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Chapter 352: The Misty Cloud Sect’s Trump Card

The black shadows covered the sun in the vast and mighty sky. Even the sunlight which was pouring down actually had difficulty penetrating through it. Currently, the open ground had already descended into complete darkness. Everyone could only use their Dou Qi to cover their bodies in order to use the weak glow to observe the fight in the air.

The moment the darkness covered the sky, the huge cloud arrow which was shooting through the air also came to a sudden stop. The terrifying force contained within the tip of the arrow also caused circular wave-like ripples to appear in the surrounding air. The sharp sound of explosions could be heard repeatedly.

“Ten Thousand Binding Shadows!”

Ling Ying’s body appeared to have completely merged with the black-colored darkness that had permeated the entire sky. The seal formed by his hands was abruptly formed and the black curtain that permeated the sky suddenly moved. Black-colored darkness spat out from it in all directions. They intertwined with one another and pounced on the cloud arrow which had been shot explosively over.

With one white and one black, the two completely different colored lights, carrying similarly terrifying energies cut through the vast sky. Under the watch of a countless number of gazes below, they collided. All of a sudden, a furious blast, like that of thunder, appeared in the air. An enormous energy force surged out turbulently from the point where the two had met an instant later. The terrifying force actually managed to disperse most of the black curtain that permeated the sky. Sunlight shone in from the gaps of the black curtain and lit the square in a scattered pattern.

“This person’s strength is really not weak.” Jia Xing Tian raised his head to watch the black-robed person who appeared and disappeared in the black curtain. His face was grave as he said, “Seeing the manner of his attack earlier, his strength should at least be around that of a seven star Dou Huang.”

“He is indeed very strong. Moreover, the elemental affinity of his Qi Method appeared to tend towards darkness. That kind of element is not commonly seen.” Fa Ma nodded his head. His gaze glanced around and suddenly said, “If this trouble continues in this manner, do we need to act? Regardless of how one puts it, the Misty Cloud Sect is a faction within our Jia Ma Empire.”

Jia Xing Tian furrowed his brows as he mused for a while before saying, “Let’s wait and see first. This mysterious Dou Huang does not appear to have the intention of creating havoc in the Misty Cloud Sect. As long as Xiao Yan can safely leave, I think that he will not stay for long. Moreover, we are currently uncertain if there is some huge faction behind him. Therefore, it is better to not act rashly.”

Fa Ma nodded slightly as he heard Jia Xing Tian’s words. He did not continue speaking.

“Ha ha, it seems that you actually have some ability, no wonder you are so arrogant.” Ling Ying slowly surfaced from the black curtain in the sky. He eyed Yun Leng below, whose face was a little pale, as he laughed out loud.

Yun Leng clenched his teeth. His gaze passed through the cracks in the black curtain and saw Xiao Yan, who was about to leave the square. The corner of his mouth twitched. An intense pain was transmitted from his head, causing the fury in his heart to repeatedly erode his reasoning.

“Stay behind!”

With a soft but furious roar, a flush once again surged up on Yun Leng’s pale face. A surge of Dou Qi slowly overflowed from within his body, shaking the sea of clouds that permeated the air around him until it was in turmoil.

“Humph. stubborn fellow. Don’t think that the old me does not dare to kill you!” Ling Ying eyed Yun Leng who actually still refused to give up and a darkness gradually appeared on his face. He slowly extended his hand out of his sleeves. A dark, black energy fog swiftly gathered above his palm. In an instant, it agglomerated into a long black-colored lance that was over two meters long. The surface of the long lance was covered with densely placed black-colored lines. The energy was like that of water waves, flowing repeatedly. Black air surged upwards, causing the lance to have an even more ghastly aura against the dark background.

As Ling Ying’s hand grasped the long black-colored lance, he glanced at Yun Leng below and skimmed his lips. He abruptly tightened his grip and took half a step back with his right leg, causing his body to twist slightly. His right hand held the long lance while his body stilled for a moment. Immediately, it suddenly began to turn and the long lance in his hand carried a sinister aura as it shot toward Yun Leng in the sea of clouds below.

