New DE Chapters Released! Book 27, Chapters 23-24

Hey guys, sorry for not being on yesterday. Things have been rather insanely hectic, and I know I should’ve posted something, but I kept on telling myself, ‘Nah, I’ll find a few hours and get the chapters up’, only to fail repeatedly. I owe two chapters, and I’ll try to get’m out in the next two days!

Book 27, Chapter 23 – The Dust Settles
Book 27, Chapter 24 – The First Meeting

New DE Chapters Released! Book 27, Chapters 19-20

Days like this are what stockpiles are for. Wasn’t able to get any translating done thanks to all the drama, but thank goodness I had a stockpile that was large enough for me to draw from it while still keeping my overall promises to patrons. Happy reading, guys! I’ll see you all tomorrow. I’ve read all your comments and appreciate the love and positivity!

Book 27, Chapter 19 – Challenging the Daolord Cloudworld
Book 27, Chapter 20 – The Altar

New DE Chapters Released! Book 27, Chapters 13-14

Hey guys, here are the next two chapters of the day!

PLEASE NOTE – tomorrow I’ll be attending my cousin’s wedding, and as a result chapters might come out super early OR super late. They will still be coming!

Book 27, Chapter 13 – The Seventh Stance of [Nameless]
Book 27, Chapter 14 – The Eternal Emperor Closest to the Hegemons

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