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Chapter 350: The Appearance of a Mysterious Dou Huang

Under a countless number of anxious gazes, the fallout of the energy began to slowly scatter, revealing the ‘Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python’ that had been struck.

The current ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ had quite a miserable appearance. Over half of its originally beautiful smooth seven-colored snake scales had burst apart under the terrifying attack earlier. Bright red fresh blood seeped out from the cracked snake scales and emitted a dripping sound as they began to fall like a light drizzle.

Its huge body moved slightly, releasing the unhurt Xiao Yan within it.

Xiao Yan lifted his head and eyed the glow in the snake’s eyes which had become much weaker. The fresh blood that dripped onto his face appeared somewhat warm.


The ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ flicked its tongue toward Xiao Yan. It’s snake eyes held an extremely human-like concern. Currently, the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ had already been promoted to a rank 5 Magical Beast and already possessed an intellect that was not inferior to that of humans. If it was not being suppressed by the spiritual strength of Queen Medusa, it was likely that it would already be able to speak the human language.

Ever since the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ was born, the first person which it had seen was Xiao Yan. After which, it had been living harmoniously with Xiao Yan. Although it was a beast, it had already formed a kinship-like feeling toward Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth tightly. He eyed the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. Most of the scales on its body were cracked. A fury that had nearly washed away his reasoning had rose within him, especially after seeing the human-like concern in the eyes of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. However, it was fortunate that his reasoning suppressed his fury. Xiao Yan glanced at Yun Leng below in a dark and cold manner. After which, he hurriedly took out bottle after bottle of healing medicine from his storage ring and smashed them against the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’s’ body.

When the bottles smashed on those scales, they suddenly broke apart. A warm healing liquid flowed over the wounds, helping to ease the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’s’ pain.

“What a lucky fellow. Last time this beast saved you, but what about this time?” Yun Leng coldly laughed as he eyed the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ which had suffered somewhat serious injury. He waved his hand and a huge energy spiralling sphere once again agglomerated within the sea of clouds. The energy on the surface of the sphere spilled out and a terrifying force shattered the surrounding air until nothing was left.

“Go to hell!”

A savage appearance surfaced on Yun Leng’s face. His hands pushed forward suddenly and an enormous energy ball once again carried the sound of compressed wind, a whizzing sound that could be heard from the horizon, shot explosively toward Xiao Yan!

Xiao Yan stared intently at the energy ball which was expanding in his eyes. He tightly clenched his teeth and held the Heavy Xuan Ruler with all his might. The Dou Qi in his body was also circulated wildly!

“Hei, Yun Leng, with your status as the First Elder of the Misty Cloud Sect, you actually used such a vicious attack against someone of the younger generation. You are actually this shameless?” As the energy ball was about to shoot toward Xiao Yan, Hai Bodong’s cold laughter finally rang out.

“Ten Thousand Ice Flower Mirror!” As a cry rang out, a huge ice mirror that enveloped tens of feet of space suddenly expanded in front of Xiao Yan. Countless tiny small planes covered the surface of the mirror, Under the sunlight, it appeared like a mirror which was formed from sunlight.


The energy ball heavily collided into the ice mirror. The incomparably large energy immediately scattered countless tiny planes. After the energy ball disappeared, the icy mirror had taken some damage, but it was maintained until the cloud energy that permeated the surroundings disappeared. Only then did a crack sound appear and the mirror was burst apart into slowly falling ice crystals that filled the sky.

“Hey, are you alright?”A human figure flashed and Hai Bodong appeared in front of Xiao Yan. The former had his back facing Xiao Yan as he asked.

“I’m fine.” Xiao Yan shook his head, held the ruler tightly and softly spoke.

“It is going to be troublesome this time around. It is really unexpected that this fellow has become so furious that he actually unleashed the ‘Covering Sun Cloud Formation’. This is the Misty Cloud Sect’s largest formation that is usually used in order to protect the sect. The price to activate it does not appear small. Many years ago, it helped the Misty Cloud Sect overcome an unknown number of difficulties.” Hai Bodong’s gaze slowly swept across the sea of clouds below. He smiled bitterly and said, “As long as there is still energy remaining within the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples, then it will be equivalent to us fighting with nearly one thousand Misty Cloud Sect disciples. Even a Dou Huang cannot forcefully withstand its entire power.”

Xiao Yan frowned as he heard this before speaking in a deep and soft voice, “Then what do we do?”

Hai Bodong lifted his head and looked at the energy cover that enveloped the square. He said, “Unless we can break this thing… as long as it breaks, I should be able to bring you away from this place. However, I need to protect you now and cannot split my attention to do it.”

When he spoke up to this point, he then glanced at the enormous ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ behind Xiao Yan and said, “That energy wall is created by over a hundred Misty Cloud Sect deacons. With its Dou Wang class strength, it will likely take a long while in order to break it. Yet, the thing that we lack the most of now is time.”

“The ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ and I will go and try. Old Hai, help us defend against those fellows’ attacks!” Xiao Yan mused for a moment, made a prompt decision before he replied. Currently, they did not have any extra time for them to expend.

“Ah. we can only do it this way. That ‘Covering Sun Cloud Formation’ of Yun Leng can only be withstood by a strong person of the Dou Huang class. It is fortunate that Yun Yun is absent. Otherwise, if she used her Dou Huang strength to take charge of this large formation, even a strong person of the Dou Zong class will fear her.” Although he knew that there was quite a great amount of difficulty for Xiao Yan to break the energy barrier given the latter’s strength, Hai Bodong did not have any other solution after having reached this situation. If they did not shatter the energy cover, they would only be forced to fight head on with nearly one thousand Misty Cloud Sect disciples.

