Book 11, Chapter 15

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Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 15: Eight Years in the Necropolis

Waves of heat permeated the fifth floor. It was hard to even see people in the distance, due to the distorted air.

“Linley, hurry on over!” A familiar voice rang out from afar. Linley couldn’t help but turn to look towards the voice. The distant figure was very blurry, but Linley was still able to tell that the person standing in the distance was the Senior Apprentice of the War God’s College, ‘Fain’.

Although Linley was very dispirited, his will was still very firm.

In a place like the Necropolis of the Gods, unless you chose to give up, your only choice was to harden your faith in yourself and continue, one step at a time.

“Bebe, let’s head on over.” Linley said calmly, and Bebe immediately jumped onto Linley’s shoulders.

Transforming into a blur, Linley quickly arrived at the place where the many experts had gathered. Not only Fain was there. Desri, Rosarie, Tulily, and Rutherford were there as well. All five of the Prime Saints were together.

Aside from the five of them, there were three of the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions as well.

“Now that the two of you are here, everyone is present.” Desri said with a calm laugh.

Linley couldn’t help but feel puzzled. What did that mean? Everyone was now present?

“Linley, come, sit.” Fain gestured. “I heard that in the lower floors, the Ba-Serpent woke up. That truly is a calamity. Fortunately, you survived. Now, let’s discuss the matter of ascending to the sixth floor.”

Linley came to a rest, sitting down cross-legged.

To Linley’s scales, the waves of blazing heat coming from below didn’t pose much of a threat.

“You aren’t going to discuss things with those people?” Bebe pointed in confusion to another group of men and magical beasts off in the distance.

Over thirty experts had survived and made it to the fifth floor. Amongst them were over ten magical beasts, with a similar number in men. Originally, there had been sixty human experts of the eighty plus experts present, but thirty or so had died on the third floor, and several had most likely died on the first and second floor as well. The ten or so remaining people were probably hiding on the second floor, not daring to enter the third floor again.

“Them?” The severe-looking Tulily said calmly, “If they get involved, they’ll only disturb us.”

Linley immediately understood. Glancing at the distant Olivier and Hayward, he thought to himself, “Tulily’s intentions are very clear. Only these ten experts are the cream of the crop. Bebe and I aren’t any weaker than them. As for those three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, their power is also unfathomable. As for Olivier, Hayward, the disciples of the War God’s College, and the various magical beast experts…they are at least a level lower in power.”

In a place like this, the top tier experts naturally would form a unit.

Those twenty plus slightly weaker experts formed into a second unit.

Although the second unit contained people like Desri’s good friends, ‘Hayward’ and ‘Higginson’, along with several fellow disciples of Fain’s, and two of Tulily’s apprentices, there was nothing that could be done.

“Linley, Bebe, Cleo [Ke’li’ao] and your two brothers, you five probably aren’t that familiar with the sixth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods. Let me explain.” Desri said solemnly. “Bebe, you saw just a while ago that the only creatures here on the fifth floor are a few ‘Magma Demons’. In terms of power, they are only comparable to the likes of Hayward.”

“Magma Demons?” Linley was puzzled.

He had never seen any Magma Demons. Desri looked at Linley. “Linley, you didn’t come in time. Those Magma Demons are formed from lava, and are roughly comparable to a human in size and shape. They are extremely strong and possess great defense, but they are a bit slow. Their power…is most likely comparable to your good friend Barker, although their defense is perhaps a bit weaker than Barker’s.”

Linley now had a clear understanding of these creatures.

“The fifth floor is the weakest floor of the first five. Those Magma Demons have already been destroyed by us.” Desri continued. “This fifth floor is a floor for us to prepare and rest. But soon, we will be entering the sixth floor…”

Linley, Bebe, and the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions were listening carefully.

On the sixth floor, the danger level would rise dramatically, far beyond that of the fifth floor.

“The sixth floor is a world filled with lava and rocks. There is a powerful creature there; the Flame Tyrant.”

Flame Tyrant?

“To be precise, this Flame Tyrant is hundreds of meters tall, and his body is composed of countless tough boulders. His strength is boundless, and his defense has also reached a terrifying level.” Desri’s face was solemn. “Most importantly of all, he wields a Bloodlust Greataxe. If any of us are hit by that greataxe, we will most likely die.”

Linley’s heart twitched.

