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Chapter 374: Sudden Arrival of Reinforcements

Within the dense forest, Xiao Yan clenched his teeth and stared intently at Yun Yun in the sky. He knew that the moment the latter appeared, he was likely to have his position completely revealed. It was just that he did not know if this woman who once had some entanglement with him would…

In the sky, Yun Yun, who had her eyes closed, gradually opened them. She slowly lifted her delicate finger which was struggling and trembling a little, and pointed toward the direction Xiao Yan was in. As her finger pointed at that spot, a faint white glow suddenly surged out from within the darkness. Although the white light was not too intense, it was undoubtedly a bright lamp leading the way in this complete darkness.

As he lowered his head to watch the faint white glow that was being emitted from within his body, Xiao Yan’s heart was like an icehouse. He laughed softly and lifted his head. His cold gaze watched the person with peerless elegance in the sky before turning his body and running.

In the sky, Yun Yun had also borrowed the weak, white light to clearly see the glance which was so cold that it was void of emotion. She felt a pain that clamped at her heart as her pretty face grew even paler.


Seeing the faint white light which had risen from the darkness, joy surfaced on the faces of the three elders. They let out a fierce cry and wild winds surged in the sky. Tens of huge shadows were chasing after the faint white light within the forest, ready to slaughter!

Yun Yun’s body was suspended in midair. She eyed the flying unit chasing swiftly after the white glow within the forest. Her hand slowly tightened, her long fingers piercing deeply into her palm. Some red blood flowed along her fingers and dripped down.

“I’m sorry.” She laughed mockingly at herself in the night sky, clearly knowing that by pointing with her finger earlier, she had truly killed any feelings Xiao Yan had toward her. However, even if she was extremely unwilling to do this, her position as a Sect Leader reminded her of her duty at all times. Regardless of the time, the sect’s benefit was the most important thing! The her who had grown up in the Misty Cloud Sect from a young age had this thought instilled into her for so many years. It was easier said than done if she wanted to change.

Xiao Yan’s expression was green as he glanced at the white glow which was being emitted uncontrollably from within his body. The sound of pressuring wind in the sky that was swiftly being transmitted over caused the corner of his mouth to twitch. His shoulders trembled slightly and the Purple Cloud Wings suddenly exploded forth. With a press of his feet against a tree branch, his body rose into the air. After that, his toes pressed against the sea of trees and his body turned into a white light that swiftly passed over it, as though he was chasing the stars and moon.

He did not use the Purple Cloud Wings in the past because he was afraid that his body would be discovered. However, his position was currently totally exposed. It would be useless for him to continue hiding.

Although he had already raised his speed to the limit, the three strong pressuring force behind him did not weaken by even a little. Instead, it was showing a tendency of becoming stronger. The Purple Cloud Wings may have been able to gift Xiao Yan the ability to fly, but his speed was ultimately inferior compared to a pair of true Dou Qi wings.

“Humph, Xiao Yan, little fellow. Tonight is the time you die! You think you can escape after killing my Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples?” A dark and cold cry that contained killing intent broke through the air not far behind him and resounded throughout the mountain forest.

Xiao Yan did not even pay the slightest attention to the cry that had been transmitted from behind. He swiftly flapped the Purple Cloud Wings on his back, and his body was like a falling star in the night sky as he flew past the sea of trees in a lightning-like manner. Due to the wind pressure created by the high speed, he left a long trace above the sea of trees.

“Try your best to persevere. The energy trace in your body has been lured out by Yun Yun. Give me a little time and I will be able to suppress it.” Yao Lao’s voice sounded from within Xiao Yan’s heart while the latter focused completely on fleeing.

Xiao Yan could only nod his head slightly. The corner of his eyes drifted toward the three flowing lights behind him which were becoming increasingly close and could not resist twitching. Xiao Yan gritted his teeth hard. The Dou crystal within the vortex in his body, that was emitting a bright light, trembled slightly. Waves of pure liquid energy flowed out from within it before moving along the veins and swiftly circulated. They were finally poured into the pair of Purple Cloud Wings on his back.

Upon receiving this large amount of energy as fuel, a faint purple glow began to gradually appear from the pair of Purple Cloud Wings. Some strange lines had also surfaced on the wings. As they flapped, there was actually a faint wind and lightning sound which appeared somewhat frightening.

After this strange change appeared on the Purple Cloud Wings, his speed had also suddenly soared greatly. It was actually able to increase the gap between Xiao Yan and the three Misty Cloud Sect Elders behind by a little within a short period of time.

“What? This fellow’s speed has actually gone up by so much?” Behind Xiao Yan, a Misty Cloud Sect Elder saw the former’s speed suddenly increase. His expression changed slightly as he spoke involuntarily.

“Moreover, the white light that is being emitted from his body is also becoming increasingly weak. Looks like he is suppressing that energy ripple. Yun Ke, Yun Zhong, let’s not hold anything back. If we let him escape from our hands once more, what right do we have to be Elders?” That old man, who was the oldest among them, had an icy cold expression as he cried out in a deep voice.

