BTTH Chapter 47

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BTTH Chapter 47 – Blasphemy

Xiao Yu was startled after hearing Xiao Yao’s vulgar words. With each passing second, as she struggled against her holder with all her might, her face grew redder with exertion and anger. However, Xiao Yan proved to be stronger; he began to clamp down more tightly onto Xiao Yu’s wrists, causing her hands to slowly numb.

After uselessly struggling for another short period of time, Xiao Yu was forced to give up her futile endeavor. She, feeling deep shame, glowered at Xiao Yan, her ample chest heaving slightly, as she scolded him, “Little bastard. Let me go!”

Xiao Yan opened his mouth, wincing at the waves of pain washing the bruises caused him. He took a few deep breaths and looked down sneering.“Let you go? Did I get hit for nothing? I said I was going to rape you today!”

To have someone many years younger than her pin her down and also have that person threaten repeatedly to rape her, Xiao Yu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh as she firmly believed that Xiao Yan would not do such a thing.

Twisting her wrists, Xiao Yu still couldn’t get away. She could only bat her eyes at him and snort at the absurdity of the situation. “You little bastard, you haven’t even grown yet. Say those things when you’ve actually matured”

With his manhood being called into question, Xiao Yan immediately furrowed his brows. Lowering his head, he maliciously responded, “You want to try me?”

Feeling somewhat threatened by Xiao Yan’s intense stare, Xiao Yu swallowed heavily. Being the arrogant person she was, she wouldn’t submit. She instead stubbornly lifted her snow white chin and with a cold smile taunted, “If you dare try, I’ll castrate you!”

Pursing his lips, Xiao Yan felt frustration as he looked down at this woman. If he were asked, Xiao Yan, even though terribly annoyed with Xiao Yu, didn’t want to go as far as committing such a terrible crime like rape. No matter how you said it, she was still his older cousin.

But, given the circumstances, if Xiao Yan were to back down, wouldn’t he have suffered for nothing?

Eyes slightly narrowing, Xiao Yan bit his lips. Suddenly, fiercely, he pushed her down and pressed himself tightly against her body.

Xiao Yan’s abrupt movement stunned Xiao Yu and her mouth opened slightly; she still hadn’t registered the shock of being violated.

As Xiao Yan ignored the suddenly quiet Xiao Yu, he quickly pinned both of her hands with his left to the ground. At the same time, his right hand snaked down her long slender legs, caressing them. Xiao Yan had understood long ago one thing: she placed a high value on her legs, abnormally high actually, even when considering the fact that they ensnared the hearts of men.

At the feeling of Xiao Yan’s hand on her legs, Xiao Yu stiffene, before giving off a violent screech.

With his ears slightly ringing, Xiao Yan finished touching her and jumped away like a monkey, proceeding to quickly flee down the mountain. He knew she would go crazy after such treatment.

The screams continued for quite a while before they slowly abated. Xiao Yu’s face was flushed crimson with anger and her eyes blazed with white hot fury as she stared down the barely visible blur at the foot of the mountain. Gnashing her teeth, she sharpley yelled, “Xiao Yan, you little bastard. I’ll cut you into ten-thousand pieces!”

The distant figure remained quiet, stealthy disappearing from her field of vision soon after.

“Bastard, bastard, bastard!”

Watching Xiao Yan’s figure disappear, her face turned ugly as she smashed the ground next to her with both fists.

After venting her fury by bashing the nearby scenery, for a good while, Xiao Yu finally calmed down. She blushed looking down at the several indistinct hand prints dotting her legs, each left a numbness in her legs.

Xiao Yu clenched her teeth and propped herself up, fighting the weak feeling racking her body and wanted to cry upon seeing her messy clothes. Not only had she failed to teach the little brat a lesson, she was taken advantage of by him; the results of the encounter left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Thinking back on Xiao Yan’s actions, Xiao Yu felt shame and anger well up. This time, however, she didn’t draw her sword and chase him like she did years ago.

She was an adult now and naturally couldn’t act like before, letting everyone in the clan know that her thighs had been touched by that brat. Xiao Yu stood there thinking for a bit, before stomping her feet and cursing in a low voice, “Little bastard, you better not give me an opportunity, otherwise it won’t be pretty!”

Xiao Yu wrinkled her nose, letting her fine black hair drift in the wind. She dusted off her messy clothes, straightening them up a bit then somewhat dejectedly started slowly heading down the mountain.