As long as one was hit, one would die. That was too terrifying.

“And that’s not all. Aside from the Flame Tyrant, the sixth floor also has hundreds of Magma Demons.” Desri’s face grew even more solemn. “One or two Magma Demons aren’t a problem, but hundreds of Magma Demons are extremely dangerous.”

Linley felt himself at a loss for words.

“Hundreds of Magma Demons. Isn’t that equivalent to hundreds of Undying Warriors?” Linley was inwardly shocked. “Although these Magma Demons have slightly weaker defense than an Undying Warrior, there are hundreds of them. That is simply terrifying.”

Desri continued, “These large numbers of Magma Demons all obey the orders of the Flame Tyrant. Actually, I have a feeling…that the Flame Tyrant is an evolved form of the Magma Demons. Think about it. They are all formed from lava rocks, except the Flame Tyrant is as massive as a mountain, while Magma Demons are the size of a human.”

The nearby Rutherford laughed coldly. “A Flame Tyrant is essentially a Magma Demon magnified hundreds of times over. Its strength and attack power is also hundreds of times that of a Magma Demon.”

Linley and Bebe looked at each other.

“Boss, those Magma Demons really were strong, on par with Barker. If the Flame Tyrant’s power is hundreds of times greater than the Magma Demons’…” Bebe’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind. Linley maintained his silence.

Linley now had a clear understanding of what the sixth floor was like.

The sixth floor’s adversary was a Flame Tyrant who commanded hundreds of Magma Demons. The Flame Tyrant itself was like a mountain, and had the power to smash a mountain to dust with a single punch. Nobody could withstand that sort of power.

Desri was silent for a long time. After Linley and the others had fully absorbed this news, Desri continued, “None of us are a match for the Flame Tyrant by ourselves. Only if we join forces and work together will we be able to charge into the sixth floor.”

Linley nodded slightly.

“Three thousand years ago, we did battle against the Flame Tyrant.” Desri said.

The eyes of Linley, Bebe, and the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions lit up. Only with experience could one form a good strategy on how to deal with the Flame Tyrant.

“In truth, last time, it was Fain and Tulily who attacked the Flame Tyrant. As for the rest of us, we were sent fleeing by a swarm of Magma Demons.” Desri added. Three thousand years ago, he hadn’t even had the chance to touch the Flame Tyrant.

Fain spoke. “Of the five of us, Tulily possesses the strongest attack.”

No one disputed this.

Linley couldn’t help but look at this person, the number one expert of the great plains of the far east, the man known as the ‘War Saint’, Tulily. Tulily said calmly, “The defense of the Flame Tyrant is the most terrifying defense I have ever seen. But three thousand years ago, our power was weaker than it is right now.”

The others all nodded.

After three thousand years, the five of them had become Prime Saints. Their power had improved dramatically compared to three thousand years ago.

“Once we enter the sixth floor, the seven of you need to help me, Rutherford, and Rosarie clear a path. The three of us, joining forces, should be able to deal with that Flame Tyrant.” Tulily said. Rutherford and Rosarie both nodded.

Desri explained to Linley, Bebe, and the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, “This is a powerful attack which the three of them have developed together after researching for a long time. Most likely, this is the most powerful attack we are capable of.”

“Alright. I’ll help clear a path.” Linley nodded.

Since Tulily was publicly acknowledged as the Prime Saint with the greatest attack, and had two others helping him, the power of their combined attack definitely would not be weak.

“Now, what we need to do is…” Desri laughed calmly. “Train here and prepare on the fifth floor!”

Fain laughed as well. “We’ll first train for eight years, then head off to the sixth floor.”

“What?” Linley was somewhat astonished. They only had ten years in the Necropolis of the Gods, but they were going to spend eight of them here on the fifth floor?

But Linley quickly understood. He had learned from Clay that the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth floors were extremely dangerous. In these four floors, they probably wouldn’t even have the chance to rest.

To go past these four floors, if they were successful, most likely they would only need ten days or half a month.

“Prepare well. Each of the following floors, if we aren’t careful, will be the death of us. If you are afraid, you can also stay here on the fifth floor and wait for the ten years to be up.” Tulily stood up as he spoke calmly, and then flew by himself off into the distance to begin his meditations.