“Yes.” Hearing this, the other two people replied in unison. As their voices fell, three powerful forces surged out of each of their bodies. Immediately, the Dou Qi wings which were originally around five feet in length suddenly expanded until they were over ten feet long.

The wings flapped in union and a thundering rumble resonated through the air. Immediately, the three figures strangely disappeared from the spot they were in as though they had teleported. When they reappeared, they were actually already tens of meters away.

“This is bad.” The ear-piercing sound of rushing wind that had been transmitted from behind him caused Xiao Yan’s expression to change. The corner of his eyes hurriedly drifted back to take a look. He was shocked to realize that three ghost-like figures were actually not even twenty meters away from him.

A few fleeing methods flashed in his heart in a lightning-like manner, but Xiao Yan finally rejected all of them. An instant later, he violently clenched his teeth and stepped heavily onto the sea of trees. Immediately, his body directly landed within a forest.

“Putt, putt.”The dense branches struck his face, causing Xiao Yan to gently inhale a few breaths of cool air. When his feet touched the ground, however, his eyes suddenly shrunk. From his perception, he had suddenly realized that there were dozens of obscure Qis within this forested area where he had landed.

“Have I fallen for the other side’s scheme?” A shocking thought flashed in his heart. Suddenly, a shadow pounced out from the side before the body swiftly nestled close to Xiao Yan. One hand covered Xiao Yan’s mouth.

“Xiao Yan di-di, it’s me. Don’t panic!” Just as the Dou Qi in Xiao Yan’s body was about to spew out and shake the person who had nestled close to him away, a numbing, soft sound could be heard.
TL: di-di – meaning younger brother (not blood related in this case, just a form of address)

When he heard this familiar voice, the Dou Qi in Xiao Yan’s body which was about to explode out suddenly became dull. He lowered his head and borrowed the weak white glow being emitted from within his body to see an enchantingly exquisite face that contained some concern.

“Ya Fei jie?” The familiar face caused Xiao Yan to quietly sigh in relief. He said in a surprised but soft voice, “What are you doing here? Hurry up and leave!”
TL: jie – older sister (not blood related in this case, just a form of address)

“Shush. Don’t worry, those three Elders from the Misty Cloud Sect are temporarily being held back by Old Hai. This is a map of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. You can use it to help you leave the Jia Ma Empire. Hurry up and leave. Walk toward the south of this place. As long as you get out of the forest and sneak into the city, the Misty Cloud Sect will have a much more difficult time trying to catch you!” Ya Fei swiftly took out a map from within her storage ring, pressed it into Xiao Yan’s hand as she spoke in a hurried voice.

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. He lifted his head and eyed the sky which was covered by the dense tree cover. There were indeed numerous fierce energy ripples which were being emitted from the night sky there.

“You all… “ Xiao Yan held the map tightly and eyed the pretty face which was covered with anxiety. He suddenly felt his throat being blocked. After he announced war with the Misty Cloud Sect, this enormous being, only Ya Fei and Old Hai had extended their helping hand toward him. He clearly knew that this action of the Primer clan would bring them a lot of trouble. After all, no matter how one put it, the Misty Cloud Sect was the strongest faction within the Jia Ma Empire.

“Ya Fei jie, I, Xiao Yan, am not some beast who doesn’t know how to repay favors given. I, Xiao Yan, will not forget the kindness you and Old Hai have given until I die. If this Xiao Yan were to return to the Jia Ma Empire in the future, I will definitely repay this kindness by a hundredfold!” Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air and said in a deep voice.

“Ke ke, jie-jie believes that you will be a truly strong person the next time we meet. This is the conclusion I came to three years ago.” Ya Fei smiled as she spoke. Her delicate hand touched the delicate and handsome face of the young man, which was covered by a piercing coldness.

“Alright, hurry up and leave. The flying unit of the Misty Cloud Sect is about to hurry over. Moreover, Yun Yun will arrive soon.”

“Yes.” Xiao Yan nodded his head. He lowered it and eyed the bewitching face. Suddenly, he extended his hand and violently embraced her. His face was extended into her soft long hair and deeply inhaled the refreshing fragrance of her hair. He softly said, “Ya Fei jie, the next time that we meet, I will definitely not refuse any request of yours as long as I, Xiao Yan, am able to achieve it.”

Ya Fei was initially startled when she was suddenly roughly hugged by Xiao Yan. A bright, intoxicating redness immediately surfaced on her enchanting face. After she heard Xiao Yan’s words, a teasing glint flashed in her peach blossom-like eyes. She said in a gentle voice, “Little fellow, this is something you have said. A great man cannot repudiate his promises.”

“As long as I can achieve it, I, Xiao Yan, will not reject it, even if you want to be a Queen.” Xiao Yan released the narrow waist which was so soft that it appeared boneless before laughing boldly.

“Jie-jie is not interested in being a Queen.” Ya Fei covered her mouth and laughed softly. She immediately remembered that they were pressed for time and hurriedly rebuked him by patting Xiao Yan’s head and urged, “Hurry and leave!”