After restlessly fleeing down the mountain Xiao Yan quickly behind a bush at the foot of the mountain with cool beads of sweat running down his back. It wasn’t until he saw Xiao Yu pass by that he could let out a sigh of relief.

He rubbed his nose and unconsciously swung his right arm across his chest and grabbed his other arm. Looking off with a dreamy look on his face he whispered, “Compared with a few years ago, touching her now feels much better…”

“Ai, in front of this stupid woman I can never hold back my temper. It looks like my childhood grievances really do run deeper than normal.” Xiao Yan bitterly laughed as he twisted his neck. Taking a deep breath, he pushed away the thought. After once again regaining his former tranquil state of mind, he slowly headed out.

Walking away from his hiding spot, Xiao Yan suddenly stopped and somewhat embarrassed turned his head to look at the black-clothed maiden leaning against a tree in the distance. He awkwardly laughed, “Xun Er, what are you doing here?”

The distant Xun Er was lazily leaning against the tree. The purple belt around her small waist flowed freely in the wind as her beautiful eyes swept over Xiao Yan. A fake smile was on her face as she said, “Xiao Yan ge-ge, I just saw Xiao Yu angrily walking by. Could it be that you provoked her again?”

Embarrassedly touching his nose, Xiao Yan walked forward and dryly chucked, “Who knows why she’s in a bad mood again…”

Watching the laughing Xiao Yan, Xun Er couldn’t help but shake her head. “Whenever Xiao Yan ge-ge is around with Xiao Yu, he inevitably can’t think clearly and does some shocking things.”

Hearing Xun Er’s words, Xiao Yan felt a little guilty but he innocently shrugged his shoulders and said, “You know, I was forced to.”

Lightly laughing, Xun Er pursed her small lips. Her hands held behind her back; her maiden’s graceful beauty was rather moving.

“Tomorrow is a day for going to the Qi Method Pavilion to look for new techniques. Xiao Yan ge-ge should prepare.” She said as she left but the sound lingered on.


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    1. she is using her legs to fight, so probably it has something to do with a technique. or she thinks that without her legs she has no appeal at all.

        1. Well, it would still be dangerous, headbutts and all those, or just bite the lips -.- Ouch. Also i don’t think he likes her enough to kiss her anyway 😛

          1. headbut is a valid consern, as is biting the lips of. Guess he could just push down her head with the kiss, and do a big mouth kiss sealing her ability to bite him….

            And now i have officially put in waaaay to much thought into how to kiss a girl while making it impossible for her to resist…

          2. Hahaha, i avoided writing about that to skip this weird feeling when you realize what you are actually describing and considering how to do that, haha 😀

  1. Well that happened…

    Ren, you might want to put a warning about triggering language in the header. I’m not one to sand the rough edges off life in literature or art, but I know for some this level of graphic assault might be a bit much.

    1. Come on, at the 21’th century, where internet is everywhere, kids know a loooot more than in the past. Most of 10+ year olds are already sexually aware, heh. And younger ones don’t really read novels, heh. So no problems here 😛

      1. Yeah the warning isn’t for kids, but for adults. We have a lot of people in society who are the victims of assault and it’s considerate to give them a heads up that they might be triggered by something they are going to read or watch. I wouldn’t normally say anything, but since the content is fairly abnormal compared to the rest of the series, it seems like a good idea. I’m not saying anything about censoring, or hiding content, just a heads up.

          1. Come on Calabolg, you can do better then “as far as online standards go…” If we are using the internet and the online world as a measure for civility and courteousness then we are really in trouble.

            p.s. this kind of warning might be a US thing. I can confirm that it’s not that uncommon where I’m from on the west coast of the United states. We do tend to be the sensitive type.

          2. Maybe you are, there in NA. I never seen this type of warning in EU. We have only age things, 12+ 16+ 18+. Sometimes small lines somewhere about ‘extreme violence ble ble ble’, heh.

            And world is not all that civilized as it might seem to be, heh.

          3. Tbh what’s wrong with 16y old with mind of adult (cuz this is already his second life) touching the older girl who tried to harm/cripple him? And all he wanted was just to punish her for her arrogance. I think he did good job. Let’s not push our own 21th century naive opinion into this story. Isn’t it, that everything in BTTH world is resolved with power? shoo shoo if u dont like the story.

            I bet if he wasn’t such a nice person then he would most likely kill her just to get rid of her already.

    2. Hi GeneralChaos, that’s something you can suggest to GGP, who is doing this translation. I wouldn’t feel appropriate editing/censoring his translation.

