Book 11, Chapter 17

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Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 17: The Tunnel’s Location

On the sixth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods, the mountain-like Flame Tyrant strode forward on the rocky terrain, wielding that Bloodlust Greataxe in his hand, twin eyes blazing with rage while also howling furiously. Instantly, all of the lava flows in the sixth floor began to bubble and rise up.

Linley and the rest of the ten major experts, hovering in mid-air, had a bad feeling.

“What should we do?” Rosarie asked quietly.

The others were all silent.

“We lost the best opportunity that we had. To kill the Flame Tyrant a second time will be very difficult.” Tulily’s gaze was totally focused on the distant Flame Tyrant. “Rutherford, Rosarie, all we can do is to try again and see if we can succeed.”

Rutherford and Rosarie all nodded slightly.

“Children.’ The Flame Tyrant roared furiously. “All of you, attack. Kill them alongside me.” As he spoke, the Flame Tyrant transformed into a fiery blur, carrying a terrifying howling sound with him as he charged forward. Although the Flame Tyrant was physically large, his speed was also extremely fast.

The ten major experts reacted in perfect unison.

“First retreat backwards. Buy Rosarie and the others some time.” Desri’s voice rang out in the minds of the other nine experts.

Forbidden-level spells, especially large-scale ones, needed a good period of time. The ten major experts flew backwards at high speed like ten meteors. All of them were extremely fast, not slower than the Flame Tyrant at all.

“Hrmph!” The Flame Tyrant’s furious snort could be heard.

“Groooowl…” A thickly dense crowd of Magma Demons began to surround them, coming from all corners.

“Can’t allow ourselves to get corralled by these Magma Demons. Once our speed drops and the Flame Tyrant catches up, we’ll be in terrible shape.” Fain’s voice rang out in the minds of the various experts. All of the experts present understood this logic. Instantly, the seven major experts on the outside perimeter began to utilize their special skills.

They had to protect the three inside their perimeter and make sure they weren’t affected.

“Strange.” Linley flew at high speed, but found out that not a single one of the Magma Demons dared approach him.

“The Magma Demons are all afraid to go near Linley.” Desri, Fain, and the others, upon seeing this, didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. All they could do was to work hard to force each of the Magma Demons back.

Against the other magical beast experts, or against the likes of Fain and Desri, the Magma Demons would at most be heavily injured. All the Magma Demons needed to do was rest and heal for a while, and they would be fine. But against Linley…as long as Linley’s fist hit them, those Magma Demon’s bodies would transform into powder, and they would become deader than dead.

“Linley, protect Rosarie!” Desri’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

“Understood.” Linley flew closer towards Rosarie.

Instantly, none of the Magma Demons dared to attack Rosarie either. Any that did attempt to attack Rosarie, Linley would suddenly flash next to and swing a fist at. Linley’s fist…was death to any Magma Demons it touched.

“Kill that human female.” The Flame Tyrant roared frantically.

The Flame Tyrant knew how powerful Rosarie was. The Flame Tyrant was a fire-type creature, while Rosarie just so happened to be his nemesis…although Desri was also a Grand Master Saint, to the likes of the Flame Tyrant, the threat he posed was far weaker than that of Rosarie.

“Roaaar!” “Roaaar!” “Roaaar!” …

Instantly, a large number of the Magma Demons ground their teeth and, no longer paying Linley any more mind, roared with fury as they all charged towards Rosarie.

“Wonderful, they are coming.” Linley let out a loud laugh, sweeping his dark golden gaze across the many Magma Demons, and then he transformed into a gust of wind. Not only did his twin fists dance about, even his two legs whirled about in a dance of death like blades. Anything struck by Linley’s legs were also instantly reduced to powder.


The temperature suddenly dropped precipitously. The previously boiling lava rivers suddenly congealed, transforming into flat rock. Even the scarlet red coloration of the rocks turned to a dark black color. Countless amounts of frost and ice descended down from the heavens within an area of several kilometers around the Flame Tyrant.

Water-style forbidden-level magic: Absolute Zero!

“Roaaaaar!” The Flame Tyrant’s entire body was covered with frost and ice as well, but then, letting out a loud bellow, its body, which had already turned a dark grey rocky color, suddenly once more slowly began to turn red. As for that layer of ice and frost covering it, it slowly began to thaw and melt.

Seeing this, everyone had a bad feeling.