Not just Linley and the other nine experts. Even Olivier, Hayward, and the other twenty experts knew how terrifying the sixth floor was, and so nobody was in a hurry to enter. All of them focused on seizing every available moment to train. Perhaps in this short period of time, they might make some breakthrough.

Waves of heat distorted the air. Embers could be seen everywhere.

The experts in the fifth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods began to train and meditate.

Linley stared at the distant figures, all made blurry by the waves of heat. Olivier, the human experts, the magical beast experts…these thirty plus people were the most elite group of experts in the Yulan continent. Right now, all of them were training quietly.

Linley and Bebe glanced at each other, their minds linked. The man and his magical beast began to train.

“Thrum!” “Thrum!” “Thrum!” “Thrum!” …..

The Throbbing Pulse of the World was omnipresent. Even though Linley was in the Necropolis of the Gods, Linley could still clearly feel that mysterious, profound throbbing pulse of the world. Every single pulse contained extremely profound mysteries. Linley began to meditate and attune himself to it, while at the same time, quickly mentally experimenting the ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’ over and over.

One year. Two years. Three years.

Many of the experts would train for a year or half a year, and then get up and test out the attacks they had developed or improved. Just like that, time continued to move forward.

In the past, Linley had needed only a year to condense the 256 waves of the Throbbing Pulse of the World into 128 waves, but he needed five full years to make it a bit past halfway on his attempt to further condense the 128 waves into 64 waves.

This was all as Linley had predicted. The Throbbing Pulse of the World became harder and harder to fuse in the later stages.

In the blink of an eye, eight years had passed.

The fifth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods was as it had been in the past, with waves of heat distorting the air. Many experts had finished their training long ago. After all, many of them had been training for thousands of years. A few years now was only enough to further perfect some of their existing attacks and condition themselves.

“Why is Linley still training? We’re waiting on him now.” Rutherford couldn’t help but frown as he stared at the distant Linley, still in the meditative position.

By now, the Five Prime Saints, the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, and Bebe had stopped training. Bebe had actually reached the level of transforming into eight doppelgangers using the ‘Shadowshape Doppelganger Technique’. In their unit, the only one left was Linley, who was still totally immersed in his training.

“Don’t be impatient. My Boss has already reached the critical juncture point. Once he makes this breakthrough, his power will multiply several times over.” Bebe stood next to Linley, staring coldly at the people in front of him as he spoke.

“A breakthrough that will allow him to increase his power several times over?” Desri, Tulily, and the other experts couldn’t help but feel astonished.

They had already reached the level of being Prime Saints, and had reached the end of the path of training they had chosen. Unless they made the true, final breakthrough and reached the Demigod level, it was very hard for them to improve at all. At their current levels of insight, it was impossible for their power to multiple by several times over, unless they truly became a Deity.

“Whew.” Linley let out a long breath, then opened his eyes, a smile on his face.

After spending eight years, Linley had finally, fully mastered the 64 layered waves of the Throbbing Pulse of the World, and the attack of his ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’ had once again multiplied several times over.

Linley looked at the people standing there, and he instantly understood. He couldn’t help but let out a calm laugh, then said, “Apologies. I’ve made you wait for a long time. Shall we head out now?”

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    1. This novel operates IET’s brand of physics and mathematics, so I don’t think there’s any point in doing any calculations. All we need to know is that when the going gets tough, Linley’s gonna save the day. Or it would be Bloodviolet. Or the CD ring. Or Bebe, in which case both of them will be a hair away from dying.

        1. It’s not like he ever gives any hard numbers, so I see no way to check if he keeps track of what the current product is or not. Regardless, it’s always the offense vs the defense, and the defense of Linley’s opponents is either unknown, or has usually changed since their last meeting. The latter is worthy of note, as at times the power of certain people grows by leaps and bounds off-screen. Just look at Olivier’s progress before he was established as Linley’s rival and after. Or how fast has Dixie reached the eight rank despite struggling to raise to the sixth for years. And so on, and so forth.
          IET spends a lot of time talking about mechanics, power comparisons, obstacles, timelines, but in the end, when it’s convenient for a certain character to have a certain level of power, it just happens. That’s hardly something unique to IET, but it also makes me fell like treating all the lengthy explanations as a form of technobabble.

          1. Well, i disagre with you.

            Olivier became stronger at first when he gained insights into Laws of Light.

            Then into Laws of Darkness.

