BTTH Now Doing Sponsored Chapters

Hi everyone,

GGP here! After taking many things into consideration, we have decided to take on sponsored chapters for BTTH!

So, we will probably be putting out anywhere from 4-infinite(more like 7) chapters of BTTH each week as opposed to the 3-4 chapters/week we have been doing. Of these chapters, 3 of them will be “basic” or non-sponsored chapters that do not take away from the queue of donations. The other chapters after these three chapters will all be going towards the donation queue. Also, each sponsored chapter is going to be at $60.

Have fun reading,

27 thoughts on “BTTH Now Doing Sponsored Chapters” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Hours. These guys put in lots of effort. I did my own Tling of Mushoku Tensei chapters over a year ago, just to see what it was like.

      I could only create a proper chapter after roughly 12 hours (note my japanese isn’t perfect).
      These guys are all a lot better than I at this stuff and have a much firmer grasp of chinese than I did of Japanese. But it’s still a long time.

    2. they already translate for us, it’s not their fault you (might) be addicted 🙂
      also, just comparing to what REN wrote once, that he used approx. 3 hours to translate 1 chapter (of CD), the price doesn’t even seem high to me at 20$ per chapter, especially if you consider the free chapters and the fact that they wrote they’d probably do max 7 chapters per week that’s like (approx)10$ per chapter if you stretch the free chapters.. so it’s actually not a lot, besides i’m sure there are some people who’d love to donate to read this awesome novel, although im reallllly poor atm, so not me^^

      still, your impatiency is a sign of you showing love for this novel 😀

  1. Words per chapter varies from 1500 -2300 for $60, CD has an average 2200-2300 words a chapter for $80 before. Translating takes 2-4 hours, depending if they half ass it and how proficient their Chinese is. I think ren mentioned he does a chapter in around 2 hours. I’ve read novels that has an avg 1000-1500 words per chapter that requires approx 80 bucks a chapter, however that person releases more chapters weekly. If people thirst for it, they’ll donate for quicker chaps(as long as its not too high).

    As for me, I’ve read the manga and already read too many novels a day, so I’m not in a hurry :P. Quite a few of my fav online novels doesn’t even have a donate button and I have at times asked them to put one up for the effort and time they put in Tl’ing, but is told they do it for fun or to improve their Chinese.

  2. Expect some $ from I as well. I tried my hand at translating. I gave up lol. This is a labor of love and for those who do it, they deserve compensation if not free hugs!

    No need to be immoral, fellow Daoist, donate if you can 😀

    1. yeah, i wanna try translating as well, but i just keep getting sucked into new novels and never get the time to try to learn korean/chinese/japanese 🙁

      will happen eventually though… i hope

      1. My problem is that I don’t want to try my hand at learning these languages when, yes I aspire to learn all three of those, I don’t trust my ability to find good resources. I don’t want to start learning a language only to find that I have been doing something wrong or simply inefficiently.

        1. that’s true. i also heard there’s so many different types of chinese, would be nice to know what’s the main type of chinese so i don’t choose the wrong one to start in ^^

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