BTTH Chapter 43

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BTTH Chapter 43 – The Powerful Xiao Yan
Looking at Xiao Ning directly without saying anything, Xiao Yan quietly walked off the stage. Quickly, a loud chatter arose from the audience, who was still not completely over the previous shock; their heart slowly began to churn quickly once more.

The younger Xiao Clan generation were all dumbstruck as they looked to Xiao Ning who was vomiting blood. As peers, they were naturally aware of Xiao Ning’s fighting capabilities. In the youngest generation of the Xiao Clan, aside of Xun Er, very few could rival Xiao Ning. However at this moment, he was utterly defeated by Xiao Yan. This unforeseen result had happened so suddenly, catching everyone unprepared.

In the audience, Xiao Yu looked at the quickly defeated Xiao Ning, her pretty cheeks showing a faint red hue as her mouth gaped open at the incredible sight, even her heart was in shock.

After a while, Xiao Yu slowly recovered her composure, her slender white neck regaining its natural rosy color. She murmured softly under her breath, “This scoundrel, how did he get so strong? How could he have time to practice new Dou Techniques while bitterly trying to regain his original Dou Qi?”


“Hehe, not only is young master Xiao Yan’s Dou Qi quite powerful his Dou Techniques are also very well practiced. Xiao Clan Leader must have spent a lot of time on him?” In the Guest Platform, although Ya Fei was mentally prepared from the start, she was shocked by Xiao Yan’s performance. She seductively flashed her eyes as she faced Xiao Zhan who smiled widely.

If one wanted to learn deep Dou Techniques then one needed to have an instructor who knew the tricks to that Dou Technique. It would seem that Ya Fei believed that Xiao Zhan had taught Xiao Yan in private.

Hearing what Ya Fei said earlier, Xiao Zhan laughed bitterly, shaking his head. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to teach Xiao Yan Dou Ji, he couldn’t have possibly teach Xiao Yan such interesting Dou Techniques. Even with his understanding of the Dou Techniques in Xiao Clan, he had never seen a Dou Technique like that.

Therefore Xiao Zhan could only come to one conclusion, the Dou Technique Xiao Yan used was not from Xiao clan.

Since that isn’t a Dou Technique from our clan, where did Xiao Yan learn it from? Xiao Zhan had his suspicions and looked towards the various experts in the clan, searching for answers. But all he saw were somewhat strange looks that they were aimed at him.

Looking at the gazes on their faces, Xiao Zhan stared blankly and before realizing what the glances zes meant: they thought that he helped Yan Er!

Curling his lips, Xiao Zhan did not feel like giving an explanation and returned his gaze to his son. “This brat, he certainly has no shortage of secrets.” He murmured to himself.


There on the stage, remained the still collapsed form of Xiao Ning. The second elder shook his head helplessly in shock and studied Xiao Yan with a complex look.

The young man bowed his head briefly, his delicate but young face had a tranquil look. No traces of pride or arrogance had appeared on his face, even after his victory.

Letting out a sigh, the second elder raised a dry palm high and was about to loudly proclaim that the match was over when his face suddenly turned to the left.

In the distance, Xiao Ning, who was laying on the ground earlier, suddenly leapt up like a jaguar. His faint Dou Qi dramatically rose as his feet stamped firmly onto the wooden stage floor. Dashing forward, each time his foot landed on the stage, wood splinters would jump up from the stage

Both his cold eyes focused once more on Xiao Yan and his bloodstained mouth and face turned even more malevolent than before. “You bastard. Time for you to go to hell!”

“Xiao Ning, stop!”

The sudden event left the second elder distracted but he immediately shouted out. However, at this moment, Xiao Ning’s mind was filled with only rage and hatred, he turned a deaf ear to the second elder. Taking advantage of the Tier 2 “Qi Increasing Powder”, he gnashed his teeth together in fury while glaring at Xiao Yan, and immediately rushed in to attack.

The sudden change on the field caused a disturbance amongst the audience. On the Guest terrace, Xiao Zhan and the people around him were able to detect what had just happened; Xiao Ning now had the strength of an Dou Zi!

