NO DE TODAY. Ren’s going to the hospital again

Due to the recent illness episode Ren has been going through, and seeing that the symptoms are not improving (and even worsening) after taking the medication he was prescribed, he’s decided to go to the hospital again to get a second diagnosis. There won’t be any Desolate Era chapters today for obvious reasons. He has told me that, due the special circumstances, patrons could request a refund through patreon, but for those who wait, he’d make up for all the chapters owed.

It seems I only post to bring bad news to readers, sigh.

New DE Chapters Released! + I’m Alive

So this has easily been hands down the worst 48 hours of my life in years. I ran a 40 degree fever for 24 hours, it subsided just as I was about to go to the hospital, and then it came back with a vengeance once I got onto the plane for my 14 hour flight back to California for Thanksgiving. It took everything I had to even just talk to Insane and have him post for me; I literally haven’t been this miserable in many, many years. I spent something like 10 of those hours on the plane with a raging 39.4 Celsius fever before it finally broke for the last few hours.

I’ve done no translating, but thankfully that’s what the buffer is for. I apologize for not posting it, but I literally was so miserable I could barely open my eyes! Thanks for all of the well-wishes.

Book 35, Chapter 20 – Hegemon Brightshore
Book 36, Chapter 1 – Revival
Book 36, Chapter 2 – Farewells
Book 36, Chapter 3 – Boulder Transformation

Now that I’m back in the States for two weeks, the posting rhythm might be a bit changed up. We will soon!

NO DE TODAY. Our overlord is sick

Well, the title explains everything, but since I know some of you will want to know more, Ren has messaged me and said he had been feeling quite bad today. As a proof, the picture of his temperature. He has no idea if it’s due to an infection or anything or the sort yet.

I’ve already told him he should go to the hospital and he agreed to it if he didn’t get better in a while. So, let’s just hope he gets better soon and manages to recover fast.

Yn5an3 out.