MW Chapter 902 + message

Alright linmaniacs, it seems that a great deal of stuff is going to happen in the future, whether it is good or not. I promise everyone that I will continue to translate martial world as long as possible. My hope is that I can finish it before anything happens.

As for some other things, I don’t talk about why I left gravitytales for wuxiaworld because I felt it didn’t matter too much; all I wanted to do was to translate in peace.

But I will say that it was me that approached wuxiaworld, and in no way was I ever poached or approached in any manner whatsoever. Any statements to the contrary are absolute lies and slander. The main reason I switched over is because I was afraid that this sort of stuff would happen and I wanted to be in the best position possible to push back against it. And as I thought, it did happen.

I thank you all for your support and hope that you will continue supporting me and wuxiaworld in the future. I will try to complete the awesome novel that is MW, and also hopefully other just-as-great novels in the future.

PS: As a warning, my solid foundation allows me to jump ranks and fight. Don’t tickle the tiger!



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