BTTH Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Advertisment
Releasing his chilly gaze, Xiao Yan did not act but rather curled all ten fingers while a strange push-and-pull force began to gather in his palm; it was if his hands were alive and breathing.

After refining “Vacuum Hand” and “Fire Palm” for more than a year, Xiao Yan, though unable to say his skills had reached perfection, could confidently say that he was able to switch between the two skills much more smoothly. If Xiao Yao sparred with someone, it was assured that he could quickly release the two Dou Techniques together and harm the other party.

Beside him, Xun Er gave a quick glance towards Jia Lie Ao, a small smile creeped onto her lips: “Xiao Yan ge-ge, that guy seems to be a lot stronger than before……”

Xiao Yan inclined his head in agreement, coolly replying: “Last time at the auction, his father managed to win a Wind-Attribute High Xuan Level Qi Method. It’s been a year and that certainly has been enough time for Jia Lie, who is of the wind attribute, to change his old Dou Qi into the new Method’s Dou Qi and thus making him stronger than before.

“Hehe, no wonder he’s become so arrogant. Does he really think that a High Level Xuan Technique is something so rare?” Xun Er was all smiles as she remarked. Within her crystal-clear eyes a light golden blaze danced wildly.

Xiao Yan smiled as he shook his head and with a hint of playfulness he replied: “To a wealthy young girl like you who can pull Qi Methods of High Level Xuan quality out of thin air, of course something like that isn’t rare.”

Hearing Xiao Yan’s teasing words, Xun Er wrinkled her lily-white nose. Rolling her eyes, she replied with some bitterness: “Even though it’s rare, didn’t Xiao Yan ge-ge still reject it?”

Having heard what she said, Xiao Yan smiled in embarrassment. Pointing his chin towards the stage, he said: “The auction is about to start ……”

Seeing Xiao Yan feign ignorance, Xun Er could only shake her head grudgingly as she cast her gaze towards the auction stage which suddenly lit up.

Under the attention of countless eyes, Ya Fei, dressed in a red dress, stepped up onto the stage. The red dress tightly wrapped around her body, causing the audience’s gazes to blaze with passion.

Ya Fei, wearing a lovely expression, veiling her ever so slightly sensual lips behind a hand, faced the audience below and let out her lovable laugh as she said a few words to the crowd. With her charm, she easily drove the auction into a frenzy of desire.

Feeling the growing excitement in the air, even Xiao Yan could not help but smack his lips together. Ya Fei was indeed worthy of the title of Primer Auction House’s Chief Auctioneer; with just a few words, she had turned weaker willed men into beasts and filled their heads with passion. At this point, if Ya Fei were to try and auction off a pebble, many people would value the pebble as a priceless treasure to be bought.

Looking at the intense atmosphere in the hall, Ya Fei was slightly pleased with herself. Her years of training had enlightened her on how strongly her beauty effected men. Her red lips formed an inviting smile as her gaze shifted around the room taking in everything around her. When her eyes swept over a young man sitting behind Xiao Zhan, she could not help but be faintly surprised.

Though the youngster’s gaze was on the platform, those ink-black eyes which danced around let Ya Fei know that this young man was not swayed by her alluring performance which caused her black eyebrows to lift slightly in astonishment.

Moving her gaze away from Xiao Yan, Ya Fei’s red lips slightly parted as a soft laugh escaped. Clapping her hands, she smiled and said: “Ya Fei knows what has brought everyone here today, thus the usual appetisers will be left out. Instead, we will start right away with the main event.”

As she ended her speech, Ya Fei lightly waved her hands, dimming the lights on the stage. Bowing to the crowd, she took out a jade plate and at the middle of the plate laid a tiny White Jade Bottle.

At the appearance of the tiny White Jade Bottle, the audience’s gaze heated up with longing. One by one, they rubbed their hands together in anticipation of obtaining the bottle for themselves.

“Does anyone remember the Foundation Elixir from our last auction? The ones we are offering now are made by the same alchemist. Our Auction House’s grandmaster Gu Ni has assured us that the effectiveness and quality are also the same, so everyone need not worry about that.” Ya Fei said as she gently smiled. Suddenly turning towards Xiao Yan, with a charming and lovely smile, she added: “Previously, the Foundation Elixir was bought by the Xiao Clan Leader, Xiao Zhan and after this purchase, Young Master Xiao Yan managed to jump from the 3rd to the 8th Duan Dou Qi in one year, whether this was due to the Foundation Elixir….. Haha, Ya Fei can only guess.” Towards the end, within Ya Fei’s beautiful eyes, a flash of craftiness could be seen.

Hearing Ya Fei’s words, all eyes shifted to the front row until they laid upon the slightly overwhelmed figure of Xiao Yan. Gasps of surprise could be heard all around and although word of Xiao Yan’s monstrous training speed had long ago spread throughout Wu Tang City, many had not been able to personally see it. Thus having the chance to see Xiao Yan in person, many could not help but sigh in amazement. At the same time, it strengthened everyone’s conviction to obtain the Foundation Elixir for themselves.

Not far away, seeing Xiao Yan in the spotlight, the corners of Jia Lie Ao curled into a sneer as his face became filled with disdain.

Under the crowd’s attention, Xiao Yan twisted uncomfortably in his seat; in his heart he could not decide whether to cry or laugh. This woman was brilliant, she actually used Xiao Yan himself as a free advertisement. With Xiao Yan here as a living specimen, the price of the Foundation Elixir would rise by at least 20% to 30%.

“Sigh, this woman….. it’d be a waste if she weren’t a merchant.”

Sighing yet again, although Xiao Yan was disturbed by the surrounding gazes, he remembered that the items on auction were actually his and thus he could only shake his head in frustration and give a death stare to the smiling Ya Fei on stage.

Ya Fei fearlessly ignored Xiao Yan’s stare and instead brazenly replied with a mature, lovely and alluring smile, causing a few men behind Xiao Yan to swallow a mouth of saliva.

“For the first bottle of Foundation Elixir, the auction price starts at 15 000!”

On stage, Ya Fei was all smiles as she asked for such a huge amount; she had pushed the price of the Foundation Elixir to twice the original value.

“What viciousness……” Below the stage, having heard the price, Xiao Yan’s mouth split open in amazement as he inwardly shook his head. As expected, women were the most vicious beings there were.


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