’ was an extremely dangerous one.

The night descended. Not a single Saint left. If they were afraid of an unknown danger…then they truly would have quite weak-willed.

A black shadow suddenly appeared in front of the group, then slowly solidified. This person wore a very simple black robe. His black hair was loose and unbound, and his beard was so long that it reached down to his chest. He looked just like an old man.

“Lord Beirut.” The High Priest, Cesar, the War God, and Dylin all immediately rose and said respectfully.

All of the Saints immediately rose and bowed respectfully, regardless of whether it was their first, second, or third time meeting Beirut. The atmosphere was such that neither the High Priest nor the War God, much less the Saints, dared to even breathe.

Beirut had a pair of little eyes, but they were quite lively, like two brilliant stars. His face seemed to have a perpetual hint of a smile on it.

“Bebe, come over here.” Beirut looked at Bebe, then beamed at him.

Bebe immediately jumped into Beirut’s arms. Everyone present looked at Bebe.

“Grandpa Beirut, let’s go. I’ve waited here so long.” Bebe didn’t seem to feel any pressure from Beirut’s presence at all, and Beirut nodded indulgently, then flew towards the south with Bebe in his arms. “Let’s go.” Beirut’s slightly gravelly voice rang out.

At this moment, the four Deities and the eighty-plus human and magical beast Saints all flew into the air as well.

While flying, many people looked at Linley. Clearly, the close relationship between Bebe and Beirut had caused them to pay attention to Linley as well. But those people only knew…that Bebe was Linley’s magical beast. Many people had come to a decision…

Even if they didn’t make friends with Linley, they couldn’t offend him.

After all, in front of Lord Beirut, even the likes of the War God and the other three Deities acted as though they were children, afraid to even breathe loudly. One could completely understand how, in Lord Beirut’s heart, the status of Bebe was far greater than that of the likes of the War God.

“This War God truly is formidable. He expressed goodwill towards me so early on, during my little brother’s wedding.” Linley laughed secretly to himself. “Lord Beirut has a relationship with Bebe, Bebe has a relationship with me, and I have a relationship with Wharton…there are two layers of separation here!”

But the War God had even gotten involved in Wharton’s affairs, directly ordering that Emperor Johann to allow Wharton to become Nina’s husband.

One could completely imagine how much respect and dread the War God felt towards Lord Beirut.


The oceans took up an enormous amount of territory in the Yulan plane. The North Sea was already enormous, but the South Sea was simply shocking. Linley had once heard Hodan say that at the end of the South Sea, one would see the wild, chaotic space.

Late night. The endless waters of the sea seemed dark and heavy.

“Right here.” Beirut declared as he stood there in mid-air above the sea.

“In the depths of the ocean here, you’ll find the entrance to the tunnel to the Necropolis of the Gods. That tunnel is roughly twenty thousand meters away from the surface of the sea.” Beirut laughed calmly. “I trust the water pressure of the deep sea won’t have any effect on you. If you can’t even withstand a tiny little bit of deep sea water pressure, then it is best if you give up right away.”

As he spoke, Beirut himself was the first to dive into the water.

Wherever his body passed, the deep ocean water itself naturally split apart around him, creating a corridor.

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    1. Assuming no one has asked about that before, but seeing that Linley, Bebe, Barker, and Desri with his key companions are all gone for ten years, what stops the Radiant Church and the Cult of Shadows from massacring Linley’s family/friends who were left behind and taking the territory in the Anarchic lands back?

      1. That would be horrible. Expecially when Desri and co are gone there. And Dark Alliance is on Holy Unions side with the loss of land…

        :S I have a bad feeling with both Brauch Empire and Barkers survival…

        1. For the Cult of Shadows, perhaps. But as far as the Radiant Church is concerned, it should be clear to them by now that regardless of their further actions, Linley is planning to obliterate them. If so, they stand nothing to loose, rather, they can get rid of Zassler, four Barker brothers, Delia, three dragonblood warrior children, and even little Wharton. All of those are potential peak level Saints. Add in three saint level magical beasts and a saint level magical pager. That’s a lot of damage to Linley’s side. Also, if all of them are killed, Linley’s likely to act rashly upon his return, charging at the Sacred Isle, which has that nasty magical formation that can be used for attack. Chances are it’s something that can bring him down, even more so if he’s not thinking straight and is careless.