            Then started combining them.

            IET stated that it’s possible for people to have sudden insights.

            Also, Dixie got appointed as a personal disciple of a Diety. Surerly he got some tips and lower ranked artifacts to improve faster.

            I find all those explanations really good part of this novel. If you don’t, well.

          2. By the time Olivier had the second duel with Haydson, he already started to simultaneously use both light and darkness laws, which was quite dangerous and nearly destroyed his soul. At that time he was well over fifty. Then, in the next thirteen years, he somehow made the greatest ever step forward without dying, and it appears that in the eight years to follow he did even better.
            You can pin all of this on sudden insights, but that’s just another name for deus ex machina. IET uses it repeatedly, and, as a side effect, breaks the timeline he had previously established. I just don’t see why one should care about the laws that aren’t upheld in practice, and would much prefer if IET were to spend all those pages on better fleshing out the characters. After all, even when it comes to Linley, there’s not much to tell about his personality, other characters have it even worse. How should I put it, recent books feel like something that a munchkin player would write granted he had sufficient literary talent.

            Ah, and High Priest or not, there are supposedly no ways to fundamentally accelerate the accumulation of the spiritual energy. Dixie had a head-start thanks to his natural talent, but his rate of growth was pretty average. Then, after becoming irrelevant to the story, he started to advance at the same rate as Linley, if not faster. If High Priest had known a trick that could do it, all her disciples would have become grand magi at astonishing pace, yet all we know is that most of them simply manage to eventually reach the grand magus level.

          3. Olivier has a very good reason for his sudden advancement, which will actually be an extremely important plot point a few hundred chapters from now 😉

          4. (I hate that the reply button is absent after a few comments)

            @Dariel, don’t forget this is a light novel. You can’t really expect a great literary work from it. Furthermore, it’s not like IET hasn’t been doing all sorts of interventions from the start. Remember linley almost dying against that saint when he was rescuing the barker brothers and cesar popped up seemingly random? Remember when the radiant church attacked to kill linley and desri and his wife just happened to be there?

            Furthermore, there are tons of weak plot elements, like the recent block with blood violet which just so happened to be able to block that dragons attack.

            In general what IET lacks majorly, is any sort of planning. It’s like he’s writing a story without knowing where he’ll end up with. That’s fine, if you know what you need for a great story, but apparently he’s missing something here and there.

            Your example of the powerlevels is a great illustration of that. Because it’s not those levels that are the problem, it’s that IET can’t introduce any long lasting characters. He struggles with the fact that linley doesn’t really have any adversaries. And if he does, IET stupidly kills them all off, such as in fenlai apocalyps. Thus, when all characters fall away he suddenly has to create a whole lot more of them. And these can’t be any weaker, and preferably they should last a while. The same happened with Olivier, IET realised he didn’t have an antagonist so he made an exact copy of linley. But since this is wuxia genre the mc needs to be all powerful(though not really) linley won, this resulted in his painfully created antagonist suddenly becoming useless. The result? He grows at an astonishing rate to catch up to linley and once more be an antagonist.
            The novel is full and full of those kind of examples (such as delia and barker)

            Linley simply moves to fast and the world against which he is portrayed isn’t fleshed out enough.

            But who cares? After all, we’re mostly here just to satisfy our ‘overpowered hero’ craving. It’s not like action movies aren’t full of holes and they too, are in great demand.

          5. Even if I could, not this one. This is one of the biggest spoilers in the novel. Suffice to say, it isn’t purely Deus Ex Machina, it’s a major thing. You’ll know what I mean in a few months xD

          6. Honestly, this particular spoiler reminds me of when people were saying that Bebe’s growth rate and the existence of Deities was just Deus Ex Machina, and IET was just pulling new ranks out of nowhere, and I REALLY had to bite my tongue xD

          7. @Ren
            A few hundred chapters? Ah, but at your current pace, it doesn’t look so far away, actually 😀
            Still, Olivier is one, but not the only example. Rather, the general trend is that no matter when somethings starts and regardless of how such processes usually develop, it’s going to finish right when the plot requires it and at the level that should make the related events more dramatic. As forced as that might be, it makes for an entertaining reading, but why point readers attention to technical imperfections? It’s as if while you’re watching Michael Bay’s movie someone were to constantly pause it and explain how many polygons were used here and there.