“His soul wasn’t affected.” Rosarie’s face changed. The forbidden-level magic, ‘Absolute Zero’, also had a secondary soul-affecting attacking. Earlier, the first time they used it, the Flame Tyrant had felt dizzy due to the attack on his soul. But this time, the Flame Tyrant wasn’t impacted at all.


An invisible burst of energy erupted from Desri, striking towards the Flame Tyrant at astonishing speed. Instantly, it entered the Flame Tyrant’s body. The light-style Grand Magus Saint, Desri, was highly skilled at spiritual attacks.

The bellows of the Flame Tyrant halted.

“Good!” The eyes of Fain, Tulily, and the other experts lit up.

“Rutherford.” Tulily growled.

A lightning-quick flash. Rutherford’s face was rather fierce, and his palms were completely covered with blue light. Anyone near Rutherford wouldn’t be able to sense a hint of cold at all, because Rutherford had already reached an extremely high level of control over the freezing power of the Elemental Laws of Water.

But at this moment, below the Flame Tyrant, dozens of Magma Demons suddenly appeared, which simultaneously charged towards Rutherford, attempting to block him.

Like a flash of blue lightning, Rutherford dodged past more than half the Magma Demons, and then landed successive blows with his palms against two of them. Those two Magma Demons instantly charged into blocks of ice, and with a ‘crunch’ sound, the two Magma Demons instantly shattered into icy flakes.

“Die.” Rutherford had already reached the Flame Tyrant, and he was about to strike down with his twin palms.

“Whoosh!” The motionless Flame Tyrant’s enormous body suddenly retreated at high speed, while at the same time, the Bloodlust Greataxe in his hand, gleaming with bloody aura, cast a dazzling, devilish flash of light as it chopped down towards Rutherford’s head. The speed of this chop was extremely fast, and had reached a simply astonishing speed.

Although the flying speed of the Flame Tyrant was lower than Rutherford’s, the speed at which he wielded the Bloodlust Greataxe was terrifyingly fast.

“Careful!” Linley, Desri, Fain, and the others grew worried.

“Ah!” Rutherford raised his head and saw the freezing light of that hundred-meter long axehead chop down at him. He was terrified, his heart shaking. He didn’t have the chance to run or flee, so all he could do was let out a furious roar, slamming his blue, glowing hands upwards in an attempt to block.

Using his palms against the Bloodlust Greataxe!

The two were simply incomparable.

“Clang!” A metallic sound could be heard, and Rutherford’s body was sent flying backwards like a meteor. But this time, the Flame Tyrant wasn’t in a hurry to continue charging after him. He just stood there, laughing loudly.

“Rutherford.” Tulily and the others immediately went forward to catch him.

Rutherford’s face was extremely pale. His arms were gone beneath the elbows, but the strange thing was, they weren’t just cut off; they had completely disappeared. His shoulders and his clothes were torn and stained with blood.

“Don’t touch that axe. That axe is very strange and very frightening.” Rutherford said, his entire body still trembling.

Desri immediately stretched out his hands and shot out a glittering, starlight-like ray of light, covering Rutherford’s entire body. Rutherford’s wounds began to regenerate at an astonishing speed, and even those two disappeared arms began to rapidly regrow.

“Haha, amusing, amusing.” The Flame Tyrant actually began to laugh loudly.

“The Flame Tyrant is toying with us.” Desri frowned.

Linley glanced at the Flame Tyrant as well. The Flame Tyrant truly was toying with them. Perhaps just then, its earlier rage was just an act.

In particular, Linley was certain of one thing: “Just then, when the Flame Tyrant was struck by Desri’s spiritual attack, it should have been faking its reaction. Otherwise, it would be too much of a coincidence for him to have suddenly recovered and attacked Rutherford at the critical moment. He wouldn’t have been to seize the opportunity so perfectly, preventing Rutherford from even being able to flee.”

“Haha…” The Flame Tyrant’s thunderous sound shook the world of the fifth floor. “Amusing. Truly amusing. Are you very surprised?”

“Indeed, the first time you attacked me, you had the chance to kill me. However, that was me being over-confident.” The Flame Tyrant stared at the distant group of humans hovering in mid-air. “Spiritual attacks? In terms of spirits, mine is incomparably powerful. In addition, I have ‘Bloodlust’.”