“He took ‘Qi Gathering Powder’!” The knowledgeable Ya Fei exclaimed after she saw the sudden sharp rise in strength of Xiao Ning, her charming face changed as she spoke.

“You scoundrel!” Xiao Zhan’s expression turned bleak. He slammed his hands against the table, hairline fractures radiated outwards from the impact. With a fierce look, he glared at the first elder, “You old prune, if something happens to my son then even your own grandson’s life won’t be enough compensation!”

At the moment, Xiao Yan possessed far more potential than Xiao Ning. If Yan Er suffered a serious injury in the match because of Xiao Ning’s violation of the rules, even with Xiao Ning’s support from the first elder, the clan would not easily let him off.

As Xiao Zhan glared at the first elder, the first elder’s wrinkled face started trembling. He began to stutter. If Xiao Yan was the same weak Xiao Yan from before, then a serious injury wouldn’t mean much. But now… the clan would even turn their back on the first elder before giving up this person who had the possibility of become a Dou Huang!

The second elder’s cry had no effect; Xiao Ning was already an arm’s length away from Xiao Yan, and his hands were covered with a thick layer of Dou Qi as he roared “Iron Mountain Fists!”.

With the increase in power, this time, the Iron Mountain Fists sent out a huge shockwave, far larger than the one before.

The force blew back Xiao Yan’s hair, revealing a pair of calm but cold black eyes.

Facing Xiao Ning’s strike, Xiao Yan unexpectedly did not step back. He clenched his right hand and slowly got into a stance. Then, after a brief pause, he shot forward like an arrow off a bowstring.

The second elder stomped his foot in anger when he saw Xiao Yan meet head on with the incoming Xiao Ning and yelled out in frustration, “Idiot!”

“Octane Blast!”

Giving a suppressed shout in his mind, Xiao Yan’s fist collided with Xiao Ning’s under the horrified gaze of the second elder.

“Bang!” The two fists met midair. Suddenly, Xiao Ning’s twisted face began to turn deathly pale. Once again blood began to spill from his mouth, staining his face.

With an apathetic look on his face, Xiao Yan’s sleeves fluttered as he delivered another punch at Xiao Ning, smashing him out of the field like a leaf in a gale.

Seeing this scene, the second elder on the platform suddenly squinted his eyes. He could not help but flatly inhale a cold breath. From that moment on, watching the backline of the young man in black, he seemed to become mysterious.

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  1. “Taking performance enhancing drugs? that is a smakdown”

    ok, to be fair, both are, but one use banned substances whereas the other use booster shots…

    1. I think that it’s probably more appropriate to equate it to Xiao Yu using protein/nutrient powder and exercising optimally to build muscles, and Xiao Ning using banned steroids. One is about building up the body in a natural manner, while the other is about sacrificing the body for a short burst of strength.

  2. Xiao Zhan stared blankly and before realizing what the glances zes meant

    the word zes is not needed

    Xiao Zhan stared blankly and before realizing what the glances meant

  3. Even Tho The Likeness In ItSelf Is Rather Easy To Compare,
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    ( There Are Way More, But, I Don’t Know Which ‘ BTTH ‘ Choice Of Types
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    These Arn’t Spoilers:
    They Clearly Stated In The Story As ” Dun QI ” Being, Whole Qi System.
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    What These Do So.

    So We Speculate.

    A Good Read If;
    You Want To Understand The Most Common Basic Information,
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    Recovering Unluckies: Conditions & Inner Constitutions

    * Purify, Qi System. ( This One Is To Hard To Explain >..< Fully.

    * Reinforces, Qi-Center.
    Allows The Qi-Center To Grow, Increasing The Max Capacity Limit
    Of, The Stored Qi Within The Body.
    Also In Some Cases Increase, The Force It Can Withstand If Receiving Damage In Training, Etc.
    Dangerous, Even Deadly Kind Of Increase, Also Most Rewording.

    * Strengthens The Minds Capabilities.
    Senses ( All 8 If The Story Allows ), Meditation Techniques, Etc, Etc

    These Are Some Of The " Body Enhancments " ' It Can Preform '.

    As You See, It Can Only And Are Only limited To:
    What The Body Already Has.
    As Such, It Will Not, Cannot Add Something The Body doesn't Already Have.

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