          1. Ah, but does the Radiant Church know? Linley often goes into training for years at a time, after all. Dare they risk their last two or three remaining powerful Saints (Heidens, Lehman, Fallen Leaf)? And in particular, Linley’s three peak-stage Saint-level Dragons are definitely there. Remember, the Gold Dragon/Barker combo straight up killed Osenno, and I’m pretty sure the Tyrant Wyrm and the Thunder Lizard would be at least, if not more, effective than Barker. Maybe Heidens could resist the Soul Shout of the Gold Dragon as a magus, but Lehman and Fallen Leaf?

          2. Kill Barker brother: Church is destroyed by Cesar, thus reducing the magical formation to moot.

            Linley’s side doesn’t just have 4 magical beast, but also has aid from 3 Violet-Gold Rats, and Desri’s team (not everyone left, such as his wife is still there, possibly scared since what happened last time).

            Angels are moot compared to the magical beast, of which the Church only has 4 major saints left. Pretty sure 1 is not sufficient against the magical beast +Desri’s village + Saint level transformation, and sending 2 is just asking to be destroyed by Cult of Shadows.

            Remember that Cult of Shadows are enemies, so unless they join forces, they still have to watch their back.

            Also, Cult of Shadows is not likely to attack since the only reason to do so is to regain their land. However, to do so, they need to destroy the Rats, of which the Rat Kings may get involved, leading to the Lord as well. They are not that stupid.

          3. They have spies close to the royal family, and this event is bound to be discussed, after all. Also, I can’t imagine them not noticing the activity of 80+ top saints as well, and with the history of the Church being as long as it is, they should be well aware of the implications.
            As far as the firepower goes, just Heidens, Lehman, and Fallen Leaf trio is formidable. Fallen Leaf has incredible reflexes and speed, he even warned the slowpoke Osenno back then, and Heidens’ magic is not to be taken lightly. If they clear the way for Lehman, he can kill anyone.
            Moreover, there’s Stehle and other saints, not to mention angels and their angels battle formation: it might be useless against Linley, but against anyone else is pretty deadly. They also have some saint level magical beasts too. Honestly, if they were to go all out, the remaining people on the Linley’s side don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

            The only thing that can restrain the Church is if three Rat Kings step out and order them to roll the frack out of Anarchic lands. Or, even better, Beirut himself. It’s just, this matter hasn’t been mentioned at all. Either the discussion’s happened off-record, or Linley’s careless idiot…

            And I remember Stehle 🙂 There might be even more human saint of decent level on their side, actually.
            Ah, and even if the Church doesn’t kill Barker’s brothers, that’s still a lot of damage.

          4. If they have spies, then they should know Bebe’s relations with Beirut…
            Attacking Linley will also invite Bebe’s wrath… a Godeater Rat with hundred millions of rat armies.
            Bebe will march conquering all whats left of Holy Unions and besiege Holy Isle until he naturally reach adulthood and become a Demigod. Even Dylin can destroy Radiant Church formation in 2 attacks… imagine what Bebe, a Godeater Rat can do…

          5. Fallen Leaf, Heidens, Leyman are the main forces yes but the 3 dragons if not can overpower them then probably a stalemate. Last time the dragons even swatted saint level angels in one hit. Don’t underestimate Desri’s group too even Linley don’t take them lightly Desri’s wife, Higginson, and the others will surely defend them and the 3 rat Kings. It will truly be the end of the Radiant church. The O’Brien Empire might also move considering Emperor Johann is such a doting father to Nina. There is also Delia’s saint level magi teacher. The remaining Barker brothers and Wharton are quite strong too when transformed. I’m sure they won’t have much problems with angels.

          6. @dewisa
            And what makes you think that either Beirut or even Rat Kings are going to move for the sake of Wharton and company? Beirut cares for Bebe and, to an extent, for Linley. The likes of Wharton should be nobodies for him.
            And the key point is that regardless of what the Church does now, Linley and Bebe are going to come after them in the future. If the Church has to fight their side and face all the possible repercussions, they might as well deliver a preemptive strike to raise their chances, however small they might be.

            Rather, everyone’s underestimating the Church. Dragons can be a threat to someone like Haydson, but Heidens and others of the top brass are different. Moreover, the Church has plenty of artifacts that they’ve barely used so far, and that alone can provide an overwhelming advantage.
            In fact, for all his highhanded talk, the only real damage Linley’s side has inflicted on the Church’s saints was the death of Osenno, which was rather random and somewhat questionable. In most cases Linley had his ass handed to him and saved by plot powers, while in others he wasn’t able to achieve any decisive results despite all the boasting. Even recently, if not for the assistance of the Rat Kings, his side would be simply screwed despite all the pathos.