The Flame Tyrant looked at the greataxe in his hand. “This is a true divine artifact. By relying on ‘Bloodlust’, I can enter a bloodlusted state. In this state, your spiritual attacks cannot harm me at all.”

Desri and Linley exchanged a glance.

“Terrible.” Everyone felt the situation was grim.

“Originally, I could’ve perhaps spared one or two of you. But now…” The Flame Tyrant’s body began to faintly emit a bloodthirsty red light. “All of you will die.” As he finished speaking, the Flame Tyrant’s body began to emit a ‘crunch’ ‘crunch’ series of sounds.

The Flame Tyrant’s body was shrinking!

The originally hundreds of meters tall Flame Tyrant, wreathed by flames and red light, soon…

Transformed from being hundreds of meters in size to only a few dozen meters tall.

Currently, the Flame Tyrant’s body was completely covered with a layer of red light, and its aura had become even more terrifying.

“It has been a long time since I have been in my battle-form.” The Flame Tyrant’s Bloodlust Greataxe shrank by more than half as well. It truly was a divine artifact.

“Everyone, be careful.” The ten experts all felt that this matter had just become very dangerous. For now, they weren’t sure how to deal with this Flame Tyrant.


The Flame Tyrant’s body flickered, transforming into a devilish, bloody red streak of light which cut through the air, so fast that he was comparable to Fain. In terms of speed, Fain, Bebe, and Desri had the fastest speed amongst the ten, while the others were a level lower in speed.

The devilish red light surged towards Tulily.

Tulily couldn’t dodge in time.

“Break!” Tulily’s face was extremely ferocious. He let out an angry roar, smashing out with his twin fists.


Tulily’s twin arms immediately exploded apart, and he himself was smashed backwards like a meteor. Blood splattered everywhere from that vicious collision. Tulily, the Prime Saint with the greatest attack power of the five, was knocked by a single blow into a state where his life or death was unknown.

At this time, Linley and the rest of the nine remaining experts fled to a distant location.

Desri’s body had transformed into a beam of light. He moved extremely fast, and discovered Higginson and the others. “Have you discovered the exit yet?” Higginson and the other twenty plus experts had been searching for the exit to the seventh floor this entire time.

“Can’t find it.” Higginson was both frantic and helpless.

“The exit? Haha…” A greataxe flashed past Desri’s group, and Desri immediately grabbed Higginson and dodged in a flash.

Blood flew everywhere, and a magical beast as well as two human Saints were instantly bisected. Their corpses fell from the skies. The corpse of the magical beast fell onto the rocky ground, while the other two corpses fell directly into the river of lava.

The distant Fain’s face changed. “Sixth Brother!”

“You won’t be able to find the tunnel.” The Flame Tyrant, hovering in mid-air and wrapped by that red light, was laughing loudly. “The exit to the seventh floor is actually in the center of the sixth floor, but I have over a thousand of my children protecting it, and they have already fully blocked it off. If you want to enter the seventh floor, you have to kill over a thousand of my children.”

Linley and the other experts felt their hearts tremble.

“Over a thousand.” Linley and Bebe exchanged glances.

“Boss, even if I were the one to charge over, at most I’d be able to kill ten before the Flame Tyrant reached the exit again.” Bebe also realized how bad the situation was.

This Flame Tyrant’s speed was comparable to Bebe and Fain, but his attack…even the most powerful of them, Tulily, was far from being his match. If they kept fighting like this, not a single one of the experts present would survive.

“How can there be so many Magma Demons?” Linley glanced at Desri.

From what Desri had said, in total, there should only be a thousand Magma Demons here on the sixth floor. Desri glanced at Linley. “Linley, three thousand years ago, we were beaten back as soon as we entered the sixth floor. A thousand was just our estimate.”

Linley was speechless.

“Desri, give me a hand.” Linley suddenly took a deep breath and said softly to the nearby Desri.

“Hrm?” Desri looked at Linley with surprise.

“This is my most powerful attack. If it doesn’t work…then let’s try to come up with a way to flee from the sixth floor.” With a flip of his hands, Linley retrieved his adamantine heavy sword.

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  7. The Flame Tyrant was a fire-type creature, while Rosarie just so happened to be his nemesis…although Desri was also a Grand Master Saint, …

    The Flame Tyrant was a fire-type creature, while Rosarie just so happened to be his nemesis…although Desri was also a Grand Magus Saint, …

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