Wuxiaworld Donations!

Want more chapters of Desolate Era?  If so, the only way to contribute to the Desolate Era queue is to donate to the other awesome translators of Wuxiaworld!  Once you do so, you simply need to forward me the paypal confirmation email (you can reach me at rwx(at)wuxiaworld.com), and your donation will be mirrored to DE’s queue as well!

A donation to any of the translators here will all count!

Support Xiao Lai and Skyfire Avenue!


Support alyschu and “Against the Gods”!

Support Team Pika and “Perfect World!”

Support Yeow & Law and “Wu Dong Qian Kun!”

Support GGP and BTTH!

Support ruze and “Child of Light!”

Support Zen and “Heavenly Jewel Change!”

Support Rex and “Renegade Immortal!”

Support etvolare and “Sovereign of the Three Realms!”

Support LittleShanks and “Rebirth of the Thief!”

18 thoughts on “Wuxiaworld Donations!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I smell same thing I hope most donations go for ARG and MGA since they are my fav of the 5 but thats just me hope no1 takes offence since its just my opinion.

    1. Not all translators accept donations. For example, Martial God Asura’s translator just announced they would no longer be taking donations, and the button for them was removed.

      Same thing with DE.

  1. Thyaeria and “Tales of Demons & Gods!”
    I am from Brazil and had to support you and your amazing work.

    Thank you for everything. I know is not much but is a what a can do now =D

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