Coiling Dragon Ebook Covers! Book 1 and Book 2

Hey guys, right now the tentative launch date for the eight-book Coiling Dragon Saga on Amazon will be September first. I wanted to give you all a sneak peek of the first two covers that we will be using. I hope you like them as much as we did in making them!  After having taken your suggestions into careful consideration, Book 1 will simply be called ‘Coiling Dragon’, while Book 2 will be called ‘Dragonblood’.  Thanks and enjoy!  We’ll be doing 2 covers a week until September 1, when everything will be ready to go! Continue reading “Coiling Dragon Ebook Covers! Book 1 and Book 2”

Coiling Dragon Ebooks Incoming!

Hey guys, I’m really happy to announce that after several fits and starts, Coiling Dragon is now almost completely, fully edited… which means that in the next month or two, we will be getting ready to launch the COMPLETE Coiling Dragon on Amazon! Prior to that, there are a few things we need to do (covers + typesetting, etc.); here’s your chance to give your input! Continue reading “Coiling Dragon Ebooks Incoming!”

Coiling Dragon Throwback – The Chronology

Hey, something awesome I wanted to share which I just posted on the Wiki; Wuxiaworld & CD fan ‘grifonero’ created a very nice chronology for Linley in CD, which he sent to me and I put up at our Wiki, here. I’m terrible at wikis though, so I couldn’t get the formatting right. Hope you guys can both enjoy it and help fix it! Reading through it really brought back some old feels 🙂

CD Completed – Book 21, Chapter 44

It has been a long, long ride folks. Here is your very final, last, chapter of Coiling Dragon. Book 21, Chapter 44 – A New Name (part 2).

For an afterword by the author, I Eat Tomatoes, click here.

For an afterword by myself, RWX, click here.

My full afterword is quite long, but I’ll keep it here as well for all of you. See below the jump. Continue reading “CD Completed – Book 21, Chapter 44”

New CD Chapter Release! Book 21, Chapters 40, 41

Hey guys, here are your two chapters of CD for today! 41 chapters down, 3 chapters to go! Here’s the part that pisses me off though; I just realized that the last two chapters are literally TRIPLE the size of normal chapters, so instead of just having 3 chapters worth of translations left, I actually have the equivalent of…seven. ARGH. Oh well, more for you guys to read! Since we were a bit late today, have an extra long teaser for chapter 42 as well!

Book 21, Chapter 40 – A Battle of Chief Sovereigns
Book 21, Chapter 41 – Can He Actually Be…?

New CD Chapters Released! Book 21, Chapters 38, 39

Hey guys, here’s the next two chapters! 39 down, 5 to go! I’m back in Hanoi now; barely had a chance to visit Hong Kong, given that I flew in near midnight on Thursday, then flew out 7 AM today (Saturday). Parents are in town the next few days for Thanksgiving, but it will not, I repeat, will NOT stop us from ending this sucker!

Book 21, Chapter 38 – Lies!
Book 21, Chapter 39 – Linley’s Fiery Rage

Enjoy the read, gents!