    3. I would question a person’s ability to function in society if this is too much for them. You’re never going to get over any kind of trauma if you run and hide from even the smallest trace of it. Also, seeing as there hasn’t been anyone who has actually been “triggered” by this, I’d suggest cutting back on the white-knighting.

    4. Trigger warnings are counter productive, I speak as someone who deals with PTSD and am in therapy for it. The goal is not to ever be “triggered” but to wear the sharp edges off and allow a person to exist as normally as possible. Most “triggers” are not depictions of something traumatic whether graphic or not, they are sounds, smells, or the like which are linked to certain memories. When most talk of putting trigger warnings on something it’s usually to push an agenda of censorship under the guise of protecting others, at best it’s overprotective at worst an attempt to control others.

    5. Oh god. Go away please. Nobody cares if you are “triggered”, this isn´t even comparable to the actual rapescenes in MGA for example. If you can´t handle even that bit you seriously need to work on your own attitude.

  2. I think I am too Western for a lot of stuff that happens in these Xianxia stories.

    MC molests his cousin and laughs it off? My mind is having trouble accepting that.

        1. He only wanted to scare her a bit -.- He did not do it after all. Wow he groped her thighs, she needs to commit suicide, LOL… Better than beating her up in response to her attack…

          1. 14 year old touches 17ish year olds legs after being beaten with intent to seriously harms. Boy is in the wrong….

            Not saying either of these two were just or correct in this scenario, but let’s just leave the silly, out of place, trying to show who is superior between kids in a world where death and brutality is the norm where it is. In fiction.

          2. None of them were correct? So what was he supposed to do, be some crap-like ‘Saint’ and forgive her, patting her on the head? C’mon…

        2. Nah, her brother just intend to hurt/cripple him. But instead got beaten up. She just want to teach him a ‘lesson’. She just provoke him many times (and if my memory serves me right, she plans to beat him up but pulls back a few chap ago).
          He’ll just end up beaten up, cripple, or bully by chance if he cant defend himself. No biggie.

    1. i will just put it like this…..unlike Western where its mainly “a family tree” Eastern’s have “family forest” so even if she’s his second cousin she might actually have no direct blood relation..only in name and lineage so its prefectly fine

    2. I have trouble reading on as well. The thing about this scene is that the potagonist is deemed to be morally correct in sexually assaulting Xiao Yu. It was not “rape” in the sense of what the word means, but the way he gropes her comes very close to rape. And to claim that it is a sexual assault based on revenge runs close to saying that Xiao Yu deserves it – as if there can be circumstances where sexual assault is warranted – I am very uncomfortable with that argument.
      We do of course hold a different standard to fiction, but isn’t it also true that we cannot write off our sense of morality as readers too? I am usually able to suspend my critical eye reading LN, but this crosses the line.

      1. The ‘world’ where the scene happen held different standard in our ‘world’. If you have trouble accepting it. Then enforce your own standard to them. I dont mean to be really offensive but to be really frank. Its like youre telling a soldier not to kill with a gun pointed at you and solve things diplomatically. Going back to the prospective of the ‘story’. Yes, he have beat her already physically. She who have no care for his safety but instead mean harm. He attacks her psychologically afterwards with the intend to scare her (with who knows to what degree but its given that he doesnt intend to rape her). But then got his manliness challenged. Im not justifying his means. But in their world where fighting is a very very normal occurence. Strong rules the weak. Winner takes all loser may lose all . and that includes life,dignity, or everything.
        Actually in that state. Its just a sexual harassment for us. And maybe a psychological attack, or a bluff(gone wrong), or with hidden agenda.
        All im saying is. The mc’s role and author’s moral standard is different from yours or us. If you dont like it change it.

      2. LOL, This crossed the line? So you did not read many novels at all yet… Not at all… Sigh, people are so paranoid those days. I bet if random man in the buss was pushed against you in crowd you would yell that he is sexually harassing you and call police, wow.

        I didn’t know that people can be so —— with those things, so strange.

  3. See why she is called legs? It is always about the legs. I’m telling you you will remember legs more than her name.

    It will get to the point where Legs=Xian Yan’s cousin and Xiao Yu=??? Legs???

  4. It’s like Xiao Yan never lived a past life and doesn’t recognize that this childish behavior means he actually likes Legs.

    He’ll realize it eventually…

  5. Thanks for the chapter, GGP! Hope her attitude changes or something.. She could easily be an interesting character if she didn’t take every chance she gets to hurt Xiao Yan.

