Wuxiaworld & Webnovels in the News!

Many of our readers aren’t aware of this, but there has actually been a tremendous amount of interest in China regarding the English webnovel scene.  Below is a major news report I just translated from Southern Weekly (南方周末), which features our very own etvolare in it!  There have been several such news reports, including a few focused completely on me, but I didn’t translate them as it would feel rather self-aggrandizing.  This one is one of the biggest ones to come out lately, and the online version alone has been viewed by more than 330,000 people in the past day or two alone.  I thought this would be of interest to the community as a whole in understanding how much attention the Chinese are paying to this stuff.  An even bigger news article from the People’s Daily is coming soon, and I’ll post that as well!

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Korean Section Opened! Turtles & Otters Come to Play!

Hey guys, I’m delighted to be able to announce you that Wuxiaworld has now opened an aquarium, with a turtle and otter having come to play!  But not just any turtle/otter combo; the turtle is RainbowTurtle, and the otter is naughtyotter!  They’ve brought their six Korean projects over to Wuxiaworld; Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon, Breakers, Dragon Maken War, Emperor of Solo Play, God of Crime, and Seoul Station’s Necromancer.  Check them out!

This was actually a really long and thought-out decision for me.  I’ve had Korean applications before, but I’ve always refused because I care deeply about quality, and I simply cannot QC Korean translations.  However, both RainbowTurtle and naughtyotter are very experienced translators, with turtle herself actually having more experience in webnovel translation than me; Ark and LMS (Legendary Moonlight Sculptor) were her claim to fame!  I have complete faith in her as a translator, and with her as the foundation Wuxiaworld will begin dipping its toes into the Korean market.  So…please join me in a hearty welcome to turtle and otter!

Wuxiaworld Welcome AST, AGM, RMJI, and SV!

For those who don’t recognize those acronyms, they respectively represent: Ancient Strengthening Technique, Ancient Godly Monarch, A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, and Spirit Vessel. Spirit Vessel is by our old friend Bao, the translator of Emperor’s Domination, but AST/AGM are translated by our new friend, Lord Bluefire (hmm, that name sounds familiar), while RMJI is translated by our new friend doubledd!

These are all meaty novels with lots of translated chapters for you to enjoy! The one head’s up I WILL give is that AST is a novel that’s much like Great Demon King on volare; it’s, uh, got a lot more adult action and scenes than some of our other novels. Viewer discretion is advised! Continue reading “Wuxiaworld Welcome AST, AGM, RMJI, and SV!”

Create Your Own Martial Soul Contest Submissions Now Open!

Hi readers, submissions for the “create your own martial soul” contest are now open from today, March 15th, to the 25th! This is a trial run for the contest and if things go well, I may run it once every month or two with a new theme and modified rules. There will be two cash prizes of $20 this time. One will be awarded to whoever wins the vote at the after the voting period, while the other will be picked however I see fit.

Come read Legend of the Dragon King if you’re interested!

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Wuxiaworld Welcomes True Martial World and I’m Really a Superstar!

Many of you already know ‘Speed Demon’ CKtalon, who has been working on Absolute Choice (one of the novels that I personally follow daily here) and has been cranking them out like mad.  What some of you don’t know is that he has also been working on two other novels.  The first is True Martial World, the sequel/sister novel to Martial World, which also moved over recently!  The second is I’m Really a Superstar, whose primary translator is Legge.  CK and Legge have jointly decided to bring both of their novels over to Wuxiaworld as well, and they are really fun!  IRAS in particular is very different from some of the novels we have here, as it is set in a slightly different modern world China and a hilarious read.  Please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome for Legge, and for both True Martial World and I’m Really a Superstar!  For those who didn’t make it in time to welcome hyorinmaru, please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome for hyorinmaru and Martial World!

Wuxiaworld Welcomes Hyorinmaru and Martial World!

Hey guys, as you’ve already seen and heard, after considerable discussion between the various interested parties, hyorinmaru has elected to join Wuxiaworld with his (very popular) translation of Martial World! Since he has already made his post, I’ll let that speak for itself. I’ll just add that hyorinmaru is an incredibly dedicated translator that has been pumping chapters like crazy for some time now, with more than 750+ chapters of Martial World completed! There were actually some errors in the porting process that we are currently fixing, but since so many readers of Martial World were waiting for the next two chapters we went ahead and announced it here anyways. So…please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome to hyorinmaru and Martial World!

MGA Translator Out Sick

Hey guys, just doing a quick PSA to let you know that Yang Wen-li and his entire family is out sick the past few days. The kids caught something that spread to the whole family! Release schedule will be a bit off/slow the next few days as he’s slowly recuperating, but we hope to be back up to speed soon. Thanks for being fans and send some positive energy his way!

Wuxiaworld, Two Year Anniversary + Stats

Another year has come and gone…and Wuxiaworld has turned two years old. What a big baby it has become, since I founded the site to host Coiling Dragon and other ‘classical’ wuxia works on December 22, 2014! 2015 was a great year, but 2016 was an even better one. We saw great new translators join our team, as well as many new readers. We’ve made the news, we’ve gotten copyright authorizations for almost all our novels, we’ve served over a billion pageviews in less than a year, and we’ve made connections around the world. Thank you, all of you, for being with us for this incredible journey. Continue reading “Wuxiaworld, Two Year Anniversary + Stats”

Wuxiaworld in the Papers

Was just reading today’s papers (Singapore’s Straits Times) and saw this, so had to take a photo 🙂 Looks like the main source is from China Daily though!

Grats Ren!