Book 11, Chapter 35

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Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 35, Fleeing For His Life

“Kill him!” The two red Abyssal Blade Demons bellowed from afar.


Countless Abyssal Blade Demons roared, and like houseflies smelling the stench of blood, they wildly charged forward. Instantly, with Linley at the center of them, the world all around Linley was filled with countless Abyssal Blade Demons.

The light red baleful aura that had already taken visible shape completely surrounded Linley, and his eyes had turned blood red and was filled with savage madness.

“F*ck off!” Linley howled angrily.

Instantly, a large number of boulders appeared out of nowhere in every direction around Linley, as well as the gaps between the numerous Abyssal Blade Demons.

The Abyssal Blade Demons had to fly, and thus couldn’t be too close to each other. In order to be able to wield their blades and to fly, each maintained a distance of approximately two or three meters from each other.

And now…

Linley’s instacasted boulders blocked off all of the available space for hundreds of meters around him.

“Where’s the Draconian?” The countless Abyssal Blade Demons had been able to see Linley from the cracks, but now, with so many giant boulders around them, virtually none of them could see Linley any longer.

The countless Abyssal Blade Demons and boulders formed a solid sphere, with Linley in the center.

“Not good.” Those two red Abyssal Blade Demons, seeing this, had a bad feeling.

The spiritual energy of Abyssal Blade Demons could only stretch out a few meters, which was of no use to them at all. And now with their lines of vision blocked, they didn’t dare to wave their weapons wildly, for fear of killing their own people.

After all…

This ‘solid sphere’, aside from countless boulders, also had many Abyssal Blade Demons within it. But there was only a single Linley.


In the same instant that Linley instacast those giant boulders, dozens of Abyssal Blade Demons next to him struck out towards Linley at the same instant. These Abyssal Blade Demons which were located close to Linley still knew where he was, and they didn’t hesitate at all.

Dozens of blades came chopping down.


Linley’s eyes were filled with boundless rage, and with an angry roar, he swept out with Bloodviolet as fast as lightning as he charged downwards. But no matter how fast he was, around ten blades still chopped down on Linley’s body in an instant.

“Bang!” Linley’s ‘Pulseguard Defense’ instantly crumbled.

The ‘Sacred Earthguard Armor’ which he had prepared before charging out of the ground also crumbled in an instant.

“Slash!” Three blades struck down on his draconic scales at the same time, slashing into Linley’s body, and even digging deep into Linley’s bones, but this heart-piercing pain didn’t even make Linley frown.

“Hrmph.” The deep azure Dragonblood battle-qi in his body exploding, he directly knocked off those three blades.


Like a meteor striking the ground, Linley charged down at high speed with that faint red baleful aura surrounding him, making him look like a fiendish god. Any Abyssal Blade Demons which wanted to block him, Linley, not trying to kill them, would immediately sweep out with a sword blow, then rely on the counterforce to dodge.

The strange thing was, less than a second later…Linley managed to descend from the center of this ‘solid sphere’ and charge down, entering the ground again.

Although this description of how Linley instacast giant boulders to block the countless attacking Abyssal Blade Demons and then charged downwards took a long time to describe, in truth, this all took a total of less than a second. In that short period of time…Linley managed to charge underground.

“That detestable Draconian.” Seeing this, a red Abyssal Blade Demon sneered coldly.

The other red Abyssal Blade Demon’s eyes were also filled with a killing urge. “This Draconian is simply too vile. In but an instant, he used his magic…to create an ‘underground’ environment in mid-air, causing the vast majority of our children to be unable to see him.”

The two Abyssal Blade Demons knew that things had just gotten complicated.

Ten Abyssal Blade Demons wouldn’t be enough to kill Linley, but after he entered the underground area, what should they do?

“We only have one method.” The leading red Abyssal Blade Demon stared at the ground. “It will indeed be very hard to get close to him and attack him. What we can do is…have over ten thousand Abyssal Blade Demons simultaneously strike that Draconian from afar with energy blade strikes.”

The other red Abyssal Blade Demon’s eyes lit up. “Right. There’s no need to get close to him. When ten thousand of our Abyssal Blade Demons simultaneously strike him from afar with energy blades, although the power of the attack will be less than half of a close quarters blow, the combined attack of ten thousand of our Abyssal Blade Demons will be enough to render him into mincemeat.”

When Linley and Fain had emerged from the ground the first time, nearly a million Abyssal Blade Demons had simultaneously brandished their blades and chopped down with energy blows covering an area of multiple kilometers, creating an enormous crater of many kilometers across. In addition…even Fain had lost his entire body below his chest, while Linley’s legs had been shattered. And, that second of the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions had to sacrifice his life to save his big brother and third brother.

