Book 11, Chapter 18

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Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 18: The Fate-Determining Strike

“Most powerful attack?” Desri’s eyes lit up, and he mentally said, “How confident are you?”

“Right now, 70% confident.” Linley said. “The prerequisite being I have to get near him.”

Linley stared at the distant Flame Tyrant. The Flame Tyrant, upon entering his battle-form, had shrunk dramatically in size, and even the rocks making up his body had changed. One could imagine how dramatically the power of the Flame Tyrant’s defense and speed had risen.

Right now, the Flame Tyrant truly was terrifying!

But to Linley, this sort of rocky defense was useless against him.

“If the Flame Tyrant didn’t shrink in size and was still hundreds of meters tall, then the rocks making up his body alone would be nearly a hundred meters thick. My ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’, after traveling a hundred meters, would probably have dropped in power to a fairly low level. It would be hard to destroy that gemstone core. But now…

Linley was quite confident in his heart.

“Now that it is only a few dozen meters tall, the translucent rock should be fairly close to the outside layer of its stone body, perhaps not even ten meters away.

The closer the distance was, the less weakened the waves of the Profound Truths of the Earth would be. At such a close distance, Linley was quite confident in himself. “If I can’t even kill him in a situation like this, then that Flame Tyrant should be a Deity-level creature.”

Desri glanced at Linley, his eyes filled with surprise and delight.

But right at that moment…

The Flame Tyrant, which had been chatting with them just now, charged at them once again. He bellowed wildly, “Haha…puny humans, none of you will survive. All of you will die!” As he spoke, he chopped out with his axe yet again.

An expert who hadn’t managed to dodge in time was chopped directly into two halves.

“Clay!” Linley’s face changed.

Clay was a very open and valiant man, with extremely powerful defense. His weakness was his speed…but no matter how tough his defense was, it still couldn’t withstand a single blow from the Flame Tyrant.


Desri, Fain, Rutherford…and Linley all retreated at high speed alongside the other major experts, pulling away from the murdering, bellowing Flame Tyrant. As they flew, Desri hurriedly spoke mentally to the others.

“Rosarie, Rutherford, Fain, Bebe, Cleo and brothers. The three of you, listen up. Linley has 70% confidence in being able to kill that Flame Tyrant, but of course, he first has to be able to get close to its body.” Desri’s voice rang out in the minds of all the other experts.

While flying at high speed, Rosarie, Rutherford, and Fain all immediately looked at Linley.

Linley nodded.

“Good. I have the energy to just barely be able to force myself to cast one more ‘Absolute Zero’.” Rosarie spoke back mentally as well. Rosarie was also a Grand Magus Saint. Generally speaking, a Grand Magus Saint would only be able to cast a single wide-effect forbidden-level spell, and even if they had some sort of precious treasure, they would at most be able to cast two.

But Rosarie was capable of casting three, even in an environment such as the sixth floor.

And clearly, the power of her spells had been modified and improved. First of all, the area of the ‘Absolute Zero’ spell had been reduced greatly; it wasn’t like how the books had written about it, with an area of dozens of square kilometers. But in terms of single-target damage, it clearly was far more powerful as well.

“We three brothers will defend Linley as he heads over towards the Flame Tyrant’s body.” One of the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions said.

Linley and Fain stared in surprise at the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions.

“You’ll be able to take one of his hits?” The experts present were all a bit worried.

The eldest of the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion, Cleo, snorted. “Don’t worry. In the past, we three brothers, alongside with our father, encountered even more dangerous situations when we were in the Gebados Prison. Although the three of us haven’t gained insight into other things, we have gained quite a bit of insight into life-saving measures.”

In the Gebados Planar Prison, the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions had continuously struggled to stay alive.

For them to be able to survive in that sort of environment was partially due to the protection of their father, Dylin, but their own power was one of the main reasons as well.

“I can also cast one more forbidden-level spell. I hope it will be able to affect the Flame Tyrant.” Desri said.

“Boss. I…” Bebe was frantic.