“Devil’s Snake Bite!”

The long black-colored lance was like a black falling star that cut across the sky. The black aura which shrouded the lance actually faintly agglomerated into the shape of a huge black-colored serpent. As the large serpent hissed through the sky, the air began to vibrate.

Sensing the terrifying force which was shot explosively from the sky, Yun Leng’s face suddenly changed drastically. He could sense that this time around, the other party really did not have any intentions of holding back.

A horror rose within Yun Leng’s heart. His hands hurriedly moved and the surrounding sea of clouds immediately began to fluctuate. Waves of cloud energy rose and continued to gather above his head. In a mere blink of an eye, it was constructed into a cloud-colored shield that was around three meters wide. Light flickered on the surface of the shield, causing it to appear substance-like and extremely hard.

After the cloud-colored shield appeared, the surrounding sea of clouds also became much thinner. Clearly, this cloud shield required quite a large amount of energy to create.

The large, black-colored lance covered in a sinister aura did not show any signs of stopping because of the appearance of the cloud shield. It continued to carry a ferocious force as it charged ahead. Under the alarmed gazes of everyone, it violently crashed onto the cloud shield. Immediately, a ground-shaking, deafening noise exploded forth, causing the Misty Cloud Sect disciples below to involuntarily cover their ears.

The black-colored light and the cloud-colored glow began to mingle with one another in the sky. At the spot where the two colldied, a space actually began to have a somewhat distorted feeling to it. This attack by Ling Ying was actually this strong. He was undoubtedly a strong person of the Dou Huang class.

“Humph, break it!” Ling Ying watched the two-colored energies clashing below. His hands slowly formed a seal and a moment later, a soft roar was suddenly emitted from his throat.

As Ling Ying’s roar fell, the black glow on the dark, black, long lance soared. A huge black-colored energy serpent, that was around seventy feet long, lifted its body from the shaft of the lance. Its huge mouth carried a bloody and ghastly aura, which became wider and wider. After which, it actually swallowed the cloud-colored shield in one go under Yun Leng’s stunned gaze.

Although the black-colored lance had become much weaker after swallowing the cloud shield, it undoubtedly gave Yun Leng, who had lost his greatest defense, an extreme fear.

However, the long black-colored lance did not even pause for a slight moment because of his fear. It pointed downward and violently shot toward Yun Leng’s heart.

The sharp tip of the lance continued to grow larger in Yun Leng’s pupils. At the last moment, he could only clench his teeth. Dou Qi covered his hands and he used all his strength to tightly grab the long lance with both hands. At the same time, his body swiftly twisted.

When his hands came into contact with the long, black-colored lance, the terrifying force contained within it caused Yun Leng to violently spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. His body was also shaken by that enormous energy until it fell toward the ground.

The moment Yun Leng left the sea of clouds, the sea of clouds that permeated the sky gradually began to become thinner. Finally, it actually completely turned into nothingness.

Following the disappearance of the sea of clouds, the faces of all the elders on the four corners of the square became pale. Their hands grasped their chests and a muffled groan that contained pain was emitted from their throats,

Compared with the expressions of all the Elders, those Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples on the square who had added their strength to the sea of clouds appeared to be in a little more miserable position. Quite a number of disciples, whose strengths were not as strong, spat out mouthfuls of blood on the spot. Immediately, their faces paled and they fainted. Those who were a little stronger forcefully endured. However, their sluggish expression allowed others to know that there were severe implications when the sea of clouds was forcefully broken.

One attack from Ling Ying appeared to have caused the entire Misty Cloud Sect to descend into a crippled state. A Dou Huang was actually strong and terrifying to such an extent!


In the sky, the huge force that was contained in the long, black-colored lance directly and violently threw Yun Leng into the ground. After which it smashed heavily into the square. Immediately, rocks flew and numerous large crack lines began to spread from the spot where Yun Leng had landed, as though an earthquake occurred. These crack lines were very large, causing those Misty Cloud Sect disciples to have little choice but to get up to avoid them. From this, it could be seen just how terrifying this attack was.