It must be understood that less than 0.1% of the power of the combined blows of those million Abyssal Blade Demons actually landed on the bodies of Linley’s group.

But despite that, Fain and Linley had nearly died.

Fortunately, Fain and Linley had dove underground headfirst.

“Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”

Hundreds of thousands of Abyssal Blade Demons dove underground like sharp arrows, beginning to hunt for Linley. Wiser for their previous experience, these Abyssal Blade Demons definitely would not allow Linley to flee alive.

On the tenth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods.

“Stop bothering me!” Bebe howled angrily.

Right now, Bebe’s fur was split open and his flesh was cut into, with blood matting the surrounding grass. The nearby Desri wanted to heal him, but Bebe instead yelled at him.

Desri stood there on the grass, then turned to look at the other experts. The Blackscale Scorpion, the two Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, Rosarie, Tulily, Olivier…they were all silent and exceedingly downcast.

“My life was rescued by Linley.” Tulily growled.

Just then, Linley had somehow managed to suddenly hold off the Abyssal Blade Demons coming from above for an instant, allowing Rosarie, Olivier, and Tulily to escape. Otherwise, they would have died.

Although Linley had also saved them on the sixth floor when he killed the Flame Tyrant, this time was different. After all, no matter what, Linley would have killed the Flame Tyrant, even if it wasn’t for their sake. Saving them was just par for the course.

Tulily and the others hadn’t felt too grateful.

But this time was different.

Although Linley himself hadn’t been able to flee, he could have done nothing at all and allowed Tulily, Olivier, and the others to die alongside him. But Linley didn’t do that!

“Boss.” Bebe’s eyes were watery. Right now, he was nervously sensing Linley’s soul.

The tenth floor and the eleventh floor were actually two different little dimensions, and Bebe was therefore unable to spiritually speak to Linley. However, as long as Linley didn’t die, Bebe could sense Linley’s existence.

“Boss, you have to survive.” Bebe’s heart was trembling. “Hold on, hold on…”

Bebe knew very well that Linley was being surrounded and attacked by countless Abyssal Blade Demons. As Bebe saw it, if Linley was able to survive more than ten seconds, then Linley probably would have fled to the underground. Upon reaching the underground, given Linley’s ability, it should be possible for him to survive for a few remaining months.

“I know about the grudge which exists between Linley and the Radiant Church.” Rosarie said in a low voice. After the day of Linley’s wedding, Cesar had ended up staying with Rosarie for a few days, and from Cesar, Rosarie had learned much regarding Linley’s parentage and other details.

“Even if Linley dies, I will definitely help him get his revenge.”

“And I.” Tulily said. “My life was saved by Linley. Only after destroying the Radiant Church will I feel a bit better.”

“We two brothers will go as well.” The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion, Cleo, growled. “That Linley…in the past, he released us and our father, which was already a great kindness. This time…he saved us two brothers. We definitely have to repay his kindness.”

In the past, when Linley had pulled out Bloodviolet, he had released Dylin. Dylin himself had only found out later from Beirut.

“Count me in for assisting Linley in his revenge.” Olivier suddenly said.

“You pack of bastards!” Bebe bellowed angrily. The nearby experts all couldn’t help but turn to stare at Bebe in surprise.

Bebe furiously glared at them. “Stop farting. Avenge my Boss? The Boss will avenge himself! The Boss will definitely leave the Necropolis of the Gods alive. All of you, stop saying he’s going to die. The Boss won’t die!”

“Won’t die?”

Fain, Tulily, Cleo, and the other experts, despite feeling grateful towards Linley, knew exactly what perilous straits Linley had been in on the eleventh floor.

When surrounded by those countless attacking Abyssal Blade Demons, how could he possibly flee and survive?

“My Boss and I are spiritually linked,” Bebe said furiously. “I, Bebe, don’t know much, but I do know that the Boss is still alive. My soul can still sense his existence. Quite some time has passed, but the Boss is still alive…I believe that he will definitely survive!”

The experts all immediately understood.

Bebe was Linley’s magical beast companion. Bebe could sense whether Linley lived or died.

“Still alive?” Desri and the others felt surprise and joy in their hearts.

Although they didn’t understand how Linley had escaped from those countless besieging Abyssal Blade Demons, at least he was still alive for now.

“Only a few months are left to the ten year period. I hope Linley can hold on.” Desri murmured to himself secretly. Not just him; the other experts were all silently praying for Linley.

