♔ S🌺TR Chapter 405 ♔

Reporting in!

Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter 404 shenanigans, and YES to what happened! Woot woot woot! How satisfying did you find it? Didja like it? I might’ve done a fist pump on the plane when I finished.. 😀

Will try to get up to speed tomorrow, jet lag hitting me horridly. ><

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♔ S🌺TR Chapter 404 ♔

Here ’tis!

I knew I couldn’t keep you guys waiting on that cliff! I TLCed the last chapter and this one, re-uploaded the last one and erased some silly mistakes as well. I was *tremendo* bleary eyed during this flight though, I think I was sleeping halfway in the aisle at one point. XD

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♔ S🌺TR Chapter 403 ♔

I board in five minutes! Agh pressure from those announcements in Mandarin, English, and Japanese @@

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I bust a gut laughing at your comments in the last post and had to respond in kind. I wonder how much Deyna hates me right now? 😛 You guys are the best! Apologies if there are mistakes in this chapter, I can take care of them after I land. Which, incidentally, my next flight is four, FOUR?!?!?! hours!! …my legs are numb from that 15 hour leg. *sobs into the night*

But seriously, I’m gonna keep translating so I can update when I get home. I don’t want to leave you guys hanging on this cliff either. <3


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SOTR Chapter Delay

Sorry guys, even though it was a herculean effort, Boss couldn’t get a chapter out before she boarded. She’ll be on a 15 hour flight, and then a 2 hour flight an hour after that :S We’ll have them for you as soon as we’re done editing them (or even sooner if Boss wants to go the unedited route).



SOTR delayed today

Hey guys, don’t wait up for me tonight! I spent the day packing and sending off my furniture. I am now ready for my flight on Friday, and will make up today’s chapter tomorrow! Sorry to leave you guys on a cliff! ><

♔ S🌺TR Chapter 401 ♔

Thank you all for the congrats!

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It has been a fun ride, and here’s to much more! 😀

This was a pretty epic battle chapter, and a huge shout out goes to Deyna for the editing he put into things. Many moments of brilliance there. 😀

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♔ S🌺TR Chapter 400 ♔

And here ’tis the second chapter of the day!

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I’m horrid at dashing off announcement posts when I’m in a hurry. I needed to run out earlier and didn’t express myself clearly, making some of you guys think that that was the double! Oops. ><

This one is dedicated to my wonderful Patrons! I literally would not be here, a year later, with two novels (one at 400 chapters, one at ~250), volare, and doing this full time if not for you guys. So. much. love to you all! Thank you so much for your wonderful support. 🙂 There is a goal on Patreon for reaching a certain Patron #! I want to step up releases even more, woot woot!

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♔ S🌺TR Chapter 399 ♔

SOTR chapter 400 madness!

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To celebrate 400 chapters, I’ll be making it a double! Y’all might have noticed that double releases have been coming with more frequency lately, here’s to faster schedules! 😀

Looks like good ole face wrecking is coming up in the next couple of chapters. 😀

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