Ling Ying stood in the sky and eyed the open ground which was in complete chaos. He waved his hand and the dark shadows which permeated the sky once again flowed back into his body. Following the shrinking of the black shadow curtain, the warm sunlight once again poured down. A faint warm feeling caused those icy cold bodies of the Misty Cloud Sect disciples to sigh in relief.

After they sighed in relief, all the gazes in the square were hurriedly thrown onto the spot where Yun Leng had landed. A deep pit which had been formed there caused those Misty Cloud Sect disciples to involuntarily swallow their saliva.

“He hasn’t died.” Jia Xing Tian eyed the dark deep pit and sighed softly. The current situation had really developed to the point where it was difficult for anyone to control.

As Jia Xing Tian’s voice fell, an intense cough was emitted from within that dark deep pit. A human figure slowly climbed up from within it. Which part of his dire appearance had even a little of the imposing manner of the First Elder of the Misty Cloud Sect?

Currently, Yun Leng’s clothes were destroyed and his face was bloodstained. Moreover, fresh blood was repeatedly flowing out from a wound on his waist, almost soaking the ground. Clearly, he may have forcefully caught the black-colored lance earlier and avoided being struck in a fatal spot, but he was still hurt by the sharp force contained within it.

As they eyed the First Elder who was in such a dire state that he was similar to a dog which had lost his hope, all the Misty Cloud Sect members softly sighed.

The expression of Yun Leng who had climbed out of the deep pit unexpectedly did not have the slightest fury. Instead, he was calm like still water. He coldly glanced at the fresh blood dripping from his waist, then used his hand to softly touched the savage scar which Xiao Yan had left behind. He suddenly began to laugh softly. In his laughter, there was a craziness that was difficult to hide.

“You are indeed very strong.” Yun Leng lifted his head and laughed thickly at Ling Ying.

Ling Ying frowned slightly. His hand slowly moved and black air shrouded him. His voice was indifferent. “You are indeed not easy to kill. If you are tired of living, this old man can help you.”

“Ha ha.” Yun Leng suddenly laughed out loud as he stared at Ling Ying. His laughter affected his injuries, causing him to once again cough out a few mouthfuls of fresh blood. He wiped off the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth and suddenly lifted his head. His eyes were as savage as a wild beast.
“I don’t care who you are, but you are the first person in so many years that has caused our Misty Cloud Sect to be this embarassed. If all of you are allowed to leave today, I’m afraid that our Misty Cloud Sect will no longer have any reputation to speak of within the Jia Ma Empire. Therefore, for the sake of the sect, today, all of you can forget! About! Leaving!”

“You don’t have the ability to do so.” Ling Ying mocked.

“Indeed, I do not have this ability, but…” Yun Leng laughed in a dark voice. Under everyone’s gaze, he sudden took out a white cloud-colored whistle from within his storage ring. He placed it by the side of his mouth and blew it hard. Immediately, a strange sharp sound was suddenly transmitted from the whistle.

The sharp whistle shrouded the entire Misty Cloud Mountain and did not disappear for a long time.

Everyone on the square became quiet due to Yun Leng’s action. For a while, one could only hear the whistle repeatedly resounding within the entire mountain.

Jia Xing Tian narrowed his eyes. He exchanged glances with Fa Ma and suddenly appeared to have recalled something. His eyes contracted suddenly!

“It is that old fellow! He has indeed not died!”

As Jia Xing Tian’s and Fa Ma’s voice fell, a mighty and majestic force from deep within the Misty Cloud Mountain descended. It was like an ancient huge dragon had just awoken while carrying an incomparable pressure!

The moment that this majestic force emanated out, a white-colored ray of light around a few hundred kilometers from the Misty Cloud Sect suddenly stopped. A beautiful figure appeared in mid air. Currently, she was staring in the direction of the distant Misty Cloud Sect. Her indifferent and otherworldly pretty face was now covered with shock.

“Why has teacher awoken?”

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