ICDS Chapter 65 + New Release Schedule

Hey guys, another sponsored chapter is out.

Chapter 65, sponsored by Yong C., Alexander T., Alex H., and Taylor W.

Release Schedule Announcement! 

I realized that summer is ending in a bit over a month and that the releases might get a bit sporadic, especially when I have to move back to my university and do school work. After thinking about what to do, I decided to go with Ren’s old schedule for Coiling Dragon.

There will still be 6 regular chapters every week, and if there are chapters in queue, up to three chapters will come out in any given day. I will rest on the 21st of every month (like Ren did), meaning no chapters will come out.

As for when the chapters will come out, the current schedule is one at 11 AM (regular), one at 3 PM (if in queue), and one at 7 PM (if in queue). Sorry to the disappointed fans, but summer unfortunately doesn’t last forever for a student like me.

This will go in effect starting from tomorrow! I will see you tomorrow at 11 AM.

EDIT: I am in Eastern time zone (GMT -4/-5 depending on daylight saving). Also, no more chapters for today!

ICDS Chapter 61

Here is another sponsored chapter!

Chapter 60, sponsored by Noah F., Nicholas B., and Ayed Y.!

Thank you for the continued patronage.

If you didn’t know, there is a discord server for ICDS created by my editor Jay (link below). It’s for readers to discuss the story (I won’t be there most of the time. I’ll be… translating…).



It seems most people like the spontaneous chapter releases. Hm, sorry about the ones that voted otherwise!

ICDS Chapter 60 + Release Schedule Poll!

Surprise sponsored chapter!

Chapter 60, sponsored by Pret!

I’ve been more posting the sponsored chapters as they come, which could have been confusing to certain people (who maybe didn’t see a chapter post or something). I made a strawpoll to see whether you guys would like a more regularly scheduled release. Link here:


Basically, the options are:
1) Keep it as it is
2) Release regular + sponsored at 11 AM and then sponsored chapters at 6 PM
3) Regular + sponsored at 11 AM / sponsored at 3 PM / sponsored at 9 PM

I’ll leave the poll up for a couple days. If the options are confusing, comment below and I’ll try to answer any questions!