Delayed chapter release

Hello there friends,

This is a small post to let you know that I’m taking today, the Chinese New Year, as a personal day. Today’s chapters will be released on Sunday. I’ll see you then, and happy new year!


SA Releases – Chapter 820-821

Happy Valentin’es Day!

May all of you enjoy the kind of relationship shared by Luo Xianni and Jue Di.

That’s the best example, I think; a couple who are more than a match for each other, who have overcome adversity and support each other through thick and thin. I suppose in relationship we should all just take a cue from the woman herself – take advice from Luo Xianni, a camera is all you need.

… alright, so I’m not sure that really applies unless you’re kinda freaky. Anyway, here are your releases.

Chapter 820: Hello, Godess

Chapter 821: Star Division Collision

editor: StudentX


Early SA Release – Chapters 814-15

Hello, good readers,

I hope this evening finds you all well. You know I’ve found Skyfire Avenue and Lan Jue have begun to creep into my life in strange ways. I was watching the Cloverfield Paradox the other night (terrible movie, by the way) and I couldn’t help but criticize the silly look of its bastion, it’s lack of mechas, and the fact that a halfway decent Adept wouldn’t have his arm severed by interdimensional protogenia.

Though the Arcane Magnate’s positron cannon was pretty cool.

Chapter 814: Action

Chapter 815: Establishing an Immortal Realm?

editor: StudentX