  6. I thought that the “rape” thing was just going to be a threat. I’ve noticed a lot of Chinese books, manhua, etc. that people throw around the word “rape” a lot more casually than we do in the US. Here, it’s almost a banned word.

    1. Hah, so it’s US that is so paranoid about it? I guess people there forgot how hard life can be and now have this as their main problem… Heh…

      1. Actually, I wouldn’t call it a “US view”, since I cannot actually think of any place/context where raping your cousin wouldn’t be considered a rather grave matter/serious crime -and of a rather disturbing/deranged/demented/insane nature, to boot- or excused/euphemized/shrugged off with nonchalance. That said, if you note, the author actually called it a “terrible crime”, and established that the MC is not, in fact, an unstable sociopath, thus I can’t see the point about wuxia in general (I admit that there are some cultural differences, for example the fact that she is his cousin would make the innuendo strange in a Western context). Not so say that the whole scene didn’t seem goofy/strange/WTF, as remarked in the previous chapter by the editors/translators themselves. My advice would be to facepalm and move on. More in general, I would say that realistically speaking, if one lives in a place/society where one can afford an internet connection and the luxury to spend time online reading wuxia, probably life isn’t as “hard” as to literally contemplate daily fighting for survival (i.e. fending off tigers on a desert island), thus being assaulted would rate as a rather major problem, yes.

  7. Well this turned kinda dark. I get that she wanted to maim him for life for having the audacity of defending himself, but using any kind of sexual assault as punishment is not okay, worse I think than giving her a beating. Self defense is one thing, taking it upon yourself to hurt someone else because you think they deserve it is completely different. In a way its worse than what she was trying to do to him, although they both acted poorly.

    1. I would probably agree with you if he actually raped her, but he didn’t. Beating the shit out of someone and only getting your legs felt up is a pretty damn good trade.

    2. Wooow, hah. Again all strange. Watch out if a man whistles looking at you, you will sue him for attempted ‘rape’. Wow kid touched legs of a young woman who tried to cripple him, better scold him for bad behaviour lmao. It was pretty justified even if he killed her in response during their fight…

      1. I think that one thing you are all missing is the obvious innuendo here, I think that it would be far more plausible for her to end up in the harem. As for the rape thing, the translators themselves were rather confused, and frankly, “this master is gonna rape you” is one of the post cringeworthy/facepalm inducingly idiotic scenes that could come to mind (the type of stereotypical villain scene where the MC would come in to kick some lowlife’s ass). Not to say that I didn’t think that her being pissed for something her brother caused in the first place wasn’t stupid, too. That said, I am perfectly okay with ruthlessness if it is motivated/reasoned (I mean even as a tool, convenient, not just in the sense of “justifiable”), but obviously raping/killing/maiming her at this point in time would be a rather idiotic way to deal with the situation (besides, the lack of a “real” danger/challenge and obvious innuendo makes it rather difficult to get fired ut/anticipating a massacre, the way this will go down will obviously be showing them his improvements, but they are fish far too small to bother, and the whole conflict “is” rather childish, it started with “peeking on the bath”, for god’s sake).

  8. Am I the only one who think it is a bit funny how strongly people react to “rape” (really just touching her legs) but at the same time are fine when they are killing or murdering each other.

    At least in my opinion murder is worst then rape as you can get over rape (get therapy and loads of support from friends and family) but you can never get over murder.
    Don’t get me wrong both are terrible.

    1. Yeah, it’s like it was their biggest problem ever. I wonder if every child in USA is abused or what… Their community must be quite ‘screwed up’ if it’s that paradoin towards every mention of ‘rape’…

      1. Well that’s the thing. For murders, they only hear about it in passing and quickly forget about it but when someone gets raped, the entire country is in an uproar cause the victim is making a fuss out of it.
        So to these kids that are living in a safe country, a murder seems like an impossibility but rape is a possibility

        1. Yeah that makes sense.
          When someone get’s raped they are there to tell all the gruesome details and all the things media loves.

          But when someone get’s murdered he/she is no longer there to tell anybody.
          This makes it so that murders are just mentioned in media while rapes becomes the big news story’s.

          1. plus their is usually a reason behind murder and i guess it could be counted as closer to being humane sense it’s about feelings i guess. While rape is just like animal behavior or something i don’t know, but i definitely don’t have an issue with what he did in this chapter; and i actually respect him by punishing her for her behavior, but not going too far. and just for the record i feel that beating her would be worse than molesting.

