WW Free China Trip Giveaway – Contest Rules!

Hey guys, as mentioned in our super hyper ultra announcement + video a few days ago, we’re doing something incredibly cool to mark the end of I Shall Seal the Heavens – a free trip to China for one lucky fan and reader of one of our two Ergen novels, ‘I Shall Seal the Heavens’ and ‘Renegade Immortal’!  Interested?  Read on! Continue reading “WW Free China Trip Giveaway – Contest Rules!”

Renegade Chapter 498

Sorry for the lack of release last week, was hoping to catch up after family left but few things came up that got in the way. Going to work on caught up most of the missed chapters. So far 24 in back log and 10 for this week.

Here is the 1st chapter of this week.

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