It was not a difficult thing for a strong person of the Dou Huang class to fight one thousand people by himself. Unfortunately, with the agglomeration of the ‘Covering Sun Cloud Formation’ and their cohesion which had been groomed for over a decade or even a few decades, the strength of these nearly one thousand Misty Cloud Sect disciples appeared to be superimposed on Yun Leng who was in the middle of the formation. In the face of this kind of special fighting method, even Hai Bodong could only find shelter to avoid it.

“Hai Bodong, since you are unrepentant, don’t blame old me for not taking into account our old friendship!” Yun Leng coldly watched Hai Bodong in the sky. He was far from being vague. Once again, a cloud ball was summoned from the sea of clouds. This time around, the ball’s size appeared to be double that of the previous ones.

A seriousness appeared on Hai Bodong’s face as he eyed the large energy ball which was at least forty to fifty feet in size. A cold air shrouded his hands and countless number of tiny ice crystals slowly appeared in the air around him.

“Ah, it looks like the issue has become quite big.” As he eyed the two parties which were about to begin a truly large fight, Jia Xing Tian sighed and shook his head, “For just a mere Mo Cheng, they are willing to fight with a Dou Huang and someone with a terrifying potential, who will become a strong person in the future, to such an extent. Is it worthwhile?”

“It is not because of Mo Cheng. He, as an external decon does not have such a great ability.” Fa Ma shook his head and laughed bitterly, “The Misty Cloud Sect wants reputation. However, the trouble caused over this matter is indeed a little overboard. That earlier attack of Xiao Yan caused Yun Leng to lose a great amount of face. Therefore, he activated the large formation to defend the sect. If we were to talk about it, he has selfish motives.”

“Ah.” Jia Xing Tian let out a sigh and bitterly laughed. With things having progressed to this extent, it was impossible for the matter to be peacefully resolved regardless of who stepped forward to be the mediator.


The heavy ruler carried a ferocious force as it violently smashed against the energy cover. However, it only resulted in a tiny little ripple. Other than this, it did not have even the slightest effect.

Xiao Yan’s expression was dark and solemn as he eyed that firm and unshakable energy barrier. He turned his head and eyed the attack by the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. The waves of ripples that spread out had some momentum. However, there was still a huge gap between it and destroying the energy barrier.

“Bastard!” Xiao Yan turned around and watched the sharp force that was emitted from the battle between Hai Bodong and Yun Leng while softly and viciously scolded.

“I don’t believe that I cannot break this crappy thing of yours!” Xiao Yan breathing gradually became more intense. His eyes became red. As he tightly held the heavy ruler, Dou Qi surged wildly. He let out a loud cry as he violently smashed it into the incomparably strong energy cover.


Following the swing of Xiao Yan’s heavy ruler, an extremely loud sound suddenly appeared in the square. Countless people lifted their heads and watched as crack lines instantly spread out on the energy cover while having completely stunned faces. After their shock persisted for an instant, they immediately turned toward the similarly stunned Xiao Yan who was holding the black ruler. This energy cover which even a Dou Wang would need a long period of time in order to break was actually broken by a random swing of a his ruler?

“Impossible!” Within the sea of clouds, Yun Leng was also stunned as he eyed the energy barrier that was covered with crack lines. Immediately, he cried out in a flustered and exasperated manner.

“Ha ha, it is really unexpected that the Misty Cloud Sect whose name shakes the entire Jia Ma Empire is actually this shameless. The sect’s nearly one thousand members have actually joined hands to deal with a young man who is not even twenty. You really disgraced the face that Yun Bo Tian had fought to gain for the Misty Cloud Sect on the continent back then!” Just as everyone in the entire square was dull, a somewhat hoarse laughter suddenly sounded from the sky.

“Who are you? You actually dare to insult a predecessor of our Misty Cloud Sect. A person who only knows how to hide around. If you have the ability, appear in front of the old me!” Yun Leng’s face changed as he lifted his head and cried out sternly.

“Ha ha. If you want me to reveal myself, I will reveal myself. Other people may be afraid of your Misty Cloud Sect, but I am not the least bit afraid!” A loud laugh once again sounded. As the laughter fell, the energy barrier which was already about to collapse finally turned into shattered energy pieces that permeated the air after a ‘bang’, before slowly disappearing.


With the shattering of the energy barrier, the faces of the nearly one hundred Misty Cloud Sect’s deacons on the surrounding trees became abruptly pale. Immediately, mouthfuls of fresh blood were wildly spat out.

Yun Leng ignored those deacons who vomited blood. He lifted his head and his eyes were locked intently on an empty space. At a certain moment, the air at that spot suddenly began to ripple. A black shadow slowly appeared after a while. A mere instant later, a human figure who was wearing a black robe appeared in front of everyone’s eyes out of nowhere.

As the black figure appeared, the expressions of Hai Bodong, Jia Xing Tian, Fa Ma, Yun Leng and the others on the square, suddenly changed drastically.

“It is another strong Dou Huang?” Jia Xing Tian slowly inhaled a breath of cool air. His voice contained a shock that could not be concealed.

“It looks like he is Xiao Yan’s reinforcement. There is indeed an extremely large strength behind this fellow.” Fa Ma’s expression was unusually grave as he mumbled, “This time around, the Misty Cloud Sect is really quite unlucky.”

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