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Apologies for the delay, family got sick today and I spent most of the day running around taking care of them. It’s almost 2am and the chapter is not coming out of my brain. Plus side is, I’ll be able to wake up earlier to get through it. @@ Thank you for your patience.

♔ S🌺TR Chapter 660 ♔


Translated: etvolare

Edited: Deyna

SKTISLOVEISSKT!! At one point tonight… I was going to be super, super bummed. SKT is my only favorite team left in the tourney, and if they were to lose, I wanted them to (using a Chinese idiom often found in our web novels here…) be completely and wholeheartedly accepting of the loss. I’m not sure MSF would’ve been the team. But huge props to MSF for showing up and working a miracle! Cannot wait to see them back next year again.

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<3 etvolare

♔ S🌺TR Chapter 655 ♔

So I’m a huge fan of Once Upon a Time..

Translated: Craxuan

TLC: etvolare

Edited: Deyna

Well, until the massive cast switch up this season. I really liked the old cast. But I just caught up to episode 20 of season 6 in which they’re all singing… and omg it’s so Disney. Such a good time. So much ham. But I love it. 😀

<3 etvo