Wuxiaworld, Two Year Anniversary + Stats

Another year has come and gone…and Wuxiaworld has turned two years old. What a big baby it has become, since I founded the site to host Coiling Dragon and other ‘classical’ wuxia works on December 22, 2014! 2015 was a great year, but 2016 was an even better one. We saw great new translators join our team, as well as many new readers. We’ve made the news, we’ve gotten copyright authorizations for almost all our novels, we’ve served over a billion pageviews in less than a year, and we’ve made connections around the world. Thank you, all of you, for being with us for this incredible journey. Continue reading “Wuxiaworld, Two Year Anniversary + Stats”

Wuxiaworld in the Papers

Was just reading today’s papers (Singapore’s Straits Times) and saw this, so had to take a photo 🙂 Looks like the main source is from China Daily though!

Grats Ren!


CKtalon & Absolute Choice Join Wuxiaworld!

To regular readers of Gravity, this name is going to be familiar one to you.  A hearty Wuxiaworld welcome for CKtalon!!!  CKtalon is a veritable speed demon translator who has cranked tons of very high-quality chapters on Gravity on projects such as True Martial World (TMW) and I Really Am a Superstar (IRAS)…and now, he’s bringing his newest project, Absolute Choice (绝对选项) to Wuxiaworld! I’ll let him explain more later, but this is a truly fun read which sees a lot of  the usual ‘tropes’ overturned, as well as an MC like no other.

CKtalon’s pre-existing fans will be used to speed alongside quality, and indeed, CK’s promising us TEN regular chapters each week, and up to ten more sponsored chapters as well for a total of twenty!  He’s already put up ten for you to read…so get to work reading, and welcome CKtalon!!!

RWX Hiring a Paid Executive Assistant!

Aside from translating which I rather enjoy, one of the most time consuming parts of parts of running Wuxiaworld is all the random work involved. With certain plans for ramping up in 2017, it’s come to pass that I really need a full-time (flex-time ok) assistant to help me keep up with many of the things I’m currently handling myself, and so I am now looking to hire one. Before I turn to putting something in the newspaper, however, I thought I’d open it up to our readership community, as some of the best people I’ve worked with, like our Technomancers, started off as Wuxiaworld fans! If interested, read on!

EDIT – Already have 60+ applications in 6 hours.  Please understand if you don’t get an immediate response from me, as I don’t think I’ll be able to respond to every single one individually!  I plan to start reaching out to the ‘initial shortlist’ in about a week or so after all/most of the applications are in, so everyone just sit tight! Continue reading “RWX Hiring a Paid Executive Assistant!”

Wuxiaworld Signs Licensing Agreement W/Qidian!

Every so often, I hear people express worries about Wuxiaworld’s longevity. I’m extremely proud to announce that as of a few days ago, after months of negotiations, Wuxiaworld has concluded and signed an initial 10-year translation licensing and ebook/digital publishing agreement with Qidian, the Chinese website which most of our novels originate from! While the exact terms of the contract are under nondisclosure, what I can tell you is that the exclusive licensing agreement includes a total of 20 different titles that cover almost all of the Qidian novels we have on Wuxiaworld. We look forward to continued cooperation with Qidian and other websites, and once those details are ironed out, I’ll be sure to let you know here as well.

Look for more related announcements soon. Vive la Wuxiaworld!

The Legend of the Dragon King has Arrived!

Hi everyone, the Legend of the Dragon King has arrived!

It has been a month or so now since the end of Child of Light but now, I, the Hyperdimensional Space Vampire, have returned with the Legend of the Dragon King!

The Legend of the Dragon King is Tang Jia San Shao’s latest novel and is set in the Douluo Dalu universe.  Reading this book does NOT, however, spoil Douluo Dalu. The release pace will be 3-4 regular chapters a week (starting next week) + as many sponsored as there are.

Start reading from the prologue here!
Continue reading “The Legend of the Dragon King has Arrived!”

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Today’s ATG and SR pushed back.

Tiredness Punch was super effective! Chapters are delayed yet again!

I feel like I’m too busy playing catch up lately, arghhh. This was completely unexpected, but tonight’s holiday shopping has worn me out!

Also, to anyone in the US who managed to get the Mario Edition new 3DS, pat yourselves on the back but no smiling, or giggling allowed! It was a deal I was trying to get for my tiny brother but all retail stores were out of stock! Online “pre-orders” were up in like the middle of the day yesterday (that was Wednesday! blasphemy!) for like an hour before they were all sold out! What?! I even bought Pokemon Moon for him! But now he won’t have a console! I’ll have to buy him the fatter one before Christmas! Time is ticking too fast!! alyschu hurt itself in its confusion! Okay, rant’s over. Hope everyone’s shopping went well too!

Current release status for tomorrow: 4 SR Chapters, 1 ATG Chapter.

Latechu signing off! o7

Wuxiaworld Resources Updated!

Hey guys, Huan Xu has previous posted a series of four awesome glossaries/term explanation articles on reddit, and he’s agreed to have us host them here on Wuxiaworld!  If you have the free time, take a gander; you’ll learn something (a lot, most likely)!  The articles are: 1) “Cores” in Chinese Cultivation Novels, 2) Wuxia-Xianxia Terms of Address, 3) Chinese Idiom Glossary, and 4) General Glossary of Terms

Wuxiaworld Discord Server Open!

Hey guys, one of the biggest requests we’ve always had was a place for people to chat with each other about life, novels, and everything else in real-time, aside from comments and the forum.  We tried a few solutions in the past, but they never seemed to work, partly because of our enormous volume.  After careful consideration and testing, however, we have decided to try something that has worked for many others – a Wuxiaworld Discord server (click for the invite)!  Discord theoretically can allow for upwards of five thousand simultaneous users, so it seems like a great way to further build up our wonderful little community here.

Many of our translators have already joined up, so come on in and take a gander!  Who knows, you might run into a few familiar faces…