“Bebe, no need.” Linley knew Bebe’s situation very well. Bebe’s defense was extremely tough, but whether or not Bebe would be able to take a hit from the Flame Tyrant was something Linley wasn’t certain about. After all, Bebe hadn’t been alive for long enough. Although Godeater Rats had their own amazing powers, he hadn’t gained insight into most of them yet.

While flying at high speed, Desri was occasionally looking back and keeping an eye on the Flame Tyrant.

But suddenly, Desri’s face changed, and he let out a fierce, grief-stricken cry. “Hayward!!!”

A devilish blood red hatched cut a swathing blur through the air, and the fleeing fire-style Grand Magus Saint, Hayward, was chopped directly into two, with the chopped section disappearing into nothingness. Hayward’s two chopped halves fell down from the air, collapsing into the lava river.

“No fun.” The Flame Tyrant turned to stare at Linley and the others. “It’s more interesting dealing with you people. You sure can run.”

The Flame Tyrant’s body, dozens of meters high, transformed into a red blur, charging straight towards Linley’s group. As the Flame Tyrant charged towards them, it laughed loudly and wildly, “Haha, no matter how you run, you’ll still die. Haha…”

Only eleven or twelve of the experts in the group of twenty-plus experts which Olivier and Hayward had been in were still alive.

In a short period of time, more than ten had perished.

“Whew.” Olivier was hiding next to a boulder, and he secretly let out a relieved sigh. “This Flame Tyrant…” Olivier stared at that distant, terrifying red blur and he couldn’t help but shake his head toward himself. He was famous for his powerful attacks, but this Flame Tyrant was his bane.

And right now, the Flame Tyrant was currently chasing after Linley’s group.

“Haha, fleeing is usel-” The Flame Tyrant was laughing loudly, but he only finished half his words.

Suddenly, Rosarie turned around. Her long jade hair fluttering, she stared coldly at the distant Flame Tyrant as she extended her hands and pointed towards it.

Countless amounts of snow and frost began to descend from nowhere.

The extremely hot environment instantly transformed into a world of ice and snow, and the lava once again congealed. The flames around the Flame Tyrant’s body were extinguished, and a layer of ice and frost covered it. Only, the Flame Tyrant’s body continued to be covered by that layer of red light.

Water-style, forbidden-level magic: Absolute Zero!

“This technique yet again.” The Flame Tyrant bellowed angrily. “This technique is useless against me!” Although this spell wasn’t very effective, the Flame Tyrant truly hated it.

As a fire-type creature, the Flame Tyrant truly hated ice and snow. What he liked best was sleeping in the middle of hot lava.

The nine major experts halted in mid-air, with Rosarie and Desri in the center. After Rosarie finished casting her spell, Desri, who had been mumbling a spell this entire time, pointed one hand at the distant Flame Tyrant, and a holy aura suddenly descended.

The sound of holy chanting could be heard, and dream-like dots of white light suddenly surrounded the Flame Tyrant.

An Angel that was dozens of meters tall suddenly appeared out of nowhere, but its body was hazy and indistinct, as though it were an illusion. Behind the Angel were three sets of wings. The sudden appearance of this massive Angel caused the Flame Tyrant to be even more enraged.

Light-style forbidden-level magic: Angelic Descent.

This Angel wasn’t a true Angel; rather, it was a manifestation of light-style energy, much like the earth-style forbidden-level spell, ‘World Protector’. It wasn’t a true life form. This sort of creature was very hard to deal with, because it was formed from pure energy. It didn’t have any true vital points. The only thing that could be done was to cause it to use up all of its energy.

“F*ck off.” The Flame Tyrant swung his greataxe straight at it.

This one blow from the greataxe caused the illusionary Six-Winged Angel’s body to shudder, and a good amount of its energy disappeared.

“What a ferocious axe.” Desri’s face changed, and with a sudden thought…

The illusory Six-Winged Angel suddenly charged down, not giving the Flame Tyrant any chance to dodge. All six of its wings were spread, and it suddenly clutched tightly around the Flame Tyrant, preventing the Flame Tyrant from moving while its six wings wrapped around the Flame Tyrant as well.

