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Apart from yes, GDK hitting chapter 300~ woot woot! Was that volare actually signed a licensing agreement earlier this week! Thus concluded months of work, and in the days before finishing it all, truly killer days. But happiness and joy! Woot woot woot! Excited for the new step in volare’s future!

But indeed, that has been causing some erratic-ness in my schedule. I hope that’s mostly over and done with, thank you all for your patience!

Oh, terminology change! Purple Sun Sect head Zixu Zhenren’s name has been changed to Spiritual Master Zixu! But… I don’t think any of you cared about that? 😀

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Y’all must hate me lately, I hate myself too! Sorry for the delay in the chapter, there’s also going to be an announcement tomorrow which can partially explain why I’ve been so busy lately…

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I remember reading confused comments about why other people would be eyeing the sixteen kingdom alliance even if it’s such a backwards place. My speculation on possible reasons are that — as crappy as it is, it’s still got a bit of resources, there’s at least four origin realm cultivators, and that mysterious place of dense qi on the Jiang Han territory, and some legacy territories left over from ancient times. Big fishes eyeing the small one for the choicest scraps?

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