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Patreon Announcement
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I’ve given up on my goal of making a stockpile. I’ve come to accept that the fact that if I don’t have to work, I probably won’t. As such, there’s no point in delaying the Patreon anymore. I’m making it so readers can show their support in another form. Since I’m incapable of building a stockpile it seems, I guess there’ll be no early access chapters. What I release is what I have. However, to thank the patrons who’ve supported me, I’ll display your names (if you want me to) on the sidebar. As always, I’m always appreciative of anyone who shows their support through donating to sponsored chapters. Thank you once again for supporting me all this time, and I hope to continue translating consistent and high-quality chapters!

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Also give a warm welcome to my new editor, Sergio! He’ll be here for a month, then Sietse will be back.

Live Reading

It will be happening 10:00 pm EST in the storytelling voice channel of the Wuxiaworld Discord.

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Mad Snail decided to change the name of the Hellfire Guard to Fire Infernal (literal), so…

Hellfire Guard → Infyrnal

🗡Just a Head’s Up🗡

Hey guys! Some construction workers made a mistake, leaving shanks without internet. No technician is able to come to his aid before friday, perhaps even monday. He’ll do his best to find some spare time in the school library to translate but he might not be able to push out a chap until his internet is fixed.

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🗡RT Chapter 171–172🗡

Hello, everyone. Here’s the first and second release of the week. I decided it would be in everyone’s best interest to release both of these chapters at the same time.

P.s. Welcome Charm of the Soul Pets to Wuxiaworld! It’s edited by my good friend, Studmonster, also a great read! It’s basically Chinese Pokemon!

Editor: Sietse

Due to an error that occurred during the editing process, a line in chapter 170 was changed to Nie Yan heading to the Peaceful Dream Valley where Knight of the Elegy and his party were levelling at. The two events were mistakingly believed to be connected.

  • Nie Yan does NOT go to Peaceful Dream Valley.
  • Nie Yan does NOT intefere in the quarrel with Paladin of the Elegy’s party and the group of Victorious Return players.
  • The two events are separate.

His destination was a certain cave in the Peaceful Dream Gill, a Level 20 map.” → His destination was a certain cave within a ravine in a Level 20 map.”