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Chapter 333: Xiao clan, Xiao Yan!

The strongest faction within the Jia Ma Empire, the Misty Cloud Sect, had been passed on without break from one generation to another, resulting in this old sect standing at the peak of the Jia Ma Empire. If it hadn’t been for the sect rules, which prohibited the seizure of the power from an emperor, the Misty Cloud Sect would have probably completely controlled the entire Jia Ma Empire during the few times when there was a change in dynasty.

This was also the reason why the imperial family of each empire was extremely afraid of the huge being that was close by. When it came to this generation of the Jia Ma Empire Imperial family, they finally possessed a strength that could cause the Misty Cloud Sect to pause due to having the guardian Jia Xing Tian and the protection of a mysterious unique beast. Therefore, the battle experienced elite soldiers who the Imperial family sent to the foot of the Misty Cloud Sect could live in peace.

The Imperial family had stationed the soldiers there for many years. Its intention was something almost everyone was clearly aware of. They were guarding against the Misty Cloud Sect.

In the face of such an action by the Imperial family, the Misty Cloud Sect did not respond too intensely. Other than some of the young disciples within the sect feeling bitter and going to the camp and creating trouble initially, the upper echelons of the sect had remained quiet over this matter. This was because they knew that the imperial family could not tolerate anyone sleeping beside their couch. The Misty Cloud Sect was already so accustomed to receiving the suspicion of the Imperial family. As long as the Misty Cloud Sect did not collapse, the military force at the foot of the mountain would never dare to make any possible moves.

Not one of the dynasties of the Jia Ma Empire had really dared to attack the Misty Cloud Sect. This was because they clearly understood that it was a huge hornet’s nest. A poke at it would cause the sky to overturn.

The Misty Cloud Sect was built on top of the Misty Cloud Mountain and the Misty Cloud Mountain was only tens of kilometers from the capital. The two of them were very close together, much like two huge beings relying on one another.

Although Xiao Yan had already waited for three years for this day to come, he did not use his Purple Cloud Wings to hurry over. Instead, he walked at a steady pace as he headed to the snow white mountain peak penetrating the clouds, which was located at the edge of his sight. He wore a black robe and carried a huge ruler, much like an ascetic person.

The black-robed young man walked slowly on the unobstructed main road. The huge black ruler on his back was extremely eye catching. From within the occasional horse carriage which came and went on the road, there would be surprised gazes thrown at him. Xiao Yan appeared to not have seen these gazes. His footsteps were neither soft nor heavy. Although the heaviness of the Heavy Xuan Ruler was enough to shock anyone who came into contact with it, Xiao Yan was already extremely familiar with its weight after being in contact with it for two years. As a result, he was not the slightest bit delayed despite traveling with it. Only shallow footsteps remained where his feet landed, leaving no signs of the awkward scene back then when a deep pit was left where his feet stepped.

Leaving a footprint with every step, Xiao Yan moved at a steady pace. Although his figure appeared skinny, it emitted a calmness and easy going manner which caused people to throw him a sidelong glance.

Walking with a calm heart in this manner was not a total waste of effort on Xiao Yan’s part. When he had just left the city’s gate, threads of his Qi were still repeatedly overflowing from within his body due to him having just broken through to the Da Dou Shi class, causing the surrounding passerby to involuntarily stay away from Xiao Yan. The pressuring Qi was not something these Dou Zhe or those who were not even Dou Zhe could withstand.

Since Xiao Yan began walking until this moment, his Qi, which was overflowing out of his body, had already began intruding into the deep regions of his body. When one looked over again, he did not appear any different from an ordinary person other than the huge ruler behind his back.

When the sun had broken through the restraint of the horizon and slowly climbed high into the sky, Xiao Yan finally stopped walking. He stood on the slope and eyed the huge foot of the mountain which was at the edge of his sight. Huge army tents began to appear on the grass plain. Through the white-colored tents, Xiao Yan could faintly see some soldiers being drilled.

“It is indeed as others have said. The Jia Ma Empire Imperial family has stationed elite troops at the foot of the Misty Cloud Mountain.” Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze, shook his head, and walked down the slope. He followed the main road and slowly neared the foot of the mountain.

Although this was a military camp with extremely tight defence, it did not obstruct any passerby who wanted to ascend the mountain. Therefore, after being randomly glanced at by some sentries standing by the side of the road, Xiao Yan easily followed the main road and climbed up the foot of the mountain.

As fresh green color began to appear on both sides of Xiao Yan, the sound of troops performing drills gradually disappeared from the side of his ears. He lifted his head slightly and green rock stairs, that reached the limits of his sight, appeared in front of him. At one glance, it appeared like a flight of stairs which led to the heavens.

