CD Chapters Book 17, Chapter 33-34 released!

So sleepy.  Book 17, Chapters 33 – 34 have been released!  These chapters were courtesy of a group of kind donors, so please consider joining me in thanking them!  Thanks to Kishore of France and anonymous #4 for sponsoring Chapter 33!  Thanks to MK of California for sponsoring Chapter 34!

Chapter 33 – Bulo, Unwilling to Give Up

Chapter 34 – The Eight Great Patriarchs

Sorry for the mix-up, this has been just a crazy month, and getting crazier, what with trips, the move (which is taking a lot out of me).  I really haven’t had as much time to pay attention to things (even comments as much), so some weird stuff is happening as I try to juggle everything.  Sorry if 33 has more errors than usual, I only did a really really quick skimthrough for errors.

Peace, seriously off to bed now.

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  1. you have fans all over the world. im sure if you tweet your location, an army of loyal fans will do physical labor for you. just saying. if u need any help, we are everywhere.#weknow

  2. Have a good rest. 🙂

    Sometimes I think your amount of commitment is scary.
    If you ever need more then your monthly break at the 22nd don’t worry about it.
    We can all live with fewer releases, but we’d hate for you to collapse from overworking.

  3. Take a break. Or, cut down to one chapter a day until you are able to sort everything out. If you get sick, it might mean no chapters a day, which is worse!

  4. Get some rest Ren. Thanks for the chapters. Honestly, I would have understood just getting them tomorrow or getting the promised one late while you kept one in reserve for a short repose. Thank you for your generosity. But everything in moderation. 😉

  5. Ren, could you guys possibly pick up ‘sheng wang’ aka ‘sage’ from meng ru shen ji. Yesterday I read the first chapter of the manhua and it was quite interesting.

    Many thanks to your team on wuxiaworld if this could work out 😀

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      1. This humble subject kowtows before thy mighty being. Thy subject shall be eternally grateful for thy assistance in providing thy godly link. Allow thy lowly being serve you eternally

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