            There’s a significant difference between the declared competence and the demonstrated competence. The reason I despise Wharton is precisely that: he’s constantly praised, advertised, and put on top of all lists, yet has zero real achievements and, in fact, is just a dragonblood nanny. He might be exceptional for his age, but when he does nothing, yet gets credit and special treatment all the time, it’s irritating.
            I also liked Linley much better when he was more about doing rather than talking. After the time skip, he’s just going around arrogantly smirking at everyone, and it feels like he already considers himself to be five minutes to deity level. I thought that he will regain some modesty after learning that all the special treatment he had received was due to Bebe’s connection to Beirut, but looks like that was a vain hope.
            So, when Linley is talking like he can level the Radiant Church any time he wants, I take it with a pinch of salt. Like, a large pinch. Of course, IET can and will make it happen, but that’s too meta to be a proper argument.

          7. Spies? Their main was only servant who overheard talk between kids of Linley and Wharton. They surerly were instruced to not reveal anything this time. Also, how would Radiant Church notice anything? Majority of those experts train in seclusion, so who would possibly inform them? 10 years for saints is not long span of time.

            Also, Linley said that his dragons would be effective vs people of Osenno level. Even if Heidens decided to attack, he already used his most powerfull artifact. And killing targets and defeating them are different things. They could all just flee to Forest of Darkness, where Heidens would not dare to chase in. Baruch city is, after all, only few dozen kilometers from Forest of Darkness.

            But yes, it does not change the fact that it is still dangerous for them.

          8. OK, the specifics on their spy network in the Baruch kingdom/empire weren’t clearly stated, but they do have some people there, and I would assume that there’s enough of them: when the state is twelve years old and was formed on the lands that previously belonged to your side or were adjacent, infiltration should be fairly easy. Even more so when Zassler is the only expert on Linley’s side who uses his head during the times other than meditation.
            Their information network in other regions should also be developed. Honestly, I find it hard to imagine that the Church won’t catch wind of the Necropolis expedition, and once they do, confirming the participation of a few high-profile saints is not that hard.

            As far as the combat ability goes, post-time skip Linley is constantly misjudging the power of his opponents, and ends up having to adjust at the last moment. In his internal monologue, he pretty much sees anyone aside from five prime saint as much inferior to him, doesn’t feel any caution about the power of five prime saints themselves, and even with deities, he’s just recognizing their enormous advantage..for the moment. At the same time, his evaluation of people on his side is was too optimistic.
            Remember, he told Osenno that he can easily kill someone on his level even without transforming, while the narration immediately clarified that that wasn’t really the case. He was just taking the spell from Heidens feeling confident until the last moment, yet if not for the Coiling Plot Armor, that magic could have killed him several times over. And so on, and so forth. If anything, Osenno wasn’t all that great in terms of pure power, it’s just that he had a bizzare technique, which somehow wasn’t reliable at key moments.
            The scroll that Heidens used might be their greatest treasure, and it has already proved its worth, but it’s not the only one. Once again, no matter how boastful Linley is about himself, and how ridiculing he is about his opponents, the Radiant Church holds significant power. In fact, it would be good to see them take action and make Linley regret his inefficiency in that battle. May be he’ll learn something from that.

          9. I agree with you that Linley got overconfident but at least he admitted it himself after the battle, which is why he trained right after instead of attacking. He knows he can’t even damage the Sacred Isle’s barrier. Also, when he almost got defeated in Cod he accepted it and said there is nothing he can do and is willing to give up the mine. Regarding Wharton I’m also disappointed that he got less and less significant and just a mere nanny. When Linley and him got reunited I was excited, I thought he will have more spotlight too but Barker got even more significant than him. 🙁

          10. NO ONE KNOWS that the Necropolis of Gods takes 10 years to go through.

            As far as the Church knows, Linley can come flying very fast if Haeru (his linked beast) calls him from wherever he is atm.

            So, why risk it?

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  2. “Unfortunately, you were born just a little too late. If you had been born three thousand years earlier, then Fourth Brother and Fifth Brother wouldn’t have had to die.” The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion murmured these two additional words,

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