“Explode!” Desri softly spat out this single word.


Even the rocky ground of the sixth floor shuddered, and a storm of energy blasted in every direction, breaking apart large amounts of stone. But right in the middle of that energy storm…

“Let’s go.” Linley and the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions transformed into four blurs, charging forward.

“Linley, let us deal with the attack of the Flame Tyrant. All you need to worry about is taking and killing him.” The three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions seemed very reliable and confident.

“Don’t worry.” Linley held Bloodviolet in one hand and the adamantine heavy sword in the other.

The Flame Tyrant’s body wasn’t too badly damaged, but suffering two forbidden-level spell attacks in a row had made the Flame Tyrant very angry. Bellowing madly, he charged forward once again, but as he did, the Flame Tyrant suddenly discovered that four blurs were already by his side.

“Detestable.” The furious Flame Tyrant brandished his axe, chopping down.

The Bloodlust Greataxe glowed with that blood red light as it descended, but the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions’ bodies suddenly emitted a black substance, like some sort of form-fitting armor. The strangest part of it was…atop the black armor, there was a layer of dim, multicolored barrier.


The three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions didn’t dodge at all, receiving the attack of that Bloodlust Greataxe head-on as one unit. The translucent, multicolored barrier around their bodies caved downwards as the three brothers received the blow of the Bloodlust Greataxe, while Linley transformed into a black rainbow as he charged next to the Flame Tyrant.

While charging, Linley struck out with the adamantine heavy sword in his hand.

“Hrmph.” The Flame Tyrant didn’t fear Linley’s attack in the slightest. In his battle-form, his defense was several times greater than it had been originally. He didn’t fear any Saint-level human experts at all. What he did care about was these three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions.

The adamantine heavy sword moved with grace, but it was as fast as lightning, and it struck directly against the chest of the Flame Tyrant.

“Clink!” A very gentle, soft sound.

The previously confident Flame Tyrant suddenly froze. A strange vibration seemed to completely ignore the defense of his rocky body, and in fact actually caused the countless stones which made up its body to begin to vibrate, as it made its way to his inner core.

When the vibrational waves reached the translucent gemstone which was his core…

The power of Linley’s full-force strike suddenly exploded. The fierce, profound power of the earth’s vibrational waves caused that translucent gemstone to instantly begin to crack, and then…


The translucent stone completely shattered into countless fragments!

Profound Truths of the Earth – Throbbing Pulse of the World, 64 Layered Waves!

Linley’s most powerful attack!

“Rumble…” The Flame Tyrant stared at Linley in disbelief. The fire that had been wrapped around his body was extinguished, and the fire that lit his eyes grew dim as well. His enormous body transformed into countless boulders which began to fall from the sky.

With the translucent stone shattered, the Flame Tyrant’s body itself began to crumble.

“Success!” Desri called out, wildly overjoyed.

“Haha, Boss, success!” Even Bebe began to shout in joy.

As for the extremely ashen-faced Rosarie, even she revealed a hint of excitement as she smiled. Rutherford and Fain also stared at the distant Linley, hovering in mid-air. It was Linley who had finally killed the Flame Tyrant and rescued everyone.

“The King…the King is dead!” The dozens of nearby Magma Demons, seeing this, were completely stupefied.

The ‘King’ whom they all felt to be invincible had been trampling these humans just a few moments ago, but now…he was dead!

“This axe is so strange.” One of the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions flew directly downwards. The Bloodlust Greataxe had already shrunk to the size of a human palm, and it had fallen by the side of a lava river. The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion grabbed the axe, then flew back up.

“Linley, this divine artifact is yours.” The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion offered the dark red hatchet to Linley.

