ICDS Chapter 263

First regular chapter of the week!

Chapter 263

There is a chapter in queue (so 6 chapters this week). WW just won’t update right now. It’ll get updated soon enough

ICDS Chapter 261

Chapter 261

Fourth regular chapter of the week!

I’m on a diet. Any helpful eating tips? What are some good delicious food that I won’t feel bad about eating.

ICDS Chapter 260

Third regular chapter of the week!

Chapter 260

Slight mistranslation at the end of last chapter (for those of you who were quick to read the chapter when it came out); It’s been fixed now (it was like one sentence around the very end of the chapter; Lespina didn’t die yet!)

ICDS Chapter 254

Second regular chapter of the weeK!

Chapter 254

I just realized like half of “What Happens Twice Will Happen…” was “What Happens Once…” lol

Screwed up the first chapter title, and copy pasted the format onto the next chapter and this is what ended up happening ._.

Anyhow, enjoy!

ICDS Chapter 253

First regular chapter of the week!

Chapter 253

Hope you guys enjoyed your New Years!

I’ll be updating the table of index today (finally).