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Something I forgot to mention last chapter announcement, don’t feed the trolls, even if they’re translators!

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I’ve been thinking of changing the term “elite team” to “main team.” It only makes sense, considering the other teams are called auxiliary teams. It’ll also prevent confusion when people get referred as an elite of the guild. Are they actually part of the elite team, or are they just top players in the guild? Which do you guys prefer?

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Either I made a mistake or someone was retconned out of Chapter 186.

Out of the Seven Archbishops, (two of them) 花落誰家 and Leader Young Seven were already in Nie Yan’s camp, and Black Heaven might still join Sapphire Shrine later on. As for the four others, he heard that Guo Huai had been in talks with one, but he didn’t know if they came to an agreement or not.

In the line above, it references two players, Leader Young Seven and 花落誰家. I assume 花落誰家 is a name, and I’ve discussed it with other translators who think so as well, but chapter 189 says there’s only one Archbishop which clearly contradicts there being two already in Nie Yan’s camp in Chapter 186. So either I mistranslated or there’s a typo. I’ve also searched other chapters, but 花落誰家 is only mentioned in Chapter 186. In any case, please do message me if any of you solve this mystery.



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Translation Changes:

Chapter of Equality → Chapter of Harmony
Dragon Girl Benita → Dragon Girl Venita

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