CD Format Change! Coiling Dragon Paywall!

Hey guys, chapter’s done!  However, I’m sorry to announce this, but due to [blahblahblah], we are going to move to a new format for Coiling Dragon.  I have gone utterly mad with power, and starting this chapter, Coiling Dragon will be under a paywall that you, as a community, will have to meet if you want to see what happens afterwards.  Fortunately, once this queue is met a single time, all the chapters will be free and I’ll never ask for another donation again.

From now on, the queue will be…

*puts pinky to lips*

“One miiiiiiiillion dollars.”



Kidding.  Book 15, Chapter 20 – Talisman is now up!  Big thanks once more to Strauss Akabara for donating and sponsoring this weekend’s craziness!

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    1. Alright guys. We currently have 500 chapters already translated. That’s 500*80 = 40,000$ + 1,020$ (In queued donations) = 41,020$. At 1,000,000$ before breaking down the pay-wall, that is: 1,000,000$ – 41,020$ = 958,980$. Now we’ve spent Jan(31), Feb(28), March(31) and May(24) building up that amount. That’s 144 days – 5 days of Ren taking a day off. That means 41,020$ / 139 days = 295.1079$/day. At that speed 958,980$ / 295.1079$/day = 3,249.5909 days. At 365 days a year that’s 8.90298885 years or 8 years, 10 months and 25.5909 days. What that means is that at our current donating sped, on Thursday, the 18th of April, 2024, at approximately 2 in the afternoon, we will have cleared the queue!!!! This is assuming that from now on we will also donate on the days Ren takes off (that’s 106 days off, if he takes the full 8 years etc. to finish translating). We can do it guys! Hang in there! (Whew, that took me 10 minutes to calculate 😛 )

      1. i recommend using that money to clone ren .. we need more like him so .. imagine 10 rens translating other novels xD we wont have to be bored ever again !!

    1. Dude… It’s startled no matter what some people think. If you say it like that it sounds like you started your car or something….

  1. Dr. Ren, a Million Dollars isn’t all that much anymore……hahaha

    Thanks for the Chapter as always Ren. Thanks for the huge donation again Strauss Akabara.

  2. you could totally do it. translate till the last volume and ask for a million dollars !!!! we are already addicted, im sure we can organize a few heists. played gta, have lots of experience.

  3. hahaha 🙂 I like the Dr. Evil reference! But thank you in general for all the work you have done. I hope to start learning korean when i go back for graduate school and all of you and the other translators out there are my inspiration!

  4. Okay, you got me…
    I was starting to take my money out hen I saw the amount. For ONE SECOND I believed it and started to wonder how to get the money.
    And let me tell you, one second is loooooong when it’s something you like.

    Anyway thank for the chapter and no more joke of that level please, my young heart can’t take more 😀

  5. I was just abut to take out my voodoo doll, good thing I don’t have one. Thanks for the speedy release that cliffhanger( even though we know he won’t die) was killing me. I had even joined the F5 ( refresh button) army.

  6. Okay, lemme just check my bank account info…
    Ren you crazy! I almost spat out my delicious nutella covered bread.

    Thanks for the chapter 😉

  7. You’re an Evil Demon Lord Ren-damage…..!!!!!
    As a leacher……I’ll give you > One million Thanks << instead of one million cash…..!!!!

  8. Hahahaha. Nice! He’s just being funny and the one million dollars thing is actually referencing the villain in Austin Powers. (1 million is actually the ransom he asked for not destroying the whole world – which is very little)

    You guys shld try and find and watch that old movie and reread ren’s post. Hehehehehe

  9. Too bad that you didnt put that picture along with your post of the *pinky to lips* thing. Hehehe.

    Seems like plenty of kids here has never seen Austin Powers… XD

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