Standing at the bottom, Xiao Yan lifted his head and eyed these old stone stairs which had been around for an unknown number of years. His eyes were slowly shut. There appeared to be a vague and soft ringing of swords being clearly transmitted from the edge of the rock stairs as it quietly reverberated through the forest. It was like a clock chiming, intoxicating people’s minds.

The silence persisted for a while before Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes. He gently patted the Heavy Xuan Sword which lay on his back. His gentle footstep finally landed firmly on the ancient rock stairs which appeared a little moist. At this moment, he had officially arrived for the Three Years Agreement.

The moment his footstep landed, Xiao Yan was able to sense that his spirit appeared to be releasing a Qi which he had suppressed for three years.

Three years ago, a young man left his home while carrying hatred, humiliation, and anger, appearing both reckless and childish. He entered the mountain range and ventured into the desert. Under blade, blood, and flame, he was like a pupa, swiftly changing himself. Three years had milled away his tenderness and witnessed his growth. All of this effort was because of today’s three year agreement!

An unknown emotion filled his chest as Xiao Yan’s footsteps maintained a uniform speed. His gaze stared directly at the end of the rock stairs as he passed by one step at a time. Appearing to have passed through the obstruction of space, his gaze was shot onto the young lady’s body which was seated cross-legged at the peak of the mountain.

“Nalan Yanran.” Xiao Yan’s mouth moved slightly. His voice was calm as it carried some other emotions when the name quietly left Xiao Yan’s mouth.

Fog shrouded the end of the long rock stairs. Behind it, was a huge open ground. The entire place was completely built using huge rocks of uniform color, appearing ancient and grand. A huge towering stone monument stood in the middle of the open ground. On the stone monument, there was a record of the names of past sect leaders and those who had been of great service to the sect.

As one watched the surroundings of the open ground, one could see nearly a thousand people seated above this open ground. These people were seated in a semicircle. Without exception, all of them wore moon white-colored robes. A cloud with a long sword striking through on their sleeves fluttered with the wind, much like something alive, faintly emitting a little weak meaning of the sword.

At the highest spot of the open ground, there were some towering rock chairs by the stairs which deviated from the rest. As the stairs gradually went up, those seated were generally older. The highest stone platform was currently empty without a single person on it. Below it, there were over ten white-robed old men who were seated cross-legged as they closed their eyes and rested. On the surface, one could not see even the slightest uniqueness from these old people, but the robes on their bodies, which were like steel that did not even make the slightest movement regardless of how the wind blew, was sufficient to let people know that these old people were not simple individuals.

Under these white-robed old men, there was an independant stone seat. A lady wearing moon robes had her eyes closed. As the wind blew past, her clothes pressed onto her pretty figure, revealing the perfect curves and figure underneath. As one’s focus shifted to the calm and indifferent pretty face, she was surprisingly Nalan Yanran!

Although there was only around a thousand people present above the open ground, the place was entirely quiet. Other than the whistling of the wind, there was not the slightest bit of strange noise emitted.

Occasionally, a quiet strong wind would blow past the open ground. Immediately, everyone’s eyes saw white robes drifting, much like the clouds in the sky descending. Such a sight was really shocking when one glanced over it.

Occasionally, a sound of rushing wind would suddenly appear in midair. Immediately, a human figure would appear on the towering tip of a tree. As one cast a glance, one would realize that there were actually quite a number of human figures standing on the top of some of the huge trees around the open ground. Not only was Hai Bodong present, but also Fa Ma and Jia Xing Tian. Even Nalan Jie along with the heads of a few clans and their youngest generations like Mu Zhan who had some conflict with Xiao Yan in the past, were also present. It appeared that there were indeed quite a number of people who were invited by the Misty Cloud Sect this time around.

The human figures who had come over did not recklessly make any noise and break the quiet atmosphere of the open ground. Although some of the strong Misty Cloud Sect disciples sensed these guests who had arrived, they did not have even the slightest reaction. They merely quietly sat cross-legged on the ground. It appeared that they have already received some orders.

Standing on the top of a tree, Hai Bodong’s gaze slowly swept across the quiet square. His face was slightly grave. Looking through the eyes of a strong person like him, one could naturally find some of the details which other people had difficulty discovering. From his senses, the breathing of the nearly one thousand Misty Cloud Sect disciples were actually completely following the same rhythm. The breathing of each of them led the other. If one moved anywhere, one would receive a swift and violent continuous attack much like a storm. In this entire place, these thousand people appeared to be of one body. When they struck, the thousand of them would attack together. Even a Dou Huang would have to temporarily avoid their cutting edge.

