BTTH Update #2

I’m back!

Technically, I’m not really back yet since I got stuck in another layaway (>.<). However, you should start seeing updates on BTTH within the next three days (have a lot of work to catch up on and sort of jetlaggged). Anyways, hope you guys had a good Spring Break and stayed tuned for BTTH updates.


21 thoughts on “BTTH Update #2” - NO SPOILERS

  1. Spring break!?! Whaa. Is that why the traffic has been so great on the highways? rofl. Boo, don’t end! Thanks for the status update. Hope you had a good one. After school, no more spring breaks (╯︵╰,) just vaca and sick days unless you have a fancy job.

  2. TYVM for the your work!

    I remember back when you said around chapter 289 to not read until 360 was done. Boy am I looking forward to binge reading all of that within a week or so!!!

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