CD – Good News & Bad News

Bad news is, I translated the wrong chapter. Again. ARGH! And I’m so tired already! Good news is, I’m staying up until the correct chapter is done, and I’m grabbing a frappuccino and going into hyper-focus mode. Expect a double release in around 2-3 hours of chapters 33 and 34 (and I’ll do just chapter 35 tomorrow).

>.< >.< >.< So tired....arghhhhhh!

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  1. Noobie, but also leecher. Ren take a day off and mentally recover. Awesome job with site, so take care to not get burnt out since I’m unable to read Chinese. Truly appreciate all you have accomplished, and continue to do.

  2. i wondering when ren translate evrthn he goes to his own realm, witch here he can focus 1000% with no more room for logic, doubtness or any simply worrisome. he is on highgod he has reached overgod, an sovergn realm witch all he done is for us..

    until he uplod it, add to queque “what the… the chapter is not right?”

    remember an soverign they can do error some of the time…
    all heil REN…

  3. Ren you silly!
    I just finished MGA for the day and luckily for me you’re now finished, but I hope you can get some sleep.

    Next time, I don’t think too many people will care if you just don’t release the second chapter and release three chapters the next day. We need our well-rested translator.

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