BTTH Updates Today

Hey guys,

So, as many of you guys have personally felt, some series are just too good to put down. Well, I’m in that loop right now. I’ve been meaning to reading The Beginning After the End for a very, very long time and never around to it. So, I’ll be catching up on that today and also reading the other originals on Gravity Tales.

So yeah, sorry about that and I’ll be back tomorrow with 2 BTTH chapters.



35 thoughts on “BTTH Updates Today” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. crap was about to write about what annoyed the hell out of me in this story, but realized it would be a spoiler…. Enjoy! (Its good for while tho 🙂 ) But of course it’s still amazing how someone actually wrote it :D. Was a favorite for a while

  2. My arm muscles have increased twice in size from all BTTH cliffs, a little more wait it’s nothing! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…



    *Goes to cry in a corner.*

  3. why dont you just jump right to the web manga chapter and translate from there one? i dont see any reason to translate something everbody knows already ._.

  4. you might get strong mushoku tensei vibes from it. it diverges from that soon after though. what killed my interest was the forced romance in the 3rd volume. seems like it was shoved down my throat more than anything, but maybe that’s just me. even the MC was kinda forced into it. if you read to there, you should see what i mean.

  5. Take rest but just dont neglect or drop this novel, its FINALLY started getting a lot of followers and its getting really good. Dont let all these followers down.

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