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Chapter 375: Escape

Xiao Yan’s body was standing completely still on a tree branch. He coldly watched Yun Yun who was at the exit of the forest. His hand shook and the huge Heavy Xuan Ruler flashed and appeared. He waved the heavy ruler, and the pressuring sound of air being cut appeared before it was pointed at the beauty.

Yun Yun slowly raised her head. Her pretty eyes stared at the black-robed young man on the tree branch. A complicated expression flashed over her face as she softly asked, “Are you alright?”

“Thanks to you, I was almost buried here.” Xiao Yan smiled, but the words spat out from his mouth were so icy and cold that it seemed to be devoid of any warmth.

“I am also forced to do this. As the Sect Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, I must shoulder some responsibilities.” Yun Yun smiled bitterly, seemingly trying to explain something.

Xiao Yan glanced at her indifferently and said, “Do you want to capture me and bring me back? After that you want to let Yun Shan kill me in public?”

Yun Yun’s pretty face paled as she muttered, “Teacher will not kill you.”

“Ke ke, perhaps he might not actually kill me, but your Misty Cloud Sect has so many tricks. Just a random seal and then lock me up in the Misty Cloud Sect. That will cause people to be even more crazy than death.” Xiao Yan ridiculed as he smiled.

“That won’t happen. As long as you return with me, I will try my best to protect your life! Is that alright? Xiao Yan, let’s not blow things up any bigger than they are now.” Yun Yun took a step forward and said anxiously. Her tone of voice faintly implied that she was begging.

“Is there even the slightest possibility of the Misty Cloud Sect and I reconciling? You are in any case also a Sect Leader. Don’t tell me that you cannot even see such a small thing clearly? If I land in the Misty Cloud Sect’s hands, there is only one path for me. Death! There will definitely not be another route for me to choose!” Xiao Yan laughed coldly, “Don’t tell me that you can even change Yun Shan’s decision?”

Yun Yun parted her red lips slightly, seemingly wanting to say something. However, she realized that she could say nothing to persuade him. With her intelligence, she could naturally faintly guess what fate Xiao Yan would face should he fall into the Misty Cloud Sect’s hands. However, the her who was caught in the middle of both parties was still somewhat naively hoping that a miracle would occur.

“There is no need to continue speaking any nonsense. Just attack. If you are bent on stopping me, then…” Xiao Yan shook the heavy ruler slightly and said in a bland voice, “You can take my corpse back.”

Yun Yun bit her bottom red lip tightly with the back of her teeth. She shook her head slightly. Her voice was somewhat hoarse as she said, “You should know that it is impossible for me to kill you.”

Xiao Yan’s face was cold as he leaped down from a tree branch. He held the heavy ruler in his hand and slowly walked toward Yun Yun one step at a time. Powerful Dou Qi flowed out from him, forming a flaming armor on the surface of his body.

Yun Yun’s pretty eyes stared at the black-robed young man who was walking over slowly. Her lovely body trembled slightly. The pair of eyes which were usually filled with dignity were filled with a complicated expression at this moment. Her hands within her sleeves which were clenched tightly before relaxing immediately. This continued repeatedly, revealing the difficult decision she was making in her heart.

Xiao Yan footsteps landed on the green grass on the ground, releasing a soft ‘sha sha’ sound. His eyes stared intently at Yun Yun while his hand held the Heavy Xuan Ruler tightly. The Dou Qi in his body was like a flowing river that was surging, ready to erupt at any moment.

The distance between the two slowly decreased. A strange atmosphere wrapped around this small section of the forest.

As the soft ‘sha sha’ sounded, Xiao Yan finally walked to a spot five meters in front of Yun Yun.

Yun Yun lowered her face. Her lovely body, which repeatedly emitted a gentle tremble suddenly became quiet. A terrifying force slowly rose from within her body. In an instant, it caused the air in this small section of the forest to solidify.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s eyes gently twitched. He lifted his hand which was carrying the Heavy Xuan Ruler slightly. In his heart, he knew that if Yun Yun really wanted to capture him, he would have little strength to resist.

Xiao Yan gently crossed his footsteps and finally stopped in front of Yun Yun. He gently sniffed a breath of the faint fragrance that came from the other party’s body and asked indifferently, “Are you prepared to attack?”

When she heard Xiao Yan open his mouth, Yun Yun’s lovely body trembled again. She slowly lifted her pretty face, which was covered with a trace of bitterness. Her gaze was locked on to the young man’s delicate and handsome face as she softly asked, “Are you really not going to return with me?”

“You can bring my corpse back.”

Xiao Yan smiled coldly as he repeated his words from earlier. Immediately, he ceased having the slightest hesitation. He turned his body, moved away from Yun Yun and strode toward the edge of the forest.

His feet had just took a step forward when the terrifying force behind him soared once more. Immediately, a force came striking explosively toward Xiao Yan’s back.

As he sensed the lightning fast attack from behind him, Xiao Yan’s heart was immediately like an ice house. His entire body was cold as he mocked himself and shook his head. He muttered, “She still ended up attacking.”

Xiao Yan sighed and actually closed his eyes slowly. His hand gently rubbed his sleeves. In his heart, he clearly knew that if Yun Yun was intent on killing him, the current him did not have the slightest ability to resist. Only the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ could slightly obstruct her.

The force approached Xiao Yan’s body in the blink of an eye. Just as Xiao Yan was prepared to release the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’, however, that force suddenly turned into a gentle one. It gently struck Xiao Yan’s back. Immediately, the latter’s body was gently pushed forward.

Under the star filled sky, the young man was a little stunned as he opened his eyes. When the force earlier had struck his back, he could clearly sense that the energy trace which Yun Shan had imprinted within his body had actually quietly dissolved.