“Ya Fei jie, goodbye. Help me tell Old Hai that I, Xiao Yan, will never forget this favor of his today until I die!” Xiao Yan nodded his head heavily. He ceased procrastinating, cupped his hands toward Ya Fei, and immediately turned around. His body charged into the darkness of the black forest in a lightning-like manner.

Ya Fei stood on the original spot and watched the back of the figure which had faded away into the darkness. A long while later, she sighed in an absentminded manner and said softly, “Little fellow. Jie-jie awaits your return. Three years ago, I knew that this small Jia Ma Empire would not be able to keep you. With your talent, the vast continent is the only stage where you can display your true strength.”

“Jie-jie will await your return. When that time comes, I believe that even the Misty Cloud Sect can only hide and tremble under your feet!”

“Flying unit, go and capture Xiao Yan!” An angry cry suddenly sounded in the sky.

As the cry sounded, tens of flying Magical Beasts in the night sky immediately made a detour around the battleground in the sky, and pounced toward the increasingly weak white glow within the forest.

Within the forest, Ya Fei raised her head and coldly watched the huge flying beasts that had flown over. She waved her hand and coldly cried, “Shadow Guards, listen up. Cut them down!”

Ya Fei’s voice had just fell when tens of shadows from the darkness of the surrounding forest suddenly shot out. Their Dou Qi surged immediately and almost expelled all the darkness in this section of the forest.

When he heard the waves of rioting sounds that were transmitted from far behind him, Xiao Yan tightened his fist. He placed the map into his storage ring. The white light that was currently emitted from within his body had completely disappeared under Yao Lao’s suppression.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swiftly swept in all directions. Once he had regained his bearings, his toes pressed gently against the ground and his body shot forward explosively, like an arrow that had left the string of a bow.

“Shi.” The rushing figure shot forward nearly a distance of a hundred meters in a lightning-like manner. Suddenly, Xiao Yan’s expression changed abruptly. His feet hooked onto a tree branch and his body was straight as it fell forward. He immediately made a three hundred and sixty degree turn. He twisted his body and steadily landed on a tree branch.

Xiao Yan stood on the tree branch and eyed the edge of the forest not far away with icy cold eyes. At that spot, a moon white robe was gently fluttering. A pretty face that could be called peerlessly elegant was waiting.

Xiao Yan gaze was cold as it swept across the face. He suddenly tightened his fist. The final person who had appeared to stop him was shockingly Yun Yun!

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  1. depends on the person, are they worth it, if so then yes love > sect. It’s quite rare to find someone worth willing to give up everything in exchange for.

    1. Well, clearly Xiao Yan is worth it. I mean, who else would be worth it, if the one who saved your life isn’t ?
      But I guess it doesn’t matter now, after she gave away his position. Normally she was my 2nd favorite girl in the story but now I just want MC to destroy that sect whole and kill everyone that belongs to that sect. Everyone…

      1. I’m happy that Yun Yun is conflicted and doesn’t know what to do, on one hand there is the place where she grew up and was raised in and on the other hand is someone she has complicated feelings for and now an enemy of her home. This shouldn’t be an easy choice.

  2. I think Yun Yun likes him – even Nalran likes him. A chance to salvage this situation is crucial for the sect (that has bwhaved like arrogant idiots – and she knows it) too. As he has 2 Dou Zong powers (‘himself in über mode’ and medusa) from an outsider view. So his defeat is not certain.

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    IMHO the face loving elders are just experiencing a bloodrush that lowers their IQ to room temperature…

    1. One thing to add:
      He never got the chance to explain anything.
      1st There is that marriage thing – where they now know they were wrong.
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        Honestly i think either killing him completely here and cutting off the threat or showing mercy and at least starting to build a path to reconcile are right choices. The latter choice is probably the more safest one considering Xun Er and what she will do to the Misty Cloud Sect when she finds they killed him. Knowing Xiao Yan’s character he is not likely to forget this favor and it will weigh in his future actions. He will probably kill Yun Shan, but you get to keep the rest of the Sect most likely so count your blessings… The worst option I can think of is trying to kill him and failing. After that…. yeah any good will Xiao Yan had for Yun Yun will be gone and when he returns he will destroy everyone and everything in the Misty Cloud Sect.

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            Even though he let the blood rush to his head, he still at least tried to talk it out at first, not one person there stood up for him, and only gave him empty promises, in fact other than Yun Yun everyone disregarded him. Even then she didn’t really even try to do anything, just yelled at him to calm down.

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      I forget the main heroine’s name so forgive me, but she’s the girl he likes the most, and honestly she has helped him a lot but none of it feels genuine, she sent a Dou Huang to guard him, cool that’s good. She even tried to give him precious materials and kill someone that offended him.

      But she fell in love with him as kid’s and it almost feels forced, it’s like she doesn’t love him for him, just what he did in the past for her. Ya Fei, got none of that, but actually started to see his amazing quality’s and fell in love with that.

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