💛I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!💛 Announcement

After talking things out with few of the readers, and after inspecting the novel for quite some time, I decided it would be best for the novel if I just took a week-long break to prepare for a mass release the following week.

The novel is basically an infodump from chapter 5-29. After that, there’s nonstop action, but… I’ve found that quite a lot of the readers I’ve talked to become increasingly unsatisfied with the long infodump that the novel is currently. If I were to translate further on a regular schedule, the hate would only increase, so I decided that it would be better to just stop publishing translations for a week altogether, so that I could release all the way up till chapter 29 after a week.

I apologize for the delay. I would’ve released on a regular schedule, but with the kind of comments I’ve been getting… It’s a little hard.

💛I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!💛 Chapter 14

So the update has been released. It’s kind of shitty and short, but you can find it over at ensjtrans.com.

A guy called st8_lupe’s been helping me out with the translations recently! He edited most of the chapters of ISBBTW, and he really did a fantastic job. Be sure to thank him when you see him! You can find him over at kobatochandaisuki, editing a work translated by a person called CSV.

I’m working on a patreon for me and the author. It’ll be completed by tomorrow, hopefully. I tried to make three chapters to put on the queue, but I think I’ll have to complete the third chapter after I release the patreon… No one’s going to get the 20$ tier anyway, hehe.


In any case, here is chapter 14.

💛I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!💛 Chapter 13

Hello hello. I’ve towed a chapter here to this place with me. Here is the link.

Ehhh for those who read on my site, I’ll release a detailed explanation of why I moved here, as well as my future plans there. King Shura should be coming soon as well. I’ve messed up my translation schedule for King Shura, hence the missed release. Expect that update by… the next 24 hours? Yeah, 24 hours sounds good enough.