Xiao Yan turned around and looked at Yun Yun weakly leaning on a tree trunk. His throat rolled a little. “What do you mean by this?”

“Go, leave the Jia Ma Empire. Do not return in the future. Otherwise, teacher will definitely not let you off. The Misty Cloud Sect will also not let you off.” Yun Yun waved her hand. Her soft voice held an exhaustion that was difficult to hide. Being caught between both parties had really caused her to feel extremely tired.

Xiao Yan looked deeply at the woman with a graceful figure. A long while later, he said softly, “Thank you very much. However, I will return. I will definitely return!”

“You…” Yun Yun’s eyebrows were vertical. She was a little angry at Xiao Yan’s stubborness. She waved her sleeves angrily and said, “I will definitely not let you off the next time we meet! I am too lazy to bother about whether you live or die!”

“The next time we meet, you may not have this chance to let me go. Because I am also not sure just when I will return.” Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and eyed Yun Yun’s furious, but pretty face. For some unknown reason, some warmth actually surfaced in his originally icy cold heart once again. Perhaps, the ‘Yun Zhi’ in the mountain cave back then had not really disappeared.

As he thought of this point, Xiao Yan’s heart suddenly had an additional feeling that was difficult to describe with words. He turned around and took a few steps forward to stand in front of Yun Yun. The two of them looked at each other.

“Why are you not leaving?” Yun Yun gaze could not resist dodging Xiao Yan as she said with a mild anger when the latter’s dark black pupils stared intently at her. At this moment, her emotions were a mess that she could not straighten out. Logic told her that given the duty and power that came with her status, she ought to immediately capture this fellow who dared to challenge the Misty Cloud Sect and bring him back. However, a certain strange feeling blocked her logic. It was due to this that there was a change in her palm attack earlier as it moved toward her target.

“I believe that the current you is more like the Yun Zhi that I met in the mountain cave.” Xiao Yan inspected the graceful, pretty face which was originally covered with a sense of nobility. At this moment, it had some of the panic of a young lady. Xiao Yan was suddenly reminded of the charming and warm days back when they had resided within the mountain cave. His originally cold voice had become much softer.

Yun Yun was startled upon hearing this. Her pulse immediately jumped rapidly. She forcefully suppressed the feeling in her heart which was rattling like a small deer and purposefully acted indifferent as she said, “Yun Yun is Yun Zhi, Yun Zhi is Yun Yun. This is something that you should have long since known. Moreover, when you were at the Misty Cloud Mountain, did you not say that from now on, whether I am Yun Yun or Yun Zhi, I have no relation to you?”

“I don’t have any good impressions of the Misty Cloud Sect Sect Leader Yun Yun. But toward Yun Zhi, I have great amounts of good impressions. Those days in the mountain cave back then was a time that I, Xiao Yan, will never forget until I die.” Xiao Yan laughed softly and suddenly extended his hand. Under Yun Yun’s completely stunned expression, he slowly hugged that pretty waist under her Sect Leader’s robe which appeared too small to be completely embraced.

Yun Yun’s pretty face instantly changed, flaring to a bright red similar to a flaming cloud upon being hugged by Xiao Yan. Even the delicate tips of her ears had turned bright red. With her strength, as long as she quietly released a little force, Xiao Yan would be shaken to the point where he would vomit blood and step back. At this moment, however, her entire body had grown numb, and was unable to even summon forth the slightest bit of Dou Qi. She was like a little girl, who was in love for the first time, being hugged by her lover. She was at a loss, but was greedily absorbing this foreign yet soothing, special feeling.

Although a warm fragrance was in his chest, there was not the slightest lust in his eyes. His dark, black pupils were as clear as a deep spring. After hugging Yun Yun for half a minute, he released his hands and slowly pulled back.

“Actually, I feel quite regretful. I regret forcefully enduring like a sage who had no hopes or desires in the mountain cave back then. I think that if I had done something at that time…” As he stepped back, Xiao Yan suddenly laughed. His laughter contained some teasing.

“Then I would have killed you on the spot. If that were the case, we would also be saved from this large trouble today.” The redness of Yun Yun’s face also slowly withdrew as Xiao Yan stepped back. When she heard Xiao Yan say this, her pretty eyes became slits as she angrily said.

“Ke ke, the farewell ceremony is completed.”

Xiao Yan laughed before sighing. He cupped his hands toward Yun Yun and said, “Help me inform Yun Shan that I, Xiao Yan, will still return! When that time comes, I will make him repay today’s debts!”

Once he finished saying this, Xiao Yan finally ceased remaining in this location. He suddenly turned around, and strode into the distance before being absorbed into the darkness a long while later.

Yun Yun stood in the same spot and eyed that black figure which had gradually disappeared. The smile on her face slowly disappeared, and a bitterness surfaced. She muttered softly, “Although it brings pain to my heart, I hope that you will never return. Time will cause all hatred to fade away. However, it may really be as teacher said, I may have to be alone for my entire life.”

“However, since you have already left, the identity of Yun Zhi, who became excited because of you will completely disappear. The future me will be the Sect Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Yun. These personal feelings originally should not belong to me. Just treat this time as me being willful for once.”

Lifting her head, Yun Yun’s gaze stared at the vast sky and faintly sighed. The gentleness and weakness on her face swiftly disappeared. Replacing it was the coldness and majesty which controlled the largest faction in the Jia Ma Empire. Her body swayed slightly and slowly disappeared like a ghost.

“Little fellow, remember my words. Since you have already left, don’t come back ever again.” A faint voice quietly reverberated throughout the forest, lingering for a long while without dispersing.

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