BTTH Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 : Dark and Windy Night

The silver moon hung high in the sky, emitting a faint moonlight that covered the ground in a silvery layer that gave it a mysterious look.

After the disturbance in the day, Wu Tan City had become dark and quiet in the night. From within the houses on some streets, there was only the occasional sound of nightly activities

In a room in the backyard of the Xiao clan’s home, a young man was lying on the bed. His eyes, as dark as the night sky, were filled with a cold quietness.

“Teacher, what is your strength in your current state?” After a long quietness, Xiao Yan abruptly asked in a soft voice.

“Why?” The black ring that he wore emitted a random response. A moment later, Yao Lao vaguely said: “Although I am currently in my soul form, I should have no problem handling some small flies like Da Dou Shis or Dou Lings with my heavenly flame.”

Hearing this, a slight happiness appeared on Xiao Yan’s face. His eyes, however, still carried a coldness.

“You wish to kill the boy from the afternoon?” Seeing Xiao Yan’s behaviour, Yao Lao asked with surprise.

“Jia Lie Ao isn’t deserving of such effort.” Xiao Yan smiled and whispered. “Two months is fast approaching and I am losing my patience to drag out the competition with the Jia Lie clan. Thus, I am hoping to secretly kill the alchemist called Liu Xi. Once he dies, the Jia Lie clan without any healing medicine will lose their remaining market share. Once that happens, even if their clan can continue surviving, their strength would have greatly declined and will no longer be able to threaten the Xiao clan.”

“Oh. Have you really lost your patience? Seeing your character, you don’t appear to be an impulsive person.” After a brief silence, Yao Lao’s joking voice escaped from the ring. “It seems that you care a lot for the girl called Xun Er. All that guy did was to act a little dirty yet you bear such a deep grudge. What a jealous child.”

Hearing this, Xiao Yan’s face warmed. The shame of having his thoughts so easily revealed arose his anger. “From the start, I did not have much time. How can I continue to play with them. Even if I had not met that guy today, I would have started using some tricks.”

“Alright, alright. It has nothing to do with the girl…” Watching Xiao Yan’s manner, Yao Lao laughed loudly. The mocking tone in his laugher caused Xiao Yan to roll his eyes helplessly.

“Since you wish to take action, let’s get going. I am just a soul so I’ll need to borrow your hands.” Yao Lao ceased his laughter and said.

Hurriedly nodding his head, Xiao Yan quickly jumped off his bed. He took out a red storage ring from his breast pocket and retrieved a large black cloak which he had prepared beforehand. He pulled it over his body in a practiced manner and the thin body of the young man was transformed into a bloated, mysterious black-cloaked man.

“Let’s go. You need not do anything. Just let me control your body. With my spirit encompassing you, you need not worry about anyone recognising you from your scent.” Seeing the well-prepared Xiao Yan, Yao Lao gave a smiling reminder.

“Ah.” Nodding his head, Xiao Yan easily reached the side of the window and scanned his surroundings like a thief. Only then did he jump out and his body quickly descended. Following which, a mysterious strong strength was emitted from the ring on his finger.

The mysterious strength quickly encompassed Xiao Yan’s entire body. Immediately, the rapidly falling figure suddenly floated in midair. Stepping lightly off a roof, his black figure was like an eagle, silently speeding out of the Xiao clan’s home and disappearing into the dark night.

The dark and windy night presented a good opportunity to kill.


Jia Lie clan.

“Mister Liu is really able to refine other medicine?” In the well-lit hall, the originally anxious Jia Lie Bi was initially stunned upon hearing Liu Xi’s pleased announcement before asking happily.

Extremely satisfied with Jia Lie Bi’s surprised manner, Liu Xi lifted the tea cup beside him and took a sip. The expression on his face was very proud. “Besides healing medicine, I am able to refine something that’s very suited for the mercenaries’ use. The drug’s called “Explosive Strength Pill”. It can raise the strength of the user by ten percent for a short period of time.”

Hearing this, the happiness on Jia Lie Bi’s face grew . If a drug with such effect could be refined, he could use it as an advertisement to attract quite a lot of people. He might even be able to once again suppress the Xiao clan.

“Unfortunately, this “Explosive Strength Pill” cannot be refined in bulk like the healing medicine. With my current ability, I am afraid I can only refine twenty pills a day.” Liu Xi said in a regretful voice.

