BTTH Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 – Selecting a Qi Method

It was a little dim after stepping passed the pitch black door. Gentle lights shone from within the fire pearls that hung on the surrounding walls, giving the spacious pavilion a deep and quiet ambiance.

The pavilion had several wide passages branching out from the main entrance. At the start of each passage, there were large inscriptions that described the elements each passage was home to.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept through each passage before they finally stopped on the Passage of Fire on the far left. Slightly feeling his nose, he turned his head sideways. However, what came into his view was a shyly blushing Xun Er. Astounded, he asked, “Xun Er, what is it?”

“Ah?” Being brought back to her senses by Xiao Yan’s voice, Xun Er’s crimson face actually reddened even more. It took her a few moments to gradually recover before she wrinkled her nose at Xiao Yan and replied in an indifferent tone, “It was nothing, let’s hurry up and look for a Qi Method.”

Xiao Yan made a baffled expression, but then pointed towards the Passage of Fire and said with a smile, “Let’s go.”

Xun Er indifferently nodded while a hint of red still lingered on her face.

Glancing sideways at Xun Er’s attractive little face, Xiao Yan’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. He hurriedly led the way, looking only straight ahead.


The Passage of Fire branched into five smaller paths. Within each path, the shadows of several clan members could be vaguely seen.

“Passage of Fire, path three.” After a quick glance, Xiao Yan led Xun Er directly into the third path.

What was within this path appeared to be a completely different world. On both sides of the path, several meters apart from each other, were thick red-colored wooden doors. At this moment, all the doors were wide open but within each open door was a faint red light curtain.

This red curtain was a type of defensive barrier. At the same time, it also served as the final test for the youths of the clan. If someone wished to obtain the Qi Method within, they had to first break this barrier.

There were already quite a few clan members who had entered this path. These people were now standing in front of several different wooden doors, viciously striking at the red barrier with flushed faces. Occasionally, the sounds of barriers breaking were heard, accompanied by celebratory cheers that rang out from within the pavilion. During those times, those who were still attacking the barriers with all their might couldn’t help but show faces full of envy.

Xiao Yan and Xun Er slowly walked along the path, slightly enjoying themselves, watching the clan members on both sides, who burned with ardor.

After taking a turn at another corner, Xiao Yan looked at the number engraved on the wooden door beside him. It showed number 37.

He touched his nose and smiled before hurrying ahead. Finally, he stopped in front of the door marked with the number 43 and light-heartedly said, “So, this is it.”

Within the path, there were still more than ten clan members around. All of them were dumbfounded when they saw Xiao Yan stopping in front of room Number 43. This room actually had the toughest barrier in that particular path. Earlier on, several decently skilled clan members had tried to break the barrier, however, all of them ran into a wall.

Unconcerned about the surprised gazes thrown his way, Xiao Yan slowly laid his palm on the light barrier.

“Xiao Yan Ge-ge, by doing this, is what Uncle Xiao did considered abusing his authority for personal gain?” Seeing Xiao Zhan’s actions, Xun Er playfully winked her eye and softly asked with a bemused smile.

After having gauged the thickness of the barrier, Xiao Yan turned his head around and answered with feigned ferociousness, “Little girl, you better act as if you haven’t seen or heard anything. Otherwise……”

Amused by Xiao Yan’s expression, Xun Er flashed a smile and wrinkled her exquisite face. This kind of girlish behavior instantly caused the surrounding members to become goggle-eyed.

After returning a teasing smile, Xiao Yan took two steps back and stood with his legs slightly apart. Slowly, he balled up his fist and closed his eyes. Then, the Dou Qi inside his body started to circulate following a specific pathway at a high speed.

Xun Er was lazily leaning against a wall, her beautiful curves perfectly wrapped up in her tight fitting clothings. Currently her eyes were tightly locked onto Xiao Yan who was gathering his Dou Qi. Inside those blinking eyes, pale golden flames flickered.

“Hah!” His eyes suddenly opened. Following that, Xiao Yan’s feet abruptly kicked off the ground. With a quick rotation of his body in midair, his back now faced the barrier. Next, his right elbow retracted as a mild wind piercing screech sounded. Finally, he heavily punched the red light barrier as he twisted himself.

“Octane Blast!”

Giving a suppressed shout in his mind, Xiao Yan’s fist violently pounded against the barrier. Immediately, ripples started to quickly spread out from the center of the barrier.

“Break!” Following his shout and witnessed by more than ten shocked onlookers, the red light curtain shattered like glass!

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled his breath. With a shake of his arms, multiple popping sounds came from under his sleeve, before his sleeve softened.

Off to the side, watching the now shattered red barrier, Xun Er lightly clapped her hands and nodded with pouted lips before she said, “That is a good battle technique. The attack power is very strong!”

Xiao Yan cracked his neck and stretched his arms before he replied indifferently, “It was only so-so.”

Having heard Xiao Yan’s statement, those other members in the path suddenly felt their chest tightening. Such a ridiculous battle technique was only so-so? Truly a trauma inducing statement……

“Hehe, let’s go and see what kind of technique is kept inside.” Xiao Yan turned his chin towards the room that had a slightly reddish hue before taking the lead to enter.

The inside of the room was considerably brighter but it was not a very spacious room. In the center of the small room was a stone table, where a dark red colored scroll quietly laid.

Xiao Yan walked up to the scroll and picked it up with a hint of amusement. He read the words written at the back of the scroll, “High Huang Qi Method: Incinerating Flame!”

“This is indeed not bad. It is actually the clan’s best Fire Attribute Qi Method. Hehe, seems like Uncle Xiao has spent a lot of effort for the benefit of Xiao Yan Ge-ge.” Soft laughter came from behind him.

Xiao Yan nodded with a smile. He felt a sense of warmth in his heart.

A snow white hand suddenly shot out from behind Xiao Yan and took away the dark red scroll from his hands. With her head tilted as she held the scroll, Xun Er said softly, “Xiao Yan Ge-ge, even though you might be able to obtain higher leveled Qi Method in the future, the fact is, your progress in the future will be determined by the level of training technique that you used when you first started. High Huang Qi Method… it is actually a bit low.”

Xiao Yan nodded with a faint smile.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s calm expression, Xun Er slightly frowned, then let out a sigh. With a flick of her fingers, an ancient looking scroll appeared in her hand. The scroll’s color was like that of a red agate.

“This is a fire attribute High Xuan Qi Method: Flame Manipulation!”

Xun Er fondled the scroll and said softly, “Xiao Yan Ge-ge does not need to reject my offer to save face. Xun Er also knows that you are not someone who is overly pedantic. A high leveled Qi Method is extremely beneficial for your future, so……”

Looking at Xun Er who was holding a scroll in each hand, Xiao Yao let out a bitter laugh and shook his head. He extended his hand to pat her on the head, then proceeded to take back the scroll with the High Huang training technique. This was done under Xun Er’s somewhat hurt expression.

“Xiao Yan Ge-ge……” Xun Er curled her mouth and showed a saddened expression. Her watery eyes were mesmerizing to behold.

“Hehe, thank you Xun Er. I am not rejecting your offer to preserve my reputation.” With a gentle smile, Xiao Yan leaned forward and spoke softly into her ear.

“Xiao Yan Ge-ge can obtain an even better Qi Method……”


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