They all knew…

That to be able to hold on against the attack of a million Abyssal Blade Demons on the eleventh floor for months…Linley’s chances of life were still quite slim!

On the eleventh floor of the Necropolis of the Gods.

The metallic underground was filled with countless tunnels, all formed by those hundreds of thousands of Abyssal Blade Demons which were wildly scurrying everywhere in search of Linley.

“Roaaaar.” An Abyssal Blade Demon bellowed.

Instantly, a large number of Abyssal Blade Demons frantically surged towards that area, but they only saw a dark-red figure flash by like lightning from the tunnel, only leaving behind some bloodstains and some shattered draconic scales.

Three hours.

He had been fleeing for three full hours. Ever since he had fled into the underground, countless Abyssal Blade Demons had been chasing him underground. At first, the Abyssal Blade Demons didn’t know where Linley was, and so for the first hour, Linley’s underground flight had been fairly easy.

But after being discovered time and time again…

In his area of flight, more and more Abyssal Blade Demons had arrived, making it harder and harder for him to flee.

During the second hour, Linley had been badly injured and lost a great deal of blood.

By the third hour, Linley had nearly died on two separate occasions.

“What to do? What to do?” Linley flew at high speed. Whenever he saw a figure from afar, Linley would quickly go into another tunnel, or dig his own.

“These Abyssal Blade Demons are getting more and more experienced.” Linley was feeling frantic.

At this moment, a large number of Abyssal Blade Demons were standing guard at designated choke points. Although there were many tunnels underground, with large numbers of Abyssal Blade Demons standing guard at designated locations, Linley often had to create his own tunnels.

But whenever Linley created his own tunnels, he would create many powerful tremors in the metal.

This vibration would cause the garrison Abyssal Blade Demons to immediately know where Linley’s general location was.

“Just then…” Linley thought back to what had happened just five minutes ago. More than a thousand Abyssal Blade Demons had struck at him with distant energy blades. Fortunately, Linley had fled quickly, and only a few dozen energy blades had struck him, but nonetheless, Linley had nearly lost his life.

“If this continues, there will be even more Abyssal Blade Demons surrounding me. I can’t let this continue.” Linley knew how bad the situation was.

“Grooooowl.” Yet another roar was suddenly heard.

An Abyssal Blade Demon had flown out from another tunnel at high speed and discovered Linley.

“Growl!” “Growl!” “Growl!”

Dozens of growls rang out, and countless Abyssal Blade Demons began to charge wildly towards Linley’s general location.

“Not good.” Linley’s face instantly turned pale. Compared to five minutes ago, the situation now was even more dangerous, and even more Abyssal Blade Demons were coming!

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      1. Because they have their element always close to them in Yulan Continent. They can use it as basis of their spells, instead of creating them from thin air, and use less energy, i guess?

      2. Do you remember what Linley did when he was fighting Osenno? Supergravity won’t work on demons the same way it did on Haeru, but inside the tunnels, where they’re inevitably close to the ground, it’s enough to create an opening or/and disturb their attack. You get a chance to slip through, at the very least.

        1. Yes, but a high level, You can destory the ground enough taht tyou can’t use the skill.

          Osenno got to the point where he was destory the ground to undo the skill. Each of these ABD are stronger then Osenno and more nummerous, so they can just make a big cavern to render it moot.

          1. Except it will take time, if just a bit. And all Linley needs is an opening to slip away, he’s not standing his ground like he did back when he fought Osenno. Also, they’re underground, which is made of metal to boot. Recklessly destroying what’s around you can turn into a huge mess, which just what Linley needs.

  10. Thank you soon much RWX I have really enjoyed all of CD that you have released!!
    Also for 放屁i think instead stop bull **ing would be better than “Stop farting”. Again really appreciate your work on CD

  11. “Not just him; the other experts were all silently praying for Linley.”

    LOL – which of the 4 planes god were they praying to ? or to Beirut?

  12. I’m actually a little thankful I had a lot to do today and am only reading now, when there are several chapters uploaded already 😀

    I wonder if Linley will find that “thing” that was calling him. I actually hope it isn’t a divine spark, he needs to become a deity with his own power.

  13. “After the day of Linley’s wedding, Cesar had ended up staying with Rosarie for a few days,”
    He got caught after all? I guess even Lord Cesar, the only Deity Combatant who trained in the Darkness Aspects of Stealth, escape, and assassination could not escape from a woman’s grip…

  14. **they were all silent, exceedingly downcast.**
    Pretty sure it should be “silent and exceedingly downcast.”
    Or maybe “silently, exceedingly downcast.” That just feels off to me though.

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