“They truly are worthy of being the Misty Cloud Sect.” Hai Bodong sighed gently in his heart. He could not help but praise with a sigh. Just how difficult was it to train all these disciples to coordinate with such deep understanding?

Hai Bodong turned his head over and exchanged glances with Fa Ma and Jia Lao. He was able to see a grave look from within the other party’s eyes. Clearly, the unified large array of the Misty Cloud Sect also caused them to feel fear within their hearts.

The spacious square was totally quiet. Time slowly and quietly drew by.

The huge sun on the sky slowly climbed until its peak. The warm sunlight was poured down, spreading across the entire peak.

At one instance, a soft footstep suddenly and quietly sounded from below the green-colored rock stairs outside the square. The soft sound was slowly transmitted over, causing a slight change in the completely integrated breaths.

In the open ground, all of disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect opened their eyes. Their gazes were fixed on the green rock stairs. Footsteps which were neither light nor heavy were being emitted from that spot.

On the stone platform, Nalan Yanran had also gradually opened her bright pupils. Her gaze paused at the spot. For some unknown reason, her already indifferent heart suddenly began to jump a couple of times in a disorderly manner.

The sound of the footsteps grew increasingly close and clear. It reached the point where it caused the few white-robed old men on the stone platform to open their eyes and throw their gazes at the same spot.

From the distant sky, sunlight suddenly poured down. It passed through the cover of the misty cloud layer and coincidentally shone on the rock stairs. At that spot, a tall and skinny figure finally began to slowly appear in front of countless of gazes.

Under the watch of nearly a thousand pairs of eyes on the open ground, the black-robed young man carrying a huge black ruler on his back lifted his feet and climbed the final step of the stairs.

The gaze of the young man was void of joy or sorrow as it swept across the huge square. Finally, it stopped on a beautiful lady on the stone platform who was similarly throwing him a pair of bright pupils.

Xiao Yan gently lifted his foot and then placed it down. He repeated the same action for three steps. Only the soft and deep sound of his footsteps drifted across the silent square.

Once the three steps fell, the young man lifted his head. He watched the lady and opened his mouth faintly.

“Xiao clan, Xiao Yan!”

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      1. Alright, let’s say you knew someone named Aden Smith. Now, you don’t remember much about him, other than the fact that he was exceptionally handsome, he was extremely passionate and fiery, and that he had no legs (which is the equivalent to being unable to cultivate in this world). Now let’s say that one day, someone named Smyth Aydinn (this would pretty much be the difference in spelling in chinese characters) came to you and said he could heal your dad. Not only is this guy kind of ordinary looking, he’s also cold, detached, and pretty much the opposite of Aden Smith. That, and it’s been a few years since you’ve even thought about that guy. And don’t forget the fact that this guy has legs, and extremely good ones at that. While at first you might say “hmm, that’s kind of a cool coincidence”, you wouldn’t really suspect anything. Oh, and the way that their names are spelled and pronounced are completely different. So tell me, would you put together the fact that they were the same person? No? Okay then. Not so ridiculous anymore huh?

        1. But if you were told by your lawyer (this world equivalent of an inteligence branch of your sect) that in this three years that you hadn’t seen Aden Smith he got himself a pretty good pair of legs, a pair of legs that should be around those of this Smyth Aydinn that you just met. I think is not really that hard to imagine that this Smyth Aydinn that treat you coldly for no reason may actually have a good reason to treat you that way.

          1. yes, but Smyth Aydinn is a 2nd tier alchemist with a heavenly flame. and the lawyer doesnt know about this so ~~ yeah, its very hard to imagine Adam Smith to actually have a heavenly flame or even be an alchemist

          2. Let’s say that his legs are good, but his arms are the most dazzling part of his body he’s showing at the moment. While his legs are surprisingly good, you don’t pay much attention because he’s here to show off his arms at the Arms festival. That and all he showed was maybe his ankle to reveal he has legs.

            Lawyer can say, “dude has skin tone of this colour and his legs are amazingly pretty” and you’ll go fine. Then this new kid comes along and shows off some pretty high class ankle but all you know is that his ankles are good but his arms are better.

            We are now watching as he rips off his pants to show he has dazzling legs too! And if he also reveals his arms and the mask that Smyth Aydinn wore…

            And he’s initially cold to really only her. He and Ya Fei are fine, and he treats the other Nalan members with respect. Even the rude princess gets more face than her. Only with her is he curt and rude.

          3. Actually, I would say a more appropriate part is that this person shows up at the olympics. I’m pretty sure even if you knew the guy who lost his legs used to be a talented athlete you would NOT assume that a guy who three years ago was a cripple would be able to get into the olympics, much less win.