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          6. I was warned few times about manwha being above and beyond bad, so i am not going to read or look at it at all. 😉

          7. Wharton is 2.2m tall. Also:
            Master Longhaus secretly sighed to himself. Good grief. Where did these people come from? Wharton’s massive physique had already shocked Longhaus, but Wharton was at least relatively handsome. Gates was totally different. His waist was astonishingly thick, and the man himself looked like a giant bear.
            Relatively. And that’s when put next to Gates. And I believe it was mentioned that Wharton had more handsome features than Linley. Yup, sorry, Yuzu, even fantasy world is imperfect…

          8. Uhu, here nope. Linley should be better-looking compared to Wharton from what the story said 🙂 But surerly he is rather rough type, not bishounen type 🙂

          9. Strange, I remember it being the opposite, but finding out the truth will require digging through the most of book 9, and I’ll pass on that. For a variety of reasons, actually 😀

          10. heh? you give up?? well I can’t blame you since you can not possibly convince that wharton’s good looking than linley just because he’s a bit taller!!! from what I imagine wharton’s like hulk but not green!
            quit saying bishounen, I just said he’s handsome! don’t screw up my fantasy!

  9. this chap keeps disappointing me more and more!!! why the hell is that oliver is still alive???? why kill hayward and clay! when that sneaky bastard’s hiding behind a rock!!! what a rip off!! that bastard sure has lots of dumb luck!
    thanx for the chap btw!! *sigh*

          1. But Yuzu said that fifty’s too old, and Linley’s 49-50 years old atm, so in a couple of chapters the love might wither…

          2. He is eternally 30-years old looking. Given normal lifespan of people in Yulan Continent, it’s comparable to 20’ish old from our world. 😛

          3. Yeah, but I believe the problem was with his calendar age. Which is kind of odd, as it doesn’t even equate his mental age: all he does is thinking about laws and training, so I doubt his social experience is vastly different compared to when he was eighteen.

          4. hmph! of course I love linley! everybody else does too you know! (he’s my perfect hero!) and it’s not a matter of age, guys won’t understand! even with quantum computers guys are just too dumb *sigh*

          5. No? I would totally go for 5 000 years old woman who looks like 30’ish old 😀 And i bet any man would, if she was a beauty on top of it xD No hope for love, but always some nice adventure with an immortal 😀

          6. yuck! you like older women! disgusting!
            if you really want to then go wink at pennyslin she give you a nice slap in the face to correct that weird brain engine! (but a slap from saint will probably do more damage than correcting) ‘well who cares right! since it’s from beauty right!’ urgh, disgusting!!! *goosebumps*

          7. Hm… I’m still contemplating on how many profound truths about this and that Cathy has mastered over 10k+ years. And I’m still waiting for IET to explain what are the requirements to become her, you know, apprentice.

          8. Be a young, handsome talented magus? 😀

            It will be funny is ‘she’ turns out to be a trap, through xD

          9. Are you implying that you are young, handsome and talented by a chance? xP

            We are so similar! Haha 😀 *wink* *wink* xD

          10. Can you guys even FATHOM how stupidly funny it was to see you finally agreeing ONCE… and the reason being “who can understand women?”? XD

  10. Boys and Girls, i got new idea for y’all! How about Linley subduing some saint level beast on higher levels to complete his limit of 3 soul-bound Magical Beasts? Mmmm? 😉 It might just happen ^.^

    1. While I also want to see his third beastie, is there a point in him getting it? I mean just look at Haeru, relegated to a siege weapon, then nada after. T_T. So If/when he does get the third one will it even get air time?

    2. I was considering it, but all that awaits that poor beast is Haeru’s fate: everyone will be impressed seeing Linley with that magical beast of X rank or higher for some time, but then Linley and Bebe are going to live it far behind and it will fall out of the picture.

      Edit: we’re in sync when it comes to feeling Haeru’s pain 😀

          1. Wow that hit it on the head lol. I don’t think I could have worded that comparison better myself.

  11. Someone else should get the axe… Linley already has 2 weapons, and not like he’s skilled with axes.

    Giving it to someone else might improve their chances on the next floors.

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