Blue Phoenix Book 7 Published

Hello all

It is with great joy that I announce that Blue Phoenix book 7 has been released on Amazon for sale.

If you have not yet read the book, head over to the Original Novel section and give it a go, or on Amazon and try it out from book one.

The series is about Hui Yue, a young man who loses his life and ends up in a world where only the strongest prevail. It is a world where he experiences hardships and sets out on a journey to cultivation together with the soul of a phoenix that somehow is stuck within him. What is the reason for this phoenix to suddenly appear within his body, and what future lies ahead for this young man who has to start life anew in a dog eat dog world?

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HJC Officially Paused (TGS note)

Readers, as many of you have noticed (and vocalized), the translation of HJC has become increasingly sporadic over the past few months.  After repeated failed attempts to reach out to Zen, and a discussion about this with the other translators, I’m forced to announce that HJC is going on an official (but hopefully brief) pause as we cut Zen off from posting on Wuxiaworld and look for a new translator to take his place.  Any donors to HJC’s unfinished queue who provide proof that they donated to the current HJC queue can send us an email, and I’ll refund you out of my own account.  Alternately, if you so choose we will roll over the queue once we find a new translator.  We invite interested, responsible translators with a solid track record to reach out to us regarding this project. Continue reading “HJC Officially Paused (TGS note)”

Wuxiaworld Welcomes TranslationRaven and TranXending Vision!

Hey guys, we accidentally jumped the gun on this due to a slight miscommunication, but I’m very happy to welcome TranslationRaven and TranXending Vision to Wuxiaworld!  Raven’s a tremendous translator who did really good work on her previous project, which she dropped due to copyright concerns.  Happily, TranXending Vision is a Zongheng novel and this concern isn’t an issue here!  This is a more modern-day novel, which answers the age-old question – what would you do if you had transcendant vision that let you see into the hearts (and bodies!) of others?  Come find out what the (not TOO pervy) answer is!

Raven’s already introduced herself here, but please join me in a big Wuxiaworld welcome to her!  😀  She’ll be starting with six chapters a week.

Wuxiaworld Welcomes Aran and Imperial God Emperor!

Hi all, this is something that both many of you as well as I have been looking forward to for quite some time now. An old novel that was gone for a period of time due to various reasons is back, and fully licensed… IMPERIAL GOD EMPEROR (IGE)! IGE is a Zongheng novel that we have fully licensed, and we’ve brought back its original translator, ‘Aran’, as well. Not just that: some of the earlier chapters were rough, so we spent weeks working with Aran to edit and overhaul those earlier chapters to bring them up to Wuxiaworld standard… all 200+ of them! I’ll let Aran introduce himself to y’all, but for now please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome to Aran and IGE!

Mobile Redirects Fixed?

Hey guys, just checking – a week or two ago, we put in a stealth-fix that theoretically should have fixed redirect issues on mobile. I’m not going to get too much into the tech, but long story short is the API we were using for adserving was finally updated to be compatible with something called SafeFrame which allows us to use iframes on our ads.  Theoretically, iframe should have completely killed the redirects issue.  Next will be the laggy ads…

Click here to cast your vote and let us know how things are looking. Note that this is specifically for the past week.  Note that this fix is only valid on mobile phones, not iPad for now!  Also feel free to leave a message here!

Wuxiaworld Welcomes Tina and Daman!

Hey guys, I’d like for you all to join me in a warm welcome to original authors Tina and Daman! Tina has brought her own originals Blue Phoenix and Overthrowing Fate, while Daman has brought The Divine Elements. Some of you may have read their novels before, and they’ve self-published some of their stories on Amazon.

In 2017-2018, we’re actually signing some Chinese authors as well, who will be producing Wuxiaworld-owned content and will be posting them both on Chinese websites as well as English translated versions on WW. As a result, the originals section will slowly and steadily grow. I’m very happy to be able to inaugurate Tina, deathblade, and Daman as the official Founding Fathers of the WW originals section. Please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome for Tina and Daman in particular!

PSA: Wuxiaworld Under DDOS

Hey guys, just letting you know that Wuxiaworld is currently under a large scale UDP DDOS attack. Linode has already nullrouted some of our IP’s, as the attack is so large that it was impacting their service and their other customers. As a result, the site may be slow and some services like the forum will be temporarily offline. We will keep you updated as things progress, and I will refrain from speculating on who is behind it.

EDIT: DDOS still ongoing, and still large enough that Linode’s other servers/nodes are impacted when our IP’s are not nullrouted. A DDOS of this size and magnitude… someone certainly has a large botnet or deep pockets.

EDIT2: DDOS over! Things should be back to normal. Destickying after a few hours if everything stays normal!

alyschu is BACK!!

Did ya’ll miss me?

I was actually back 2 days ago but cleaning, unpacking, delivering presents, checking mail, etc and being sore from all that delayed me a bit. I’ll try to release most if not all ATG, SR, and MEN’s owed chapters before the end of the month but I can’t make any promises. I’ll be releasing a bunch of chapters today and then start counting how much we still owe for each series before I go to bed. ATG+SR will take priority because they have early access patreon stuff I have to post as well.

ps. China was fun although not having stable internet wasn’t. I battled typhoons, floods, camels, and emus!

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