          4. I am imagining some huge muscular guy with like the biggest most perfectly formed legs, lying down on a bed in a seductive way, with a rose in his mouth.
            Im a guy btw

        2. Lol for me this response and the other replies to you are funny enough to count as a meta-joke commentary on this plotline. 😉 😀

          To put it simply, it’s only obvious that there’s a connection because we’re the audience. Nalan Yanran has no reason to believe that someone like Yan Xiao is a protagonist MC type person/character. There are millions upon millions of people in cultivation novels. All of these people come from different clans with countless last names. These people all have similar sounding names to English speakers. And there are tons and tons of these peoples. Just refer to all of the different Xianxia books you read. Now ask me… if you didn’t know you were a character in a story and were supposed to guess that people you’d meet over your life that might not seem impressive or important at the time could actually be people that you’d meet later on in life through pseudonyms that would then be near you in order to get benefits for themselves and go on quests to get more powerful… would you associate these poor-ass fakely talented weak random people with the geniuses that are near you who you think have crazy impressive backgrounds? Even in our world where there are far less people and many more different types of sounding names… you still wouldn’t really assume that two people with similar first and last names switched around with different spellings of both the first and the last name would be the same people if you never bothered to put those people in your eyes in the first place. 🙂

          The last icing on the cake is this though. Let’s say you argue that the characters should expect characters they don’t put in their eyes to sometimes strive to get revenge or become more powerful shockingly because crazy legends happen every once in a while even though people don’t expect them to happen and blah blah blah… well, unfortunately, this is also false. Legends always make characters sound cool as if everything happened easily for them. Second, if you wasted your time thinking that every minor encounter of your life was privy to some important thing far later in your life, then you wouldn’t have enough time to think about your cultivation and other things that you are doing with your time. In these types of books, too many characters are just shallow people with cruddy goals and characters. If a genius like her wasted her time hypothesizing how everyone was actually special inside, she’d never cultivate, would completely waste her time, and not be strong enough to be a character that even matters to the plot. So she has to be shallow on some level and get stronger through her family’s resources so that she has enough time to think about training and getting stronger. So it’s impossible for her to look at such delusional connections between things. The only thing she can do is pay attention to probabilities just like how any other martial artist in these stories functions. Of course, the protagonists often treat everyone the same regardless of how useful they are, but that’s because they’re born in an environment which teaches them that. They aren’t thrust into some large family clan that teaches them to be jerks. But yeah… I’m sure at least a few people will TLDR this post, but my point still stands anyway.

      2. I went to the raws to pick the Chinese characters for the two names.
        This is for Xiao Yan, the crippled person of the past, 萧炎, the first character is his surname and the second is for flame/heat, I think.
        And these are the characters for Yan Xiao, the rising star, 岩枭, I am not sure since I don’t know chinese, but I think that this Yan is surname, and this Xiao, according to the translator, is for owl
        (I don’t know chinese… so I am not sure of the actual translations)

        1. Yes, and the fact that even if xiao yan didn’t change his name, only the characters like even if he use xiao yan instead of yan xiao, nobody would think that he was the same xiao yan because he had changed his appearance, and his abilities were top-notch compared to the crippled him in the past. Furthermore, people in wuxia and xianxia, especially the talented ones, have a tendency to look down on those weaker than them. They would never think that this talented alchemist was the same crippled xiao yan in the past, even if he used the same name (with different characters).

      3. Xiao Yan and Yan Xiao have different characters and tonal pronounciations. This is why no one figured it out. It was mentioned by the translator in a previous chapter, IIRC.

      4. Anyone remotely familiar with China should be capable of telling you that quite a few names are extremely popular. Xiao , Yan , Ji , Wang, Lin are a few of them to my knowledge. As such, neither Xiao Yan nor Yan Xiao are particularly noticeable names and are likely quite common. Even if he called himself Xiao Yan infront of them while wearing the mask, there is quite a decent chance they still wouldn’t instantly reach the conclusion that he is the same person.

        The popularity of certain names stems from large families/sects/dynasties having descendants throughout the whole mainland over decades. Due to chinese having a stronger sense of traditions in naming sense there are quite a few common family names. A western world analogy would be, for example the popularity of the “Smith” family, I guess? Idk shit about them, but I know that the family name Smith is rather common in America , another popular one was “Doe” , up to the point that there is a trope referencing to the average person as “John Doe”

      5. He gave the same name to Yun Yun back when they met. There was a TL: note then that said though they have the same translated pronounciation, the characters used are completely different. I suppose it’s just one of those things that gets lost in translation.

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