            Remember kids, “bruise marks stay but the marks of molestation goes away”

            little tip i learned in high school.
            (this is a joke, don’t take this seriously; you also have to watch for witnesses. No but seriously, i’m just kidding)

    2. I actually think that it’s a perfectly consistent outlook, particuarly in the context of violence in film/books/etc (lawful vs neutral vs chaotic evil, if you want to go down the D&D way). One thing is “simply” being ruthless, in which case violence is directed at a goal, there is a motivation behind the actions, another thing is to have the MC do something obviously demented/deranged/revolting (I have to repeat that, as silly/goofy/strange as the scene was, the author pointed out that it would have been a terrible crime, a sick, demented act, and that the protagonist is not, in fact, a deranged lunatic/insane psycho). It’s rather hard to see how raping his own cousin could serve any purpose whatsoever, and him enjoying something like that would put him straight in the deranged/he killed small critters when he was a kid camp: not fierce, merciless warrior, but demented monster with something wrong in his head, if you get my meaning.

      To make another example, we could imagine him torturing and mutilating a dog for no reason… vicious? Yes, but also sick/demented/deranged. That’s not simply ruthlesness, that’s being sick in the head, demented, insane. By contrast, eliminating an enemy faction’s key figures might be ruthless as well, but it has an utilitarian benefit, there is a reasoning/goal, it’s not simply the act of a deranged animal. By your view, the fact that an animal’s life is less important than a person’s would be the end game, but if we consider context, we could also say, okay, here we are in a situation in which various factions compete against each other, each tries to kill the other off at some point, then given that premise taking care of enemies in advance makes sense.

      Of course, if we are imagining a world of ruthless warriors, the fact that the MC would kill off his opponents in the future shouldn’t come as a surprise (it would be idiotic if he spared them out of the goodness of his heart, frankly). I think that it would also be consistent with their society’s expectations. That doesn’t mean that they live in a literally lawless world where random rape/pillage/mutilation is seen as “normal”, or, if frequent, is seen as as “good” or “neutral”. After all, at the very least they have law enforcement, and cities, and a society that apparently hasn’t collapsed into anarchy.

      In short, it’s one thing to have a MC that is ruthless towards his enemies and doesn’t take any chances, it’s quite another thing to have him simply go over the top and do something fundamentally ill/sick/demented. I mean, by your standards, he could torture and mutilate the whole clan’s pets in revenge, or, if someone rapes Xun Er, he could go and rape that person’s kid sister rather than simply kill him, and that would be “preferrable” by the standards you proposed, but those would all be obviously insane/deranged/demented/sick actions, not merely ruthless actions (they would make him, respectively, someone that gets off torturing/mutilating animals and a child rapist).

      The bottom line is that the reader could empathise with the desire for revenge and consider ruthlesness in general believable given the context (if I am reading about people that battle each other to the death, and conspire to take other clans down, that’s what I want to read about, no “pacifist” views from 2015 injected into the “new” cultural context), but obviously, that empathy and suspension of disbelief would fly out of the window if the MC does something obviously deranged (i.e. starts to get off sexually by mutilating critters, positively enjoys smashing his enemies’ babies’ heads up, rapes his own cousin as a punishment… I feel like the latter would fit right in the “obviously deranged” cathegory).

      This disregarding the actual point that, of course, there could be many fates worse than death. Tortured to insanity. Have the enemy’s whole family raped and tortured in front of him vs killing him… can we honestly see that he would not prefer the latter, even if maybe “no one would die and, quote, you can get over rape (get therapy and loads of support from friends and family) but you can never get over murder”? This as far as the better/worse is concerned, but the main issue for the reader, I think, is still the deranged/not deranged. For example, compare a contract killer murdering a target vs a demented sociopath getting off on castrating/torturing/mutilating people -the latter would be obviously more sick/deranged/repulsive, despite your assessment strictly based on bodycount… by that standard, a serial child rapist and mutilator could very well not murder anyone, there are in fact many crimes that don’t involve the victim’s death, but that I would regard as more sickening/deranged-. Can’t explain any better than this, but it should be obvious that while a strong, fierce, ruthless warrior might be an appealing figure, a deranged, demented psycho might turn off the reader instead, for reasons tied more to the type of the act than to the numbers game of strict bodycount.

