Godsfall Updated! Book 1, Chapter 41

First of all, a new chapter is out on Godsfall Chronicles. Go ahead and read! This is a chapter I really liked and wanted to spend some time on.

Second, I have to apologize for the long silence on new chapters. There a number of reasons for it, but the principle overriding reason was just that ever since the ‘first busy week’ after all that crap happened, I wanted to come back with a bang and drop 5-10 chapters in one day to get caught up… and with how long TGC takes for me by comparison, there was simply no day recently where I could do more than a full chapter after normal work and DE. Sooo… I kept deciding to wait for a day where I could binge-translate TGC… then ended up delaying… and delaying… and delaying… and now I realize, holy shit, it’s been a month.

No excuses. I’m sorry. I’ll stick with the 5/week and somehow make up the 20’ish chapters I owe, but probably not all at once. Cheers!