IGE – 254

Third chapter of the week! Note: I’ll be in Portugal for the rest of the week so updates might be a little irregular. No worries though, six chapters will still be released in total this week 😀


Chapter 254


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IGE – 251

Here we go dear friends, another chapter of IGE ! 😀

I’ve been busy going through each of the earlier chapters manually, as there is some line break issues that occurred when importing. Please do keep sending in comments if you notice a typo/ something that needs editing. I will eventually get it fixed  🙂


Chapter 251


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IGE – 250

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So I’ve finally arrived! When I first started translating, one of my major worries was obtaining permission from the author/publisher. Now that I have the blessings from the publisher, courtesy of Ren and the team, this is one thorn out of my side and I can translate free from worries. Much thanks to Ren, Guan Zhong, Insane and Joe for helping me get set up, especially Joe for editing so many chapters in such a quick time frame. There’s been more hitches in the journey than first imagined but we’ve made it. 😀

Onto the more important stuff: The plan is to do six regular chapters a week, potentially more if I decide to get Patreon set up. I’ll start counting regular chapters at the start of next week, since we’re midway through this week already.

Chapter 250

Note: aware of some of the formatting issues in the imported chapters, fixing it currently. Some importing issue went on XD


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