            Yeah, I can sign under that. That said, I feel like there was a significant drop in quality following the twelve years timeskip. If you think about it, the human interaction that is not in the direct relation with fighting or training became nearly nil. Linley’s portrayal further reduced to that of a training maniac who doesn’t care much about anything else. Heck, that guy sees his own children for one day in half a year at best, and doesn’t mind simply leaving them alone for ten years either.
            In fact, what can we really say about Linley’s character? His top priorities are increasing his strength and securing the safety of the select few who he considers family. These are basically related. He’s crazy about taking revenge on anyone who harms his family. He’s aiming to destroy the Radiant Church the moment it becomes possible for him to do that. He wants to increase the fame and the power of his clan, but such result essentially comes as a consequence of increasing his own strength.
            Other than that, he has no interests, hobbies, or desires. He’s fine without seeing his family for months or even years as long as they’re safe and he can train faster. He’s not really interested in the fate of the kingdom/empire he founded, and doesn’t particularly care about “wordly” affair, just calmly observing hundreds of thousand of people slaughtering each other. He’s not even doing stone sculpting anymore as it’s no longer necessary for his training. All his internal monologue is pretty much about training.
            Heck, it’s no longer 2D, it’s 1D character now 😀 And the screentime of pretty much everyone else is insignificant. Even Delia’s pretty much reduced to a training room decoration. I mean, something has to change, or it will come to the point where even fighting games have more interesting characters.

          8. Ren, if you did that, i would totally hang myself right away 😀 By the way, how much do you have left with 3’rd chapter? I wonder if i should go to sleep or wait a bit more 🙂 Today was quite off-schedule, so i am curious ^.^

            @Dariel: What you consider “technical imperfections”, are only things you consider to be such. Also, you are nagging about everything. It actually makes me wonder if Linley was different, would you still not nag about exactly same things but opposite way…

          9. @Dariel, With Dixie you are forgetting something rather important. When Linley reached / passed Dixie it caused him to change. He started training more often.

            Before that point, he was advancing using only his natural talent and he wasn’t training diligently. All it took is Dixie taking things seriously.

            As for Oliver, He’s talented + lucky + constantly challenging people stronger than himself for training I really don’t see his growth as anything ridiculous.

          10. @Caladbolg
            What do you mean by Linley being the other way? If the story had more recognizable characters (for their personalities, not their combat abilities), and spent more time on their interactions instead of treating such things as insignificant and speeding past them to jump to the next power level, I wouldn’t mind any forced power-ups as much as I do now. They would simply be less noticeable, even more so if there was less talk about the training process.
            And poor/inconsistent writing is just that. It can still be entertaining, but this and that are different matters.

            Dixie was training seriously since both him and Linley were at the fifth rank and were called two geniuses: pressure was already there. Besides, there were many geniuses in history who tried hard, yet Linley’s progress is outstanding compared to them. For Dixie to suddenly show the same prowess is a bit…

          11. You are so simple minded. You have one favourite type of writing style and you push down everything else as “not good” and you keep saying that author is ‘making mistakes’ by not doing everything as you would like… I do not mind less character descriptions, and less BS in chapters where i spend half of volume reading about thoughts of some minor character, just so that his death 2 volumes later can impress me a bit more…

            And you keep saying it’s inconsistent. Give examples instead of empty words, because so far the ones you gave were proven false…

            PS: You keep forgetting that the main reason Linley improved faster than Dixie is his creation of Awakening From The Dream and better training methods provided by Dohering Cowart. When Dixie went to High Priest, as i said, was probably provided by them and given hints with regards to his elements by other disciples.

            Next thing, Linley once said that if he did not go to train in wildness, and in extreme situations, he would never improve as fast as he did. Most probably if Dixie and Linley were doing same things, Dixie would be superior to Linley.

          12. @Caldbolg
            You know, there are certain criteria by which the literary works are evaluated. What is good literature and what is bad literature are established notions. I don’t expect CD or any webnovel for that matter to be a highbrow piece, but it doesn’t mean that anything goes as long as you can enjoy a power trip.
            As for the inconsistencies, I don’t see where I’m proven “wrong”. IET is constantly pulling Deus ex Machina’s and convenient coincidences. That thing with Bebe’s backstory included: if you think just how many factors simply happened to come together for the things to go as described…ugh.

