♔ SOTR Chapter 366 ♔

And so we begin…

This chapter *will* be editing… in the future. ><

Sorry, I got worked over this week by Snowdreams — the game I was talking about before! The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, and was created by Astrolabe Draft, a small scale, individual studio in Taiwan. This is an original visual novel game with the eastern district of Taipei as the backdrop. This is a love (sometimes fluffy!) story with dreams, reality, and a bit of an imaginative air to it.

I wrote a crap ton about it here if you care to find out!

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♔ SOTR Chapter 365 ♔

Tried to make this a double!

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But just couldn’t. The game I mentioned in yesterday’s post has just gone live on Steam Greenlight, and I was and still am texting the developer back and forth about stuff. It’s eaten up my week! 😀 I will write about it to everyone after the developer updates some info on the Steam page! 😀

But in the meantime, I made it a longer than normal teaser to make up for things!

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♔ SOTR Chapter 364 ♔

Oh man, the title of the teaser

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I think we’ve hit the highlight of this arc!

I just had a brutal day today testing a game I translated for seven hours straight. It’s due to hit Steam in the next day or so, and I’ll mention it then. I hope y’all check it out! 😀

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♔ SOTR Chapter 360 ♔

Saturday night~~~ let’s dance~~

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Attention! Alert! Please note a translation name change. The Thundercloud Golden Beetle found on the Thundercloud Tree in the magnetic golden mountain is now known as the Thundercloud Cicada! Apologies, mega brain fart and mistranslation by me. …I hate bugs. T_T

This chapter is brought to us courtesy of Kristian S. of Norway! Thank you for your donation and your support of SOTR! Please join me in a round of applause and appreciation everyone!

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♔ SOTR Chapter 359 ♔

Happy Friday night/weekend everyone!!

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How’s everyone’s weekends looking? I feel like I’m forever making moving related announcements, but etvo moves yet again next month, back to Taiwan! *facepalms* Global moves are so annoying. I’ve got quite a bit of business to take care of in Asia, which, in case anyone’s interested, is you guys! Translating! Whee~~ Anyhow, so I’m moving back to Taiwan next month and therefore my posting times will be yanked around again.

Or maybe I’ll be in the midst of cashing in the double releases award so it doesn’t matter then. 😀

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♔ SOTR Chapter 358 ♔

D’aww, my friends over at NUF gave me a mention today!

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They were referring to my post earlier this week, in which I said something similar to:

I made an adjustment to SOTR’s release schedule earlier this month and said that I wanted to work towards double releases a day! This is made possible by the fact that I quit my finance job in order to focus on something I really like and love. (That and not having to work two jobs! 9am-7pm for my day job and then 8pm-1am for volare/translating was really starting to kill me. 😀 )

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♔ SOTR Chapter 357 ♔

Do you hear the people sing?

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Singing the song of angry men~~ This note seemed quite appropriate for this chapter. 😀

I particularly enjoyed that last chapter. It’s about time Jiang Chen started dishing out the hurt! 😀

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