“Haha, twenty pills it is. We can create something like an auction, where the highest bidder will get it. In any case, the healing medicine is the main aim. We are only using this to raise our popularity.” Jia Lie Bi waved his hand and said with a smile.

“Hey. Clan Leader Jia Lie, I am indeed able to make this “Explosive Strength Pill”, but according to our agreement, I am only responsible for making the healing medicine.” Seeing how the “Explosive Strength Pill” had attracted Jia Lie Bi, a thought struck Liu Xi and he abruptly spoke.

Jia Lie Bi’s face suddenly changed. The crafty man knew what the guy was planning. However, at this stage, all he could do was to laugh dryly and ask: “What is Mister Liu Xi’s meaning?”

“Haha, relax. I know what kind of situation the Jia Lie clan is in right now so I won’t ask for much.” Watching a relaxed Jia Lie Bi, a sinister smile flashed across Liu Xi’s eyes. “All I want is Clan Leader Jia Lie to help me get hold of the lady called Xun Er.”

Before a smile could appear, Jia Lie Bi’s face stiffened. The corner of his eye twitched. He had not expected that this guy, who was strongly driven by sexual urges, would actually directly target the Xiao clan.

“Mister Liu Xi, if our Jia Lie clan touched a member of the Xiao clan, Xiao Zhan would have the excuse to openly attack us. By then, it would not be just a business confrontation but actual violence…“ Sighing, Jia Lie Bi smiled bitterly,

Tapping his finger on the table, Liu Xi quietly said: “This is not a matter for me to consider. I don’t care if Clan Leader plans to forcefully snatch or stealthily drug her. All I care about is the result. As long as you can bring her to me, I will begin to refine the “Explosive Strength Pill”.”

The corner of Jia Lie Bi’s eye twitched. Despite his anger surging, he could only forcefully laugh: “Can you give me time to think? May I give you an answer tomorrow?”

“Hee Hee. It’s just as well. Clan Leader, you may think it over. Before I leave, I would like to add something. The Jia Lie clan and the Xiao clan have already become irreconcilable enemies, so why do you need to worry about adding another grudge into the mix?” Laughing perversely, Liu Xi stood up, patted his backside and swaggered out of the hall. With hurried footsteps, he headed towards his room in the backyard. The lotus-like extraordinary young lady from the day had ignited the lust in him. All he wanted to do now was to find a young and beautiful servant girl to relieve his lust.

Gazing at Liu Xi who disappeared into a corner, Jia Lie Bi turned even more gloomy. It was only after a long time that he exhaled a long breath and thickly said: “This bastard, whose head is full of women, would sooner or later die at the hands of one.”


In a room at the backyard, Xiao Yan helplessly watched the knocked-out beautiful lady lying on the bed. Her body was covered only by a thin robe, exposing much of her naked body.

“That guy’s back.” Yao Lao whispered from within the ring, causing Xiao Yan to quickly squeeze into a hidden corner. Through a small gap, his eyes managed to observe everything in the room.

“Creak…” The wooden door was slowly pushed open. Liu Xi discernable laughter instantly came from within the room. “Ha ha. Precious, I am here. Prepare to be ruined tonight.”

“What a sperm-filled head idiot. Yao Lao, prepare to strike.” Xiao Yan said in his heart as he coldly smiled and shook his head.

“Alright… wait, there’s a change!” Yao Lao shouted a warning just as he was about to agree, resulting in Xiao Yan’s heart tightening.

His forehead was full of perspiration after being frightened by Yao Lao’s warning yell, Xiao Yan stayed where he was, not daring to move.

“On your left!” Within his heart, Yao Lao’s voice once again emerged.

Listening to the warning, Xiao Yan slowly turned his head. His gaze shifted to the window on his left and his eyes suddenly contracted.


The originally closely-shut window had already been unknowingly opened, allowing the pale moonlight to scatter into the room. In the blink of an eye, the emptiness in the window and its surroundings was strangely replaced by a young lady in a golden dress. Below the golden dress was a pair of jade-like round and white small feet which drew an attractive arc in midair.

Moonlight spilled into the room, shining on the exquisite face of the young lady. It was just like a goddess under the moonlight, beautiful yet mysterious.

Gazing at the sudden appearance of the young lady, Xiao Yan felt his throat becoming dry. His heart softly moaned a name.

“Xun… Xun Er?”

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