          13. As far as Dixie is concerned, what makes you think that High Priest has a special method for him? Doehring’s trick was unique and had very specific requirements: you needed an earth-type magus with some artistic talent and certain level of physical ability. Even then Linley’s spent year to learn it. High Priest is a life type magus, while Dixie is certainly different. Even if High Priest has some tricks for herself, why would they be applicable to others? Besides, it’s not like she’s the fastest one in terms of making progress herself, seeing how she’s stuck at the same level for over 10k years. And there was nothing about her other disciples improving at an astonishing rate either.

            As for the wilderness/solitude, it simply optimized his training by minimizing distractions and putting him where it’s easier to feel nature. That’s useful, but the fundamental difference was brought by Doehring’s technique.

          14. Go read boring-ass stories from hundreds of years ago if you wish to get bored to death. Standards DO CHANGE, and yours are outdated.

          15. Well, I’m just gonna say that although every now and then I disagree with some of Dariel’s specifics (I argued some of his points some chapters ago), I basically agree with his generals.
            It’s a LN. Ok. So? I’m not expecting a Shakespeare-level work (tbh, I don’t even like the guy’s works). But if you’re an author, care a bit about your “baby” (the work you created). You’re a bad writer, okay; how can we improve? Well, first of all, how about not saying the exact same sentence twice in 2 lines (A. B. A (with a different word))? That would increase the level of the work TREMENDOUSLY and it’s not THAT hard. Second: how about being consistent with the things you write? Third: if you spend several chapters, sometimes half an arc, introducing characters, how about caring for them? (Like Zassler not even being mentioned after 12 chapters post-timeskip, or Rebecca and Leena getting married to the brothers being mentioned… 24 chapters post-timeskip, give or take).

            So yeah, I agree with him.

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        1. What they’re forgetting is that when Linley attacks, sometimes, attacks clash.
          I have NO doubt that after having such a cheating insight, he could badly damage (if not kill) a low ranked demigod. The question is: if, at the same time, the demigod punches Linley, will Linley become meatpaste or dust?

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  8. Aside from the five of them, there were *three of the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions* as well.

    Weren’t all the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions 3 to begin with? If that’s the case couldn’t it be:
    Aside from the five of them, there were the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions as well.

    Still, eternal gratitude for these translations oh Great Ren-sama

  9. “Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 15: Eight Years in the Necropolis”
    Holy crap. I knew there would be a timeskip again, but… ffs.

    Also, there’s 2 things I don’t get here.
    1) Why are the magical beasts training? It’s been said several times that they don’t need to train. Their magicite cores absorbe energy (hence why Bebe is always lazing around). Is it just one more slip-off by the author?
    2) Why are they training there? They have trained for 3k years. Let me say that again: THREE THOUSAND YEARS. How is 8 more going to make a difference? “No, well, they might break through cause they were so close…” Yeah, or they might break through on the 9th year, so why not train 9? Actually, they might break through on the month before the 10 years are up, so why not train until then?
    Seriously. Unless this place has some special attribute (like increased elemental affinity, or spiritual energy generation boost) similar to the pocket dimension, there’s no reason whatsoever to stay there training…
    And IET doesn’t say there’s anything remarkable, so… Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s too lazy or sloppy to actually explain things, so…
    Also: “They had already reached the level of being Prime Saints, and had reached the end of the path of training they had chosen. Unless they made the true, final breakthrough and reached the Demigod level, it was very hard for them to improve at all. At their current levels of insight, it was impossible for their power to multiple by several times over, unless they truly became a Deity.”
    Okay. If they reached the end of the path, doesn’t that make them Deities? Or was it reaching the end AND THEN doing something else? I’m pretty sure the War God just said follow the path till the end, and “unify everything you’ve learned”. But isn’t that, actually, the end in itself? Or is that just for Linley’s Profound Truths of the Earth?

  10. 1. They don’t need to train to get their ranks higher, BUT everyone needs to train their insights into the Laws of the world to make them deeper, including Magical Beasts.

    2. Some new people might be stuck into bottlenecks, and there’s a slight chance those 8 years will help. It will also help their resolve and, likely, teamwork. Also, they just passed through 5 floors of battle. In battle it is the easiest to gain insights, so someone could have gained something to ponder about.

    There’s a huge bottleneck from the “almost a deity” to “deity”, and that “unification” is very hard to achieve.

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