      Ultimately, of course, even killing her would be idiotic, given the obvious subtext of innuendo. It’s already stupid that she would be upset about something that her brother essentially caused by his own actions, but frankly, it’s clear that they aren’t the actual “villains” of the story, they didn’t kill off his whole family or anything of the sort, they are too puny, and plus they are members of their own clan, therefore the way this is going to be is clearly that he will outshine them through cultivation, the mere suggestion that as a reasonable “revenge” he should/will rape his own cousin is obviously something that would (and shold) turn off any morally normal reader.

    3. I think you are kinda missing the point. Stealing candies from children, petty thefts and bullying are all less serious than murder. Given the context of the story, I am perfectly ok, and in fact even looking forward to, seeing the guy slaughter people on the battlefield (eventually, one should note that he hasn’t done any killing yet, but I won’t focus on that part of the argument, since he likely will in the future), because he is supposed to be a fierce warrior, but “ruthless, unstoppable martial artist” is different from “pathetic, lame creep”, and a sexual predator would definitely go in the latter cathegory (with the caveat that of course it was all a bluff and he didn’t actually choose to do something as f*cked up as rape his own cousin… a rather sad, pathetic bluff, an interlude that the author could have for all intent and purpose sared us, frankly, since it’s not as if it added anything to the story, more like something to add a cheap cliffhanger in the previous chapter, and managed to make the MC seem like an infantile cretin and a creep).

  9. After restlessly fleeing down the mountain Xiao Yan quickly behind

    Someone should add stop

    After restlessly fleeing down the mountain Xiao Yan quickly stop behind

    1. Hu! That Actually Make Sence,
      There Is A Swedish Saying,
      That Goes Well, With That Thought.

      ” What Starts With; Conflict,
      Ends With; Child Support ”

      I Thanked You, Down Stairs !
      Take Care Everyone & Of Each Other !

  10. Regarding The Story;
    HaHa, I Haven’t Laughed So Much, In A Long While.
    Last Time Must Have Been,
    When I Couldn’t stop lauching When I Was 7?

    Ragarding Most Comments;
    This Isn’t Rape, It Is Closer To ” Sexually Insulting ” Someone, Common.

    Wuxia And XianXian, Are For Older Audience, Manh(u)wa For Younger.

    i’l Clarify The Stories Meaning:

    Thier World Is ” Survival Of the Fittest ” On Steroids, Oky.

    Xiao Yu & Xiao Ning Is Mad, For Great Many Reasons,
    98% Of Which, ( That We Know Of )
    They Actually Caused Them-Selves.

    The ‘ First Leg Touching ‘ , Being The 2%s.

    Ning, Threatens Yans Life, Not Once Or Twice, But, Multiple.
    Xioa Yus Actions Now, Was To Increase;
    Morale, Pride & Also To Gain ” Justice ” For Ning’s Loss.

    All Yan & Yu Did, Wasn’t A Traditional Fight ” Per Say “,
    They Traded Insults, Not ” A Straight Out Fight ” !

    Closest Comparison Would Have To Be ,
    Monkey Island – Pirate Sword Insults ( YouTube )

    As Yan, Held Yu Down, Recalling The Legs, Yan Used The Word, Rape.
    This One Word Didnt Cut It, Yu’s Insult Was Greater.

    Again Thinking Of The Legs, Yan Had No Choice But, Spring Into Action.
    Yan Started Touching Yu’s Legs, With Difficulty I Might Add.

    This Was To land That Final Psychological Insult, As A Last Means Of Winning.
    Ultimately Helping Him Win And Also To Run Away In The End.

    ” Having Strong Arguments,
    Without Full Facts ”

    Side Notes ( Praise? ^.- )

    It Is Up To The Author And Also The Translators ” JOB ” To:
    Make Sure The Story Is Toled As The Story Was Meant To.
    This Situation Portrayed The Darkness, But Also The Twisted,
    Power Struggles. GREAT JOB By The Way ! This Kind Of World Is Swallowed By.

    It Would However And Also Debatable ” IF ” Not The Title Should Be:
    ” Qi Method: Rape ”

    As A Joke, But, Also Reflect On The Situation…. This Is Getting Interesting.

    il Stop Here, It Feels Like I’ve Written For Ages.
    Spell Checking Etc!

    Thanks For The Translation !
    Take Care Everyone & Take Care !

  11. Heh. GROPE! RUN! That was funny. Very much so. Xiao Xun Er with her super secret gold eye thing probably knows exactly what happened. Its kind funny.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  12. That was about as much of a “rape” as the bidders got “killed” by the price at the auction earlier. The word just seems to make people angry even if the context is completely different.

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